So I have to pick out a young adult novel and read it for one of my college classes

So I have to pick out a young adult novel and read it for one of my college classes.

Are there any good communist ones?

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I think The Giver is the best YA novel ever.

something by Ursula Le Guin

also His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman is good, very atheistic and materialist

Darkness at Noon

This. Read The Dispossesed, it sketches out what a potential anarcho-communist society would look like and contains criticism of capitalism.

that's anti-Soviet propaganda

Soviets were anti-worker so whats the issue?

they did more for workers than any social democracy

Is it a young adult novel?


By banning all non-Bolshevik trade unions and restricting priviligias to party members, creating first feudal state in Europe for half a century? Sure.


No it isn't. In fact it actually made me, a trot, sympathetic to stalinists.

I'm coming out with something but it's not going to be ready obviously.

There's also Discworld but I'm not sure that'd count. Can't say I've really read any super pinko books.


I said Young adult novel not manifestos.

I mean a fiction novel officially classed as a "young adult" novel that has communism/ anti-capitalism as a theme.
Here's a good thread OP, Ursula gets mentioned again. I didn't know she was an anarchist

Someone in that thread is saying Harry Potter is communist.

Feudalism is not just some meme buzzword to throw at anything you dislike. People in the USSR were not bonded serfs tied to the land, don't be ridiculous.

I like "Ember"

gulag archipelago

The post you're responding to is definitely a joke.

Dat bottom right quadrant never fails to make me lol.

I consider 1984 and Animal Farm to be young adult. Just don't become one of those dumb asses who read them and say. "I didn't need to read any other political book after des."

Why do people say that?

I'm not sure why and aside from the Bible and the Constitution here in the US. The only books I have ever heard that said about are the two Orwell books and from quite a number of people on many political forums/ IRL. I saw someone say this on Youtube just last week.

I think people just get self righteous a bit after reading them, they're compelling books with a good message but it's easy to hate the society's therein. The real use of Orwell's fiction is in the details, rather than the broader picture and his non-fiction is of course better but I think the kids today with the hair and the clothes ought to read that fiction anyway just to understand all the references and political ideas associated with the books.

Isn't the giver kinda simple anti-communist propaganda bull?

Harry Potter is right libertarian. Ever seen Rowling rant on Twitter?

1984 is fucking dumb tbh. It portrays the dictatorship as tremendously oppressive and obvious whereas we all know that the real control is much more subtle. In that sense it blinds people to the dystopia all around them as to them oppression is evil party bosses torturing you with rats rather than corporations spying on you 24/7 and reshaping the information you see around you to suit their interests.

The giver is boring af

Rowling is a blairite; not a libertarian.

why the fuck are you studying YA in college? LMAO

pick The Iron Heel or The Sleeper Awakes


I agree. Two things stand out in 1984. The fact how language is given tremendous importance ( newspeak , doublespeak , intertextuality at the ministry of truth) and the unavoidable individuality of subjective being (main character forced to egoistic choice , life is prison dilemma )