This has been buried deep inside of me for years but I figure now's the time to cash out on the tankie cringe

This has been buried deep inside of me for years but I figure now's the time to cash out on the tankie cringe.

When I was 20 (almost 21), I went overboard with alcohol. At least one night a week I'd be drinking from 6pm to 8 am and it was typically at my friends apartment. So one of those types of nights/mornings is going on and we finished a 24 case and a good amount of whiskey. Around 7 AM there's a knock on the door. It's a woman from the floor above (note: I've never met her) and she asks us how we're doing and laughs that we're still up drinking. Just making small talk.

Then she casually says "Oh yeah my husband just died" and of course we give her condolences and so on. My friend then asks when it happened.

"Oh, I don't know. About twenty minutes ago." So this was kinda eyebrow raising to me. She's got a dead husband upstairs and there's no police around? We told her to call the police so she did and they arrive within five minutes. Now I'm in the front of the apartment building piss drunk drinking whiskey out of a coke can and surrounded by cops.

The wife is out there talking to the police. That's when detective Jack Daniels was going to solve this "murder mystery".

So now I'm standing about five feet from the widow as she's answering the cops questions and I start blurting out things like "why didn't you call the cops right away?" And "he looked fine just yesterday(even though I dont think I ever saw this guy in my life)". Of course they hear me but are ignoring me until one officer pulls me aside and asks if I had something to say.

I said "doesn't this seem suspicious that she doesn't care at all that her husband just died? Seems to me that she fuckin killed him." Now, this whole night is hazy and was pieced together between two brown outs, but the look on that police woman's face will be embedded in my memory forever. Her jaw dropped and gave me a look of horror. She was completely speechless yet I continued to ramble and through false accusations out until my friend grabbed me and pulled me inside while apologizing.

Once we got inside he tells me that the husband was terminally ill and didn't want to live out his remaining days in a hospital bed.

Tldr; I'm a recovering tankie

I am so sorry to hear that, user.


Alienation from your neighbors has both pros and cons. This story illustrates a pretty big con.

One time my parents left the house when we were kids.

Anarchism can never work.

Also I still don't see why she wasn't sad I mean the motherfucker just died. His wishes or not why wasn't dis bitch sad?

OP is a mess!

what an autistic story that has nothing at all to do with politics
this might not even be a Holla Forums falseflag thread just to shit things up
you might be a literal retard

I legitimately do not understand the point of this post.


I fear this may have not been a real detective user

What does this have to do with being a tankie?

shit fucked up the sage


A Big Fat Mess

Good story. 8/10. Don't care that it's got zero to do with leftism.

Alcohol is mind control OP. It's a toxic drink that originated from the first slavers, the Sumerians. It's poison and all of it deserves to be removed.


Wasn't this supposed to be the smarest board on 8ch?
Read between the goddamn lines you fucking idiots.

I don't understand. Is it some sort of american humor?

Yeah fucking right, because having absolutely no responsibility is exactly the same when the well-being and survival of an entire country is at stake and doesn't at all lead to stricter and faster decision-making.

Kill yourself Kulak

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dagoth ur was a terrorist and he might have been right

Ok, i'll tell my story then.

I'm constantly on my knees and suck dicks. I let myself get paid for it just because i like being a whore and further degraded as a commodity to be used by wealthy rich men.
Since i get constantly fucked and often almost passed out suffocating with a cock in my throat i've been fucked into a perpetuate state of being borderline retarded. Every time i try to read or make arguments i fuck up.
So i'm stuck being an anarkiddy forever. fugg :(

This sounds so familiar, comrade! Here is my story:
I'm extremely autistic and all i do is shitpost on Holla Forums, it's the peak of my political actionism. All my information i have comes from here, and my other friends from reddit that came along and shit up the place.

I also piss myself and let it dry because i am too scared a russian agent is sitting in my bathroom and wants to kill me :'(

I've read through this five times and tried to figure out the connection and I still can't.

Caring about a terminally ill person kills all your emotions after a while.

I remember those questions. "You don't look sad, why aren't you sad?" Well, I'm not meeting you to feel sad and sorry, I'm meeting you to forget everything that happened at least for a few hours, thank you very much.


I can get the comfortably numb attitude after a while but that is pretty bizarre behavior for someone who just died.

I guess the kulaks were the good guys all along.
Thx OP.


Kek I could see this happening from feelings of empathy.

Mandy hallucinations are mad also if you've ever gotten them. Filling up water cups and seeing them overflow even though they aren't over flowing, seeing your friends' faces in every person on the dance floor etc.


Tankiddie butthurt; Mission accomplished, OP!

I'm a recovering Nazi now

Just because he was terminally ill doesn't mean she didn't kill him OP