Why is she worshiped by liberals and normies?

Why is she worshiped by liberals and normies?

I understand liking celebrities to an extent, but Beyonce seems to be worshiped and adored way beyond the normal celebrity and I don't really understand why. She is seen as a "feminist" icon without really doing anything for women. Her black activism song was so vague that even though I'm a a neet with no life who literally just reads/listens to news about politics a lot of which is identity issues through sheer osmosis I didn't get the references until conservishits complained about them and even then I really had to strain to notice/care. I remember that Buzzfeed feminism video where one of the girls joked about "You cant possibly really dislike Beyonce." I'd like to say that joke was a deviant take on her career, but a lot of women seem to agree with that on impulse. Among the history of black female singers she isn't even particularly talented. I think she was out sung in Destiny's Child and Dream Girls. Yet, no one seems to agree with my assessment and she is seen as being some female Marvin Gaye for Millennial's with all the substance and accolades that entails…

TL;DR I just don't fucking get the worship of this bitch please explain.

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Her lifestyle sucks

Her ass is magnificent.

I wont say she isn't attractive, but even with that among celebrities she is ok… I personally preferred her cousin but even she wasn't anything special. I don't really like blonde on black like dat, but that is another story.

solange should have won tbh

Most people only listen to extremely boring pop music (or pop country, pop rap, or maybe dadrock) so when they hear something that's slightly more creative they think it's visionary.

I have no idea why anyone cares about her as some sort of political figure though.

This actually briefly happened with Taylor, too. Beyonce's a bit more tolerable.

But really? Manufactured shit. Lizards all the way down. Beyonce isn't really any higher tier in a typical mind than pretty much any other "diva" figure, but she's ~pushed~ as a token super-idol by shit-tier liberal media. It's all bullshit and the political message they try to tack on is indeed vague as fuck.


Beyonce and Jay Z have both shilled for Obama and Clinton and promote a type of empty liberal identity politics. Because of this there's a big overlap between Hillary cultists and Beyonce fans.

Look at this shit it's peak liberalism


Damn, yeah I somewhat remember that song. The last few Jay albums and that Kanye duo have been dreadful consumerist tripe. That element was always in his music, but at least it was more interesting back when like with Reasonable Doubt and Blueprint. Even just reading those lyrics, the monotonous feeling of the raps came back to me.

She's co-opted some of the most talented pop music songwriters in the medium, mixed in enough unique production, and projected a "woke" and "empowered black female" image.

Easily marketed, surface level rebellion, basic "woke" politics. She's a liberals' dream.

This guy gets it.

Its the Montana statewide cow show this week, and that cow has a spot shaped just like the state of Montana. There's no way she won't get first prize!

I'm struggling with the word "empowered" a lot. Why the fuck is this a good thing? "Empowered" technically means some third party appointed you to a position of power or lifted you up, it's like a king granting you the position as cupbearer.

It has nothing to do with overcoming the system from the bottom up.

I consider myself to be closer to a feminist than the alternative or at least more than this board usually is and I have always hated the term "empowered." It's just such an easily co-opted buzzword and I have seen it used to justify women's actions in literally ever context and situation imaginable. Every week a female celeb justifies a nude scene in a movie she did by "feeling empowered." I want a pornstar to say two dicks in her ass at once made her feel like an "empowered modern female." I'm not saying sexuality should make you feel bad but how is having a nude scene with Seth Regen or some other asshole "empowering?" I remember an interview with Janelle Monae where she said doing commercials for Pepsi made her feel "empowered" and in control.

I've noticed a distinct lack of criticism of this term among reactionaries/rationals/MRAS etc as well. To me it is easily one of the most self aggrandizing and ridiculous aspects of modern feminism and yet it goes right over the heads of all these people who otherwise scrutinize and critique every little fucking thing "pop" feminists say. Laci Green can fart in the deepest vacuum of space and Sargon will have a five hour hangout session discussing it, while thunderfoot makes 23 videos about it and in that time she can say empowered 30, 000 times without any of them noticing it.

not the first, but certainly the best post

Surprisingly smart tankie comment with zero ideology

Why the disdain for "dadrock"? It's often intellectual and creative without regard for trends (most "dadrock" essentials never made it to the top 10 billboard hits in its heyday).

Just a reminder, obviously don't click on tabloid news but if you want to further cut out celebrity bullshit from your life use youtube+ (requires the greasemonkey plugin).

I literally have no idea what's popular in music except when I go to the gym and I have no idea about any of the latest idiotic celebrity drama.

I also blacklist all of the music video channels, fake news outlets (CNN, Fox, Rebel Media, Young Turks) and alt-right whiners.

I have no idea who she is, why should I know her, and more importantly, why we allow fucking celebrity treads…

We all cant be so lucky.

The distain for dadrock comes from the sterotype of a young man listening to music before it's time just because his dad, or other members of his familiy listened to said music.
He never explores on his own.
He never even fully understands the music he's listening to.
He's the "i'm 13 but i listen to X!" in the comments of youtube music vids of old/classic tracks.

The distain for dadrock is born out of disdain over the type of person that absorbs music passively, out of tradition and illusions of self worth trough the half assed appreciation of classics, rather than a genuine passion and understanding for music.

She's black and female and I think now she's political in a very acceptable way.

only newfags use javascript.
you can download/stream videos on most sites using youtube-dl or livestreamer.

sage because who the fuck cares about celebrities? normies are retarded, we know that.

I think dadrock refers more to specific type of rock that's usually really shallow, repetitive and simple like AC/DC, Mötley Crüe, etc rather than period in music. The latter was always shit, even at their peak time. If your dad was listening to that, he would listen to Beyonce and Bruno Mars if he was born twentyfive years later so you are right in your assertion.

Nobody can convince me that stuff like early Dio or King Crimson is fucking dadrock, shit is brilliant.

I have some similar criticisms. A lot of self proclaimed "woke" socialists/communists I follow on twitter and tumblr (I know, I know, don't mention it) seem to worship the ground she walks on even though she's your typical bougie celebrity libfem. I can't tell if they're doing that as a joke or what but I've seen people tear other people apart on various social media just for saying they don't really care about her.

When the revolution comes they're probably gonna line her up against the wall and shoot her with the rest of the rich celebs and redistribute her wealth. With her net worth there's no way any sane person should treat her as some woke feminist celebrity or activist. She made some shitty album that did some bare minimum social commentary and people praised her for it.

Anyway, guillotine the bitch

It's especially weird given that she's had a load of plastic surgery to make herself look more white. Is that a good example to set for black people?

I've never understood this and probably never will OP.

pretty much sums it up.

She was pretty hot in Goldmember. I'm legitimately curious as to what kind of Hollywood voodoo magic she uses, though.

… go on.

remember when it came out that Beyonce owned dozens of sweatshops around the world? And then she got a free pass from the liberals and supposedly "woke" sjws because she was considered to be a black feminist icon?

Has she? She looks pretty much the same in her younger years

Her nose and skintone have definitely changed from when she was a kid. Also she no longer has the recognizably 'black' hair.

Marketeers, pure and simple. Human culture has been reduced to little more than a dispute between advertising and publicity agencies.

I'd like to think those sentiments are just in the minds of people on sites like that but I made the thread because it seems to be a common belief in the minds of politically left leaning women and some small amount of men in general. As the first post quoted indicates a lot of self proclaimed "socialists" give her a pass.

Wow another one for the liberal cringe threads.

Thanks guys :D

I don't condemn her or anything, but she's a strange role model for liberals to be parading around.

And she's certainly not female Huey Newton like people started acting like she was after that whole Formation Black Panthers thing. The only good part about that was seeing conservatives shit their pants.

Its well over a decade old so presumably you have seen it already. however, on the off chance you have not, google "empowered + onion"

Blaxpoitation-type black chicks with edgy clothing and big afros are super hot

I think I had seen it before, but damn the Onion was spot on.


A lot of her biggest hits are all about gold digging.

She's rich af herself.

She's black. But still, she's only in her early 30's.

35, 5 months.
Mid-thirties actually.


Miss the Austin Powers series tbh