Suicide rights under socialism/communism

I'd post this on wizchan or /suicide/ where I usually lurk but I thought it was more appropriate here

Marx says: "From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs"

I live off neetbux with my parents, and already tried to kill myself twice getting very close the second time but sadly failing as the cord got loose while my body was convulsing after I passed out. Been on nearly 30 different medications and treatments for severe treatment resistant depression, severe ocd, and anxiety. The next plan is to get a good amount of heroin or fentanyl off the DNM and shoot it up when my mom passes away so I can finally leave this mistake of an existence

Anyways because I will never work and am lazy as fuck needing my parents to take care of me at 26. I will not generate labor other than drinking heavily and smoking heavily to reduce my lifespan as much as possible. So in a hypothetical socialism/communist society (not social democracy), can I recieve euthanasia? Or am I just going to be thrown into the loony bin forcibly for the rest of my life until I die like what they did to the mentally ill in the USSR?

Ideally a socialist society would see you supported and encouraged to contribute materially to society or if you are unable for some reason, encouraged to contribute in other ways to the social fabric of your community.

Without the profit motive and constant grinding competitiveness of capitalist society, I think you might find that there is more for you than you might imagine. Also that others may have more time, interest and energy to assist you. Groups of people who dedicate themselves to helping others in situations like yours already exist, but because of our social and economic system they never have enough resources in economic and human terms to fulfill their role properly.

If, ultimately, all you genuinely want is to die, I see no reason why you should not be allowed and, if necessary, assisted in that goal under a socialist society - but it would depend on the specifics of the culture and all the usual stuff.

Go into the woods user. Just do it. Just go with maybe a t-shirt, a pair of pants, and nothing else. If you die, you died a natural death and no one will care or make you into a news story, you'll have no legacy and depending on how far in the backwoods you are no one will find your body until it's well decayed.



At the risk of sounding edgy, I don't want to do this and I really cannot give an ounce of shit about contributing to society under capitalism or socialism. To do so would entail I really cared about society in the first-place which I don't. I just fap, watch anime, eat snacks and vidya all day while getting drunk and going through a pack of cigarettes. Sometimes I might drive outside to buy neet snacks or whatever new game comes out at unga bunga rockstop. I mean even in the most social democrat countries (again not saying they are true socialists) with a much more generous welfare state (Northern Europe for example) you see high suicide rates. Life is just fucking shit the vast majority of the time. Those fleeting short moments of happiness that I experience just isn't worth it. It's like look at a clear black sky in the middle of the night with dotted stars, with the vast majority of the space being the black between them.

Really if we weren't biologically wired to live to fuck and make babies, we would have all come to the objective conclusion that life is truly far more suffering than it is pleasure. Anyways it sounds like I'd just be locked up for being constantly suicidal under either system.

Just fucking mass purge people like me please.

I've been where you are user and it fucking sucks.

I might be in the minority in this view, but if all you really wanted to do was jerk off and play video games on the basic resources society provides for you to live, I don't really care. We already have plenty of bourgies doing effectively that who individually are a much bigger drain on society than a million hikkis in their rooms watching moe shit and and fapping themselves raw.

But I genuinely believe that under a socialist society that values people for more than how many percentage points they can push up an arbitrary economic growth figure and values communities as more than just economic units that enrich the ruling class that you could find a place where you are valued and can participate meaningfully in your own life.

And if not, if you just can't bear it anymore, that society should help you find a way to leave it comfortably and on your own terms.

Has nothing to do with economic classes so it will differ a lot. Has nothing to do with socialism.

You have cash and only tried normal meds? Why? You have all sorts of options legal and illegal.

Did shrooms, had a bad trip. Fuck that shit.

No thanks I like not losing months of memories.

Everything else is a meme.

You will be given a gun and shown how to use it.

yeah,when you point it at your head make sure you point it such that the bullet will go through the brain.On the temple is a classic,but the roof of your mouth works well if you've got a shotgun

I wanna feel good as shit as I'm dying. As in I don't give a flying fuck about anything. Give me some of that 30 grams of heroin into my bloodstream please. Opioids and pentobarbit l is literally the best way to die. Heroin OD and you feel so euphoric that nothing in the world matters. Fucking nothing. Not capitalism, not socialism.

Just drifting away feeling so goddamn good as you finally sleep to eternal oblivion to join the 100 billionish people that have already made the journey.

That's how I want to die. A gun is far too quick for me and you feel nothing.

Aim properly though.

I totally agree with this.

I absolutely do not believe in this "everything is capitalism's fault" meme. I personally just do not find any sort of work enjoyable. I get no satisfaction out of completing tasks and do not care about other people or society as a whole. I see no reason why any of that would suddenly change if we started producing for use rather than exchange.

Whenever i read about people dhooting themselves with a shotgun, i can' help but laugh because of recalling that picture of the guy blowing his brain out next to Sid from Ice Age.
The Internet damaged me.

Not everything is capitalism fault. But a lot of people live in constant stress and shitty living conditions and so lose the will to live thanks to capitalism. You might be one of them, or you might have some other issues.

Either way, failing suicide is mostly edgy faggot stuff. It's easy to die if you are commited (which I never was when I researched about it).

instead of killing yourself, fight the revolution. You've already tried to kill yourself, so what do you have to lose?

If there truly is nothing left for a person to find in society, sure, knock yourself out.
But you can only do it once.
And often enough, people who don't and who get medication and therapy that works for them, wouldn't want their past selves to have killed themselves.

But if you truly have had medication, therapy, and shrooms, and that didn't work… If you truly have no opportunity to ever find satisfaction in things again, or not to a level that satisfies the constant thinking-about-all-the-bad-things-of-life… If you tried all the drugs that might've helped…
I would have no right to stop you.

Though I'd look at the mushrooms again, you can't really call a bad trip representative of what the experience is supposed to be like.
Maybe find a trip sitter? Someone who is able to calm you down when needed, someone you trust?

But even in countries with massive welfare states and are the most egilatatian (namely nothern europe), you see high suicide rates. Cuba for example has a rate of 12.3 compared to 12.6 in the US. So there's no significant difference

Gambling is fun

Say that to me when you lost 500 dollars at blackjack one time famalam

This is good advice unless "fight the revolution" is just another synonym for "suicide by cop." Much better ways of turning death into agitprop than that