Get anprim bros

Does peoaple can do this?

No. The correct way to Anarcho-Primitivism is terrorism, but Anarcho-Primitivism is shit anyway.

Anprims are the ultimate lifestylists.

sure you can unless you want to pay money for survival courses.
or you print information on thin pieces of wood called "paper" like our ancestors used to.


Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?


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I have literally never heard a primitivist give a sufficient reason for why we can use spears but not guns. What about bows? Crossbows? The whole point of any technology, including "primitive" tools is to reduce human labor and puts an inanimate, labor-reducing, dehumanizing tool between man and his environment. Deciding to pick any level of technology is utterly arbitrary.

I have yet to hear any level of real debunking on this.

I would fucking love to live as a hunter gatherer + tent, gun, SAT phone, solar charger, computer with movies, music (and internet of possible)
It's purely a lifestyle thing, not a political thing tho.

I guess any tech is fine until it reproduces the social relationships of hierarchical societies

Advanced technologies (ie beyond stoneage) require large-group cooperation and threaten individual autonomy.

Why do idiots turn everything into an extremist ideology

It's entirely possible to make a significant amount of technology yourself. You can make gunpowder, ammunition, and firearms from your own raw resources.

Not only that, but stoneage groups used significant amounts of group cooperation. Should they have refused to hunt mammoths because it's something they couldn't do individually?

Some take it far and say we should return to being hunter gatherers, but given how long civilization took to get in full swing from that point, from the Neolithic Revolution to the Industrial Revolution, I'd be hesitant to say this. I think we all agree though that agrarian society is better than modern society.

You missing the point of primitivism, you should read books.

Which is? I haven't been able to find any level of rigorous theory from anyone who tries to explain it to me, just useless statements that tell me it's "better." I have yet to hear any real reason why abandoning modern medicine, capitalist profiteering notwithstanding, is a good thing. Why should I let my boyfriend die because he can't get the medicine he needs to live?

Read Kaczynski



I don't really disagree with a fair number of things he brings up about industrialization and societal effects on individual freedom, but his points about why i should want what he offers is, again, lacking. At best, he brings up a vague generalization that simple problems are things that can solve. But what's the point? Again, it's back to "let's solve simple problems like daily survival because yay we can do it and not need to worry about anything else!"

How about fucking no?

bull shit, if you start from nothing

Define nothing.

naked, no tools, no use of any product manufactured by someone else

I keep saying this and some chemfag was supposed to prove me wrong but disappeared, but primers are the only thing you can't make. /k/ will back me up on this since we talked about it already.

Someone with a chem lab I don't know what they can make but one person can't go from no technology to firearms in their lifetime, I'm pretty damn sure

No technology is a pretty odd qualifier. A low tech workshop should be the parameters.

you're allowed to make tools yourself of course, but not from any blueprints

this is anprimistan surely, the whole point is to eliminate technology that's infected with hierarchy or whatever, as a thought experiment we must surely start from absolute zero

Fuck I didn't realise I was posted in an anprim thread.

no worries, it is a pretty stupid argument, just thought i'd challenge the claim stone age man could make firearms (even if he knew how they worked)

It's possible to make black powder from elemental sulphur which has been mined since the stone age, carbon made in a very simple deoxygenated oven (ie, a clay pot with a simple lid full of wood chunks, preferably dust) and saltpeter.

A lifetime is a really long time. If someone was an expert in every relevant field, I reckon they could have a working (albeit very crude) gun within a couple of decades. The hardest part is mining the necessary raw materials.

Only Posadism can bring about anprim at this point.

Because technology inevitably restricts freedom further and further.
You misunderstood the power process. The point he was making was that:

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Make sure they don't stone you to death for using that phone