Holla Forums on suicide watch. Holla Forums discussing illegal activities in their discord

ayy lmao bois. This is a goldmine. ill post more.

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Thanks for the tip.


Holy shit, reporting this to the local authorities


this is what happens when you use proprietary software.

Holla Forumsyps never fail to amaze me

the op is a Holla Forumsyp himself who has a personal feud with the admin and keep posting those threads.

Holla Forums never ceases to amaze me.
Nobody on Holla Forums uses discord unironically, David Brock, you are being trolled

lol, defending these nazi admins are we you fucking faggot?

Funny how there's actually a significant connection made in pizzagate over there, followed by 8ch and their evidence locker going down for an hour or so and zomg call the cops.
Skippy? Is that you?

Why are you decelerationists reporting them? If they get away with the chlorine bomb then antifa will be the less violent faction!
You fucking reformists!

Where are the proofs?

nobody cares about Holla Forums stop creating those fucking threads or do it on halfchan.

Nah, i just lurk there. the drama is hilarious.

I'm not defending them, I'm trying to take down their autistic discord.

Doublepost, A good course of action is to send this to discords twitter, they have been taking actions against raiding discord servers recently.

report them on Twitter to Discord @discordapp

Don't, let them dig themselves a big hole and get themselves v& after doing something stupid, not before.

you know fully well those threads don't do shit except helping to convince Holla Forumstards to shitpost here for free.



✓ Garret
✓ Denion
✓ Quasi-Slav
✓ Soarin-Ted
✓ I Can Fly
✓ 200 member purge
✓ Countless others

Image screencapped 4 mins ago.

these retards are too autistic to ever do anything but it would be funny if they got arrested so go for it.

just imagining some fat loser getting dragged out of his parents house screaming "it was just a prank"

is it really a goldmine?

This nigga was in the leftypol discord.

8/pol/ or 4/pol/? Is discord even safe anyway?

This is true. But seeing Holla Forumsyps suffer could be more gratifying than revolution, idk.

We want to get them jailed, not banned.

jesus fucking christ vespi is FBI informant how fucking retarded are you

is giving a company that is brand new constant access to your machine safe?
use irc or tox if you want to chat

discord is fine its safe

t. FBI

More likely the Chinese spying on you than the FBI.

How new the company is has nothing to do with it.
Tox is good, though.

t. FBI

Come the fuck on, man. I know we've been memeing about Holla Forumsyps projecting, but I refuse to believe that those guys aren't false-flaggers. Holy shit

Like pottery, every single fucking time lmao

why did mods delete the latino thread with the link about CIA intervention against Allende (cia.gov/library/reports/general-reports-1/chile/#5) but not this abomination of a shitty FBI thread?

Someone send it to buzzfeed.

it writes itself, really

Why. For what purpose?


There's one thing that reactionaries are extremely competent at

Blowing themselves up for a cause they have second thoughts on

Only Americans can do it by accident


Who would've guessed fashshits are authoritarian sociopaths? But you know what? They actually rationalise it as "being too smart for this shit"

Holla Forums's ability to constantly BTFO itself is remarkable.

It's about autism, Mr. I Like To Abuse Terminology

Holla Forums is claiming moral victory over us somehow

Holla Forums always has and always will.

Fuck that came out wrong, i mean they will always claim bullshit. i'm not saying they ARE victorious.


Holla Forums is literally the saddest possible specimen of humanity.

wew lad

Holla Forums is the metaphysics of the hangman