Will cosmetic surgery exist under communism?

Will cosmetic surgery exist under communism?

No number of surgeries is ever enough. Once you get a nose job or something you lose the retroactive illusion that only if you had a slightly smaller nose you'd be perfect and you get fixated on something else

I've witnessed it happen as I live in LA, the plastic surgery capital of America.

The fuck is this retard doing with a pet boar, they are for hunting and extermination. Utter pests.

Only for injuries, those wounded fighting for socialist armies.

Cosmetic surgery will be punishable by GULAG.

The Face of Another is a top-tier film and so are most of Teshigahara's.

Yes, only incels seem to think otherwise because "muh vapid bitches"

Wait they were talking about the person. Here I thought those comments were towards the pig that does have a perfect face.

oh my god what is that thing

Ableism. Reported to /r/socialism.

This pic makes me think of how shallow and vapid society is for not constantly yelling at deformed people that they're ugly on social media, and trying to be polite and supportive instead

Plastic surgery was originally invented to fix deformities or soldiers wounded in battle.
Then capitalism decided you needed bigger tits and a smaller nose.

the eternal female

she's the true porky

Don't they make decent food though?

I'm sure that without capitalism all people would be equally accepted and deemed equally attractive regardless of looks

This is how political economy works

Yes, a bit tougher than farmed pork but very nice. There's just too many of them to eat all the kills, there is no season for boar because you literally cannot kill enough of them.to eradicate them.

What is that picture?

its spooky

How can you distribute sex according to need to fuglies, commies? How will this "according to need" work when it comes to sex under communism, comrades?

IDK man I'd let her suck me off

Sex is not a need

Its more of necessity yes,yes.

There have been promiscuous women and men throughout all of human history.

There is no reason why prostitutes should not exist in communism if they do it out of their own free volition.

It is, actually. Liberals just like to pretend they're disembodied heads and therefore superior.

Pic related


WTF! Why is Jimmy "Gonna Beat Stalin's Score" Dore Stirner?

I don't see why not. I doubt that the pressure to get the entirely unattainable "perfect look" (Impossible, because our minds opinions and wishes are not stagnant) would be nearly as strong as it is under capitalism.

Can't tell if alienated virgin or alienated Chad

It's not a need tho. I mean, for survival of the species, assuming you're not an anti-natalist, it is a need, but not for individuals. Lord knows there will be people who are willing to pick up the slack for those who don't want to fuck.

Just stop dude, sex IS a basic need for survival of the individuals. Lack of a healthy sexuality leads to frustration and personality disorders.