Hi it's 8pol here

Hi it's 8pol here
Holla Forums if current rates of immigration, birth rates stay the same whites will be extinct within 200 years and minorities in all their ancestral homes within 100, that's right, the founders of communism killed by reactionary pleb tier shitskins.
I am not against socialism or communism if it is whites only authoritarian.
We can become powerful together, leftist economics we can tolerate if nationalism and racial unity is allowed to occur. We need the White workers of the world to unite.
Capitalism is degenerate anyway and the reason for all this migration, so if we can combine 8pol and 8leftypol and all other non cuckolded leftists we can form a powerful white Union.
14/88 "comrades" - I will have to get used to that word

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This is actually how I feel about our redditors.

Antifa/left coms/ancom do not bother commenting - this is not for you
Nazbols/leftists who are sick of winning this thread is for you
Let's put aside our economic differences and unite to protect the White working class from Jewish capitalist breed and destruction of one of the greatest cultures and civilisations of all time - Asia is also one tbh

how about who gives a fuck about muh race and you de-spook yourself

Silly OP, the solution is not killing just shitskin reactionaries and shitskin capitalists, but all reactionaries and all capitalists, no exceptions.

Too late, the turd positionists joined our side.
You will eat two bowls of cabbage soup every day in our gulag with a human face.

If you're wondering I'm a protectionist centrist on economics but as this point I don't care
I'll abandon all my economic views if leftypol becomes "reactionary" to help protect the greatest culture and civilisation from barbaric African/middle eastern invaders.
I'm not a deus vult larper - I'd happily give up everything but Europe and we can allow North America to be multi cultural with an option for all whites to return to Europe in a Not Socialist/communist whites only utopia

Race is a spook. The only real argument you could make is that you like the way white people look and don't want it to go away. But do you actually believe that you can stop miscegenation and have white people only interbreed with each other forever? How would you do this?

You don't get it
Holla Forums and Holla Forums sadly will not win
If we combine our ideologies we have a distant shot at achieving reasonable aims

Not here to debate didn't I make it clear that anyone but nazbols or leftists who are fine with whites only can fuck off?

well theres your problem bud

Never going to happen faggot



Not happening.


So you're a meme then

I used to be an edgy socialist muh spooks guy 25 years ago in college
Then I was awoken by white nationalism - I'll stop at nothing to achieve this - even to accept a white communist state to preserve our race, culture and history from inbreed mongroloids

You can't reach class consciousness if you refuse to acknowledge entire groups as part of your class. How weak are your politics that you don't care about the economic system as long as it satisfies your idpol

this meme is shit, fuck off

the only way we'd get wiped out is if your Nazi masturbation fantasy fantasies are played out

only thing you were awoken by was some ghosts pal


I'm not Holla Forums but this is a scientific reality. Whiteness is recessive, we're not going to last forever. That's just the way it is.

Divide and conquer doesn't work if you outright say it's divide and conquer.


good, it doesn't matter lol

I almost feel pity for Evola


Except 'whiteness' didn't exist in his youth, 'italian-ness' did. This is back when πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€MICKEY O'ROURKEπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ wasn't white, he mainly was a traditionalist.

spooked goes in all fields

The only ones who care are non-whites from Holla Forums.
Or do you want to imply that communism is exclusively a white ideology and you mongs will outbreed us?


Seriously, how will your LARP fantasy world stop irrelevant shiting? What's your plan?

Quite literally the definition of pretentious psudo-intellectual who criticized the left and the right

I didn't expect much progress from the first thread
I'm not gonna get into a pointless debate with some ancom degenerate I'm more here looking to bridge the gap between leftypol and pol and create board unity to achieve mutually wanted changes
Perhaps I will buy a board here and create a leftypol/pol unity type board:
Overthrow capitalism
Overthrow Jewish class
Achieve white class unity
Sound interesting?


There are no mutually wanted changes. You have an obsession with identity and we do not. You literally do not share our worldview on a fundamental level.

Op here
Don't consider myself a nazi,
Every shitskins will have an option to return to their place of origin and do whatever they please as long as we are left in Europe, alone.
They can take New Zealand, Australia, Canada etc back
US can be multi cultural
Europe a white nationalist commune

Nice strawman.

Wait, are you some normalfag who got on Holla Forums because he was invited by his stormfaggot friends?

t. Not real.

You need to do flag related.

I am talking to the Nazbols and leftists who aren't screaming larping autist. If you're in the green square literally sage and fuck off tbh

no one worships stirner we're making fun of Holla Forums for being an idpol obsessed faggot


Op here
Stormfaggots are uneducated inbreed southern trash
I am pro white class unity- some other faces like the negro are inferior but some like the Asian and the Jew are not but they are my enemy regardless

that's the story of the internet

people are generally interested in dumb things that don't require thinking

I will find a board if we are able to unite around one and not two causes

It's the false pretences that identify is a weightless social construct the very reason why leftist fundamentalism will never be relevant ever again. Culture is actually important either you believe so or not

Give me a break, I tried to keep the althusserl thread afloat

Also, Holla Forums is both.


You're actually destroying any shot at leftist economics.
Whether you like it or not cuckservative are going to put us both in camps - you the White Cuck communist and me the anti capitalist white nationalist.
We are both enemies of capitalism, exploitation of white workers.
Let's get nazbols and polacks to put aside ideological differences and band together

Don't worry, when leftism finally becomes popular it will be lily-white.

t. only experience leftism in a chan bubble

Bullshit, you're going to go right back to a privatized market economy as soon as you are in power because it lets you maintain cultural norms at the expense of the working class, and the entire time you will be financed by the same Jewish bankers you claim to oppose.


nobody cares

I used to be a capitalist.
Capitalism degenerated white culture and allows for mass immigration for cheap labour for the capitalist class. I at the very least want centrist economics but am willing to negotiate away to even full communism if it allows the continuation of the white race because under the neoclassical/post keynisen western economics we have now white women and men aren't breeding due to high costs, a loss of racial pride and lack of unity.

I am a collectivist anti capitalist like you


Yes, I'm sure there's one or two people on Holla Forums that aren't violently obsessed with race, but they are the exception that prove the rule and have probably been banned for their opinions at least once.

Similarly, nazbols are a minority here, but as spooked as they are at least they aren't completely retarded.

You're right OP, we have to preserve our pure 78.7% white genetics from dropping to a staggering 77.4%


The end goal is actually going to be closer to East-Asian model capitalism. Where money is invested in the private sector to boost the public sector. East Asian countries like Japan are good examples of modern ethno-nationalist nations.

You'll take it all back as soon as your Aryan nation becomes real.

Well looks like reddit is leaking into you guys too?


Op said Antifa don't bother commenting
If you're gonna contribute at least sage for fucks sake

people will redefine white in a manner that makes them the majority again, as already happened with the πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€IrishπŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ Italians, Germans etc.

You know what's ironic?
Stirner-fags probably think cancer is a spook yet they're living examples of the cancer that killed this board by worshipping a pretentious psudo-intellectual loser

Here's your You"s user
OP said he wouldn't debate you ancom/Striner faggots anyway
Literally you wasted your time for no reason


This. Watch them institute genetic tests in "white" America and find out literally every is a filthy mutt

Get the fuck out

Because OP cares about something unlike your nihilist anarkiddie ass?
Sure OP is wrong on some things but at least he's thing to unite people - leftypol and pol behind a cause - however hard and unrealistic is
Literally consider the purpose of your life ankiddie

I really cannot understand neo-nazies and white nationalists. How can a person be this fucking stupid and uphold tribalism as the end-all be-all defining characteristic of human existence and experience?

Did you assholes not go to school? Did you not socialize? Are you mentally handicapped?

How fucking insanely stupid does one have to be to say shit like this? So OP, you think to be in an authoritarian state IF it is white only, is ok to have and a good existence to aspire to? So according to you all authoritarianism and violence is justified as long is white only?

You retards tried to fucking force this fucking tribalist meme for thousands of years.

It only lead to the enslavement, uprooting and slavery of almost all non-western societies.

And when in your hubris you turned against each other in WW1 and WW2, you applied this tribalist imperialism against each other and wiped each other out.

People now are sick of your shit, because the stakes are higher and Capitalism is stronger and more exploitative than ever.

And in any case, everyone knows your immense hubris has always been your downfall, always leading to self-destruction. From feudalism to colonialism, a legacy of ashes is all you reactionaries have given the world.



lol I'm an egoist anarchist
Yeah unite people based on being white so he can stab us in the back during the revolution. Remember the night of the long knives. You're a fool if you trust this idiot.
Cry sum moar nazi-apologist


Your anecdotes dont override genetics


T. White liberal who basis his understanding of the world on 19th century out dated literature and not on biology/math/science/anthropology
Fucking white people killed a bunch of whites people to save you dumb shitskins from being genocided. Maybe thank us in stead of infuriating us by mentioning all those young dead white men who died for no reason
Literally fucking hate nazi Germany despite being white nationalist

maybe we should stop bombing places for oil then :^)

Fags like you will never even attempt to overthrow capitalism because you are so obsessed with muh white identity to the point you'd immediately sell out to the capitalists if they said they won't hire non-whites in their companies. You even admitted you don't give a shit about rednecks, but merely about some abstract concept of blue-eyes blondes that has absolutely no real impact on reality aside from being aesthetically pleasing.
Not even actual turd positionists will buy into your garbage because they've learned their lesson of allying with an opportunist faggot in 1934.

sperg inbound

ABANDON SHIP. ABANDON SHIP. Holla Forums is a sinking ship and they are very well aware of this, so they're trying to cling to whatever's relevant or is trending and by doing so they're literally extending their life-support by riding on the coattails of other movements


sperg out

Fascists don't want to kill capitalists, they want to ally them