Coops wont give us communism but they will save us from capitalism

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Other urls found in this thread: myth of Mondragon Cooperatives, politics, and working class life in a Basque town.pdf

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Cooperatives still operate on market and commodity logic, but cooperatives are better then what we currently have at least.

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Coops are a step towards Market socialism, nothing more.

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The fundamental nature of capitalism is that by accumulating capital the porkys gain a competitive advantage over workers (how do you compete with a factory that can produce 10x your per worker output but which you can never afford to buy?).

Co-ops will always lose in the long run absent a system change. Even if you beat the existing porkys sooner or later a porky from a different industry will muscle in with everything they skimmed off the top.

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I've engaged this before, the thing is that porky and co-ops have different standards of "success." Thanks to shareholder theory the capitalist firm can't just beat the co-op they also need to sustain enough growth to keep investors from jumping ship to something that is a better return on investment at the moment. And investors are the flightiest fuckers on the entire planet. Meanwhile the coop just needs to sustain enough business to support its workers.

Doesn't matter that the bar for success is lower. If your competitor can sell for less than your costs you're screwed. Eventually this will happen.

And I don't mean that making a co-op is a bad idea at a personal level. You could easily succeed in the medium term same as any other small business. I just mean that you can't create large scale change that way (though it could be a post-capitalism option).

They can sell for less but not long term because the shareholders will come whining about how it's eating into the profits.
Seriously shareholder theory is probably the best thing to ever happen for socialism because it just ramps every disfunction in capitalism up to eleven.

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This is only assuming cooperatives are little more than democratized capitalism, so no.

A better formulation would be:
with which one implies that cooperatives are indeed little more than a horizontalized value form firm, and that the mask of hierarchy being removed would make the capitalist mode of production much more bearable to the working class and let it toil in wage labor with much less trouble than under a traditional hierarchical capitalist firm.

>"The hell of capitalism is the firm, not the fact that said firm has a boss."
t. Comrade Danny DeVito

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Also, since many uphold modern mutualist-principled/cooperative businesses to be success stories for cooperative unit, consider reading "Myth of Mondragon"; it's an enthograpy of the Mondragon Cooperative system, which is typically held to be the paradigmatic cooperative image for modern so-called "market socialists". The book shows that there's still class conflict in workers' cooperatives, which is merely masked by the cooperative form of the enterprise. Available on libcom here: myth of Mondragon Cooperatives, politics, and working class life in a Basque town.pdf

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Hypothetical question: what would be the best development after taking power in some medium-sized relatively developed country with no prospect for spreading revolution since any attempt at expansion gets crushed under a month? Let's say for the sake of argument that the neighbors won't invade you if you eliminate the capitalist companies.

No, co-ops are a good short term strategy for showing self-management is superior to a boss and raising the standard of living for a few people but in the long term porky will not tolerate too many of them and will start undercutting them.

Your friend seems confused.

To make this revolution international. Marx was quite revelating in explaining to us that capitalism and post-capitalism could not exist side by side; that capitalism's ductile qualities would eventually always manage to consume that which goes against its dominant and prevailing principle of production for market exchange. Even capitalistic, market-based economies like Cuba, which merely follow a very protectionist line, are to be consumed by international capital, and this is once again because capital is inherently expansive outwards; a principally globally-encapsulating system.

To properly answer: if there is no hope of even attempting to expand beyond communist-controlled territory, things are already lost and simply waiting to regress. The only true way forward then, with any chance, is to follow a policy of competing with capitalism and hoping to achieve a point in which international action can be achieved. But before anything, this means actually achieving post-capital; abolishing money, and thus the firm and production for market exchange.

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