What languages do you speak, Holla Forums? What languages should Holla Forums (as an Internet movement, not as in the Holla Forums board) be available in?
Should we try to learn widely spoken languages together?
Here's a list of languages I think we should produce memes in, besides English:
* Spanish (~400 million speakers) critical for Americans
* Mandarin (~900 million speakers) critical for everybody
* Arabic standard (~300 million speakers) critical for Europeans
* Hindi (~300 million speakers) more of a wide family of dialects

Of these four languages, Spanish is easy as fuck to learn if you know any romance language, and if you know English too. Hindi is an Indo-European language that descends from Latin, so its grammar isn't that strange for other IE speakers, and it even has some lexical resemblance. Devanaghari looks tough to learn, though. Arabic is piss easy to write, but hard af to read. Its grammar isn't very complex, and for historical reasons, a good chunk of it's lexicon is familiar to European speakers.
Mandarin Chinese is supreme language-god tier to write and understand, but it's still a large part of the world population.
Before some of you sperg out about Spanish and Arabic, I'm not saying they're critical because of some liberal policy of tolerance and acceptance of culture or whatever Breitbart has invented this week, but Arabic and Spanish speakers in Europe and the USA are a fact, and no amount of memes will change that on the short term.
A special mention to French, too, since it's the lingua franca of a lot of African countries. Unfortunately these don't have any Internet access unlike Indians, Arabs, Chinese and Latinos and even when French is your mother tongue you struggle to understand them.
Special mention to Russian (for Europeans) since it'll be a gate to other Slavic languages, to Turkish (for Europeans) because Turkey.
Also, one Tamazight language (2 million estimated Berbers in France), Wolof (lots of Senegalese in France), one random Niger-Congo language could be of use.
Not being able to communicate with fellow workers around is one of the reasons Porky is so strong, plus learning languages is a fun intellectual activity.
Of course, learning at least one European language from each family (English doesn't count for Germanic) is a must if you're from the EU.
So, Holla Forums, what languages can you speak and what languages are you learning next?

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kurmanji kurdish, no doubt

Lo último que necesita esta board es una avalancha de memes de bolas ancapistas en argentino

languages are spook

sign language is best


Lee el OP por favor, no hablo de Holla Forums en sí, hablo de la exportación de memes.
También, gracias por considerar el argentino un idioma distinto y así no manchar la belleza del español.

Pretty much all Arabic speakers live next door to the EU, while the rest live in Europe. I didn't mean to be subtle at all. Either you're a retarded Holla Forumsack who is in need of some gulag vacations, or you've got to learn to communicate with them.

Learning Japanese should be strictly forbidden, just like anime

Isn't a joke quite likely to lose its meaning if translated to another language?
Not that we need to really worry about that since most of our memes don't actually seem to be based around humour. :^)


Figuratively puke whenever I hear someone speak in Mandarin

Jokes =/= memes, as you say yourself.
plus I need someone to learn languages with, I haven't got enough motivation alone


Polish, English, German, learning Nip, will probably learn some Russian and Mandarin too

When we translate the leftcom memes can we fix them so they are actually memes and not Bordiga forcefully shoved on top of a meme with the meme itself broken?

Serbian because natural Serbia territory goes all the way to Tokyo obviously

currenctly learning czech

I grew up in a overseas Chinese household, which originally spoke Teochew Chinese dialect, but I was made to learn Mandarin growing up cuz my parents wanted me to learn a dialect useful today, which Teochew isn't ouside of some overseas communities like where I live in Europe. So, I know English, Dutch, French, Teochew and then Mandarin now.

10/10. Can you write in Han characters tho?


我也喜欢左共产主义的米姆吧… ;_;

Boy I know you didn't

Oooops, I meant to say
as you've surely figured out.

I take it as a challenge to translate what you just posted. The only character I vaguely recognise is 子. I know the version without the horizontal bar means something like baby, and I remember this one had a related meaning.

What I said was: "Of course (I can write Han/Chinese characters), but exclusively simplified (which are the most used anyways; only Taiwan and HK use simplified, and this is on the decline, Singapore also already adopted simplified years ago)."

"I also like left communist memes."

The literal representation of it is a pictograph of a child, and that is one of its meanings, but the others are as appendix for terms, for example 饺子 means "dumpling", and the 子's function here is as a minimizer for 饺, effectively meaning "small dumplings". Similarly, 盒子 means "(small) box".

At least you didn't try to tell me that Latin was descended from Greek. That's always a doozy

I don't know any language really, not even my native language because when it comes to the advanced topics I barely know the fucking rules despite being educated and having a college degree.
I don't know English either, all these years I've been on the internet I merely emulate what I believe to be something that people who know English might understand.

Cannot for the life of me figure out what this means

What's your native language?

How do the whole radical system work? I've tried to look for characters, but of course, Chinese dictionaries are a bit harder to search in than alphabet/abjad-indexed dictionaries. I had only found the radical jì, but I don't know where to go from that to find the translation for 当. because 彐 is the radical of 当, right?.

I'm weeb so learning japanese. But I'd like to pick up russian or arabic after that, if I dont just do mandarin instead.

Radicals are either semantic or phonetic. Example: in the character 梯 the two parts are 木 and 弟 (smaller version of 木 in radical form is on the left). In this case, the radical for wood (木) is semantic: it indicates that the object is (originally) made of wood, which is reflected in the meaning of the character 梯: it means ladder (made of wood). Meanwhile 弟 on the right is phonetic: simply as 弟 we read it as "dì", and thus the character derived from it 梯 takes on its pronunciation in form, as is read as "tì".

Why study other languages when I already speak the lingua franka of the empire? Will not change in my lifetime.

Dutch and French? Are you by any chance a Belgian?


I'm a French national, as I got the nationality after my parents moved there overseas. But then I also grew up a large part of my life in Holland, thus also learning Dutch language.



Learning Japanese. After that I'm planning on French and Spanish which I assume should be fairly easy after Japanese. Then maybe Arabic or Mandarin.

You fucked up.

釁 :^)

lernu esperanton

So, 梯 should be interpreted as "dì in relation to wood", with dì having no meaning of its own? How does that apply to 当? I've seen that 彐 translates as "snout", does that mean the word is conceptually related to that?

What's so hard about it?

French is the language of origin of a lot of English words, so my guess is you'll find yourself at ease aise with written and spoken French for a lot of words (in fact, about 50% of English words).
Spanish spelling is very consistent, so you won't have much trouble writing or reading it, especially if you learn Spain's Spanish.

is that Kanji vs. Han?

Can we not falling for the 'language of the future' meme and just not learn Mandarin.
Tonal languages were a mistake.

No, the interpretative relation is abstract. 弟 takes on the role of phonetic radical; it influences the reading. 弟 in itself means "younger brother"; it has nothing to do anymore with 梯 which means "ladder" as we just uncovered. 木 (wood) radical in there is then semantic; its only use in the character is to be somewhat descriptive, i.e. indicating that the character in question involves (something made out of) wood.

Another example of the same semantic radical, different phonetic radical: 板 ("bǎn", meaning "board"). Again, 木 as semantic indicates the object is made of or involves wood (as does as a board), and 反 ("fǎn", meaning "against" or "anti-[something]") influences the pronunciation as phonetic radical ("fǎn" > "bǎn").

It's Chinese character first, then that same character in Chinese cursive script, then the Japanese "hiragana" syllabary. The Japanese hiragana syllabary (and katakana syllabary) was developed from cursive Chinese, and the pronunciations are the same compared to the Chinese of the time and the modern hiragana Japanese pronunciations still. Japan adopted almost everything, at its origin, from Chinese cultural exchanges. Not just writing, but also clothing; kimono robes are a adaptation of hanfu robes, Shinto religion and its pagodas and monasteries developed from Confucianism, Taoism and Chinese Buddhism, etc.

It's Hanzi/Kanji vs hiragana.

Looks pretty complicated, no wonder the Koreans invented Hangul.
I had taken a short course of Mandarin while in high school, but the teacher would never explain any such rule to us. Fast forward six years and I've forgotten every single thing she had taught us.


lol, fuck off OP. Speak english or get out.

What the fuck am I reading.

That character is an example of how complicated traditional Chinese is to write too, haha. In simplied it goes: 龜 -→ 龟. If there's one thing I'm glad the cultural revolution did, it's simplify Chinese.

And indeed, it does mean cuckold. It's a figurative showing of cuckoldry BTW I'm reading from ZDic: turtles represent cuckoldry because they retract into their shells to avoid being confronted with (the reality of) inconvenience, and cuckoldy was frequently practiced during the Three Kingdoms period of feudal China to humiliate other lords.

Yes, Hangul is a development from this that solves some issues, but still in Korean every Hangul is the counter-face of a Hanja (Korean term for "Han Chinese character"). Koreans who study history, culture, linguistics, etc. all learn Chinese characters too and Korean festivities still involve Chinese characters as well.

This is true for all languages. If you do not practice it enough on a frequent basis, you will quickly forget.

Shinto is the Chinese reading of the term 神道 ("shéndào"; "way of gods"). The Jomon and Yayoi periods of Japanese history reveal that Shintoism developed from exchanges with the continent, largely influenced from, as I said, Confucianism, Taoism and Chinese Buddhism (which in turn came from Tibetan Buddhism, of course).

I speak Mandarin and can write and read in Chinese but trust me its a lost cause. Also any free training in Mandarin provided by US or Chinese confucian institutes is usually just training you to learn how to help global capitalism

This is true. I did a few months of Confucius institute trainings before realizing this. Much better to utilize a book or get a tutor near you. If you live in the west, there will always be Chinese students willing to teach in their spare time. I was taught by my aunt, who is fluent, helping me to learn using books we ordered online.

most hong cucks and taiwanese even write in simplified when taking notes or writing to each other. its just easier. hong cuck and taiwanese are just holding onto traditional characters because they are faggots

Is this true? If so, I guess I can see why. Taiwan speaking Mandarin (mostly, they also have some non-Mandarin dialects like Hokkien and Hakka Chinese) and Hong Kongers Cantonese, simplified must be easier to intercommunicate.

On the subject of cuckoldry (somewhat):

or my advice would be just go to china and be a tim bu dong teacher for a few years and learn through immersion and language exchange. I know a few motivated people who learned this way.

unfortunately i learned through american institutions

but helping global Capitalism means you're dialectically helping global Socialism :^)

What book would you recommend. Also the only Chinese people I "know" here (Spain) are petit Bourgeois scum store owners who work 7 days a week 12 hours a day, so no courses from them

Story of the webm?

Actually I might as well do that when I finish my degree next year

rofl. but what can you do when the male to female ration is 20 to 1 in some rural and small cities in china even in big cities, which the average chinese male cannot seek a wife in its often 5 to 1

taiwanese have a very femboi mandarin dialect btw.

What's that say?

"HSK Standard Course" series. These are the ones I used, at least. Very concise and comprehensive, with audio CDs included.

I suppose you would mostly find the kind of overseas Chinese students I'm talking about in larger, univesity-based cities. I guess this would be Madrid or Barcelona in Spain, where there are larger, more known universities where Chinese students could use the extra cash from casual teaching. Even if you were to not explicitly get taught, simply conversing with them and getting acquainted will help massively.

Boyfriend apologizes to girlfriend on suspicion of chatting promiscuously with other women. He is forced by her to kneel on four cans with a piece of cardboard that reads 老婆我错了 ("wife, I have done wrong") while he gets scolded. Went viral on the Chinese web recently.

This is not usual, but it does happen. Another famous case is this one in HK (same type of drama): youtube.com/watch?v=YmxxQgxssXY

WEBM is not featuring Taiwanese people for the record, but yeah.

wife, i fucked up.
Its hard to understand with her fucking northern accent but shes yelling at him for talking to other girls and hes saying my bad

this is my fetish.

tfw no chinese xiaomeimei to bully me in public.

Didn't mean to say the people in the webm are taiwanese just that taiwanese are fembois. Dudes in China just get shat on. Have you ever seen 非诚勿扰?

Fuck the English language. If you only speak English then forget about speaking any other language without an accent.

Not to mention how broken the language is due to the lack of accent marks.

The whole language is nothing but memorization. Words like Colonel, Bologna, and One.

Why do the letters "c" and "k" make the same sound? Why does the letter "x" exist?

Yes lol.

I know Spanish, English, French, Japanese, Arabic, Runa Simi (an indigenous language from the Americas), learning Russian, and Mandarin is indefinitely on hold.

I'm an AnCap though


The fuck is that


非诚勿扰 ("Fei Cheng Wu Rao") is a sort of dating show on a stage, but it's really cutthroat and deadpan. It is dubbed in English in Australia, where it is popular, and known as "If You Are The One". Features regular Chinese citizens trying to get with one another through a process of interviewing and elimination. Quite hilarious.

I speak english et français と日本語でもちょっとまて。

workers of 世界 un unir!


I for one comrade know my native tongue of English. What I have learned is French and Mandarin, though they are not as fluent as I would like them to be I am going to fix that soon enough.

I do want to learn Arabic and if possible Russian as well. Arabic to read historical documents and reading the Quran. While Russian to help understand what the Soviet Union was doing and of course communicate with the Russian Comrades.

Which is funny because Taiwan is the product of nationalism.

You mean unissez-vous.
Unissez is the imperative second person plural form of unir ("to unite"), with vous meaning "you/yourselves", in this case, "unite yourselves"

Why? It's written in Classical Arabic, which differs from Standard Arabic.
Russian is a must for all tavarishchiy

you realize the arabic "dialects" are like their own languages right?

That's why I put "standard" in spoiler, smart guy. Also it's a dialectal continuum, which makes it rather difficult to classify the different variations as languages. Like German.

Do I even want to know what Fox News are telling Americans about Europe?

Are there any LeftCom memes which aren't literally just Bordiga?

What? I'm French, I grew up in neighbourhoods where ethnic French were a minority.

Algerian migrants?

That doesn't make Arabic critical for Europeans.


Me? No, I'm French from a French family. There were some Algerian migrants, but also Moroccans, Senegalese, etc.
One of my best friends of the time was from Benin, I remember we used to make fun of him have some banter because sometimes he would pronounce "huit" (eight) /uit/ rather than /yit/ which is the standard French pronounciation.

Sure, the #1 hotspot of European politics right now is Muslim (read: from Arab-speaking countries) immigration, and pretty much all countries bordering Europe speak Arabic. At about 44 million Muslims in Europe, and considering that most of them speak some dialect of Arabic, it would make it one of the most spoken languages of the EU alongside French, German, English and Spanish. It's probably even more spoken than Polish, and that tendency will increase in the next years. You don't want to learn it? Fine, I kinda expect it from your flag. But don't say it's not important to be able to communicate with them in their native languages.

What is a good Arabic language to start with (gateway or whatever you like, I'm not picky)? Any resources would be appreciate as well.

On that note, how big is the time investment to learn B1 Esperanto?

Y el chilensis? El mejor tipo de español que existe.

I'd say Standard Arabic for maximum compatibility from Morocco to Iraq, but Egyptian Arabic is also widespread (#1 dialect). If you're from a country with a lot of Maghreb immigrants, you might as well want to try Maghreb Arabic, as you'll easily find people with whom to practice speaking not writing though, they're likely not to know how to write proper Arabic

Thank you, will check it out.

Mi akceptas kamaradon

We should probably do memes in Russian too since that is the second most used language on the Internet

I don't care if a billion people speak it, they all live in one country. English, Spanish and Arabic are the only languages with a significant diaspora.

1) I didn't say anyone had to learn anything
2) Chinese diaspora is tens of millions of people
3) China is the country you'll be drafted to fight against by the porks

don't do that.. It is basically berber. Only Maghrebi people will understand you if you do that. Do standard arabic then learn dialects after.

Sweet thread, OP. I was thinking of making a similar one sometime, but yours is better.

I'm conversational in German, and am learning Spanish.

I'm extremely interested in the Middle East and as such, I hope to learn Farsi and/or Levantine and Gulf Arabic and at least one of the following: Turkish, Kurdish, Hebrew, Azeri; my path depending on what country I choose to specialize in or if I pick the region as a whole. I still don't know if I should make a career out of it or if it should stay a hobby.

Surely its okay for some of us leftist weirdos to focus on less-spoken languages. The international proletariat must be united and in contact, including the ones that speak a language with

OP here, thanks for liking muh thread.
I speak Spanish, and I had started to learn German a while ago :^)
I guess you should go first with Turkish, as Hebrew is easily understood from Arabic, and Kurdish from Farsi.

Indeed, the history of Africa is unknown to most people, even for us leftists, and that's a shame. From the media, we'd think it's just tribal conflicts, yet a bit of digging shows very complex policies with geopolitical interests from overseas. Unfortunately, most people on Holla Forums myself included are unable to even correctly place all of the African countries on a map, let alone know anything about their history besides maybe some ebin Rhodesia/Apartheid memes gathered from Holla Forums jpegs.


True, but fluency for non-native learners is near fucking impossible. I've had years of Chinese classes and it's discouraged to be reminded all the time that unless you're a heritage learner or you want to devote your every waking hour to studying and living immersed in the language, you won't come anywhere near native-level fluency.

I always hear mainlanders say this. Is it because a Taiwanese accent is cute?

I've been reading some Neruda with the original and english translation side by side and it's been really nice. Spanish is a really nice language imo.

I dunno, some jokes are universal

Native Br English, fluent Spanish, basic German and a teensy bit of Welsh ond dw i ddim yn gudbod shud i ysgrifennu a dw ddim weddi amarva am bitti blwyddyn

One half of me wants to learn a non indo european language for practical purposes, but on the other hand i want to learn french so i can appreciate the shituationists in their original crappy pose.

and improve german in order to read the klassics

Not European politics. Bourgeois politics.

That's some weird geography you have there. Except Turkey, Muslim nations don't even have land border with Europe. And Turkey speaks Turkic.

In case there is any doubt: Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine don't speak Arabic either.

And most of Christians speak Latin, yes?

Arabic is spoken by ~2% of EU population - either as native or learned.

Languages 5% or more of population knows in EU: English > German > French > Italian > Spanish > Polish > Russian > Romanian > Dutch

Expect what you want - I'm accustomed to people being delusional - but expect me to be "tolerant" and "progressive" just because that's the latest fashion.

Just because Algerians happen to be Arabic, not every other Muslim is. They speak Farsi, Urdu, Bengali, and god knows what else. Arabic is the language of Quran, not every single Muslim.

That 2nd map grossly overstates the dominance of Hindi.

Not even going to make an argument here as it is not needed

Autism. What do you think Muslims in Europe speak? Do you think they're Persians or Indonesians?

So you see a post highlighting the obvious, and you put your head far up into your ass only to strawman what I said and what I didn't? Please point me to where I said anything about being either tolerant or progressive.

Because you don't have a single argument.

Arabic is not critical to Europeans and you are a moron for saying it is.

Actually, it does. Refugees are being put in ghettoes.

mate,most Muslims where I live speak Farsi.Sure,some learn some Arabic but it's not like that's even their first or second language.Also why should we go out of our way to learn their language?To communicate and more or less survive they probably know the local language so why wouldn't we just use that?I don't like to find myself agreeing with moustache tankie fucks like him but it really just looks like progressive virtue signalling when you say it's important to learn Arabic

what fucking standard?

I was in Egypt and every village had their own dialect.
I was in Tunisia and you need a basic understanding of the French language, because they use a lot of French in their Arab language.

Due to the Wahab expansion, the requirement is actually to speak the version of Arab, the local mufti, who is Saudi-Arabian most of the time, is speaking.

Avante camarada, avante
Junta a tua á nossa voz
Avante camarada, avante camarada
E o sol brilhará p'ra todos nós
Avante camarada, avante camarada
E o sol brilhará p'ra todos nós

1) It strengthens bonds between people and will make them join you
2) It prevents idpol retardation from all sides
3) Those who live outside of Europe might not be fluent in any language you know

Why? Did I say you had to do it because muh privilege or tolerance not like tolerance of the others is a bad thing anyway, it's just idpolers who made a dirty word out of it? Also why is Arabic the only language people sperg out on ITT?
What do you prefer? Media indoctrination and ending up subconsciously believing everything written and told in Arabic is some religious pro-Sharia shit or being able to understanding it?


I think it's more a reactionary anti-idpol effect from me that thinks "oh,great more of this 'we need to be tolerant to immigrants' so lets learn a pointless minority language to show how accepting we are".Fair point's about people not where I'm from being able to speak to me,but lets face it it's far more likely that we just stick with the lingua francia of english rather than a much less used one.

No, it's fucking not: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sanskrit

English isn't an universal lingua franca tho. Go to a Syrian refinery or a Moroccan plantation and you won't find anyone who speaks English.
I wish everyone would just speak English, unfortunately this is not and will never be the case under Capitalism.

See .
Why so angry?

Words have meaning. So does word "reactionary" - just like "Fascism" it gets whored too much. What you wanted to say was "reflexive".

As for reasons, you should've considered reinforcement of Arabic identity of immigrants (who often aren't even Muslim) as the standard. This benefits Wahhabi expansion and supports segregation of immigrants from general population - neither of which Left should support. This often results in ghettoes where refugees face even harsher religious pressure from radicals than they had at home, as well as exploitation - due to their inability to interact with the surrounding world.

Which is why Left should be concentrating on is teaching immigrants local languages - so as to make it easier for them to act within society: it's not like Left can ensure that employers will know Arabic.



Why not both? Chances are adults will never fully learn the local language and will only feel comfortable in their mother tongues, which is an important factor in de facto segregation.
If your union is able to distribute pamphlets/media/news in Arabic or Bengali, it's going to be much more powerful in rallying immigrants. While we should definitely try to get them to understand the local language reasonably well, keep in mind their often very long work days often keep them for enhancing their skills in that language.
And no, we shouldn't do anything of this because of some SJW oppression theory.

It may come as a surprise, but just like suffering of traps in wrong bathrooms isn't a primary problem of the Left, neither are problems of the immigrants.

Which is not going to be alleviated by some hipster somewhere being able to say a few words in broken Arabic.

Immigrants need to interact with employers and bureaucrats - so as to be exploited on the level that is average in EU, not significantly below it (as often is; we practically have concentration camps for gastarbeiters).

A few native speakers solve this problem much better than a hundred locals who learned critically important Arabic.

Learn Esperanto.

Wrong. Problems of the proles are problems of the left.
But it will by someone who can speak Arabic. Also let people do whatever they want to do you fucking Stalinist, no one is forcing you to speak Arabic.


Problems that stem from being part of Proletariat, class-based problems. Not from being part of some minority - some of whom might become Proletariat.

> * Arabic standard (~300 million speakers) critical for Europeans
Can't I argue against disinformation?