Ultimate Marvel Storytime (FINAL THREAD)

My pass ends in June right in time for the Ultimate Universe to return. I figured what better way to to end my time on 4chan than with a redo of my first ever storytime.>Ultimate Marvel, later known as Ultimate Comics, was an imprint started in 2000 of comic books published by Marvel Comics, featuring re-imagined and modernized versions of the company's superhero characters from the Ultimate Marvel Universe providing new origin stories for the characters. The reality of Ultimate Marvel is designated as Earth-1610>The Ultimate Universe, as a part of a large-scale reboot of the All-New, All-Different Marvel multiverse, ended at the conclusion of the 2015 "Secret Wars" storyline, when select characters from the Ultimate Universe moved to the mainstream universe, Earth-616.>In June 2023 the Ultimate Universe is set to return in the four issue miniseries Ultimate Invasion by Jonathan Hickman and Bryan Hitch.Previously: >>136236486 >>136244693 >>136269837 >>136289737 >>136317193 >>136327392 >>136346838 >>136363812 >>136386207 >>136408652 >>136429155 >>136448196 >>136468355 >>136484787 >>136505254 >>136531010 >>136563026 >>136580502 >>136602798 >>136627226 >>136644973 >>136666941 >>136686751 >>136718639 >>136738349 >>136758112 >>136799669 >>136823184 >>136842657 >>136863605 >>136879862 >>136897688 >>136914211 >>136935469 >>136949653 >>136957070 >>136971612 >>136997069 >>137013352 >>137024565 >>137041458 >>137049494 >>137065894 >>137086112 >>137098559 >>137114366 >>137122346 >>137138385 >>137146061 >>137159990 >>137175222 >>137191087 >>137199530 >>137208379 >>137222236 >>137237847

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>>137262780Been fun.Hope Ultimate Carol shows up in Invasion.

I still think Ultimatum was a mistake

>>137262798Based faggot poster!

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>>137263157>>137263162>>137263171>>137263180Aww, look at them pretending any of this matters

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>>137262780bumping, thanks for everything OP

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Doom saved Ultimate Thor. Later on 616 Thor gets Ultimate Thor hammer.

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>>137263328I thought it was Volstagg who got it

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There's something endearing about thor who has a personality of a 2000's college dropout

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>>137263344Yeah thats after.Before time runs out ended 616 Thor had evil Thors hammer.

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Thors Corp back in Ultimate Invasion trailer.

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>>137263757Nah u r

>>137263757Based Gay poster!

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>>137263781Kino event.

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>>137263804Love slut maddie

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>>137263844Another Ultimate Thor.

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>>137262780>Final Thread>does not post AIMvengers>does not post Ewing's Ultimates >does not post Venom

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>>137263948I was going to, I had all of the post-Secret Wars stuff in my folders ready to post. Then the FCBD issue came out and it was made abundantly clear that Hickman is ignoring all of that. He's probably ignoring the rest of the Ultimate Universe like he did the first two time too.

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>>137263971With this mindset you really shouldnt've even started, fucking Bendis been ignoring 70% of his own works in Ultimate.

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>>137263971Nice boobs.

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>>137263997I'm sorry user, it just doesn't fit in the Ultimate Marvel Storytime.

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>>137264106The final kino.

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I forgot time has been broken since age of ultron.

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That ends the Ultimate Marvel Storytime! Thanks for reading!

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However the story is far from over! The Ultimate Marvel Survivors Storytime starts tomorrow!

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>>137264340Man, this series was so shitty. Of course the final panel of the final page has coloring errors. Thanks for the storytime!

>>137264353Oh so you were lying when you said you weren't going to storytime these?? I'm hoping to read the Makers' story

>>137264360Nah ur shitty.

>>137263073Ok but you already knew this? The beef was about what to do with the newfound information about how to undo tbe patchwork of worlds whether to present it to Doom or try it yourselves, and before thst over the ultiniggers from S.H.I.E.L.D. overextending their jurisdiction over 616 BannerHonestly should be a more Law vs Chaos thing, not a universe vs universe. One side should have 2 icemans, Ultinick and Ultiniggers should be on the side of Asshole Law with the Drews fighting over wheter to switch etc

>>137264380We can both be shitty


>>137264385>and before thst over the ultiniggers from S.H.I.E.L.D. overextending their jurisdiction over 616 Banner???

>>137264385This is not 616 and it is not 1610. Its an alternate reality of both that were fused together. The events of Secret Wars with the real 616 and 1610 characters are happening while this is happening.

>>137264353>616 Miles issuesOh boy here we go

>>137264373No, I was being honest. Its a brand new storytime, not the Ultimate Marvel Storytime. I tricked you with my wording.

>>137264404For Miles I'm only doing Miles main book, I've never touched Champions and have no intention to ever touch it.

>>137264440Well the main Miles book was worse than Champions anyway, even though both were bad (plus ANAD Avengers)

>>137264450All kino


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>>137264353You clever little bastard. Thanks for the storytime, as always.THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE IS DEADLONG LIVE THE ULTIMATE UNIVERSE

I think this story may be peak shitty comic books, there's been some fun stuff in the storytime and this being the "climax" is just awful. How can anybody care about anything when it's at this scale and half the things that happened don't matter?

>>137264530Go away.

>>137263188>actually loved miles and his adventures>had genuine pathos>had interesting plots>venom blast was way over done but the rest was so good i could over look it>get to this pageOkay, wtf Bendis? Is Uncle Aaron going to be back alive too? Are we just going to undo all of the struggles Miles had to go through as a character? Have everyone love him from the word go and have him beat every bad guy? I have a terrible feeling about this and am wondering if this is when Miles starts getting the reputation Holla Forums has for him.

>>137264400Ok but then why is terrorist kitty in this? Why is the 610-1610 conflict reinforced by having the characters speak in those fonts? I can accept them being remnants from the infinite multiverses for more than 2 Starks but dammit their fonts should be differentOK maybe not all of them where in the loop but we see their leaders illuminati meet and discuss this in >>137255149 so I wanna say 50-60ish% already knew the score?

>>137264613You already know the answer, user.

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>>137264590What struggles? Miley literally had everything handed to him on a silver platter emblazoned with the SHIELD logo

>>137264590>Are we just going to undo all of the struggles Miles had to go through as a character?Yes

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>>137263180They truly where an Battleworld : Ultimate End : Secret Wars/Time Runs Out Hunger Force.

>>137263052thanks for everything

>>137263385>32 yearsbut didn't Val say the Battleworld was only 8 years old?>>137263409⸢The Thors are Back in Town⸥



>>137264003Silly Hulk you are not a zombie

>>137264169Looks like the Maker...just got Unmade YEEEAH

>>137263960Made me remember the giant cookie scene in shrek 2

>>137263929Best cover

>>137263960Based Ben


>>137263097>>137263157>>137263162>>137263171>>137263180This feels like something that should've worked but didn't

>>137265531 Their continuities act as if battle world has how the world has always been.

Thank you OP for your time and dedication. I've always wanted to read through the whole Ultimate Universe ever since reading OG Ultimate SPider-Man V1 back in the day.I really appreciate it

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>>137264590I'd say that Miles is pretty constant as the character he is here. But all of his supporting characters got reset or removed when they moved them to 616.Can anyone tell me what the fuck Aaron even is anymore? Criminal Iron Spider, Hero Prowler? Is Hobbie even the original Prowler in 616?

>>137264590Co hated Miles from the start. In part because he's black, and in part because he replaced the only approved character except for Kaine (at the time).

Quite a trip. Thanks OP.

>>137262780thanks nigga

>>137264190I feel like this "RICHARDS!" should have been a full page

>>137268833>In part because he's blackHis having no actual personality was a huge part of it. Bendis put no points into developing Miles as his own person but expected us to fall in love with him just because. Also we are never going to automatically love a legacy character, they have to earn that by being interesting. Whether you like him or not, Damian is a good legacy character because he's substantially different from other Robins and most of those differences are character flaws. Miles has no character flaws.

>>137263180Imagine reading this for the first time and having no fucking clue as to what happened here because it all took place in some other book. Imagine reading Secret Wars to find out, but the miracle of Prime Marvel's creation is only alluded to, never seen.Later, imagine The Maker being reduced to Marvel's Superboy Prime, with nothing left to his character but moustache twirling trying to recreate his own universe at the expense of any other and the obvious editorial fiat he cannot be destroyed because a retcon had Molecule Man literally shitting a portion of him into existence in every universe Franklin created.And in his later appearances he's just an asshole, not a visionary.

>>137270642Stupid post

>>137270734HowThis story concludes with a nothingburger that doesn't even have an editorial caption telling you what issue to read to see the culmination of events. MILES' ENTIRE SURVIVAL CAME FROM A THREE WEEK OLD BIG MAC IN HIS BACK POCKET.

Seems like the reaction is pretty mixed.


Ultimate bump

New thread when?

>>137270765What kinda gets me is that it's a Spider-Trope that a Spider Costume has no pockets.No. Pockets.

>>137262780How so many deleted threads

>>137275353They age-out.