Do the leftists support agefluid rights? We have a subreddit and also an Holla Forums board set up

Do the leftists support agefluid rights? We have a subreddit and also an Holla Forums board set up.

Dear mods please do not ban me for having an opinion you disagree with, I'm TRYING to have an intelligent discussion here.

We support a communist country. No tumblr bullshit.

I have no idea what it is.

Aren't those the same thing? Communism is very left-leaning if not the litmus test for being left-leaning.

A person whose age identity changes daily, or depending on the situation. You can only identify as your biological age or younger.

You fucks can play your pretend games all you want in communism so long as you put in your requisite social labor time.

Though, one would hope that with the end to capitalist alienation, most of this playing pretend crap will fade away.

as long as i get to fuck kids i'll put in as many hours as you want

Don't worry, we'll have you work off your pedophilia in a gulag until you're no longer attracted to kids.

count me out, then. right-leaning libertarianism for the win

That's quite literally the purpose of the gulag.

Why does no one support pedosexuals? It's almost as if we're not doing all the babysitting free of charge.

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I didn't knew Ian Watkins had access to the internet.
Where can I report?

As long as you don't hurt anybody I don't give a fuck


for real though. I once saw an article from the 60s talking about how our role was to assist neglected children of the tribe and that's why we co-exist, evolutionarily speaking.

I fucking hate people that harm children physically.

1) Idpol retardation
2) Pedo entryism

user the 60s-60s immensely hurt the left and to this day in Britain we are called lefty loonies because of those people that try to ape populism but are disconnected from reality and make a fool of themselves.
We really need a word for that. Is there a word for that?

Hmm, why is that even a thing? Why is somebodies age an important factor for anything, as soon as people are past puberty, they are about equally capable, give or take experience. What would it even feel like if my "age identity" (21 years) suddenly changed to 80? I get gender, dysphoria is a real condition with hormone imbalances and all, but is there some kind of age switchroo I'm not aware of? In that case, would you cure it by dying your hair white and walking more slowly?

I can only speak for myself but I believe that the entire concept of identity was a mistake. You plaster yourself full of labels like wearing brand clothing and it's all meaningless. I'm a gamer this, I'm a feminist that, these are all just stereotypes you apply to yourself. Why can't people just like or dislike something without making up a stupid name for it and starting ideological warfare between themselves and the groups that doesn't like it? I mean, I sometimes feel like watching anime and sometimes like playing videogames, I don't call myself gamer-weeaboo fluid either.

Also, what rights are you even asking for? I get gay rights to be recognized as married and stuff, but what are you asking for? Do you want to hang out at a nursery when you suddenly regress to an infantile state?

Feel free to prove me wrong but this seems silly to me, how are you even real?

Why can't they be older

Well I personally disagree with identifying as an age older than you are biologically, since you could not have access to that set of experiences.

As for hanging out at a nursery, that would require that everyone involved agrees, and nothing less. The rights we're campaigning for is to be child-like when we suddenly regress, and not be villified for it. I know age of consent laws have been the main focus, but it goes farther than that.

A meme propagated by 15 year old Anarchists. No real Communist is deluded enough to believe that people are equal.

Being an adult comes with expectations and responsibilities. This seems like escapism to me, you "regress" when you are feeling stressed so that you can escape a situation. Reminds me of that girl from Paranoia Agent that beat herself over the head whenever she felt troubled.

If you want to be tolerated for suddenly acting like an infant, speak with a psychologist, get a signed paper proving that you have a real mental condition and aren't just pretending for attention or because it makes life easier and I'm sure the people around you will try to live with it.

As for consent laws, no. I can imagine what you are aiming for, it's not consensual when you regressed, so you can shout rape. This is the same shit as with women that want guilty until proven innocent laws where it is rape when it feels like rape or with the law that burgers are pushing where the police can jail people fr resisting arrest. This places an enormous power in the hand of one party, the police can fuck up the lives of any protestor they dislike and since they define what constitutes resisting arrest, the future of the others depends on their mood. Similarly, you guys would be able to jail anyone you dislike by saying that you regressed while fucking them, making them a rapist. This type of law is always bullshit.

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I think that's horribly intolerable of you user and that you should check your muh privilege. I identify as a Methuselahnite and I am 1000 years of age. In fact, I am having my assistant type this, as my hands are too frail to do so.

As long as it is fluid in the sense that as say a year passes your identity also shifts to being a year older. Age is a specific number. Now their are people who have impaired brain development. I wonder why you do not identify as someone with downs syndrome? That would be a much more appropriate way of indicating your mentality. Are you abelist?

Clovergender shills HAVE TO GO BACK. Don't think I can't see through your trickery, you demon!