Is National Bolshevism the final red pill?

Is National Bolshevism the final red pill?

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nice 'tism

I like Nazbol, it's the epitome of memes and has the coolest followers.


-10 out of 10
This bait is worse then the ideology it repersents

why are socdems so brain-damaged?

Someone make an edit

its a meme my friend


I stay for the memes and the rediculous videos.


I was actually thinking about nazbol theory and was wondering do you think we could make Holla Forums communist thorough nazbol theory and other forms of turd position theory or would it be a waste of time?

United russian party
Allying with Russian workers

Go fuck yourself fucking unfunny troll!

serious ideology


Shit I meant to include this image

As far as I can tell Nazbol is just mindless anti-imperialism and memes

rich coming from a socdem


no it's a brown pill

nazbols really have no significant addition to socialist theory


he's a petro-populist, just like your daddy Assad


Being opposed to the US doesn't make you socialist.

i sympathize more with ssnp tbh.
besides Assad isn't really a true ba'athist.
still better then FSA and he sure as hell aren't a neoliberal