Hates "communism" because they think it means the government controls everything

I don't get these people.

most right-wingers have zero ideological integrity, fascists suddenly become freedom-obsessed ancaps when talking about the soviet union

forgot to add, cognitive dissonance is the only thing that keeps their ideology together


you retards need to get out your bubble

They are though. Scratch an ancap and a fascist bleeds.

ancaps are just fascists who haven't discovered their mancrush on the inevitable strongman leader needed to impose their "anarchistic" order


I (OP) wasn't even implying this. I'm mostly talking about people from ex-"communist" states, who are fascists now, because they hated the lack of freedom under "communism".

There is literally nothing wrong with the government controlling everything, so long as it is socialist.

yes pretty much

Not exactly(considering many of the fascist policies being explicitly anti-free market), but considering the boner many ancaps have towards le helicopter man, it wouldn't be a far-fetched conclusion.

Just look at Molymeme's YT. All these nerds in the comments identify as AnCaps yet want to throw us out of helicopters and think the jews control everything.

Fascists never claimed to hate communism because the government controls everything. They claim to hate communists because Marx was Jewish. The fascists on Holla Forums have never had a problem with government. You sound like a redditard who rolled in last week and thinks everybody on the other side is a "fascist".

"freedom" was never in their arsenal of arguments with the exception of "freedom from jewish oppression", again you're applying libertarian arguments to fascists

Fascism in and of itself isn't anti-Semitic tho. Nazism, sure, but from what I understand Fascism can come in many different forms.

Lol ask Molymeme or Hate Death Statism

Ancaps and fascists are exactly the same.


This is what you faggots get when you open your borders to redditors

Ancaps hire fascists as brutes, as mercenaries.


Correct. In the beginning Mussolini was against Hitler's racial ideas, although later on Italy adopted antisemitic policies. Perhaps because he changed his mind, or maybe just to please Germany (who was way ahead of Italy then), either way most high-ranking Fascists at the time didn't care much for it AFAIK (not counting the Jewish ones of course, but kikes don't count anyway).

WTF I love libertarians now

one version uses red text, this one uses blue and neither is readable