Why should I go on living/shitposting when Ill never be able to have a commie gf

why should I go on living/shitposting when Ill never be able to have a commie gf

oh shit forgot to take my flag off

What about a bf?

We'll all be dead or living in dystopia before the end of the century anyway.

That's gaaaay.

The hope that things will get better and society will collapse under its immense weight. Like bacteria grow resistant to antibiotics, soon too will the psychological pains of modern society grow immune to the surrogate activities.

You say that like its a problem

those are man legs?

idk fam

Getting your body to look cute and feminine is quite easy; it's the face that's the problem for the whole trap idea. that and growing older than 27

Yes and yes :3


i dunno, man. if you're a socdem maybe you should just consider suicide


Stop making tfw no gf threads

if leftism could guarantee people a qt of their own it would be unbeatable.

Most people here haven't read enough theory to discuss anything of relevance so it's only logical that threads like this would dominate.

theory dick-waving is the height of pseudo-intellectualism, without power there is no need for policy.

Maybe make easy propaganda

Well that but I hate these threads in particular because they all eventually devolve into autistic screeching about muh Chad muh Jamal muh betas

Well, this place is filled with antisocial nerds much like any other image board. It'll always tend towards becoming /leftyr9k/.

well they can just stay clean shaven

i don't really like traps but i like androgynous men and women

imo androgyny is far more natural than rigid gender roles

Forgot your flag.

Not really. Gender is one of the typical criteria by which human societies divide labor. It is truly a less effective criterion in a complex society with efficient, fast knowledge transfer. Those resources will eventually be inaccessible to us, either drawn down and consumed or rendered unreachable by higher-order effects of supply disruptions elsewhere, and quite possibly much sooner than you think. I happen to think traditional gender roles are far too overbearing and generally a waste of resources. At the same time, neoliberal gender commodification doesn't help workers in a society.

Remembered yours, that's 2 GBP

Better than this thread.
You're not gonna start a revolution by crying about not having a gf and then resorting to gay ERP like this and every other thread(well that's how Holla Forums got big but I digress)

People want traditional gender roles, to the source of much frustration of feminists seeking ever deeper conspiracies of wicked -isms that make women choose studies like pedagogy over physics.

Why do they live wrongly?


Have I been missing out on gay ERP?

I didn't say it was an aesthetic? I'm confused. We seem to be in agreement.

I want a state issued catgirl

Pls give me that meme pic.

You I think? said natural where I think? you meant comfy. I could be wrong. We seem to agree on y/n but not how we got there?