Which political ideology catgirl will be the one to bring down r/socialism?

Which political ideology catgirl will be the one to bring down r/socialism?

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I trust the subversive natural nature of neoliberal cat


catgirls are commodified garbage, r/socialism did good in getting rid of them

is there a mutualist cat, asking for a friend


This is why you commies will never gain popularity among the alienated, the most revolutionary people.

I wish syndicalism was a real thing since that cat really does it for me

So was the guy who wrote the greentext letter hitting on a child?

None of them. You're like the Holla Forums equivalent of that Malaysian guy who makes /christian/ comics and posts them on Holla Forums calling anyone and everyone nigger lovers.

Is Rodina a plant?

that's a girl i thought

that guy is great. He went on for hours doing that in one of the cuckchan threads.


Fashism cat

Nice fucking tumblr-style adhom.

Shes even more cute when shes mad :>

What are Alunya and Rodina's ideologies?

Rodina is best

Leninism and Traditional Marxism are also cool

When are we getting a Maoist catgirl?

Alunya is canonically "leftist" as she represents leftypol, and rodina is a mutation of the getchan mascot.

But alunya is a joke on the spanish anarchists and rodina is a ussr girlscout, so you could say alunya is more anarchistic and rodina is more marxistic.


Nazbol and Ba'athist cat when?

There is already leftcom cat.

There is already fascist cat.

Will there gonna be plastic surgery on socialism so Rodina could get at least a little bit less ugly?

nice meme, then you might as well remove the socdem/berniecat because you are pretty much liberals

Ancap cat is the best looking cat

Just bit of friendly banter my friend.

please go back to reddit.Catgirls are inherently revolutionary and to oppose them is just counter revolutionary tbh

catgirls are a sedative, cute, non-threatening, impotent yet with sex as their only dimension. it's your brain being plugged into the spectacle.

shit taste.
syndicalist cat is objectively the best

Whats it feel like to be gay and to like boys?

neoliberal cat is hotter

there should be a third worldist cat

Wouldn't that be SJW cat?

Feels good man.

Jason hates tumblr


SJWs are as first worldist as you can be

Stalinism is NazBol

We'd need some mutualists first.

Homosexuality is idpol.

Those are all tomboy girls.

I'm a Deleonist, get on my dustbin level!

The best one is actually religious right cat.

Gee, nice projecting there

Thats the idea. Syndicalist cat is a tomboy. That faggot said liking syndycalist cat is gay.

Oh crap, I meant to respond to

eh, there are a few of us here

So is r/socialism really run by Cointelpro?

tomboys are really solely the only evidence there is a god

It's run by a group of weird trot bros from the UK, IIRC: my personal theory on them is that they're just cancerous idpol shills and not actually cops. That said, other leftist groups are almost certainly run by cops tho- one person who moderates several large left reddit subs is a known police informant who ratted out a group of user h4xx0rz a while back because one of them made a transphobic joke, and another is a cis white dude manlet with a skrillex haircut who pretends to be a woman of colour on the internet, who has a lot of money to fly around europe to different activist things but doesn't seem to have the income to cover that kind of lifestyle. I think those two are cops.

Theres a difference between assblasted idpol liberals who report anyone who doesn't agree with them to the police and cointelpro.


hoxhaisism cat was the best cat

we need an r/socialism cat that reflects who they are

Neoliberalism cat does that already.

True, but it needs to be more specific to r/socialism

Socialist LARP'er cat?

pitch me how these characters would be and I'll go ahead and add them to the pile of cats (filename related)

t. drawfag


this tbh
SJWs only concern themselves with third world when it can benefit them. eg Feminists who namedrop horrors in "developing nations" only to use it as fuel for why they need to empower first world female Bourgeois-ism.

I can't tell if the socdem fags are just shitposting harder than normal, or if it's a new flag Holla Forums decided to post under.

How about Neoliberalism cat wearing a mask?

give her a trenchcoat, a red nazbol bandana and some hand grenades.
the hair would be punky/tomboyish
a bit like pic related

Neoliberalism has already brought it down

Wasn't their whole argument is it objectifies woman? So why hasnt anyone made political ideology catboys to fuck with them getting around their rule?


Can't quite think on the Ba'athist yet, dont want her to just be wearing a uniform. Any thoughts on the Nazbol? Also, any thoughts on names/personalities/etc?

NazBol Cat should definitely be blond-haired.

Mutualist catgirl when? Make her chubby and with glasses


Other one looks better tbh

Describe me further the Mutualist catgirl (and mutualism overall)


Catgrill draw friend should have dropped a new cartoon today.
What happened?

first nazbol cat is best, but it still doesn't feel right. it needs something.

How is Socialism in One Country not NazBol?

thanks m8.
maybe Dugina would be a good name?
can't come up with a good personality, but i picture her a bit unstable and agressive.
minor sugestion: i think the trenshcoat should be brown

She did, check the site. It's about some random Holla Forumstard, introducing the first catboy to the lore.

Hmm. Any thoughts? Are there any particular important visuals to nazbolism?


add Juche please

pls no

Oh, I see it now.
It isn't on the front page so I thought she hasn't made anything today.

that one looks better

Mutualism is one of the first proper anarchist theories that goes as far as the economic sense, The father of Mutualism is Proudhon, who was born in France and spent most of his late childhood and young life working as a printer, one of his most famous phrases was Property is Theft! aswell as Property is liberty!

He favoured workers co-ops, that work under a maerket economy and credit unions , which would provide credit to the workers at interest free, and where all the clients would be the shareholders

he was slightly fat and had gold circular glasses

or rather golden glasses, as they were not made out of gold

Where is the creator. We need to flame her for this garbage.

How dare she ruin the comic by introducing romance.

maybe give her a buzzcut/shaved head? she needs to look like more than just an anarchist punk.

the new comic is bland.

Its just two right bitches crushing, it WAS valentines day when she was writing this afterall.

Leftist women are supposed to only fall for leftist men.

But… that's fascism and alt-right cat. Are you a nazbol?

looser sketches, dont want to waste time inking more detailed before knowing the direction to go in

nazbol girl (Dugina is a nice name)

problem with that is, these are catgirls. haircuts that expose the side of the head are to be annoyed or it just looks weird (and, imo, the latest comic is a good example of why)

They are the right wing girls. faggot.

Oh. I thought that was Aluyna and Rodina


>Religious right cat learns the perverse enjoyment of liberation theology and holds hands with a left cat(Probably Lenin or Trotsky cat)
when will this comic come out?

That last haircut is perfect for mutualist


We need one where Professor Egoist cat puts the de-spooking glasses on Rodina and Alunya which allows them to view the reality behind neoliberalism cat, showing that shes actually Fascism cat in disguise.

She'll also introduce "cute" catboys later on, following the demand of the faggots from here.
Faggots never get tired of ruining everything.

wait….is there a mutie haircut now? Damn, I need to catch up on theory.

I always thought Mutualist would be wearing like 19th century clothes, like Alunya's alternative costume, since mutualism is like proudhoun utopian nonsense that no one really believes anymore.
I really like Piercing dugina.
Juche is too weird to comment on. I don't know about representing a god emperor worshipping slave cult with a cute catgirl. Those stories about state organized sex slavery are true, right?

This is a dream of the past, which will be made moot by the invention of Glorious Workers' 3d printed sexbots.

I mean. If you want to put morality into play, here, the whole thing crumbles the minute we had more than just Alunya.

Reminder to not give the sexbots any emotion. If you give them emotion then they become rapebots

could it be that you're asserting stalin did something wrong?

No emotions, add ability to purr, smells like chocolate.

who's doing the raping?

He did, he kept scribbling unneeded shit over his homoerotic drawings

what's it say?

"Onions is all I eat." - Papa Joe

I don't recall, don't read vodkarunes and been ages since I heard it translated. Was something like "stupid idiot is afraid of the light" or something, he'd just draw naked men then write captions mocking the men in the drawings.

can I get one that smells like coffee?

Traps aren't gay

yes, but it has to be black

trap sexbots Definitely aren't gay

so long as we're talking catgirls and assuming you're the yugoslavia-flag user who got a catgirl designed after her, you wanna suggest colours and/or a name/personality traits for said cat?



Alright, how about a Brown Elf that smells like hints of rose hip, sandal wood, coffee, and earth.

forgot pic

Depends…how feminine is its penis?


I require Vagina

Since we're posting lewds, does anyone have any of Rodina?


tfw you are the robot

yeah, he looks unsatisfied

No its just fucking adorable.

yes, i need this



Do Gaddafi next

Not only is this thread a giant waste of time, it's not even generating memes we can weaponize.

Give us something we can use or fuck off.
Nobody cares about humanized political affiliations, they went out of style years ago.
Look at Holla Forums, the new thing is to turn everyone into a slutty loli and draw porn of them.

Contact Shadman and have him draw some terrible leftist smut.
And don't be a snob, that's what the average person jacks it to, low quality be damned.
Also for the love of fuck organize and find a single thing that can be slapped on any image, like the MAGA hat.
You fucking idiots are goddamn useless i swear, can't come up with anything that catches on and can be weaponized, just sit all day in here jacking each other off.

Where's my Alex Jones catgirl drawfag-sempai

can't I just have fun and draw catgirls? :( That's kind of why I started it… cause it was fun, and I wanted some internet kids to get into left-wing politics… now I'm just kinda worried about pissing everyone off.

Ignore them drawfriendo there will always be someone unhappy with your work

You're not pissing everyone off, you've just got some idiot acting butthurt that he can't draw cute political catgirls that all the kids love

Keep drawing :)

Nah nigga, that ain't me.

This is just my shitposting flag.

of course you can, who's stopping you? this isn't reddit

He will do anything he's commissioned, his artstyle is fucking ugly, and his comics get more disgusting each time.
Do something yourself, if that so fucking important to you fucking sperge of a human being.

Don't let him get to you, he's just a retard.

keep drawing, but you should try and get an audience outside of Holla Forums too inorder to keep this going. Holla Forums is a board full of degenerate pornography.

You're not attracting them.

What does this reaction reminds you of?
What does this circlejerk remind you of?
Fucking tumblr, that's what.
Look what is forming around you, look at the torture chambering retards.
Make something that will actually attract and convert, don't pander to the tumblrinas here.
Memes are a weapon, they should be weaponized, not shared among a torture chambery audience that will eat your shit up no matter what.

Nobody gives a fuck about your fetish for children Holla Forums

You think it's
tumblr vs /r/alt_left
when it's really
normal people who aren't upset by a chick drawing for fun vs you

reminder: "lol memes" was always ironic until election time normies came in an unironically began talking about "meme magic". it why we're constantly getting autists in here screeching about how are memes aren't good like Holla Forums (Patrician humor: we wuz kingz, a fucking leaf, cuck fantasy, trump pepe)


this is a cancer upon the internet.

Are you literally weaponized autism?


When does leftypol start worshipping Egyptian gods and occult shit?
We dont, because we have some fucking sanity, go play Metal Gear Rising you fucking insane idiot.

whats it like being you?
Does fun just die within a 50 meter radius of your presence?

kys tbh fam

Mutialisim is perfect. holy shit.

Just draw shit for fun, ignore the spergs here. Imageboards and the internet is full of spergs some of which will hate on you for stupid autismal reasons, it is in your best interest to ignore them.

Haters just like fans will always exist.

We need an inked and clean drawing of Mutualist Cat ASAP


I don't get the hype. it just looks like a chubbzor in mom clothes.

This girl is too cute.



Shit I forgot


I literally did not know what mutualisim was until today.
Now i want to cuddle it.

the Ba'athist cat looks really good thought i think her uniform could be more military ish

nazbol cat looks perfect in that image btw

Recreate the horrors of vietnam using catgirls pls


I've been doing some reading, it sounds pretty good, i normally hate anarchists. I've always been a supporter of never truly getting rid of money and this sounds like a pretty based way of doing it.




We have hats with a red star, or for the anarkiddies the cheap knock off with the black half.
We have cute uniforms for Lenin pioneer lolis and shotas.
There is plenty of stuff to work with. Go get to it.

I think ill stick to traditional Marxism tho, I've always preferred keeping a government
Also it kinda reminds me of another kind market anarchism… Isn't this just ancap but on a small scale?

No, ancap wants a privatized state

Yeah, that's why i said small scale.

Not at all, there are no property rights under mutualism

Syndicalism is real and has been in practice. Its one of the few forms of leftism that normies accept because they don't realize that having no managers is revolutionary

so cute

Hm, i dunno, anarchism does have the issue of some cunt just stealing your shit and GTFOing.
Kinda why i support Marxism. (Trad Marxist was my suggestion nerds)

December 26 1991 best day of my life

Why? Possession is respect by the commune, if someone had to steal, then there is something economically wrong about it

I know this image is a failure at both a political and /k/ level it was just for a quick joke)

but people tend to be assholes when there's no law around. Just look at a country who's police force goes on strike.

bretty gud

So cute.

Can we get an anarcho-primitivism cat that is just a sabertooth tiger with flintstone clothes?

Your comics are great Rachel, dont stop drawing them ^.^

Sabertooth Monsterigrl would be pretty cute.

That is what happens when you dont have law but stillmtry to mantain propety rights

This is why ancapism is bound to fail, the initial shitstorm ends when the store has no more commodities to loot, then people startbworrying about production

I am not going to reply with the typical liberal review about how people will magicallu behave, people need commitment

And again the complete abolition of law ismt the initial step, but rather the ignorance of most of the current ones

Lol this cuck

Wrong, thousands of coops and credit unions that are operating right now prove you wrong

What has M-L done in pro of the workers in the past 30 years?

Are you saying we make more credit unions and things will work out in the end

You thinking anyone wouldn't recognize your compromises

ignore the tripfag
I dunno, if we get more mutialist content in political catgirls (Unlikely) i might sign up, but right now i prefer a bit more law in my society then anarchism.

this is a quick joke doodle, not a serious attempt

If this happens for real i say we give her paws like a Monstergirl and tone down the teeth a bit. also saber cats where not tiger striped.

The complete abolition of law isnt the first step user

It's fantastic even as a joke doodle

Abolishing the state isn't the same as abolishing law. People still subscribe to morality (spooky) so it won't go gravy and most forms of left-anarchism wants to redistribute power from the politicians to the prole so it does not equal chaos. It just wants to end hierarchies of power

please do a neocon and a zionist cat.
i want to see them have a cute cat fight with the ba'athist

As expected

Go away* not gravy. I'm a fag using my phone

People can still be batshit crazy apathetic psychopath assholes who just want to hate people. look at every ancap ever.


Thats not our problem, our problem is that they have the capital and power to do what the evil the preach

Then you're brought to the labor counsel and the community deems an appropriate punishment. Ancaps go to the wall

Sounds like the kinda anarchism i can enjoy, i think ill still stick to Marxism tho. Definitely will advocate this if i ever talk to someone about it.

this is awesome!

also awesome!

(thanks to everyone who says nice things about the comic, I won't stop making it but geez sometimes the negativity gets to me….)

I love you tbh


Amazing catgirl drawfag as always. a little too pudgy for my tastes, but still amazing.
Would assist in market anarchism.

ooh, nice timing and nice to see one of the new ones already "baptised" by an official™ drawing! NOW GET TO NAMING THEM, ANONS

Holy fuck tonight is the night for cute OC.

I love you too

Stop it.


mutualists btfo

it's a lack of confidence on your part, which is strange because unlike everyone here you're actually good at something

this is great, but shouldn't the red bit be green? or am i just mistaking that for ecological anarchists?

I've no idea, you overestimate my familiarity with all this stuff. I basically just made her a stoneage alunya. should it be green?

Where the fuck are the cankles? she has perfectly fine thicc legs. gtfo. Also if she was tumblr as fuck;

I agree on the whole red should be green thing though.

Nah the colors compliment themselves way too well for green to change it.

It's good as is, I like it. Maybe add a little green? Overall the red compliments the tan colors a bit too well for it to be totally gone.

Imagining it too greens seems, eh.

i think the green would make sense since black and red are syndicalist colors but see what other people say too

i ain't shitting on her, just her lack of confidence, and geeze user just a bit of banter, calm down son

Eh, i kinda understand, but shitting on someone isn't going to give them more confidence.
thicc getting called fat triggers me greatly

Get a load of this body-shaming s h i t l o r d

the only way to fight a lack of confidence is to be told to suck it up and believe in yourself

ayy lmao

The flag is black and green and I gusss you could try a forest green bandana instead but it probably wouldn't look as nice. I mean just the way she looks should be a pretty good indication of what ideology she is. She doesn't need to reflect the flag entirely

how's these, then? I'm really unsure of the ba'athist because I'd rather her not just be uniformed, it seems a touch too lazy visual shorthand and I like to draw the catgirls in outfits I could see a person kinda use in everyday life. I might have to rethink her entirely.

The only way to deal with lack of confidence is to realize everyone around you is a joke. Who gives a fuck if they judge you, just tell them to fuck themselves and go on with your day.


Not to be a furry but the ba'athist looks a bit too human? I mean the nose mostly. Other than that p cute

i think the face, hat and hair is perfect tho

th-thanks, dad. I'll give em hell.

Idk Prozac and lamictal helped me get over it too

Don't let these nerds tell you how to behave. You're fine.

make the green a bit darker and that'll do it imo

every day comr8

i'm not that much older than you but good, glad the message got through


You're randomly critiquing someone rather than their art, I think that's pretty spergy.

Leftcom cat.

>actively get persecuted by r/s for not buying into their identity politics, Trot opportunism and reformist utopianism while making shit up in defense (reddit.com/r/socialism/comments/5tz2nx/meta_why_is_rleftcommunism_not_in_the_sidebar/ddq4u20/)

Ignore the tripfag, comrade.

our bully is the bully that shall pierce the low confidence.

she already exists though

Yes tell the trip to ignore the tripfag. Trips are cancer.

I know.

have you considered opening a patreon or something to get money out of us 'cause this is a project that really needs supporting (also fuck the haters)

s-sorry, forgot the original context of the thread

people need a push every now and then

Least of all from someone on Holla Forums.


Besides giving advice randomly on Holla Forums, when your advice boils down to " You need to try harder to just want what you can't have" is just awful, awful advice. You need to try harder to just want what you already have around you.

if not me, then who?

much obliged

There already is a patreon up for her comics, hold on.


Come to think of it, i think Posadist Cat should get kamina shades.

Probably someone not on Holla Forums who gives advice about waiting and hoping for a sign.

She already has anime sci-fi /m/-based glasses, user. Your soul is just too weighed by gravity to notice.

just who the fuck do you think i am nerd?

no, my advice was believe in yourself and your talents – and listen to the people who believe in you too

i'm going to stop replying to you since i know you thrive on the attention

Just filter her comrade, i don't give a fuck what she says.

Wasn't there like a huge Maoist influence in South America also?

You're the one telling some drawfag to be more self confident, it's just weird.

Except it didn't, it defeated all enemies as long as it itself was in charge.
Which it was while building socialism.

Unlike Anarchism, that never got anywhere. And can't, because it's based on pure idiotism. Case in point: You.

But she isn't. Fascism isn't everything you dislike.

ttgl shades would be pretty rad t b h but her design's been set for a while and it's neat enough

i do filter her most threads

it's called empathy filtered

Just because you change your flag doesn't mean we can't tell it's you incel nazi

eh i guess, She is pretty dope already, reminds me of The Magic School Bus.

the design is already weeb references overload, the way I drew her originally was vaguely based on Haruko from FLCL, the outfit's cribbing from Mikitaka from JoJo, the glasses are a mix of Char's and Kamina's

Circumstances can be cruel. Sometimes you must accept that you can't always get what you want.

tfw kamina-isim isn't a ideology yet.

you're retarded

colour adjustments etc

name suggestions for the unnamed girls? Someone already suggested Dugina for the nazbol, which I think is a nice name, and unless there's complaints against it, I quite like Coa for the anprimitivist

I'd say using a slavic name for the Nazbol would be best, most Nazbol are from poland I've heard.

Dugina is slavic

I like the anprim and i think ba'athist is on track

Ah, ok. sorry I'm not a slav. i only really know about Yugoslavia.

suggestions on how to continue and improve, then?

Name the Baath girl after Leila Chaled?

well, her uniform should be more militaristic. you have the colors right but they don't seem to be dark enough compared to the flag. i think the beret is on point, the eagle on it is a nice touch. she should be wearing boots rather than shoes. kinda like stalincat i guess. see how that works for you.

I would like to see the following catgirls

Maoist and Titoist already exist although the latter's unfinished; Anarcho-Primitivist, just scroll a handful of posts to see her.

Che was a ML.

Mao cat is cute as fuck

it would be cute if nazbol cat/Dugina idiolized stalinist cat while Stalinist cat don't want anything to do with her

Stalinist Cat would constantly execute them and they just reappear and praise her even more, driving her mad.

i think the red parts of ba'athist cats dress should be black and the white parts should be red

Nazbol cat should be wearing a tracksuit

the guy in the photo is Izzat Ibrahim al-Douri btw, who lead the banned iraqi ba'athist party after Saddam was hung. he fought as an insurgent until 2015, and he is assumed dead. i used him because iraqi ba'athists are kind the archtypical example.

Nazbol cat should be friends with fascism and Stalinism and tries to get them to hang out and be friends but every time they just claw at each other and she doesn't get why


Actually, he is apparently still alive and leading some meme Saddamist militia that is engaged in Mosul atm.

wrong. no "stalinist" would hang out with nazbols. in fact, they call stalin a liar whenever confronted with contradictions.
they happily ignore that ustrialov was shot dead in the gulag for being a faggot like them.

take your strawman and shove it up your ass.


hrrrrrrrrrrrrmmmmmm well if neither of these works, I'll go with an actual uniform. I was trying hard to have her wear casual clothes.

I like the red and white one. But if people don't like those maybe just have her wear like a military style jacket over street clothes? People do that irl

Look I'm trying to give you some credit here. But okay, maybe nazbol cat is friends with both, but with Stalinist cat she's like 'we must fight together to crush the bourgs and secure our homeland' and with fascist cat she's like 'we must secure our white culture through the mechanism of the state' like in that one picture with Hitler pitching to the bourg and the workers differently

Ba'athism is basically Marxism-Leninism with Arab characteristics so i dunno why you'd think she'd be casual

that could work too

Cuz theyre schoolgirls (though trad Marx cat and stirner are teachers)

yeah, but stalinism ain't exactly wearing a school uniform, or sankara cat, etc.

i was thinking more like stalinists cat introduce nazbol cat to fascism cat as a way to get rid off her but fascism and nazbol cat start fighting over some issues.
in the end nazbol cat can only hang out with juche cat but that starts a rivalry with maoism cat over juche cats friendship.

Any beginner guides on how to draw that you can recommend? Can't draw for shit, no matter how often i try. Anything beyond easy flower doodles ends up looking like a steaming pile of crap, and that's putting it mildly.

Well true. Author is god though.

Maybe the older strains should be teachers while the younger are students

Well, whatever, we uncritically support drawfag either way

Stalinism cat seems to be supposed to be the strict teacher

I try to design them with kind of casual looks overall (not necessarily schoolgirl looks- I don't care much for the school setting, I consider that more Catgrill's thing); kept the uniform for Stalinist cat because it made her look prim and proper and stern, and as for Sankara, I honestly didn't even consider altering her design, maybe because it was a rare case of a cat not starting from either me or Catgrill. Dunno. Let me give a shot at adding the coat.

I'm really not the best person to ask, I've drawn ever since I was a kid- a lot of the issues people have when starting to draw seriously as adults flew over me as I always drew the best I could with the themes I wanted (IE I never learned enough human anatomy, but learned a ton about cartooning as I liked cartoons, for an example).

I dunno. My advice is generally "stop by a drawthread on Holla Forums, there's more drawfags, more active, you get C&C". There's even a discord that gets posted every so often, you might catch it. Otherwise, although it's a meme at this point, Loomis DID write good stuff; Preston Blair's animation book is also an essential; I personally learned a lot as a kid from How to Draw Manga books (the ones that were actually made in Japan, not the usual Amerimanga crap); but most importantly, just copy. Grab stuff you like, and trace it (not just trace, though, try to understand why it was built as it was), then draw to the side, then if you've understood the construction, try doing a different pose, etc. At least that's how I learned a ton of stuff.

ah fug hold on, got the colours on the patch wrong

uhm… are you sure that's the board you meant?

like Holla Forums or not, it is, as far as I know, the board with the most active drawthreads and thus where you'll most likely find someone who can help. Just don't mention politics when there. Otherwise, if you don't mind slow boards, you've always got /art/ or /loomis/


you can try drawabox to practise doing circles, elipses, straight lines and all of that, then Keys to drawing by bert dodson to learn how to draw from life, and loomis to learn construction and drawing from imagination.
Draw a lot from life in the beginning, and it is also good to draw/copy some art that you enjoy to learn. Good luck mate

also I recommend visiting /ic/ on 4chan, and /loomis/ on Holla Forums

didn't mean it as a comment on the board, i'm just rather surprised there'd be a drawthread on a video game board

i guess i'll check this out too, thanks

oh, one more thing, what's "C&C"?

Don't say that. You are oh so welcome on my computer. I'm already looking forward to the next comic.

comment and criticism.

i think the coat works, she needed something, but i don't think her skirt should be red. first one looks better to me.


There, a night's work resumed.

time well spent

what about kimmy as a name for Juche?

Mutualism is cute! Thank you for that.
Nazbol having a fedora would be fitting

Do you do commissions?

Mutualism is kind of…OG Anarchism. The guy who came up with it was the first to call himself an Anarchist. And it is he who said "Anarchy is Order!" which is where the "A" with a circle around it comes from.

nice my man

also sorry i thought you were catgrill drawfag earlier, dunno why

that's really good work, well done user!

so we have two drawfags now?


Except finland, afghanistan and nato

Seems like the blueprints were wrong

workers coops and credit unions functioning right now prove you wrong, please do keep sperging about your failed state

What has M-L done in pro of the workers in the past 30 years?

what's Coa a reference to? Acetyl-CoA?

Personally, I'd say they're worth making just for the tremendous amount of butthurt they generate.

Mutualism will still destroy the environment by producing for profit through competition. Please stop your market ideologies for the sake of the planet.

Boyish girls and girlish boys are such a huge weakness for me.

Ok I was thinking about this and I reached two solutions, listen to this

First, we understand there are no fixed, legally property rights, this means a coop can engage in production only if society benefits from it, this means if society is harmed by it, they could act accordingly, either becoming part of the coop and helping achieve better ecological practices or plainly shut it down, property rights would be a strict social construct, capable of being deconstructed at any time

Second, if we have to follow demand curves, maybe we could stablish a hierarchy within this demands, while you might hqvebthe ability, and therefore the right to engage in the production of, idk lets say motorcycles, a lot more people have also the ability and therefore the right to breathe and drink clean water, so given the fact that we are ought to respect markets, and that there is a bigger market for air and water, the second smaller, niche market must respect the first one

I was here before catgrill ;_;


I've yet to set up a pricing table etc, but sure.

I'm definitely Juche cat

I had some fun with recolors, this is my favorite of my attempts.
But drawfag plz fix the anatomy here. The upper arm and butt are messed up. immagine what she looks like naked, and you'll see what I mean with the butt.

sorry fam didn't know, only been here since october

I'll have to get to doing an actual artwork of her eventually instead of a quick thing to display the design, when I do I'll actually make an attempt with the anatomy. you're right the arm is fucked and the dress isn't bending normally (the butt was sketched to work, the dress is just masking it)

That is fantastic

Somebody PLEASE do a posadism catgirl.

exists already

Can we have an Anarcha Feminism cat?

She can be directly based off of Hoochie Minh

can it be less of shit posting race obsessed bitch than hoochie minh.Make it so that she is a LARP tier Viet Cong catgirl,who constantly has 'nam flashbacks and says shit like "YOU 'WE'RE'T THERE MAN" even though she was born and raised in the US

Yeah that's about right.


She already claimed Juche cat, which is very fitting considering her racism against whites and desire for a matriarchal society.

she uses the VC flag now.she can still pose as an an fem,it's not like anfem is even a real ideology other than some 'intersectionalist' bs

kys promptly.

oh my god she's perfect, thank you

We also need a porky character, unless neoliberalism cat fills that role.

A lot of words and no joke

can anprim cat have bodypaint as part of one her outfits?

why not? she's everyone's character, man. although how do you mean bodypaint, like, she's-actually-nude bodypaint?


May I make a personality suggestion, drawfriend?
Make her a professor, like Marx cat

thank you cheka for getting ride of this fucking faggot

just meant it in like a tribal way, like with Henna, Ash, or Woad, but a nude or loincloth outfit would make sense too.

Jesus Christ, it's like every thread I'm in someone is whining about Hoochie. Stop being a fucking pissbaby and filter her tripcode, you nerds.

I think it would look good. But something simple like red lines under the eyes and on the legs and arms.

she shit's up any thread she posts in.And it's not just her but the cunts who respond to her and give her attention effectively ending all on topic discussion

If you're one of the people I responded to, then you're one of those cunts and she didn't even instigate anything in this thread

why live?

When is titoism going to get colored? is the scarf supposed to be like a Doctor Who scarf with all the flags of the Balkans?

Nazbol cat

you didn't capture her delicate side.

When Yugoslavia comes back

I bet the apple is organic.
nice drawing

ad freckles plz

Looks great, the skinhead suspenders are a nice touch

either when I get to sate my autism and have the person who the character was based in actually decide the colours, name, etc, or when someone else forces me to make those decisions myself (or catgrill makes them herself)

nazbol cat is supposed to be more than a bitch fascist punk. she's unique and unsure. she's small and freckled, and probably dies her hair. her worldview isn't totalizing. both a traditionalist and a radical, she a russian nationalist but big time opposition to Putin and has western alliances and idolizes the greatest multi-ethnic union in history. she wears a trench coat that's too big for her, which you turned into a fitted pea coat. she literally has big shoes to fill.

also, will you ever do porn comissions? that body is tight.

This is badass but I was waiting a while for freckles before commenting on it.
We need someone to do the door kicking and being told to use the handle comic now we have Nazbol cat.

Does somebody have a crush?





Ya know this could be a great way to monetise your work, produce the comic for free but bilk each ideology that is the most thirsty for porn commissions of their catgirl

I of course am immune because nobody agrees with my ideology to formalise what a 'democratic central planning statism' cat would look like

I think Rachel said she doesn't do smut.

A Social Democrat catgirl would be nice

add in something related to sweden, or maybe a freikorps reference

you have berniecat already

I think you mean Fascicat

I was thinking since the 2016 election is over berniecat should become the social democrat catgirl. Also when will there be more berniecat art?

next comic is about her. I'll change her character name/description on the banner to social democat/berniecat.

Hmm I must have missed the part where she was supposed to have freckles? I like her better without tbh.

No, it isn't.

She was one from get go.

Also, even Berniecat name is fine. While primary association is Bernie Sanders, one of the founders of SocDem Revisionism was Eduard Bernstein - he engineered transition of Second International to the opportunist position of Reformism, among other things this led to paralysis of worker movements during WWI.

That's Marx, Lenin and Stalin Cat.

How is this even a question? It's obviously Kim.


You should write it as Berniecrat SocDem Cat instead of using a /, maybe in red or just whatever color looks best.
Not that you have to it's totally your choice ofc the freckles on the Nazbol cat however, is not :^)


We won, the casualties were big but still in normal parameters.
breshnev is not ML
There was no war with NATO
Says the anarkiddy that desperately tries to ignore the only relevant and glorious achievements only ML did and could have achieved and will achieve.

This is what you hold as achievements and compare to the soviet union?
You must be a troll or really quite pathetic and desperate.

Still more than your really sad excuse of this sad picture you just tried to draw and hold up as "achievements".
Quite hilarious also trying to reduce it to the last 30 years just to yet again ignore the only true revolutionary ideology that has ever got things done and is proven to be the only sufficient ideology to have a future.

Wow, if i were you i'd really just kill myself to make an adequate excuse and hope people will forgive such foolishness.

Top kek!

Muh space!
There were no socialist achievments in the ussr or its satellites, never did the proletariat enjoyed a stateless, moneyless society
any moment now!

Lets see
Coops check out
Coops check out
Coops chck out

Woops, seems like coops do a better job than yojr failed state ever did you bootlicker cuck!


Ill take "irrelevant shit that happened 100 years ago" for 500

You will never be me, you will always be an impotent bootlicker cuck, this thks exercise is futile

Feel free to point out what is M-L doing in pro of the working class, rememeber ahit that happened 100 years ago is meaningless

I don't think the USSR was that great but a nation of like 300 million makes whatever 20 man coops you can bring up look totally fucking insignificant

Then stop larping about vanguardism and start

we need to overthrow capitalism not dick around and try to establish some marketsucc shit, I'm not saying coops are bad but antagonising tankies doesnt achieve anything. furthermore vanguardism is the only way for revolution to ever work. how the fuck are you gonna get the majority of people on your side when people are sheep?

Have berniecat listen to Chapo Trap House, join the DSA, and become a true failcat

Isn't it beautiful how M'L's function like an obscure section of Christianity?
I had some stupid tankie argue that they are still in power in several countries.
Which amuses me, as China is usually called state capitalist, NK is a proto fascist shithole, Cuba is a failed state, Venezuela has collapsed.
Zimbabwe is a failed state.
Tankies are a delirious religious cult.

Except it's not in any way

There already is a Dirtbag Left cat though

Socdem cat is the starry-eyed successdaughter who passionately cares about whether Keith Ellison gets to lead the DNC, while dirtbag left cat pretends not to care but secretly does



Wich catgirl is the most submissive?

how old are you ?

YES perfect. I wanted her to represent young people today who are into progressive politics but don't know anything about leftism yet. I was thinking of doing an arc with Berniecat where she slowly becomes more radical. 8-)

Yes, I think this works.

well I'll leave it up to Papapadonkulous then for the freckles.

lol. idc what anyone says, you're one of my favorite posters here.


More Situcat comics when?

Ancap cat

Neolib cat wears Spanx, firm control.
Neolib cat is also totally not FWB with fascist cat. She thinks she's sly but it's an open secret and most people just nod and smile and inwardly roll their eyes.

or just another miserable cunt who's making others even more miserable.
I know this could even get me banned but Ielite capitalists are fucked in the head and they should just be regarded as unaware psychopats


Is Rachel still in the thread?

oh u

rachel is a prude. When you become a good artist will you draw lewds of the catgirls?

When are we getting catboys to partner up the catgirls with

I've done so already occasionally, although I'm still learning and admittedly I've focused on Alunya. I've also gotten random drawfags from other boards to do so, so eh. It'd certainly probably be good patreon bait

14 left wing girls vs. 6 right wing girls

totally not bias

I'm always open to new ideas and have at least one new right-wing catgirl in mind. That said, this being the lefty board, seems more natural to me that there'd be leftism overrepresentation.

discordian pls

Rachel is a girl.
I know you faggots won't understand this but the fact the she is a girl means that she is totally unable to even start to comprehend our love for the lewd. It isn't prudishness it's just gender biology.

implying there aren't a ton of female H-artists.
missing out.

please upload your stuff and all the leftypol catgirls to lefty.booru.org/ I had never seen these before.

Not a prude at all, I'm a degenerate just like the rest of you. I've got a few friends who draw/paint erotic art for a living, too. I just never felt like publicly posting my x-rated sketches, and I definitely wouldn't do it with this, because it holds 0 sexual interest to me.

I am now flooding the damn booru

She's probably got more of an active libido than me tbh


It balances out the dearth of positive representation everywhere else

As boring as it may sound, there needs to be a representative of mainstream conservatism besides the religious right. This could be either the Tea Party or movement conservatism (i.e. stuffy National Review types) or both.
If the latter, she should be a rich, formerly popular girl who lost most of her friends when she switched schools, and who's jealous of all the attention alt-right catgirl is receiving. When she isn't writing in her diary about how no one appreciates Burke anymore, she stands around the edges of other groups policing their civility and murmuring something about "our common values."
If the former: Sarah Palin in cat form.

Also, a monarchist/neoreactionary catgirl would be nice. Basically alt-right catgirl's older, less insecure sister.

There, done uploading stuff to the booru. should I have tagged the stuff I drew under my username and the stuff rachel drew under hers?

Even if it's boring, it's an idea. Dunno, as usual, if you guys pitch stuff, odds are me or Rachel or even Bat'ko if he wants to do more than just the Sankara Cat might take interest and do it (this because we don't seem to live in an ideal world where random other drawfags would join in in the fun). Your post is a good example of such, you give a decent direction, etc etc.

I was thinking at least having a monarchist cat, and also out of personal interest, an Estado Novo cat and some cat to represent the Portuguese Communist Party as a rival- and then for once I'd have two characters in this roster that I'd be fairly capable to create OC of. A friend of mine also listed a shitton of ideologies as ideas, from serious stuff to meme nonsense, so I might have a look at it later- if you guys meanwhile want to have a shot at it…

a feudalist/monarchist cat should just be a twin of ancap cat but with medieval queens clothing.
traditionalist cat could be dressed like Julius Evola (with a monocle) and tribalist could be a female Varg Vikernes

Political Ideology Monkeygirls

Glad you don't hold it against us.

wow, 2000 % rektum :-)
anarkiddies btfo yet again

Neoliberal cat basically covers it though

Outsider here:

You do realize that fashism and the religious right generally do not mix right? The depicted admiration is misplaced as they only align when faced atheistic Marxist and Communist movements threaten; if left to their own devices they tend to dislike each other since syncratizations such as christian identity is considered heresy just like leftist liberation theology. Really sort of the classic issues of Communists and Anarchists where they seem friendly at the fringe politics when they don't compete.

The reason this conflation happens is that the "core" religious groups happen to prefer stability and ultimately propagation of the faith, they tend to push against on both ends of the extremes and unchecked progress. You see this as cooperation, but you don't seem to witness when this conflicts with ethnic nationalists: wanting to import syrian christian migrants, shaming race first minded people (like it or not religious people are labled as such since they fundamentally are trancedentialists and generally scorn materialistic idealogy), and hell even the reactionary Christians attacking white nationalists and other sorts for saying bad behaviour is acceptable if white people do it. To explain the last part most religious people see natural law extending from the creator onto men, rather than man onto othet men ex:murder is bad for everybody as god said to all etc.

And to finish to prevent a shit storm, I am an nontheist who is interested in why and how people believe. So asking me to cite and explain theological concepts is a bit out of the wheelhouse as such shit gets esoteric pretty fast.

I'm sorry but every time some hardline far right dictator is in power the establishment church gets behind them, from Europe to Africa to Latin America

The scenarios you are listing tend to deal with Soviet backed or Soviet friendly social movements. The problem with Cold war politics was the mere existance of the Soviet Union pushed religious groups that weren't subversions to oppose socialism. Marx was right that the priests are part of the heirarchy but he seems to me failed to see the role of the clergy: they throughout history have given legitimacy to the government as as the lack of such creates chaos, that deal though granted the priests the most amount of power to check monarchs of old as promising people back in the day punishment for cruelties of power and abstaining from granting prestige and legitimacy of those that did not heed their advice.

And the Europe example is a mixed bag: the pope and the Catholics were interfering with Hitler and in Spain, the Republican got pinned for desecrating a cathedral and cruxifying the saints and nuns.

On the economic front, sure, but neoliberalism implies a socially progressive, self-consciously cosmopolitan mindset which is largely absent from even moderate conservatism.

Also, neoliberalism as practiced by the Democrats is still regualrly derided by Republicans as "big government," overregulation, etc., so there are economic differences, even if they are relatively minor in the grand scheme. Labeling both Democrats and Republicans as neoliberals may be technically true, but it elides much of the debate.

Lastly, neoliberal cat works best as a Hillary avatar, so it doesn't make sense to have her also represent mainline conservatives, who by and large despise her.


You mean Mike aka Maldraw?
He is now a pathetic fag who spams "guise look at my shitty comix" 24/7.
Sometimes he shills for Killery too.

The Dunning-Kruger effect hit that boy hard.

Religious right, obviously.



what's wrong with me lads