Katy Perry; Pop Music

I really haven't heard a song that was so full of ideology and so banal since Lady Gaga's Born This Way

This was supposed to be about Trump? I don't get it, was everything okay in America before that douche became president, why are pop stars getting so """"political"""?


Also, who else works somewhere where normie pop music from W-KIKE is playing all day long? I've been paying attention to more of the actual messages in this song and I get the feeling its basically all cointelpro writ large, or just infected with anti-social and pro-capitalist messages. Consider the implicit pedophilic message of Hey Violet's "Guys My Age"

I'm sure some of our pro-pedo posters will be pleased but I tend to see pro-pedophilia messages coming from the bourgeoisie, less about the thing itself, and more about normalizing their sexual abuses and exploitative sexual practices.

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*messages in the actual songs

What has been killing me for years in OP's pic is that you can see a post from krautchan in pepe's eye.

maybe you should create a youtube channel and rant about the damn kids (and/or jews) and their damn music

Popular music as a whole is a product meant for wealth extraction.
The CIA and the deep state are embedded in Hollywood and has their fingers on a lot of what is put out.
The media itself is just a tentacle of the elite, the right goes on and on about how it has a liberal bias, no, it has a neoliberal bias.


Philosophy of music
Adorno, a trained classical pianist, wrote The Philosophy of Modern Music (1949), in which he, in essence, polemicizes against music ― because it has become part of the ideology of advanced capitalist society[page needed] and the false consciousness that contributes to social domination. He argued that radical art and music may preserve the truth by capturing the reality of human suffering. Hence:

“ What radical music perceives is the untransfigured suffering of man […] The seismographic registration of traumatic shock becomes, at the same time, the technical structural law of music. It forbids continuity and development. Musical language is polarized according to its extreme; towards gestures of shock resembling bodily convulsions on the one hand, and on the other towards a crystalline standstill of a human being whom anxiety causes to freeze in her tracks […] Modern music sees absolute oblivion as its goal. It is the surviving message of despair from the shipwrecked.[37] ”
This view of modern art as producing truth only through the negation of traditional aesthetic form and traditional norms of beauty because they have become ideological is characteristic of Adorno and of the Frankfurt School generally. It has been criticized by those who do not share its conception of modern society as a false totality that renders obsolete traditional conceptions and images of beauty and harmony.

In particular, Adorno despised jazz and popular music, viewing it as part of the culture industry, that contributes to the present sustainability of capitalism by rendering it "aesthetically pleasing" and "agreeable". The British philosopher Roger Scruton saw Adorno as producing 'reams of turgid nonsense devoted to showing that the American people are just as alienated as Marxism requires them to be, and that their cheerful life-affirming music is a ‘fetishized’ commodity, expressive of their deep spiritual enslavement to the capitalist machine.'[38]

When will the meme that any one who attempts to critique modern pop music is just a bitter old fart jealous of someone else's youth finally die?

There's almost nothing organic about it. They sell you #woke #womenofcolor #slay but in reality its middle aged Scandinavians composing and producing this stuff: theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2015/10/hit-charade/403192/

I essentially agree with this poster, the music industry is largely just an artifice of capitalist domination.

Your dad-tier critiques of "what message pop music is delivering" don't become Holla Forums just because you threw the term "bourgeoisie" somewhere in it.

All music and all art is wealth extraction though.

Art and entertainment are different things.
Art is something from the innerself, an emotion, something that can last through time, devoid of pop culture, no templates, no remakes, no nostalgia.
Something that challenges the status quo, something that doesn't please the elties.

Entertainment is a product, disposable, forgettable, replaceable.
People still go to italy to view the Sistine chapel, something made from faith, not for greed.
I dont think anyone listens to pop music that was even made 5 years ago.

read debord

yes, only like the most popular and new thing, only buy the new things proles.
he he he

Does it really matter if the girl is older than 15?
Secondly how does this imply that there is a relationship between child(in legal terms) and adult? Why don`t you just assume that its lana del ray-esque desire for sugar daddy?

Have you even thought about what art is, what art was, what is art under capitalism?
Ever hear the stereotype about the starving artist?
Do you really think cavemen were looking to make a buck when they were drawing on the cave walls?

Like there is even this extremists esoteric idea that art died when prints were able to be mass produced.
You used to have to go to a museum and see it in person, the beauty, now its become a product to hang next to you hang in there kitty poster.

Read some real theory on the culture industry and see if maybe you grow past your sheltered suburban mom afraid of what her children is learning from cartoons mentality

You know what? You have the right mindset, the right worldview and you're clearly able to write good satire.

You're hired, son. Welcome to AdBusters.

recommend your "real theory" then, and show me why debord is invalid.

Katy Perry was one of the most pro-Hillary celebrities. Hillary and Obama made celebrities very welcome in the white house, aka they bribed them with good tidings and connections.

One of the podesta emails concerned Harvey Weinstein giving Hillary advice in the primary against Bernie. He said this because the entertainment industry is wedded to establishment dems who promise them every election cycle they will crack down on piracy and help roll the internet back a decade or two. Republicans would be bad for their minority accepting pro LGBT+ image and they have made a demon out of popular culture the past few decades so they cant trust them with their money. If Weinstein was brazen enough to suggest race shaming Bernie why wouldn't he stop supporting people who go against the democrats interest in his own films?


The US military requires a movie about war/the military be put under review by them before they will allow technical assistance or military props to be used in a movie. this basically gives them carte blanche to control any movie that concerns them and deny government help and assistance to films that put them in a bad light.

The original abstract art was made because they wanted to make art that wasn't bought by rich assholes anymore.
Of course then rich assholes started buying the abstract stuff.
Then the artists stopped painting and started performing. or decided the concept or process of creation of the art was more important than the final product.
Basically art under capitalism is a giant cat and mouse game between artists and capitalists, artists trying to create real art, and capitalists using art as a money laundering scheme


Most of the iconic 60s American rock stars were cointelpro/had super-shady connections with the establishment:
What reason do we have for thinking that things are any different today? Especially when it comes to lowest common denominator forms of pop music.

They got people so brainwashed that even any critique of culture has rendered you as "old", "out of touch".
Only the young and good eat the prole feed, dad.

when you stop acting like one

No, that's just capitalism creating a new need.

she has a song where she joins the military to be a STRONG GURL
youtube com/watch?v=uuwfgXD8qV8


I used to read that guy's writing. I guess he finally published what used to be 80 pages of blog posts as a book. Keep in mind none of that stuff he writes is proven, he never cites anything, but it sure is fun spoopy /x/ reading.

If he still has his old website around, you can read his Moon Landing Hoax shit.

Adorno despised jazz and popular music, viewing it as part of the culture industry, that contributes to the present sustainability of capitalism by rendering it "aesthetically pleasing" and "agreeable".[48]

Adorno saw the culture industry as an arena in which critical tendencies or potentialities were eliminated. He argued that the culture industry, which produced and circulated cultural commodities through the mass media, manipulated the population. Popular culture was identified as a reason why people become passive; the easy pleasures available through consumption of popular culture made people docile and content, no matter how terrible their economic circumstances. "Capitalist production so confines them, body and soul, that they fall helpless victims to what is offered them."[49] The differences among cultural goods make them appear different, but they are in fact just variations on the same theme. He wrote that "the same thing is offered to everybody by the standardized production of consumption goods" but this is concealed under "the manipulation of taste and the official culture's pretense of individualism".[50] By doing so, the culture industry appeals to every single consumer in a unique and personalized way, all while maintaining minimal costs and effort on their behalf. Consumers purchase the illusion that every commodity or product is tailored to the individual's personal preference, by incorporating subtle modifications or inexpensive "add-ons" in order to keep the consumer returning for new purchases, and therefore more revenue for the corporation system. Adorno conceptualized this phenomenon as pseudo-individualisation and the always-the-same

The phenomenon of standardization is "a concept used to characterize the formulaic products of capitalist-driven mass media and mass culture that appeal to the lowest common denominator in pursuit of maximum profit".[60] It would suggest that in today's modern society (edited in 2012), according to Adorno we inhabit a media culture driven society in which one of its main characteristics is product consumption. Mass media is employed to deliver messages about products and services to consumers in order to convince these individuals to purchase the commodity they are advertising. Standardization consists of the production of large amounts of commodities to then pursue consumers in order to gain the maximum profit possible.

They do this, as mentioned above, by individualizing products to give the illusion to consumers that they are in fact purchasing a product or service that was specifically designed for them. Adorno highlights the issues created with the construction of popular music, where different samples of music used in the creation of today's chart-topping songs are put together in order to create, re-create, and modify numerous tracks by using the same variety of samples from one song to another. He makes a distinction between "Apologetic music" and "Critical music". Apologetic music is defined as the highly produced and promoted music of the "pop music" industry: music that is composed of variable parts and interchanged to create several different songs. "The social and psychological functions of popular music [are that it] acts like a social cement"[61] "to keep people obedient and subservient to the status quo of existing power structures.

adorno turned stop-liking-what-i-don't-like into an academic discipline

pleb-taste isn't a capitalist conspiracy, it has always been there

what a racist!

I just want to purge the celebrity sophists who play the role of assigned misleaders of the proletariat who put out music that serves as a post-modern opium of the masses, but hey, that's fine, looks like you've got some growing up to do.

I listen to the beatles which were pop music from 50 years a go.

a lot of popular media was financed for cultural war aspects. kpop is pretty similar (the korean government heavily subsides that entire industry)

though now that I'm thinking about it kpop idols are used as whores for the elites too so that's prob part of it

classical music was used by the rulers of europe to maintain their standing amidst the nobility. music has always been a cultural weapon

anyway, this happens often through history, capitalists reify revolutionary ideas and art styles into relatively status quo friendly messages; debatable as to whether this happens off and on though, one as a reaction to the other, like booms and busts.

if you can't wrap your head around more heavy theory read "entertaining ourselves to death" or just look at the amount of children with adhd now.
it's debatable but yeah, when children connect learning to a fucking purple dancing dinosaur.


is alex jones actually a critical theorist?

You're free to find music that fits your philosophy and preferred aesthetic. It's out there for your enjoyment.

Really makes you think…

it's not just about music user.

How deep can his hatred for the white race go?

Who cares?

On the subject of political stuff in music, Muse-Uprising sounds socialist as fuck

Wow that song was fucking deep, it isn't that we've heard the same exact message over and over again since the 60's


Apparently me, because I'm about to add another tidbit about how this is shit - dance is liberating, Katy Perry is not. The chain in the case of pop is generally not the rhythm, but the lack thereof - and it's replaced with bullshit. Like, pop is supposed to be danceable or something, but it's shit for dancing. Grow up dancing to Katy Perry or whoever and you'll never be a revolutionary.


Like, people insist on badly dancing to slow, weakshit stuff with bad hooks that's just force-marketed. Go hard to fast strongshit stuff with incredible hooks that's got a large cult following in spite of being ancient and European and unmarketed and satanic. Or whatever you want, but what I'm saying is that pop sells itself on being the "music you can dance to," and what it's socially acceptable to play out loud, which is about the most awful and oppressive and disingenuous set of ideas you can put out there.

I mean someone does or it wouldn't be on the radio or so the theory goes…

I kinda dig?
I also kinda want to fug?
I'm pretty confused.

Dude Katty Perry has always been woke af. She probably browses the Chans.




What is it about then? You're irrepressible urge to control people by forcing them to like what you like?


Stop ruining the fun isn't really a valid line of argumentation. I find the people who want to keep people from airing out criticism of popular art are in fact far more censorious then the people they criticize even if they are much more subtle about it.

Music is one of the means by which members are indoctrinated into the narratives and signalling of a particular culture or subculture. It's been eclipsed somewhat by movies and television of late in the West.
Pop music's consumption-based narrative is porkyshit. Pop music's consumption-based signalling is worse. But simply dubbing in "workers" where Christian bourgs might dub in "Jesus" isn't actually symbolic production.

Criticism of the business of popular entertainment not art, that's not what it's used for might be more interesting and more actionable than that of the products who could as well have been extras from Central Casting. Also, "popular" is a strange term for corporate forced memes and the cultural infrastructure tuned to deliver them.

Is that like the implicit satanist message of Harry Potter?

Deny it all you want but its pretty blatant.

You can take the line of this poster but you still have to admit that the only thing that really makes sex between a much older and a much younger adult very titilating is the correlation between pedophilia thats often drawn to it. Relationships where the female partner "could be his daughter" are only really ever risqué for that reason other wise its pretty vanilla

You don't have to believe in pizza gate to know that pedophilia is a common practice among the rich and powerful in America and Britain (and probably elsewhere too). So what does it mean when the pop music industry they control puts out implicitly or quasi pedophilic messages?

All I learned from this thread is that some people really don't like to have their pop music criticized because it breaks their illusions.

I thought Katy Perry is NWO?

We've definitely sunk as low as InfoWars now.

Doesn't describe any post in this thread.

oh wait OP is against katy perry? it just looks like one of those AD threads like those with which NSA tries to get us on reddit.

advertisement threads. dunno why i capitalized ad.

Maybe you should go back with them.

Russel Brand's dicking did something good in the end.

So what's the real theory then, faggot ?

There have been more then a few leftist/feminist writers and journalists who've documented this fact themselves. One of the major selling points of DisInfo organizations like InfoWars is that you mix in true things with completely crazy bs so that people don't know the difference. They come to see things like this
Its akin to the whole "some conspiracy theories are crazy therefore all conspiracy theories are equally crazy" attitude of middle-brows. According to accidentally declassified memos the CIA popularized the term "conspiracy theory" to discredit critics of the Warren Commission. Since conspiracy theory effectively equals any skeptical or critical viewpoint, the "conspiracy theory conspiracy" was probably the most effective CIA propaganda psyop of all time. A lot of people are so well-trained now they hear a negative story about the government that doesn't come from their controlled MSM sources and they think "thats a conspiracy–it must be wrong" before they even consider the evidence.

Literally describes several posts in this thread

I'll check it out.

I love going back and listen to bands I used to like as a youngster, after having read Marx, and seeing the blatant references to socialist concepts:

One band I used to like:
And the lyrics:

You're so enlightened user.

There is no direct evidence of this being the case for the US but in the UK there has been and probably still is an elite pedophile ring. Where have you been living for the last years, under the rock? Investigations about it are creeping up here and there every now and then and it's incredibly obvious how those in power don't want any of it to get out.

this is true. mi5 protected the pedos.

also the last pope had to step down when vatileaks revealed that there was pedo service for vatican members.
furthermore there is evidence that the german agencies are involved in child rape cases, along with some nazi terrorists they worked with.


The Beatles came at the height of the reaction against rock and roll, when the innocuous "teen idols", rigorously white, were replacing the wild black rockers who had shocked the radio stations and the conscience of half of America. Their arrival represented a lifesaver for a white middle class terrorized by the idea that within rock and roll lay a true revolution of customs. The Beatles tranquilized that vast section of the population and conquered the hearts of all those (first and foremost the females) who wanted to rebel, without violating the social status quo. The contorted and lascivious faces of the black rock and rollers were substituted by the innocent smiles of the Beatles; the unleashed rhythms of the first were substituted by the catchy tunes of the latter. Rock and roll could finally be included in the pop charts. The Beatles represented the quintessential reaction to a musical revolution in the making, and for a few years they managed to run its enthusiasm into the ground.

This has been done for decades.

Honestly these people should be the first in front of the firing line. What you've got here is a woman, who is drowning in money due to a corporate system almost built solely to support people like her to deliver a message of corporatism to the masses. A woman who inadvertently plays the role model role to lots of young people. Singing about how mindless corporatism and celebrity worship is bad for the world, but only when it's corporations and celebrities we don't like.

The whole lot should be gassed tbh.

Led Zeppelin was another example of massive levels of cultural appropriation. They were accused numerous times of stealing music from black musicians, but putting it in a harmless white package.

Hmm its almost as if money completely corrupts people, makes them lackeys for preservation of their lavish lifestyle at the expense of others.

Hmm yes this certainly doesn't happen among all brackets of wealth hmm

And then we got the Rotherham pedofile ring.
I just feel sick that people took the bait that PC culture is to blame. Of course PC is poison, but it's hard to believe that the same british police that uses racial profiling, that killed tourists just because they looked arab, somehow was afraid of being called racist.
That's some fucked up cover up, and of course Holla Forumstards took the bait.

No the Beatles were just better all around than anything at the time, or ever really. Except some of Paul's faggy songs.

The fact that so many books still name the Beatles as "the greatest or most significant or most influential" rock band ever only tells you how far rock music still is from becoming a serious art. Jazz critics have long recognized that the greatest jazz musicians of all times are Duke Ellington and John Coltrane, who were not the most famous or richest or best sellers of their times, let alone of all times. Classical critics rank the highly controversial Beethoven over classical musicians who were highly popular in courts around Europe. Rock critics are still blinded by commercial success. The Beatles sold more than anyone else (not true, by the way), therefore they must have been the greatest. Jazz critics grow up listening to a lot of jazz music of the past, classical critics grow up listening to a lot of classical music of the past. Rock critics are often totally ignorant of the rock music of the past, they barely know the best sellers. No wonder they will think that the Beatles did anything worthy of being saved.

any books written about this? sounds interesting.


It's part of the beatles review from Scaruffi. A meme itself but interesting none the less.

Piero Scaruffi is a great music critic by the way, even if he write stuff like: "Vladimir" Trump welcomes sponsors of terrorism and bans fighters of terrorism.

I don't care how many records they sold. To me they are one of the most versatile groups with some of the best song writers of the era. They all fit together like puzzle pieces to form something truly great. Who's your favorite rock group? Also what about jazz? I dig Coltrane but I don't put him in my top. I think my favorite Jazz group is Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers.

God damn that article is garbage

Wow Frankfurt School is at it again, promoting de-generacy and destroying white culture

Would Holla Forums just fucking kill themselves already, they won't accept evidence even if you would surgically implant it into their brain

Same here.

As for rock music, I'm not too much into it. I would say that swans might be my favorite because of the raw feeling I get from them, but certainly wouldn't put them in the top if we're discussing technical aspects.

Are you a drummer? Also never heard of swans but I'll check them out.

Nope, tried to and also piano, but was too lazy.

You might find earlier swans a harsh, and newer swans even pretentious. They also are pretty versatile but the raw feeling it's an awesome constant. I'll suggest to start with Soundtracks for the blind.

Just wondering, because Art Blakey's god like drumming is what attracted me to them in the beginning.

Yep, I know. When I was trying to learn drums, a bassist friend recommended me to listen to them. He was one of the guy that introduced me to great music.


Swans is the most uninspiring rock I've ever heard tbh. I never felt any "energy" from them.

I feel like your missing something here, like the fact that there were white rockers among the black rockers of the 50s and that rock was prolly on its way to becoming unpopular before the beatles. They were pretty wild too when they were playing in Germany, used to take speed to play all night.

Many people thought the Beatles were the devil at the time too. In reality, I don't think the more raw primordial rock or the Beatles posed a threat to the system; maybe some cultural aspects of it at best