So, are goals and ambitions a spook?

So, are goals and ambitions a spook?

We need a leftist version of pic related replacing "cuck" with "spook"

not if you utilize and dispose of them at will

I mean, seriously, Stirner literally wrote this, more or less.

What's the point, you're just gonna die anyway.

sounds like capitalist ideology to me

If you are content with capitalism, yes.

Goals and ambitions clearly have no place in real communism




Why are stirnerfags alive if everything is a spook? It seems that being alive is the only thing that they consider not to be spook. It's a pitty tho…they should realize that being alive is a spook and should simply commit suicide.

Did you even read the book?

Committing suicide is a spook

haven't read stirner i see

Because suicide should be reserved for liberals.

Yes, they are spooks, all there is, is the present.

Being dead is a spook

Limbo is also a spook

t. butthurt ectoplasm

wtf i'm suicidal now

Are arguments spooks?

yes, only might is right

Only if they're arguments

Do leftypol even realize communism is a spook?

Food, sex, warmth and shelter are goals.

You're all a bunch of idiots.
When everything is a spook, nothing is a spook.

Stirnershits are literally Holla Forums agents and aren't even aware of it.
They exclusively exist to shit up the board and plant seeds of nihilism.


t. butthurt retard

Partially true. Some of them are.
I have read Stirner and these people are either purposely playing the fool or are genuine idiots.

Read Le Mythe de Sisyphe and L'homme révolté

That's where you are wrong, kiddo.

Nihilism is any belief system that rejects the possibility of absolute truth, metaphysics and first principles

clearly, winning against capitalism and achieving true communism is a goal and an ambition
which is why Holla Forums loves losing

Everything nothing including me, but I am the unique, the creative nothing. The only thing that matter is what I want and what I want is Communism.


And in all that my point still stand, my interest is Communism and this "humility" is nothing to me, the past is a spook.

What "you" "wan't" doesn't "matter"

Nice spook.

Your ego is a spook

It doesn't exist

My ego is a creative nothing.


That's right.



I'm glad we agree


I too am pleased.

Stirner assures us that a man is divided between himself at the current time and the man he wants to be, and the man outside himself he strives to be has to be striven after for all time, as one cannot simply be a great artist, because his deeds will become ungreat to him and he must seek after greater deeds to be the greater artist, simply put, you have to keep doing what you do, because the process of being a great artist is to make great art; you don't make a great art piece and be done with it, you have to keep making great art. No matter how much you make you'll never be a great artist entirely because you would stop at a certain point, but you cannot stop and still be a great artist.
Unless its a fixed idea of what a great artist is supposed to be, or what great art is supposed to be, then no.

The egoist is above everything else, including rationalism. If the must must sacrifice themselves to the idea of rationality over their own ego, they would be spooked.

Read the book faggot

An abstraction is not a fixed idea, the ego is the entirety of a peron's existence which is not a "non-concept", just because something can't be said in language doesn't make it not important. 0/10 shitpost harder.