I'm a middle-class student from Eastern Europe...

I'm a middle-class student from Eastern Europe. If I migrated to USA would I be considered the mythical muh privileged white male by the SJWs?

yup, you're probably whiter than 90% of burgers

Probably, yeah.

The Americanisation of the left is utter cancer. Completely obsessed with race.

I find it funny how they call race a social construct (what it is) and then proceed to whine about the evil white man.

Well, you can't really deny the existence of the white muh privilege over blacks. It's just that SJWs would rather kill white men than engage in class cooperation.


Do you really want to go there?

Sad days when even self-proclaimed communists operate under the liberal definition of the word class.

I can, because white and black people don't exist

And if you're an open leftist righter wingers will also call you a muh privileged white kid!

It's lovely.


Racism is real, haven't denied that. Doesn't mean "white" and "black" are actual things.

Don't go to the US, shit is about to go down.
Stay in Europe, get a girl, marry her, have kids.
Get guns, ammunition.
t. Yuropean


Not saying that race is real either, but so long as the public perceives race to be a thing, people with different colors of skin are still perceptible to prejudice which can leak into institutional ranks.

Susceptible* jesus

They're just dumb spooks to get people fighting one another, same with race

I have zero problems working with leftists of any skin colour

Oh I'm not calling into question your opinions on working with PoC, I'm just making a case for how "white muh privilege" can exist even if race isn't actually a real thing.

But I agree, it is dumb spooks

If the only difference between humans is skin color and we are 100% biologically identical otherwise with no defining features or abilities, how could "racism" possibly be a thing? Are you saying that people discriminate solely based on melanin content?

Not everyone beloeves that you retard. Ideology is not wholely dependent upon reality, and even so, everyone's perception of reality is flawwed.

That's not an answer. Can you give me something that isn't just pseudo-philosophical wankery?

Yes it is.

You already are mate.

Let me tell you this, my supposedly Slavic brother, Eastern Europeans in the USA are seen as either the "silly simpleton with a funny accent" or as "threatening but scholarly cold soviet gentleman". So you're probably gonna be called out by SJWs for the typical stuff, but you also carry a baggage in your image, so maybe you could play them and use "it's in muh culture" if you drop homophobic or racist remarks, or to generally not conform to their demands without too much bullshit thrown your way.

I have never been in the USA, I only gathered this judging by the Spectacle and our depiction in US media

satan poster is right tho

When do I get my special white muh privilege card for having fair skin and blue eyes? Can't wait to oppress non-whites just by existing.


America is the worst colony ever.

So what's your solution

Because if it means being lectured to by "PoC" over how I need to self flagellate, I'm out

ignore fuck white people stupid liberals but don't pretend that being white isn't preferrable? Its not dat hard breh.

The liberal meme shit I hate is when people pretend that a rich black person is somehow more oppressed than the average white person.

i find it funny that the quasi mexicans of europe become part of the perceived oppressors by liberals

Why would being white be preferable if we're all identical except for our melanin content? Isn't having a higher melanin content seen as more attractive? If it isn't, why do whites go to such lengths to tan themselves?

Should we boycott American leftists or would that be idpol too?

That would be idpol. American leftists aren't worse than European leftists, to be honest. They are equally cancerous.

yes this is what we must convince people. that doesn't mean that retards still aren't overly racist towards non whites.

How do you propose to do that without using deception?
But there are far more non-whites that are overly racist towards whites than whites that are overly racist towards non-whites. Demographically speaking, whites, or "humans of European origin" show the least in-group preference out of any other ethnic group.


Depends on where you intended to be.
Most non-coastal towns of 100k or less don't have that kind of shit, at least, orders of magnitude less.

If you're a total piece of shit to people, expect them to retaliate, and they probably might even use SJW buzzwords, it's known to happen.
But honestly, the whole SJW thing is for major cities with big universities.
Such places are cancerous anyway.

Decry and fight against racism while also fighting for socialism?

What literally every mass leftist party has done?

Yes. Only skin color and identity matter.


Fine, but I'm not seeing that on the left today. Even most "non whites" want some sort of puerile identity and culture to cling to.

Loads of self proclaimed anarchists and socialists do it too. One look at social media tells me that.

This tbh. What the Left should be focused on is blacks holding racist beliefs against whites and Jews. I guarantee you the outnumber racist whites.

Don't go to America its a feelz over realz country.