BTFO'ing liberals

what are good arguments to assblast liberals?

When they talk shit about the USSR it always works out to point that the people would revolt if it really were as bad as western propaganda says, because that's what the Russians did in 1917 when things were really bad.

Remind them that they lost.

Bring up Obama is basically a war criminal and hunted down and assassinated children including american citizens and mass murdered thousands of civilians with drones.

Liberals lose their shit over any criticism of Obama.

They'll also quickly despise you and anything you say from that point onward, like how liberals turned on Glenn Greenwald for reporting honestly on Obama years.

speaking of liberals, does anyone have that video that's like "i love to play with my friends" again and again?

I know this board doesn't like it but the best card to play against die hard on the street liberals with very little info is moralism. At least to break the ice. I mean this for the most critical cases like people who say shit like "Hillary really is on our side." Types. You need to break through the ideology first and rationality simply cant do that alone with those types. By that i mean a positive message about how socialism can morally balance this imperfect world again. Not a tirade that immediately alienates them from you.

There is a lot of well meaning self mischaracterized "liberals" especially in America who simply don't know other alternatives exist. I went to Bernie rallies in my state (California), because it really didn't take much effort and I got to see people like Jimmy Dore. I also go to other normie political events, you'd be surprised how many people open up to socialism rationally without barriers when they simply know the real definition already aligns with their views. I'm not even particularly outgoing or charismatic in fact my voice is monotone and breathy due to severe asthma and I put people to sleep faster than Chomsky ERPing over a mic and even I was able to convince some people on the street.

I agree with the other poster this is TMI too quickly. The problem is the overton window of America is such that if you come that hard against "their guy" they will automatically assume you're with the other side. I suggest pointing out the positives of your own political stance first and laying out where you agree before digging in hard against Barack or similar politicians. Especially for people around age 24 to 32 who for them Barack was their savior from the evils of the Bush era and I expect his star will start to shine bright unfortunately, against the backdrop of the Trump presidency. Assuming the political shift going further left in the country doesn't continue and people will settle for "having things the way they were" again.

This is the truth. It's how I wound up further to the left and now here.

And what is that? Good luck getting the people here to agree.

Workers should control the memes of production?

Marxists would disagree with such a simple definition as it does not include perceived necessities such as the end of production for the purpose of commodity exchange, the abolition of the value form, and the end of the cycle of capital as a whole. MarketSocs would disagree with them and champion this shorter definition by basically arguing that a market economy where workers are in charge of production rather than capitalists is already socialism. We aren't all in agreement here, and pretending there is a "real definition" you can just tell people is kind of misleading.

I think that is the base definition, obvious denominational differences come after. I agree with you in disagreeing with you, I think divisions among leftists are important and exist for a good reason. I don't like some forms of leftism and I'm not one of those people here who think we can all hold hands "until after the revolution" I think key choices come first and then real changes to society get made. I think this a point of Zizek's and the arguments amongst the first couple of European communes people too often dismiss out of wants for instant unity. The hard demarcations come first and knowing who your real allies are is important.

For clarity I'll outline what I do believe and why I answered the question that way.

I don't think most people will find tankiesm and beyond very appealing for the simple reason that I don't and western values seem antipathetic to that form of society at this point. Some strains of overly alienating marxism are also too extreme at this point. By that I mean the nationalistic types that came after Marx. Anprims (I consider myself a greene not a prim) and trans-humanists are just writing neolithic fantasy and sci-fi I don't take them seriously at all and I think they're naught but worthless. True liberals are dog shit and I don't even consider them part of the left.

Aside from that I think a broad coalition among most other leftists denominations is possible. Most people just want a society where they aren't getting butt fucked by bosses and a form of government or governance that responds to their needs democratically. I don't take my general means of recruitment to getting people to agree with exactly the society I want and no exceptions. I'm not even sure I really know what I want in a positive sense beyond the most basic goals of addressing large environmental issues, creating a worker centered economy and generally having "freedom." Talk about a hard word to define. My main goal in America which is dismally behind in terms of leftists causes is just generally to start steering people towards those goals with those basic definitions mostly as a way to get the ball rolling among normies who have no idea what liberalism and socialism really mean and what the real differences between the stances really entail. There is a very strong undercurrent of anti-capitalism in America that never gets addressed in most peoples lives because it just never gets talked about and I think that is what we can tap into to get people to start caring again. I think most people even beyond America just take the status quo for granted, but we're living in a brief moment when they aren't for once so I think just making people aware of alternatives is important.

you mean hollywood propaganda?

I'm not sure if you're joking, but when I went to school, I was taught that neither pure communism nor pure capitalism were the answer and it was better to have a 'mix' of both (mixed economy). I have EU education by the way.


I'm not american though

Lmao, by that logic there should be revolts in every third world country

The hilarious part is that if you do this they will immediately call you a republican. As if Republicans give a shit about dead civilians.

Then go suck a dick and go back to Dagestan where you belong.

This board is built by and for Americans only.

Can we throw these people into a gulag PLEASE?

Yeah, why didn't she talk about Beyonce and Pussy Riot?

Liberals get the bullet too.

This is the amazing part. They've gone so far off the deep end they've made "Republican" synonymous with peace and non-interventionalism. The Republicans did nothing to earn this, it came from liberal lunatics labeling everybody who isn't ok with imperialism and slaughter under Democratic politicians as "Republicans." This is how fucking insane they are.

Well that could only be good news, it's hard to imagine a more class cucked place than America. It would help to know what country specifically.


Hmmm. Good point. If third worldism is real why isn't Africa revolting against the resource extraction by western bourgies?

Kill yourself.

Netherlands. Yes, it's western Europe so it has a long history of socialist parties and the labor movement but my country is classcucked out of the ass because it's 99% service industry. Everyone's a liberal.

I think the main goal in a country like yours should be to outline the positives of socialism and communism. More people are likely to be aware of the basics, it's not like America where basic knowledge is a revelation politically. When the questions come up about historically bad societies that have been labelled that, just give context concerning those countries and then talk about how capitalism's gorillions are often ignored.

The reason third worldism cant work is America exists and under the American anglophone economic order it has been made clear that if a third world country farts a whiff of leftism they will be sanctioned, shamed and eventually have violent actions taken against it. Neoliberalism only works in the minds of American business if markets are open everywhere and always. So the IMF and coups are used to stop any countries from retreating from that dream of a world wide open market where America gets to fuck those economies without protection.

Countries without Nukes are essentially helpless against any whim America has. Other smaller powers threaten countries too, but usually only in their direct sphere of influence.

Third worldism is ironically a #firstworldproblem and is often touted by clueless people in the first world like Unruhe who want people who are worse off than him to not only take care of themselves but do the revolution he is too chikenshit to do even though it is bound to fail in the current economic order of things. "First worlders" have the real power to change things and the main focus should be on either stopping America directly or pressuring your government to stand up to America's militarism.

What is this from? I know Bill Gates has been after public schools, but I don't know what the other details are, if any

Clinton did unbelievable damage to the left
Bernie barely shifted the window, but pointing put that he was better is enough for retards to take a hardline Clinton position to the point that any criticism of neoliberalism is associated with nazism.
Fuck those cunts

Nina was /ourgal/

A while ago I saw this pic posted in a liberal FB page and all the comments were like "uuhhh, real girls' talk is to talk about two white men?"

I think I made a thread about it

Should have mentioned Rosa tbqh

I don't understand that picture. That 17. "goal of communism" is obviously good way to spread propaganda, used by every state. That teacher should be obviously fired, she lost it. Ok, that "health care" paragraph is pure propaganda of two party state. I kek'd at that answer checker, somebody obviously didn't tested it. Global goals for developement and win 8 desktop use nice metro design, is that idiocracy screen some proof that it's the final stage of designing? And that Bill Gates's quote have obviously some truth in it, that's why different teaching approaches are being tested on kids, no?