Haha Paul Joseph Watson is an idiot, of course conservatism isn't the new counter culture!


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Just because there are more young people who are conservative, doesn't prove anything that they're young people.

Not adults.

KEK. this denial

You don't seem to understand that accelerationism works on our side.

We're coming B U C K O

I don't know where you come from in the galaxy but university students are almost near overwhelmingly Marxist at this point and they have the most power and influence by matter of being academics themselves, and it isn't just within the realm of the humanities.

Population doesn't mean shit outside of an election, because criticism by the academics creates the counter culture by establishing the problems, while these are mindless kids more or less who consume everything they heard on the internet and media. And let's face it, a lot of people here had that phase.

It isn't denial, it's just history repeating itself over and over and over and over again.


Social conservatism and liberalism are literally the same thing

I don't see any Left parties on there.

Fronte de Gauche isn't even listed.

You are simultaneously arguing that an ideology is "counter culture" and trying to statistically prove its popularity.


no, they are left leaning liberals. They would never separate from capitalism, however.

They're becoming radicalized at a fast pace even before the Trump administration, I would say this wave occurred as early as 2010.

Call it liberal all you like, for some reason, beyond me really, you are gloating about the rise of politically illiterate jail bait.

Who do you think Melenchon is?

The "parties" listed are the European Parliament groups.

oh okay so they're like the majority of 90s punks who were fine with everything liberal but liked a certain aesthetic that came with anarchy except this time it's fetishizing traditionalism and being a dangerous neonazi
wow so different, so revolutionary

le pen will not win the election and her many supporters will be the counter culture

Ar least they don't build into the Marcon meme.
As predicted, his "hello fellow kids" stick hilariously fails, but somehow works on the older folks.
Mélenchon can build his base from here as well.

I thought this too back then, but now my former classmates all either vote social democrats, progressive-green or market liberals.
The ones with good business connections vote conservative, not because they are conservative, but because that's where the money and career is.

And back then, these were the loudest who screamed revolution, meanwhile the subversive ones are still in the game, so to say.

France is a weird place. I wonder what their chans must look like.

Conservatism is counter culture like how liberalism was counter culture few decades ago. This cycle must end.

this made no sense at all

Again on the idolizing academia train, are we? Enjoy your specialist-factory, bourgie.

Not entirely wrong, but you're missing how they are being radicalized. Almost all revolutionary energy is being channeled into pointless idpol deviationism.

conservatism can't be counter culture because it wants to conserve the status quo

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It means reddit and normalfag cancer jumping in on le epic maymay

Dammit I meant the brackets around his name.

Counter culture is for fucking retards though.

There's a Holla Forums add on for browsers that put brackets around Jewish names or journalists/celebrities confirmed to be Jewish.

Thanks for the info, somehow that eluded me here and there for quite a while.

What the fuck are you talking about?



no, jews on twitter outed themselves as jewish like how the nazis made them wear stars

Why are people so obsessed with being seen as the counterculture?

Are some people really so insecure that they constantly switch their opinions on everything just to be contrarian?

It checks out

How is "popularity among youth" synonymous with "counter-culture"…? That's not what a counter-culture is.

I don't even understand this post. But university students are just a minority of all young people.

Same trend in Germany btw.

When Norway voted for or against membership in the EU back in 94 both the fringes of the right and left voted no while people with central opinions voted yes

Because they are the future and they're the one that decide the path the nation will take. That is why when they rebel against their parents will(globalism and liberalism) they become the counter culture

Yeah in like 30 years when every baby bummer dies off.
t. every british vote in years


It seems like after the 16th century with Martin Luther every generation have wanted to rebel against the status quo. It is strange how you only find this in a culturally christian civilization

conservatism by nature can't be a counter culture because it seeks to reinforce the socio-economic staus quo.

which is, increasingly progressive and advancing liberty worldwide, so a net-win as far as I can see

It goes against the cultural status quo, thus it is counter culture, if it is popular doesn't matter

"I want feudal monarchy, this is a conservative value, most tries to stop us that makes us the counter culture"

You know that if you counted only white votes in the referendum the British youth would've voted leave

Doubtful as 92% of Britain is white, americlap.

Something annoys me about PJW, and I'll try and summarise it here.

He accuses the Frankfurt School of degrading Western civilisation and concocting a plan to destroy it with sexualised, unmodest, non-traditional forms of art (the frequently cited example, probably by PJW himself is the Miley Cyrus thing)

But I started reading The Culture Industry by Adorno and it's the *exact opposite* of what PJW is claiming. Is anyone else extremely unsettled by this blatant misrepresentation that is so ridiculously wrong that it is in fact the very opposite of what he is claiming? Never mind the cultmarx BS, I don't know why this blatant incorrectness comes from.

Where does he get it from? Why do people believe him? He clearly hasn't read even one work by any of the members of the Frankfurt School. What the hell is up with him?

Please tell me I'm not the only one who has picked up on this. I only found out about it because that /mu/ music reviewer dude picked up on the video, but failed to criticise this huge mistake.

a lot of these people are economically protectionist rather than liberal. not the status quo

i'm sure it's just a boogeyman from the right wing. All i see on youtube are videos about cultural marxism with no sources of their findings. I'm still waiting for a lefty youtuber to finally debunk it.

Since when did youth get conflated with "counter culture"?

If a majority of people are wanting something, it can't be too countercultural–by definition–can it?

No, it doesn't; it seeks to preserve the status quo. Upholding and defending old norms is what conservatism is all about.

Well, the funny thing is that economically Le pen is a much stronger social Democrat than the "left" parties in the US or UK


but bernie was far more popular than trump among youth, and pjw lives in the US, not france. young people even preferred hillary to trump.

None of the people endlessly spouting accusations of "cultural Marxism" have ever read anything Adorno wrote nor do they wish to ever make that effort — so they're not "misinterpreting" anything, they're plainly and simply pulling shit out of their own asses. They got their understanding of what the Frankfurt School stands for from some JPG-ridden memes on Holla Forums or Facebook — that's all they need to feel good about themselves and God forbid you try to burst their little bubble with sharp-pointed ( ( ( actual facts ) ) ).

That's not what a counter-culture is. You're making shit up.

That's some ideology, OP

idk, i've been wondering this for a while as well. its not just pjw that does it, there seems to be this strain of right wing conspiracy around "cultural marxism" that stretches back decades. The fact that so many right wingers hold these views when even the most cursory look at the frankfurt schools work would be sufficient to debunk them, says more about the poverty of their theoretical framework than anything. Since denying that society changes over the course of history is part of their weltanschauung, they have to invent some sort of boogeyman to inject "bad feeling" into their system,in order to explain why things are not in a "natural" state be even though their ideology relies on the fact that all societies are supposed to tend towards this "natural" state. Academia, germans, jews and commies are frequently objects of derision in popular culture, so its not so much of surprise that they've picked the confluence of these things to be their scapegoat.


how times have changed

Because the radical youth of the 60s totally took the nation in a communist direction.

Oh wait…

wew lad

And that really made Bernie president amirite? :^)

This misses the point of the criticism, though. Being popular doesn't make something counterculture; counterculture is counterculture, and not just youth culture, because it opposes the dominant ideology. Conservatism, by definition, attempts to maintain the already dominant hierarchy, and thus can never really be a counterculture. Le Pen isn't even conservative, she's more radical right; she definitely wants to upend many aspects of the current status quo. Whether the alt-right is a counterculture is more worthy of debate, but PJW is retarded.

it was rigged you nigger

Dude, just KYS already

What's the source of that statistic anyway?

Why do so many Americans get their political opinions from smarmy, condescending Englishmen like PJW and John Oliver? Is it the accent?

A reasonable person would assume it's a french presidential election poll conducted 30th and 31rd of January 2017 by ELABE.

Conservatism is the new Counter culture eh?

Hmmm, I wonder if we can think of a time when ether was another backwards, idiotic and plain reactionary Counter Culture

oh wait, it was the Luddites

white guilt

It actually looks like its working for techno-slavery via welfare.


Sounds good enough for me, at least someone's gonna have communism.

>>>Holla Forums is for you faggot
it's like saying liking titties is a fucking counter culture. just because the opposing side got a crapload of media coverage doesn't mean the right is now an underground fucking movement. A conservative candidate is in charge of the wealthiest and most armed country in the fucking world, what the fuck are you even on about nigger

not really, it would precipitate a society looking more like morlocks

seriously, your only choice right now is to drop your bullshit anachronism and fight for the illegality of training AIs without paying people for it

Imo the counter culture IS siding with conservatism right now but is not really conservatism at all, i don't think most people even understand what the fuck is going on right now, it has nothing to do with social politics and all to do with the subversion of the mechanisms of communicative power, it has change from unidirectional communication to multidirectional and this is fucking up everything

You need to keep it up, don't just stop at Adorno, keep going on till you reach today. The whole shit started literally as "disgust for fun of modernity" and ended in the kikery we see today.

At some point art got reinterpreted under the lense of a patriarchy and suddenly all traditional shit was now deeply excellent and conducive to modern social degradation, so somehow they figured the solution was to draw a naked kid taking a shitt with vaginal fluids.

lol fuck off this whole board keeps talking pestilence about human nature

correct, but conservatism in itself (what PJWackson and the OP are trying to say) is NOT a counter culture.

Can you be a little more blunt?

He is trying to explain it to normies, a more appropiate thing would be saying that Reactionarism (Authentic Reactionarism) is counter culture. And its true, even within the left the focus has shifted from modernist approaches to that of blending ancient Western tradition (with its correspondent 1800s Westernized interpretations of Eastern tradition, cause dont kid ourselves, its Mason-influenced, not actually Eastern) to the paradigms of the "almost there" futuristic technology that will alter our lives in the next 10 to 50 years.

You can see this both in the "alt-right's" obsession with paganism and esoteric nazism, and in the "archaic revival" of the rave culture. Both are ultimately reaching into the same Gnostic pool but have widely different approaches to it, one is active and the other is passive, respectively.

sorry didn't know i was supposed to hide my power level, im accostumed to talking straight, promise to not talk about it again

how about you get off your high horse faggot, not everybody has a degree in sociology

i don't have it either, i just liked doing a lot of drugs during my youth and reading about UFOs

wew lad

In all honesty, its probably because of this


Just because you are vietnamese whore, doesn´t prove you aren´t wrong.

Le Pen is the only far-right candidate. Melechon and Hamon should be combined if you want a better comparison, as both of them effectively split the left's vote.

Le pen *will* win the first round. Whether she wins the 2nd round is unlikely, as long as Fillon's voters don't back Le Pen over Hamon/Melenchon.

the French electoral system is much harder to predict the outcome of compared to the US.

Luddism was a worker's movement and it wasn't anti-progress: workersliberty.org/story/2012/02/22/luddites-were-not-backward-looking
That was a myth spread by the ruling class

Most people seen with them put them there themselves to make fun of internet nazis.




I don't think you grasp the utter disdain 95% of the population has for humanities academics. They have no relevance outside their bubble.



The point is that humanities academics aren't influencing anyone outside humanities students, who also aren't influencing anyone because they're near-universally despised in America.

The Jews in Nazi Germany sewed yellow stars into their clothes for the same reason..

Not only in America. There are humanities professors in my country that worry that the insanity of the social "science" departments will hurt the humanities as a whole for decades to come.

they already have. seriously, who is more despised or mocked in Western academia than social science and humanities students?

It took the West in a New Left direction where racism became an unforgivable sin