Phone records and intercepted calls show that members of Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaig

WHAT WAS THAT, Holla Forums?

they aren't commies anymore, retards

Anti-Imperialism is undermining the fight against kleptocratic capitalism.

I can't wait until you find out Duterte is a porky cunt and Assad is a literal silver-spoon affluenza case

This is American propaganda. Why don't you try getting your information at a reliable news source like RT?


I would have used Sputnik just to switch it up a little

So with all these leaks bursting is it safe to say the deep state is trying to ruin Trump?

Sort of, Trump is just backed by a different faction of it.

Sputnik is an American psyop meant to discredit legitimate news outlets like RT and paint them as merely propaganda.

We know a lot of "National Intelligence" is just Organized Crime, so what I assume is that the CIA was assuming they'd be working with the Mafia, but instead it's Russian Mob and you know, probably not as much common interest to relate to each other, probably incompatible pursuits.

fix'd for yeh, porkmaster general

what strawmen have you been fighting? no one with any brain thinks this

Why else should a Leftist be on the side of Russia?

Which makes so much fucking sense considering they are constantly annexing shit and manipulating everything around them.
I mean, at some point we've got to realize that the enemy of our enemy isn't ALWAYS our friend.

I mean I agree with you, just saying that supporting someone for anti-imperialism doesn't mean you think they're communist.

Yeah, I can sort of see how it might be a little confusing, but what I'm criticizing is the attitude of anti-imperialists that Russia is our best friend forever or something, because they were once communists.
Like, it's about their attitude, they just don't have enough information, I think, about the last 20 years of Russian politics.
It's all obfuscated by "AMERICA BAAAADDDD" mentality.
It's like being raped repeatedly, and the rapist's enemy tries to kill the rapist, so you're happy, but the rapist's enemy is a serial killer.
Kind of self-defeating.

Usually these people insist that anyone criticizing Russia is being deluded by Cold War era ideology, which makes no fucking sense whatsoever because Russia isn't fucking communist.
I've seen plenty use phrases like "red-baiting".
What the fuck. They aren't red. They are pork

I wonder 🍀🍀🍀who🍀🍀🍀 could be behind this…

stop making shit up or stop posting it, asshole

I don't and have never doubted Trump has ties to Russia.

The problem is the person he was running against also had ties to Russia… and Haiti.. and the Saudis… and Israel… and China…. and sho and sho on.

Capitalism makes all these craven opportunistic fuckers connected. It only seems shocking to you that this is happening with Trump because you choose to ignore it when it came to previous administrations/ your pet candidate.

This is also true, btw

Why would you force the framing that I wasn't 100% against democrat corruption as well?
Just because I am against Trump and his Russian Owners, doesn't mean I am for Hillary and her foreign Owners.

One of my primary triggerings right now is the fact Goldman Sachs was deeply embedded in both campaigns, and Steve "I collect trains, not models tho, real trains, *autistic screech*" Mnuchin is now Sec of Treasury.

I assumed it because the people who seem to suddenly care about Trump being influenced by Russia don't seem to give the tiniest fuck that the US political system has been adversely affected by foreign pay to play for decades now and for some reason think the usual bribes and back slapping means Trump is uniquely a Moscow candidate when the same awful shit would be going on with "Madame secretary in office" and did go on under Barry and George on through back to Reagan.

My main concern with Clinton was Goldman Sachs and Teneo, and how Teneo was using the same server as CGI, which is completely fucked.

I mean, Clinton's conflicts of interest began while still in Arkansas, when Bill was Governor she was on the board of Walmart

But I do think that Putin having such open and direct control is worse in many ways, due to the fact that Goldman et c at least don't CARE if the US is stable–
In a sense, I am happy, which might be poorly expressed in this thread– because this is Accelerationism. However, I am at the same time unhappy– because Russia and China could very simply take over instead of Socialists, because Russia and China are much better equipped to do so, and Literal Dictator in the US seems kind of the wrong fucking direction.

Right now, we stand a chance of having someone like Bernie, not Bernie, but someone like him, in a position to "fix" the damage done by Trump Regime, and if this is the case, we can become a major force in politics and perhaps we can do this with little to no blood.
However, if we allow a Trumpian Candidate, not Trump, but someone similar, we could end up having half a holocaust or something, and a Social Democracy like Germany's afterword, and that seems like two steps back in many ways when we could segue to Social Democracy by 2020 and no death squads in there.

This is when the magic eight ball says "outlook unclear"

China is still very reliant on the US economically. They bought a bunch of our debt on good faith that we'd pay it back but with the possibility of Trumpian politicians existing it might be at some point we just say screw them and then all our debt collapses in their face. The point is they have a big military and a lot of economic power right now but they're also reliant on us economically and have a lot of internal problems that are only growing rather than receding.

Russia is a paper tiger. Yes Putin has a lot of resources and some left over power from Russia's former first world position, but the reality is that Russia is militarily very weak. A lot of their money comes from selling off their old shit and resources that nobody wants. Putin does a lot of bluster and bluffing and because liberals/conservashits are prone to fear they fall for it, but the reality was he barely took Crimea and the west was able to contain him out of the rest of the Ukraine by minorly supporting some fashies there. He'd much rather work with us than against us but the US is too pig headed to try anything that isn't "what we want is the best deal." One thing in our favor about Russia is nobody trusts Putin, especially Europe, most of the middle east and east Asia. He has a few weak alliances of opportunity with Syria and Iran but I honestly think with a few steady concessions and help to those nations we could turn them against him… But we cant do that because Israel and the Saudi's want a war with both those countries because they have oil deals and pipelines to make and even the tiniest whiff of peace or a stable middle east will endanger those plans. Like most bad shit America does money is getting in the way of safety and practical policy towards other nations.

That brings me to this point. I think a bigger thing to worry about than any nations individually is the growing number of "secret" alliances. It feels like pre-world war 1 again. Most of these countries aren't a threat by themselves as outlined above, but the real problem is them forming new blocks of power that could be a serious threat.

Can be a good thing, see 1917.
I agree, btw, that the current situ resembles WWI far more than II. I think the reason seem so stuck on II is that Trump has been equated with Hitler and also people don't know shit about the German Empire or anything else pre-WWII anymore.

Yes and Putin is more like Hoover than any other US president. A blustering idiot who got his way to the presidency on platitudes and people underestimating his appeal amongst the stupid masses. There are some differences between the two, Hoover was liked by other politicians and was actually respected among business leaders. Trump isn't either of those things.

I think a "bonus army" situation might happen with Trump at #DAPL in which case his presidency will be over more quickly than people think. Maybe it's wishful thinking but if he shoots those veterans at standing rock I don't see how the mainstream meteor can ignore that forever.

I meant Trump/ not putin goddamn.

I don't see why tho, what would Trump really do that would go against their interests
Didn't he say Russia should give back Crimea for example