Being a leftist

What's your excuse?

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I am not a LARPer

Limited training opportunities to receive firearms licence in the area paired with the fact that gun laws are pretty restrictive (not as restrictive as they could be though) so even if I had one right now it couldn't be fully automatic and could only host magazines capable of holding 5 rounds.

It's truly a sad day.

I don't live in burgerstan

i spend all my money on commie books


Many of us are euros so we have a harder time getting them

This. I would like to get a gun soon though. I urge other gommies to do the same.

What kind of obscure stuff unavailable on the internet you buy?

Because I live in a college dorm


Mostly I just don't have an e-reader and hate reading on my desktop. My local bookstore has a marxist section that sometimes has obscure essays though.

I want a gun too :(

I"d probably just use it for suicide purposes

Mostly because european and not enough money to spare for one.
But I did sign up for government's military training department stuff back in first year of my university. So at least i have some basic training and know how to use a gun if there's an opportunity.

But I do!

Enjoy your RWDS.

Who /crossbow/ here?

Not a burger, I hope to one day though.

scan'em and make them available.

I do own guns but currently I just have a couple bolt actions and and a 20 gauge I used to hunt with. It's better than nothing but I wouldn't trust any of them with my life.

Eventually I'll buy an AK or AR-15, A new shotgun and a decent handgun. If y'all have any recommendations on what to get I'll be glad to hear.

You can still own certain firearms but you have to jump through hoops for it - you have to join a gun club and all that.
Even so, I think you are limited to meme rifles, handguns and shotguns.

Because I don't fucking want a gun. Swords are where it's at, bitches.

Not sure if that looks badass or LARPy?

Speaking of ereaders, anyone have any experience with one of them? I'm thinking of getting one to read theory but I don't know if they're all that great they're made out to be

You're never going to use that gun and you know it.

Is that 9mm or .45

that *is* LARP.
I dont mean that in a bad way, and the having a gun in the first place is good. The dressing up like that and taking such a picture is for fun, its not *actual* badass and the person doing it doesnt think it is.

You never know.
Well, you're probably right. Weapons are beautiful though and shooting is fun as hell.

Depends on your budget really. If you are looking for cheap stuff then a good shotgun would be a Maverick 88, it's a cheaper copy of the Mossberg 500. For a pistol you can get a Tokarev TT-33 or Hi-Point 9mm for under $300.

1) Not being a LARPer
2) that's it

Purchasing a firearm just "because it's leftist, fight le power" is prepper tier. Of course revolution will be violent, of course a firearm will be necessary for this, but owning a firearm as if it's a matter of owning it and then waiting for the apocalypse of revolution is having things backwards: it will take massive political organization first without guns to get to the point where having a firearm is proper praxis.

That doesn't mean you can't make sure you have access to and are proficient with guns beforehand.

I'm poor that's why I'm a communist duh

And how do you intend to get it after the government brings back HUAC and applies it to firearm purchases in the face of looming revolution?

You should support gun rights though, so people can actually get useful weapons for that, and that typically goes with some level of enthusiasm for the things.
You're right that actually owning one isnt strictly necessary right now, I dont think the proposition that 'you have to own a gun if you're a commie' is actually completely serious. It just implies that you should support gun ownership and invites you to post guns if you have any and this is an alphabet soup ploy to mark any commies with guns isn't it

My ereader is pretty great. Nice to read pirated books without staring at a monitor.

This too, actually. If people should have guns for the revolution, they should have them long before the government is worried about a potential revolution.

I don't fantasise about going into battle or doing some urban guerrilla bullshit with my own camo jacket and rifle. it's more about defending myself or my home from possible violence be it from ordinary criminals or right-wing millita types. Obviously you need to build a movement and party for socialism. Nobody thinks we're just going to sit in our chairs then all the sudden rise up when Chelsea Clinton comes for our guns.

In the meantime our enemies are comprised of many ex-millitary and policemen who are much more trained and organized when it comes to firearms espcially compared to the many who never touched a gun who will likely join our movement. Not everyone necessarily needs a gun and the priority is of course movement building but the left which as been anti-gun for so long is starting to change course and we're going to need to think about self-defense and firearm training.

I'm still working at it.

thats the democrats and progressives, user.
Wed probably recruit from them though, so.

Well I kinda liked the way it looks on me, here's some more pics (don't stare at my ass)

What's wrong with .pdf readers?

you never know

It doesn't come in .45, it's a .40 S&W which is the same caliber the police here use

Well it's important to be prepared, I got the vest for carrying mags (which is one of the prime determinants of coming out of a firefight alive, along with the ability to find and exploit cover) and the gloves are for manipulating objects on scene without getting fingerprints on things just in case.

Am I the only person here who actually wants a civil war?
Yep and I go to the range when I can afford it.

That what I mean of course revolutionary socialists are pro-gun but we're having an influx of normie libs and progressives joining leftist groups who probably supported in gun control and may have never shot a gun.

Bit of both. The first aid kit has an awful contrast with the black outfit.

Not until spring, comrade.

Too cold for agitation of state.

Living in the goddamn Netherlands.

I'd get one in black if I could but utility is more important than fashion.

Question for non-burgers. Does your far-right or far-left support gun rights at all or does everyone think guns are just for folks in uniforms and american rednecks? What could you legally own?



Where you based out of, comrade?

Wait so you can own a SKS and shotgun but if you buy a handgun you're basically put on the suspected criminal list? That's some retarded shit


Northern Ontario.

Yeah it's retarded. Canada's gun laws were literally drafted by soccer moms. Fortunately there are some loopholes to exploit, for example if I had the money I could pick up a VZ-58 in 5.56, slap an AR mag adapter on it, and circumnavigate the 5-round mag limit, since ARs are restricted and as such can use 10 round mags. If I didn't have to worry about all the shit with the restricted licence I would get myself a Tokarev as well as something in 9mm.

That is a very comfy looking jacket comrade.

The fuck? Sincerest soldiarities from your comrade South of the border line, that is terrible.

basically this

I'm not a lifestylist

the guys who wrote the laws only want hunting weapons

The only "hunting" weapons are for hunting porkies.


If I had one and ever used it, there'd be too much noise.

how do yanks have so many guns

Gun culture

The constitution for one, America was founded and fought for with guns. The glory aspect is all bullshit, but still. It's traditional.

Gun fetishism has to end

What site did you get thone fine sks off user? I'm gonna get mine soon I'm trying to decide what site to use.

I bought it at a store. That's the route you want to go for milsurp, since it gives you the chance to check the rifle out in person first to verify its condition.

I'm an anarcho-pacifist now.

Thanks for the advice



You should use it, practice and become proficient with it.


I'm mentally ill and prone to suicide ideation, with the intention to kill myself. A gun would make that way too easy for me.

Why? When am I going to need it?

t. every anarchist ever

I do have a gun though. A Carcano Mod. 91. Belonged to my grandfather.
Doesn't work though. Long been decomissioned. It's more of a collector's piece.

For the revolution comrade


bongs can own guns

What if I live in Britian? There won't be armed revolution here.

Not in Czechia :^)

Hard to get a gun in Aus. Especially a military like one

It might have something to do with the logic that it's better to restrict concealable weapons that are used in crimes than non-concealable weapons.

Most crimes are committed with handguns. I'm not sure if that's to do with the gun or the availability but I wouldn't be surprised if it's because you can conceal them. You're not going to mug a guy with an SKS.

I mean most crimes committed with guns are committed with handguns.



Reservists get their guns only when the state calls for us. I don`t have luxury of spending money on new license, gun cabinet + time to spend at gun club for this level of LARPing.

mate this is utter bollocks. Sure these things are legal but its extremely difficult to get a permit for the majority of these

For when right wing death squads come for you.

Kek. I've got my Katana for that comrade.

the funny thing is thanks to living next to the USA canadian guns laws are hilariously easy to bypass. you can buy 20 round mags from the usa that are pinned to 5 rounds. all you need is a drill and boom 20 round mag.

My African-American comrade. Heard bad things about the .40 version of it though, at least for the gen 1. Supposedly the internals aren't changed at all from the 9mm version, so it can't handle the higher pressure rounds. Some guy I read said his gun literally fell apart when he fired it. Everyone loves the 9mm version though. Pretty cheap, too.

It's so much effort though just to get some pee-shooter

So, it's not bollocks.

So far the only problem I've had with it is that sometimes the safety gets stuck on fire mode and I have to press it really hard or hit it with something to move it back to safety mode. But that problem seems to be gone now, I fired it more often and loosened it up. I've put over 200 rounds thru it, cost me $700 store-bought.

Swords are bourgeois af

Farming tools an the staff is my weapon of choice.

Also, spiked baseball bats/spiked clubs are cool.

my parents are dumb liberals and would kick me out if I had an ebil gun

machetes fucking rule



Hand guns account for the majority of crimes involving guns.

not that guy, but I genuinely enjoy the act of shooting firearms as well as the challenge of hitting difficult targets. I don't mind the maintenance of the firearm, either. I hope I will never have to use them for anything but target shooting. However there are also many enshrined "rights" to self-defense in my state, so why not have the best tool allowable for such purpose?

You paid too much. I've seen them for $400 or less.

This is actually true for the most part. Swords were owned almost exclusively by the elite class because they're more time-consuming to make and require more metal, and are thus more expensive. They also require more training that poor people generally couldn't afford because they were busy working the farms. That's why pole weapons were the most common melee weapons in ancient warfare. That and pole weapons generally work better in formation and on horseback than swords.

Consider investing in a safe.

My Sub-2000 fold in half and fits in my SentrySafe fire-safe. Just buy one and put it in there, don't tell your folks about it.

Yeah, I know…


that oversized dome makes an excellent target


Bourgeois local law says it's illegal; I face many years in prison for even finding a play gun on the street and not immediately reporting it to the nearest police. I am, however, trained in many years of Chinese boxing and I still train there. We've done training with wooden and steel rods as well as knives and swords though, so I can very well deal damage with them, and swords are legal.

If you are a euro you can easily get a hunting licence by joining a hunters association.

I think you can get only a shotgun and 3-5 bullets, but its better than nothing.

fucking socdems took them away


What fucking wild west euro country do you live? What am I going to hunt, city pidgeons? My country literally has no natural forrests, its all man made or heavily kept and monitored.

Shit advice
Shit advice
Shit advice
Actually okay.

I know I shouldn't expect any better from reddit, but that is some of the most generic, shit-tier advice I've ever seen regarding firearms.

Holla Forums is like 70% percent burger while Holla Forums is like 40%, of course we have less guns. But we're never going to fight because there's an ocean between us anyway.

Holla Forums probably has

Lots of people said they're interested, right?
they're just either yuropoors or poor-poors.

For the eurocucksfriends out there, I don't think having to jump through a little bit of red tape so you can actively resist when the Caliphate rolls through is unreasonable.

For the poorfriends, surely you can beans, rice, and beef for a month to scrape together ~$300.


You people are retarded and the only danger you pose to me is pulling a muscle in my back as I toss your corpses into a ditch.

Bringing knives to a literal gunfight, can't wait for Utoya x 1000

Which Elite Liberal shithole is this? Can you marry dogs too?

Which country? Also if you do your part with shot placement, 20 shots is more than enough to get you out of any situation you'd reasonably find yourself in.

This is a gun thread, not a buyer's remorse thread.

Did you miss the part where you cannot take your gun outside of the gun range? Its literally locked away unless you are a hunter (they never give those licenses ever) or a cop.

If I really wanted a gun for defending myself from kebabs with guns or to storm the government, I would just go to zcechia or some other shengen country with shitty gun safety laws.

And what I described is probably even easier than it is in reality. The netherlands is notoriously gun-free, except for amsterdam.

Surely that isn't the case. According to it appears to be quite reasonable by eurocuck standards for firearm ownership.
You don't need to engage them in a firefight. Since your goal in such a confrontation would be to merely survive, you suppress, break line of sight, and flee. If you're cornered and by some jihadist with a machete, you mag dump him center mass and he's done.
I'd never recommend leaving your homeland.

Gun law requires being added to some registry and then registering every gun you own with the police department. I'd rather not

How fucking big do you think european countries are? I could ride my bike to belgium within a day and I live in the middle of the country.

It's generic advice for people first getting into firearms, not just for autistic LARPers like yourself.

get a load of this cuckold

Is there not an underground market in Europe? I guess most wouldn't want to risk criminal charges.


Maybe doable if your country isn't full 1984.

there's more of us with guns they just aren't posting. As opposed to Holla Forums which is basically nofuns.
Check back; we're not the same person.

And? Join anyway = get license.

Haha fag.

Dude, there isnt even a communist movement of any kind.

What the fuck am I supposed to do with an illegal gun?

I meant leave as in fuck off for good. If you meant strolling in to illegally? get yourself a gun to bring home, sure, why not.

wow shit taste all around

You can't "join" hunters, its not a fucking club. They are state employees, only allowed to cull animals. Theres like 10 in the entire country and are only allowed to hunt within quotas and areas given to them by the forrest maintaining organ.

stop spooking people faggot

hey miles, didn't know you were a lefty

Go shooting for fun though I don't know if that would be feasible with the strict gun control.

Keep it around for the day you need it. Better to have a gun and not need it than need it and not have a gun. Couple hundred bucks is cheap as fuck life insurance.

Shit nigger you may as well drive some weed down to Prague and spend a week fucking bitches, getting shitfaced and messing with assault rifles. Beats getting the Gendarme or whatever they have sent to arrest you.

Well comrade I've never earned enough to buy my own gun (I would buy it in the black market though) I do not live in USA and guns can be very expensive, say 203 usd, when I earn like 300 why I would buy a gun and not food, I want to get one though.

South America or some poor slav country?

Gaining connections with political figures and rich people sympathetic to cause or set up an automatic call system to hassle the gov phone lines with recordings of your wants for change constantly would be more useful.

Parties that lean to the left are unironically some of the biggest gun control proponents in the world. If people cite that fucking Marx quote again their retarded. Gun laws under the USSR, China, NK, Vietnam, Venezuela and Cuba are draconian. Leftists are not in favor of negative liberties. Just stupid shit like positive liberties which are actually capacities.

I don't want one.

Aussie gun laws.

2nd amendment dating back to the revolution and an America that once believed in militias heavily.

They cost too much.

Me too user.

The Soviet gun laws weren't that strict barring the early emergency measures. Everyone could get a shotgun with no license required till Joe shat the bed.

As for the Asian ones, it's just a feudal tradition they can't shake off as their bougie neighbors aren't much different. No Worst Korean or Taiwanese ever boasted their right to bear arms to their communist counterparts.

You'd look more like a threat if you were just dressed like a normal guy holding a gun, instead of your star trek tier larp outfit.

the point isn't to look threatening but to show off cool gear (which is just as pathetic but slighly more useful).

fbi pls

You look like a 19 year old WASP posing with his dad's guns.

Considering the right has the majority of gun owners, police and military, no.

You don't want a civil war

t. Army vet

Agreed, there needs to be significant grounds in regaining class consciousness in former union families before the left can ever consider revolution a true option. It sucks though because whiny liberals have decided to call anyone from the south horrible racist icky old people instead of potential revolutionaries and that's a hard divide to conquer.

Poor, not burger, moved back in with family.

Resisting the constant urge to just off myself

You are a literal LARPer


Not him, but I think my liberal parents would kick me out if they found a gun safe in my room.

Leftist gun owners should only buy AK rifles while conservative ones use ARs. Then we can settle the AR vs AK debate once and for all.

Jesus christ, thats fucking insane
What do you have to convince yourself of to get to that kind of zealotry?
I mean, the gun control argument is "we need to ban guns so murderers cant buy them!" not "GUNS ARE SATANIC IDOLS TURNING YOUR CHILDREN TO DARKNESS"
if you're both not just making assumptions, at least.


My dad has told me specifically that I'm not allowed to have a gun in the house.

Thats still completely bizzare.
Again, while im against it, the rationale for restricting guns is 'restrict them so criminals can't get them'
Some individual buying one while they're legal has absolutely nothing to do with that. That is dependent entirely upon the legal, structural shit involving the liscening, regulation, restriction, and outright banning of certain guns. Where the hell does shit like that come from, then?

Liberals are unironically afraid of firearms and believe that if you own one, you inherently will end up killing yourself or someone near you. It has nothing to do with how well-trained you are or how seriously you treat owning one, it is a danger to everyone around you and should not be owned.

I uphold the use of a gun like any other tool, but I don't fucking fetishize it and develop a 'culture' around it like you fucking autistic burger freaks.

Tell us how you really feel about us yanks

agreed. guns fucking rule but americans need to chill with the almost sexual fascination of guns.

What's wrong with me fucking my guns? That's why you want a nice shotgun you can just slide your dick right down the barrel. Y'all just haven't experienced true American freedom.

It's a cultural thing, you probably wouldn't understand it. What do Europeans (and other commonwealth babies like Canadians or straycunts) or Asians do when they find themselves in a situation with, say, Umbakwatutu waving an ILLEGAL BLACK MARKET GUN or even a machete around? They may pull out their phones and record video, they may call the police, they may flee in abject terror, or they may stand there like confused children waiting for big daddy government to send the men with guns to make the problem go away while they're slaughtered like livestock.

What do armed Americans do? They immediately engage the threat, and criminals know this, which is why the higher the rate of gun ownership in a given area in the US, the lower the rate of violent crime. If I'm a wacky lib looking to stage a mass shooting, am I going to pick a soft target like a gun free movie theater, or am I going to pick an NRA convention or a gun show? Certainly the latter two would get your message across, right? But we know that as soon as mass shooters meet armed resistance, they almost always immediately capitulate or just shoot themselves.

Liberals have been doing the best they can to stamp out that deeply ingrained culture of self reliance, and it's finally working. Women have always been infantilized by western society, and now we're seeing it with young men too. Certainly those of us on the "right" aren't the only ones repulsed by those nu-males who were so emotionally distraught by Trump being elected that Colleges set up safe spaces filled with puppies and pizza to soothe them like the pant-shitting children they've regressed to.

'Stop liking what I don't like'. Why do you care if people have a hobby?

It's bollocks. Explosives and diamorphine are legal here too, you just need a permit.

I don't give a shit about firing guns, i just want to open them up, understand how they work, and then build them back up.
I have a fascination towards all sorts of mechanical devices.
The actual firing part is boring to me.

Mechanically speaking, most firearms are pretty boring in that regard outside of snowflake guns like the AN-94 or G11 that you're never going to be able to get your hands on.

Are you interested in engines? You could buy old beat to shit lawn mowers or weed whackers, disassemble and fix them, and re-sell them for a few bucks profit and probably have fun doing it. Maybe work up to cars or something.


I can appreciate a good freedom bear.

That's not a terrible idea.
If i ever get a garage or some kind working space i could start exploring a new hobby.

heeft het leger überhaupt een goed aantal wapens dat we kunnen plunderen?

of zijn we afhankelijk van een revolutie in Frankrijk of Duitsland?

So who would be interested in coming on a road trip to train with the John Brown Militia this summer?

Are you actually going to do any educating or just post memes? That picture doesn't tell anybody anything really.
Lots of things are technically legal but that doesn't reflect at all on the practicality of it.
Hier staan er een aantal tussen bij de onherkendbare doelen. basissen/Nederland_Nederlands.htm
Deze is ook eentje, maar hij is bijzonder incompleet.

Bommen zijn veel makkelijker.

because robbing a gas station with a Mauser is pretty autistic and impractical

Well, there you go. I can have a car, or a gun. Car has more uses.

Euro laws + not enough money to pay for everything required to even get a shitty handgun that I can't even carry with me

Tell me more about this please

same reason why the cops (atleast in canada) don't give a shit about long arms unless you saw them off or otherwise make them short.

DOOD I own an SKS too!

Move to Maine or Washington, comrade.

This is actually LARPing….

This is what liberals actually believe.

Jesus fucking christ, "the strong don't need" guns holy hell. Please tell me this is fake.

For all the people who are living in more Authoritarian nations and are not allowed to have guns, you can make shitty guns that work for less than 20 bucks with crap for tools. And you can make okayish guns with slightly more money and slightly better tools. Better safe than dead. I care about you guys.

the problem with zip guns (other than blowing your hand off) is getting ammo for it. places with heavy gun control tend to restrict ammo.

I have an Enfield ready for use in the revolution.

I also suggest you get first-aid training. Most of you will die anyway, but at least you'll know how to treat wounds in the mean time.

The John Brown Militia is a (predominantly) AnCom militia that operates in the U.S. They have a commune in the Midwest where comrades can go to get military training. Their training session for this year starts in August and I was planning on heading down.

If you can't see the value in owning a gun, that's on you, but if your excuse is that you can't just live more efficiently until you can scrape together $300 (can get a nice mak, cz83, or mossy500 or something for $300), then that's some sub-saharan african level of inability to delay gratification right there.

You took the bait.

This is what lefty niggers believe

Thing is most of us have jobs lol also here is a huge monguz /k/-Holla Forums crossover