Any thoughts on Tulsi Gabbard?

Any thoughts on Tulsi Gabbard?

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Is she prepping the bull?

She is a milquetoast politician, who to her credit is slightly getting better over time, but she is without a doubt a top tier political milf waifu.

She's hot, but center-right.

She only supported Bernie because she knew she could ride the grassroots wave.

Crazy far-right father, she's in a Hindu cult and supports Modi. Incredibly odd history and poltics. Probably Hottest female American politician tho.

You know the answer already. There is some value in the likes of Sanders because with their party and grassroots politics they manage to move a portion of the working class traditionally wedded to right wing populists, but that's about it. The rest are quite literally all garbage entourage members profiting off of his well-intentioned social democratic uprising. And here it's important to remind oneself of the pitfalls of Sanders himself, too.

Her close up face is the ugliest thing imaginable, like the surface of the moon in terms of acne scars.

Looks a lot like Julia Louis-Dreyfus did in Veep. Slightly hilarious.

[citation needed]

She met Modi the primeminister of India once and she's now a right wing nut, sounds like a load of bullshit given how Modi isn't even a fascist just a typical conservative whom again has no bearing on Gabbard.

i only know that her foreign policy is based.

Is this seriously the best they've got against her?

How so, Nazbol?


lol quoting the bhagavad gita of all things, I guess Oppenheimer must have been a Hindu extremist too.

grow a stache to cover it

Tulsi "Ya Bashar, Ya Nasrallah, Death to the takfiri dogs" Gabbard

she's Assad's tool. Incredibly stupid.

Oppenheimer was /ourguy/

What's the basis for that claim?

she is against foreign interventions and also pro-Assad


forgot this link

t. saudi/israeli tool

And I meant she wants us to stop nation building/regime changes.

This is classic burger warmongering that she's attempting to stop, big whoopie fucking doo. This is supposed to be a bad thing? American government always goes into unstable regimes and backs the weakest insurgent groups because they want to topple leaders and destabilize shit, then point at the bad shit the leaders they put in power are doing and moralize about how we need to invade.

Probably one of the most attractive female politicians in the US. Though she seems rather "center right"

Some of the points in this article are dumb but it talks about her father, Hindu beliefs and connections with Modi

The weird thing is the the SSNP sent her which are like the Nazbols of Syria\Lebannon.

The fact that she repeatedly praises Modi and hung out with Assad and the SSNP, means she's probably a nationalist of some sort.

I would like to cover her dirty pillows with my baby batter. If you know what I mean.

Not a friend of ours. She's literally a Hindu nationalist and is only "progressive" because she represents one of the most left-wing parts of the country. If not for her batshit attitude toward India, she'd be just another boring opportunist Democrat who will probably try to be the 2020 candidate.

Still would though.

Petty bourgeois nationalist cloaked in left rhetoric

AKA a fascist


Dad is Samoan, mom is a white convert to some hippie Hare Krishna type of Hinduism. She was raised Hindu and is now a virulent Indian nationalist. Gabbard holds a grudge against Islam beyond the point of reason, and seems willing to collaborate with far-right elements in the name of fighting Islam.

Her meeting with the SSNP is pretty suspect but not so bad when you realize John McCain has done similar shit with fascists on the other side of the conflict.

I don't really understand her end game and she's really all over the place politically but I definitely would.