Can Marxist-Leninism be libertarian?

Can Marxist-Leninism be libertarian?


It might be possible for Marxism to be libertarian, but not Marxism-Leninism.

No, nothing can be libertarian. Liberty is a fiction created by bourgeois demagogues, not a real principle.

Amusingly, anarchists are often among those who fetishize violence the most. There are some who are naive enough to believe "non-coercive organization" isn't oxymoronic but they'll always be a minority.

Depends how you mean libertarian.

If you are Muke, yes. If you aren't autistic, no.



Is Trotskyism inherently more libertarian than Marxism-Leninism?

Yes because the state withers away, r-right

If it's a type of ML that is fine with personal freedoms, then yea.

They're not incompatible.


the thing is the ones that should be free should only be the proletariat, the authoritarian apparatus should repress capitalists, reactionaries, and everyone that preaches bourgeois values

It's the only way to be a true Leninist.

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that's like saying nazism was libertarian because true loyal aryan were free under hitler

a liberal

yes, the problem is hitler failed to protect the aryan race, as he sent them to die in the fields

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failed libertarianism is still libertarianism, also, the warrior's life and death was a sign of a freeman in hitlerland and the germanic tribes he emulated

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libertarianism implies everyone is free to wander and act around, I am talking about


of the capitalists, nationalists, reactionaries while the proletariat lives in fully automated luxury anarcho-communism

No platform for liberalism.

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Concurrence. Liberals (who are actually bourgeois libertarians) don't play well with other ideologies so they have to leave the playground.

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I think generally the problem with people who fetishize freedom as a political goal is not that what they believe is entirely wrong but rather that they're approaching and falling miserably short of something that must be more of an ethical issue really. Sometimes the tactics which we employ as a society get in the way of individual flourishing, sometimes leaving an individual to their own devices entirely in certain areas of their life will do the same.

The problem is that libertarians will see situations in which the larger society strangles away what is good in the individual and turns it into a formula "all force on the individual is wrong." They then use this to come to either the "libertarian" conclusion that all revolution is bad (liberals and libertarians) or that we need some sort of direct democracy everywhere (anarchists, marksocs, among others). Our political discourse would be a lot better if people thought less about "freedom" tbh. it's just such a mangled and incoherent concept.

also lenin's response to the mensheviks works very well here though if I quoted it anywhere else people would call it "O R W E L L I A N":

“Freedom yes, but for WHOM? To do WHAT?”