Misanthrope thread

Does anyone else hate other people?
Don't you find most human beings to be stupid, disgusting, easily manipulated?

I wonder, can a person support communism/anarchism while still hating the majority of humanity?

On a totally unrelated note, i've had ancaps tell me that Austrian economics is correct because "history has proven it to be so".

yeah i fucking hate my parents wbu op

Yes tbh

I hate people too. Maybe it's just because I have autism. I don't enjoy socializing.

I had a brief period, and I still hate and loathe a majority of people. But at the same time, the people who share my collectivist interests are among the best men and women I've ever met. I wouldn't even call it hate, i just know that they can't know the truth about the way the world works.

But I can't say I hate them unless they're too obnoxious to actually bare or above a certain income

I'm not some edgy teenager.
Granted I have a few issues with them like most people.

I don't hate humans. But I consider them to be stupid animals, whose advanced biology has deep evolutionary flaws. The worst trait is hubris and the tendency to view themselves as superior to all other lifeforms simply because they have the greatest intelligence. If another life form ever appeared to dominate us all those illusions would fall out of place, as we would be treated no different than how we ourselves treat dogs or goldfish.

Misanthropy is heavy reactionary

But you can't hate the majority of humanity. You don't even know the majority of humanity. You probably don't even know more than a few dozen people on a name by name basis. The person you spend the most time with, yourself, however is the one you know the best. Maybe you hate that person and not 6 billion other people?


I think it is easy to hate other people, I have ascended beyond that to hating myself as an art form.

Well at least you didn't pick the black capitalist asshole.


But he's a successful negroman.

I've always thought that people say about others what's true about themselves. So if you think people are all stupid assholes it's probably because you're a stupid asshole.

And if someone thinks everyone else is a genius?

I remember trying to troll Holla Forums with anticapitalist memes revolving around this guy being a dick, but not enough people played the game or knew enough about economics to get it.

Trigun is a fantastic anime. Good taste Bat'ko

Hating other people is the projection of frustration with yourself onto others imo. The failure to not make them understand, to not relate, etc. I say this as someone who used to be a "misanthrope", but really it's unlikely that someone hate's all people. I know I didn't, I just convinced myself that I hated most of them.

this statement is only made by idiots to ruin the self esteem of someone who just realized they have a leg up, and return everyone back down to "lets shut up and go to work tomorrow" mentality.

Those that have a hard on to make their cause my cause really piss me off.
Easily manipulative sure, everything else no, I just find them spooky.
You have to be able to come together in some equal unity economically and socially with Communism. If your concern is not that unity socially then you can not support Communism.
They claimer at the achievement not of their own to justify their cause to a spook.

I hate how flawed humans are as a species. I don't want anyone to suffer, but at the same time I don't believe humans can be trusted with any responsibility. Most people are barely more capable of making good decisions than wild animals or children.

Most of the time people who think they're above the rest are just as ignorant. Like all the people here who've never read theory and just consider themselves socialist because of memes and what other people say. Does such a person really know or understand more than a person who is conservative for the same reason? Same shit with my sister who likes to go on about how dumb everyone is and how they just believe whatever you tell them, but then also goes on to tell me I'm wrong to mistrust the corporate media and that bourgeois democracy totally listens to the people. I consider myself quite ignorant on most subjects and feeling superior to the rest of humanity when I'm in virtually every respect just an average Joe would be quite absurd.

That's being sensitive and pathetic.
There are many stupid, boring people in the world.
Why can't you handle the idea that other people are stupid, boring, petty and easy to manipulate?

Reminder that democracy has no innate value beyond its role in upholding the current structure of society.

I'll never understand the irrational need to defend humanity. And I don't understand why most posters on this board get upset at the idea most people are stupid, boring fools.

Isn't it strange how people here claim to embrace Stirner's egoist anarchism, yet fall back onto whiny moralism whenever someone mentions how stupid the masses are?

Maybe things are different where you live, but the typical American is objectively shit and every stereotype about them is true. It's because they're stupid and greedy as fuck that we have capitalist exploitation to begin with. They believed everything the capitalist media said and ignored all the problems capitalism was causing for the lower classes until those problems started affecting them too. You can say whatever you want about the rest of the world, but I don't think a more disgusting collection of "people" has ever existed than in America.

It's almost like there's more than 1 poster here.

This is one of the best and funniest things i've read on Holla Forums ever since i started coming here.
If i knew you IRL i'd fuck your brains out and then toss you aside and never call you again.



do yourself a favor and start by killing yourself

*Teleports Behind You* Nothing Personnel, Kid

I don't hate them, I just don't enjoy socializing because my hobbies are pretty far from norm. I find the things they like pretty boring and most people think I'm an autist (might be). Once I found other autists (both in chans and IRL), I found that I can enjoy people.

I used to hate them when I was young, because I was forced to interact with people by parents and state vetted education, once I became a wageslave in a non socializing required job, I stoped hating people.

Egoism isn't to be edgy, it's to be concern with what you want and like. If you don't like humanity because it doesn't please you, then humanity's survival means nothing to you. If you actually do, then it is your cause to protect it.

You see, that's the funny part, i find that other autists are LITERALLY THE WORST PEOPLE ON EARTH.
I hate normies but the only people i hate a million times more than normies, are other autists.
Doesn't help that 9 times out of 10 they end up being Holla Forumstarded altright neonazis.

It's difficult to hate people when you can see their lack from a distance, it's like how you don't get angry at a toddler falling over and spilling his drink.

It's called turning sociopathy into a philosophical dead end, it's philosophy for the non-thinker.

Hatred of people is the guiding principle of anticommunism and class society. It is cringe-inducing to see Communists who are Communists because of intellectual elitism, out to prove everybody wrong and naively believing themselves to be exceptionally intelligent. Communism is a process emerging from the oppressed, those who fetishize violence and authority for any purpose will never have any role to play in it. Misanthropy is not a proletarian trait, as anyone who has actually interacted with working people will know for sure.

/tg/ would have been a better place. They used to have threads were they would pretend to be the leaders and shitpost at each other in character.

I think a lot of people are ignorant, but I think that's more because education and media is such shit. I generally like or don't mind most people, even if I can't really talk to them about stuff.

In other words, you are so stupid you cannot accept the notion that the masses are stupid.
If communism means I must deny reality and pretend that all human beings are intelligent and worth something, then it's no different from being as delusional as Christianity.

You really are no better than the stupid liberals that get triggered over someone criticizing black people.
Humanity is stupid and deserves to be mocked and criticized.

Calm down dork. You're not helping yourself in any way by choosing to channel hatred at things you don't understand. Go outside, talk to people, make some friends. You might just drop your bourgeois sense of human worth, then you can become a Proletarian Communist proper and not just another middle-class Stalinist weenie out to hijack the movement.

Only to those whose concerns do not embody society and morality. Egoism is flexible and can fit in any mindset as long as you see what you are doing is in your interest. What you want is the only thing that matters, everything else is nothing to you. Sure there's going to be edgelords that call everything a spook, but that doesn't mean there can't be people that are nice to you, share your concerns and be an egoist. Stirner is not the model that should be followed, but an example of how it's done.

I hate most lefties

You say that as if all autists are the same. And even if I might end up hating some Holla Forumstard faggot, talking to him would probably be more amusing than talking to some normie.

But Stirner regards morality as a spook.
Why should I have to hold everyone's hand and pretend that everyone is equal?
People are stupid and should be treated as such.
I hate this whiny moralism from leftists.

I don't care about Stalinism.
I'd rather have the world burn.

He does, but to wanting to care is different then having to care.
If you don't want to then don't.
If you think that then do, they mean nothing to you.
Only one whining is you.

I know that feel comrade

not hate as much as deep disappointment.
as i get older i realize that most people around me are dumb spooked and there is nothing we can do about it
i just want to live alone on a desert island at this point

Thanks friend.

Who is that Princess Peach looking bitch?

Didn't know that, I never really went on /tg/ much.

Pretty close to my own sentiment I just don't feel safe/comfortable around most people. I don't hate people in an abstract sense though.


My male acquaintances

My female acquaintances

And don't even get me started on the fact that at least 95% of the shit that goes out of their mouths it's just fucking incorrect information.

Misanthropy seems to be an exclusive trait of unhappy people with poor experiences with others. Usually the misanthrope is elitist and arrogant, often to compensate for their low self-esteem.

It seems silly to me to hate people, usually for qualities they can't control. If anything I'd like to help them change those qualities, because usually those qualities harm mostly themselves.

I stopped hating people when I realize that the majority of people are just a product of their societies, and only live to perpetuate the system. I can't really hate people who believe in this system when they were never presented with the alternatives, or told lies about them. And some only live as lemmings, only caring that their basic needs are met and then scratch their heads like idiots when the system collapses.

What is it called when you utterly abhor morality, despise human society and civilization, and want it all to be rendered to dust?

Spooky thinking

How so?

You can reject them, that's fine.

But actively abhorring a spook is in fact a spook

It's an elephant in the room user. It's impossible not to despise the law, culture, social customs, etc. etc. when you're inundated with them daily. I want these things destroyed and I think the ideal human being is unhinged by these things.

I don't hate humanity, I hate the biological and psychological flaws that we suffer as a result of natural selection. We are thinking beings awaken from instinct, yet still carry it with us. It is up to us to reject the current state of being laid upon us by reality and take out destiny into our own hands.

I think I hate myself more than anyone tbh.
Such is life as an autist diagnosed in his 20s. Too normal to suddenly have a snap "regression" accepted, too autistic to push ahead into genuine normality or even be content with the status quo now that the mask has slipped.

t. Hobbes

That makes sense coming from a right winger.

Of course. It's not like other people having rights depends on you actually liking them.

Internet misanthropy is generally dumb and trite enough that it disgusts me. There are people I like, although I have trouble making friends.