So I think we can all agree CPUSA is fucked. How do we fix it?

So I think we can all agree CPUSA is fucked. How do we fix it?

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You don't.

Remove anyone and everyone who is member of Chicago`s local organization.

Gulag everyone in the upper echelons of the party and start over, then actually focus on issues that affect workers, ditch anything hinting at idpol, and stop supporting the fucking Democrats.
Reconnecting with labor unions would be a good idea, too.

We don't, let the feds have their fun.

Purge all liberals then merge with the DSA. Then purge all liberals from DSA and merge with the Socialist Party USA. Purge all liberals from the socialist party USA and merge with socialist alternative. Purge the last of the liberals then implement the principles of democratic centralism and make it Marxist Leninist.

I was with you until

Maybe just Marxist then.

Yes. True Marxism tho, no revisionism.

Destroy it

remove communism

The CPUSA is diseased. Rotten to the core. There's no saving it - we need to pull it out by the roots. Wipe the slate clean. BURN IT DOWN! And from the ashes, a new CPUSA will be born. Evolved, but untamed! The FBI will be purged and the leftists will thrive - free to live as they see fit, they'll make the CPUSA great again!

Then open up a liberal wing in the party now that democratic centralism is around then gain a huge amount of members then do slick entryism into the democratic party to turn it social democratic and then socialist.

The Justice Democrats gotta take over the DNC first so they can purge all corporatists.

Its pretty much hopeless to try any leftist movement in the USA. Its a pointless duel between two bourgi party's.

Idk, the socdems are gaining more power and might turn the dems in the right direction. Besides, if we can't make America socialist, we've lost.

Socdems have no power in the US. What are you talking about?

Search up the Justice Democrats. They're taking over

There is a faction in the democratic party of Bernie supporters. There is currently an internal conflict Socdems VS Clintonista's (Neo-liberal idolers)

How much support do they actually have?

They have absolutely no power over the Democratic party. They have like 50,000 people on a Facebook. The party has around 50 million members.

Quite a bit, actually. Plus, the DNC is in such a crisis that they could easily take over

They don't even have canidates to run. What power do they wield?

lel Tom Perez has 180 out of 224 votes and you think the left is going to take over.


Oh shit trump is going to get 8 years

Go here instead:

You just started this party didn't you?

How the fuck is that possible after Schumer, Reid, Warren, etc. Who the fuck does Perez even have in his corner?

Everyone else apparently

except the list for Ellison is longer and contains more currently notable party officials so I remain confused

The AIPAC crowd claims he's an anti-semite because of NOI connections and that the Muslim Brotherhood paid for his hajj. Some Democrats say their center-right party is
somehow too left and others say Americans wont accept a Muslim leader.

Tom Perez is a Catholic, Spanish speaker so he seems to be doing well with that crowd.

Yeah I know all the anti-semitism stuff but I thought it would be dismissed after fucking Schumer of all people endorsed.

The Democrats still think we're at that "end of history" moment that there is no alternative to neoliberalism. Reagan and Thatcher won, the market is holy and the only thing they think they can do is take action on cultural issues or attempt to insure stability.

This is obviously wrong. The popularity Trump and Bernie or their foreign equivalents prove this but they refuse to accept and adapt to reality. Instead they prefer to stay on their current path and those big donations from Wall Street and Foreign interests surely help.

A concerted entriest push could easily take it over.

Do you understand what words mean?

1) Infiltrate the party at the highest levels
2) Force a resolution through the party abandoning their logo and replacing it with something boring and stupid
3) Force through second resolution abandoning IP ownership of the logo and make it public domain
4) Quit CPUSA, join an actually socialist party, use the sweet ass hammer/gear logo

All done.

There will not be a successful communist party in the US for at least another hundred years. Just let it die in peace. If you want change you will need to rebrand or at least return to the socialist label. Bernie understood that. That's just how it is.

Ayyy it's Nancy Holla Forumsosi

Joe Biden, who is probably enough