Stop pretending you fuckers want to save everyone. Truckloads of people die every day from war, famine...

Stop pretending you fuckers want to save everyone. Truckloads of people die every day from war, famine, curable diseases etc. and you don't give a single fuck about them. Stop pretending like you do

Beyond our borders is a relentless mass of dirt poor fuckers who will cease the first opportunity. Our best course of action is to secure the borders and allow zero immigration and then work to better the quality of life within those borders

An Iraqi kid gave his life so that you can have cheap oil, an African child was killed in a mine to supply the metals for your phone, a Chinese child in the assembled it, and a Mexican kid died of heatstroke picking the tomatoes for your pizza

Because let's face it, lives have value and when it isn't a Western kid they are just statistics. That's the way it fucking is. Don't give me this fake concern

That's why we're socialists dumbshit, because we understand economic exploitation.

Why can't we just nuke the U.S already

You need to go back to Holla Forums, my friend

Holla Forums is that way, faggot

Way to project your own lack of concern and general vapidness onto us in an attempt to make yourself feel better about your own incredibly fucked up moral landscape.

And you know that if you are cycled by borders you can still be a Stalinist and largely agree with us.

the whole point of having a critique of capitalism is to identify its inherently exploitative and violent nature, and to then identify how it can be replaced with a classless society. so I don't see your point.

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Cucked not Cycled god dann it.

No you're socialists to alleviate your guilt so you can tell yourself "well I'm against it!" and continue to enjoy your life. Kind of like why people give charity

I'm not a racist



That's why we're socialists dumbshit, because we understand economic exploitation.>>1375103

that's liberalism

we actually work to abolish class society, not just amoreliate our guilt with fair trade and shit. not that we're that close but we do what we can

Okay, but you do realize that your exploitative porky nation won't be able to sustain this lifestyle forever, right?

That kind of shit might fly on Holla Forums but you're on a board of people who know how to read. Now fuck off.

Lel, it's garbage even worse than welfare

So you are a dip shit civic nationalist from Holla Forums wew. Like I give a fuck you are still a fucking idiot.

Im in a union, I do labor organizing, in a member of socialist alternative and attend weekly meetings I distribute a news letter and I've participated in demonstrations.

So once again you are projecting the fact that you are just a faggot who larps on the internet onto us. Now GO BACK TO Holla Forums.

OP on suicide watch


I don't, though? It sounds like you're projecting to me, buddy.

I don't get that image

Just admit it man. I feel guilty too. Recently I was watching war videos and I feel terrible watching all that carnage. I mean what right do I have to live with my own worthless terrible life. Fuck

Why not?

Resources are limited, my dude. That and you cannot push people forever without getting an organised revolt.

Work the gears in your head. One goes left, the other goes right. Which way does the last one go, and would this machine ever run?

lern to rite jackass

Oh, I didn't see the filename in the image, I thought that poster was from Yuroland or something.

Then kill yourself? What's the issue here?

I feel guilty sometimes yeah but if I do what I can then I just have to live with it. The way I see it I'm doing 1000 times more than most average slobs to try and fix things so what do I have to be guilty about.

As labor costs rise in the third world, it stops being the third world, and global capitalism requires a new group of cheap labor. Eventually they'll run out, unless they destroy a nation and make more. At some point, that nation is going to be your nation. There's no secret cabal controlling this, by the way. That would be central planning, which we don't have. What controls this is a series of social, political, and material conditions that are different for every nation. For whatever reason, what is now the first world is set to destroy itself quite soon.

Because America has been in decline since the 70's along with the rest of global capitalism and we are only one financial melt down away from the U.S taking its rightful position as a third world country once again.

You are riding the Trump train straight over a cliff and its hilarious.


It really isn't just about other people.

Are you saying we can't enjoy our lives while simultaneously wanting to stop certain bad things that occur every day from happening?
I mean again, it's not just other people, but what you're saying doesn't make any sense.

Exactly, socialism is in my rational self interest.

I think the OP has legit just given up

Once the Asian cheap labor pool is exhausted, Porky will no doubt move on to African labor, tho the chinks already got a head start on that. When African labor is exhausted… well life will become a lot more interesting for the whole world.