European Parliament CETA

Who needs democracy and environmental protection when we can have secret corporate courts, amirite? ::DDDD

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Yet there are people in the UK that still want a second referendum…

Brexit doesn't prevent this sort of stuff.
We have to make the country a good place to do business, remember.

prz upboat

This is what happens when you don`t vote for us.


Excuse me, but this is what social democrats love to do: betray the working class.

This is what happens when you kill socialists

Can't wait until it's up on the site and see how the "socdems" really voted:

Explain why the government of every country in red signed CETA


fracking or GM technology.


I really doubt that accelerationism will work

Why tho?

looks like it went to the front page

you can get shadowbanned for linking stuff that is not np.

Accelerationism doesn't work by itself. You have to raise consciousness, create movements and raise expectations if you want people to revolt against the system.

I know Brexit under the Tories will suck but I don't care. Glad I voted for it and would do so again.

Fuck the EU. Any self proclaimed leftist that wants to remain is no friend of mine.

Smash the EU.

national parliaments can still reject CETA.
if one of them does, does the whole thing fall apart?


Is this true? Why the fuck did Portugal sign it?

Isn't it past your bedtime Jeremy?