Famous Youtuber PewDiePie to lose millions for trying to pander to Aut-rightists

Famous Youtuber PewDiePie to lose millions for trying to pander to Aut-rightists


Opinions, Holla Forums? hopefully this is taken as a warning to the thousands of the new Youtube channels that have been pandering to the alt right lately. Its becoming insufferable

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It's completely obvious that Felix has joined their ranks even if people dismiss it as just a prank

he probably doesnt give a shit since he's already a millionaire

Jews are great


I hope most of these YouTubers burn.

well gee color me fucking surprised mister

I really don't think him, nor iDubbbz, are part of the alt right, or even remotely understand anything about politics.
They just do controversial shit for views.
It's the equivalent of someone smearing himself with shit and lighting himself on fire running around naked in a mall, not because it's some kind of deep political statement, but simply because he wants attention.

In their case, attention equals views and subscriptions, thus money.
They just didn't think this trough and it backfired on them.

What happened to idubbbz?

weird i remember a couple of years ago he called the swedendemocrats racist and sexist aswell as he praised the centre-right neoliberal government we had prior to 2014.

Went to visit some stupid famous bitch, wrapped his arm around her and when taking a photo with her said "SAAAY NIGGER".
And now people think he's a nazi or some shit.
When that has been his modus operandi since forever, he's essentially an edgier filthy frank.

He should have taken the PJW route. He realised Gen Z are coming of age and they want to throw their money at something.

iDubbbz definitely did it for lulz, he even posted the proof of her saying nigger, which made her look like a hypocrite.

Compare the like-to-dislike ratio on his Content Cop video:

to Tana Mongeau's video on idubbbz

And his views/subscribers statistics

to Tana Mongeau's

This is why you don't get into a fight with idubbbz.

In one of his podcasts he did just that, also praised the Moderate Party, something about the economy doing good. Can't remember which episode and I'm not gonna trawl through all the several hours of audio to find just that exact bit.

i remember i saw the link on a forum.
but when i open it know it's removed


I bet a lot of Swedes used to think that around that time but don't anymore.

wonderful news. i wish for failure for anyone who is associated with the alt-right.

Yeah we hate political incorrectness here.

game industry was a mistake
so what is he doing with all this money capital?
trying to become an actual porky like his more traditional cinema brethen?
buying shares maybe?

pewds ain't alt-right, hes a apolitical spoiled porky tax refugee manchild.
Both of his parents are millionaire CEO's and he basically built his own fortune on combining playing vidya and being a insufferable narcissist peter pan.
If he didn't have a super cute girlfriend I'd feel pity for him.
The death to all jews video was objectively funny.

what do you mean?

This honestly

Good worker

I'm pretty sure Felix (the human being who plays the Pewdiepie character on youtube) is sick of fame and just wants to be left alone with his money now.

It's only okay when we do it: The Thread

Alternatively: We love porky when he's bullying our enemies :^)

Youtube and vidya was bound to turn into marketing eventually tbh. Youtube is actively trying to turn into a marketing platform in general.

he said it was a joke and you somehow still manage to get offended

Looks like that got got away with, not only that everyone took his side, what a fucking modern day hero.

Nobody here really cares what corporations do to some overhyped faggot. He has the bourgeoise freedom of speech, with all its consequences. Don't like it? Well, there is socialism… but don't expect to live too fancy by producing braincell killing internet cancer "entertainment".
And it's not hatred towards him, it's ridicule. So his paymaster isn't happy with him for being nasty after shoving money down his throat for the longest time. Oh my, poor baby. Cry me a river.

Way to stand up for the worker

You would be shitting your pants if Google flipped and went from schizo neo-lib to hard right, and started cracking down on leftist content creators. Just like when /yourguy/ loses a debate and everything gets swept under the rug

You certainly do care what corporations do, as long as they're fighting who you see as your enemies. Grow the fuck up.

I already hate Google for standing against everything I believe in when it comes to technology.

can't believe people wase their fucking time with this shit.

Are you in all seriousness saying that this guy is an alt-right faggot and not doing stupid shit merely for attention, views and money? Are you really this delusional?

Nevermind my question. Yes, you are.
Honestly, go overdose on your ritalin.

Annoyed sage

Way to act like liberals you fucking faggots.


you're not even hiding how butthurt you are

Where did I say that? He made some fucking jokes you triggered little snowflake.
Actually, they're going to be losing money on this. Welcome to the wonderful world of corporate virtue signaling, where KILL ALL WHITES and WHAT DO WE WANT? DEAD COPS is universally praised, but making a joke is grounds for having your career ruined.

Your pets are going to turn on you soon.

You'd think Google would understand Internet.

There are plenty of people on Holla Forums that try to call themselves "satire"
Doesn't matter anyway, because I'm sure a lot of people started seeing Pewdiepie as "their guy" and he isn't the first youtuber to jump on the right-wing pandering bandwagon

You're the one whining we don't care he isn't going to get more money from google lol

Right here, you retard:

Unless you are so fucking retarded you can't stay in context of a conversation, you were literally saying this.

Maybe this is part of your plan, building up the embarrasment to motivate yourself into eating a bullet.

The irony.

Oh you're from Holla Forums. Why didn't I see this sooner.

This doesn't even deserve a new reaction image. Wew.

and what am I supposed to feel about this whole situation?
I'm a welder and I will never ever be able to buy myself a house to live in
I'm forced to give some fucking landlord a third of my wage

and here some swede guy becoming a millionaire by playing video games

I hate to be that guy, but

What makes this funnier is that Disney cut ties with him for his antisemitic statements too.

I also find it funny how the Holla Forumsack is the only one crying about his faggot youtuber while pretty much everyone else here is laughing at him.

I usually despise this language, but this just calls for it:

top fucking kek

Do you really expect to win anyone over with that?

Here's a tip, we don't want or need to suppress your speech because you've been doing a fantastic job of discrediting yourself, and are losing in the arena of ideas

Also I don't know if you're actually a false-flagging Holla Forumsyp or one of the many plebbit socdems that have come over in recent waves, but if you're being serious, I recommend getting medicated

Not an argument.

Yeah, everything must be an argument. Nice greentext and surprise boxes, you totally aren't a Holla Forumstard.

This is pure gold for Holla Forums you div, Jews ganging up on teenage icon, do you think they watch him and enjoy his content and are angry??


Yes, we like it when right-wingers get fucked and get mad when left-wingers get fucked. This is because we're not liberals obsessed with being "neutral", we actively and proudly take a side.


Yeah, everyone who disagrees with you must be a Holla Forumstard. Nice chinese cartoon and epin implications, you totally aren't a neolib.

Definitely false flagging. Yeah, we're done here, enjoy the circle jerk.

put your flag back on :^)

Yeah, a new fourth Reich will emerge from youtube not shoving some extra shekels down a swedes throat because he was a nasty boy and the advertising clients aren't happy.

HOLY SHIT what is google/disney doing. They just fucking branded a guy with 50 million subs as alt-right. This is tactically an incredibly bad idea lol

Not an argument.



just to note for all the retards in these threads. The majority of children make their political choices based on people not theory. For them to see their idol (Pewdiepie) get attacked for not being PC and just trying to be "funny", well this is going to color them greatly. How many of these kids do you think even knew what alt-right was before today? How many of them are going to look into it when they find out that some of the most powerful companies in the world and their beholden corporate media has branded their hero pewdiepie as alt-right

holy shit how do they fuck up over and over

Oh no. The horror.

I remember Milo being against "trolling" and many of the things he does now years before the rise of Holla Forums. I wonder if this retarded streamer is going to go down the same path now.

I'm genuinely confused at how you could read what I wrote and arrive at this conclusion. If you have a mental disability I would suggest not posting here. It's only going to fuck you up more

what leftist figure has pewdiepies reach amongst the most malleable of an audience, children??? for liberals trying to brand such a popular figure as alt-right is incredibly retarded. literally anyone else would have been better

Nice meme

Besides laughing at him and saying this is what's bound to happen with Internet private properties I don't know what else you want us to do.

Hi. I actually watch Felix's videos and this is much more likely due to the fact that he is a very outspoken critic of the way YouTube is managed and most of his recent videos have been about YT management or about sites running basically libelous news articles about him, beginning with him being made the face of the YouTube scandal involving paid content despite him being the most upfront about his paid content than any other personality on YouTube.

im not here attacking Holla Forums or anything. I only posted since it seems a lot of people didnt grasp the significance of what just happened. this isn't about free speech or being punished for having differing political beliefs. this was an incredible tactical error in terms of maintaining control over the narrative.

What these corps should have done was not take away money from pewdiepie or brand him as alt-right. They should have paid him even more. They should have said hey no more jew jokes here is 100k. They should have bought his fucking soul. instead they tried to make an example and of all the people to choose they had to pick the one with the biggest sub count on youtube. liberals have been fucknig up so badly for the past few years its astounding

He basically didn't but PewDiePie was attacked by the clickbait/outrage media machine about 6 months ago? And he hit back, ever since then they've been involved in this war trying to tie him to any scandal they can make about him. It's semi-organized character assassination that's accepted its own initial falsehoods as truth via consensus.

I've felt a small part of me dying when I once again realized I'm stuck on a board where fucktards prefer to talk about a YouTube e-celeb known for playing games rather than discussing the critique of Althusserl's rejection of alienation.

It's not about Jews numb nuts it's about th fact that PewDiePie is openly mutinous against YT as a company and has enough subscribers that he had been basically proving the way the system works is fake because he can notice high-level trends. For example he was the one that caught on to the fact that both "likes" and "subscriptions" no longer do anything at all and told everyone that in order to game youtubes new system they had to use the "bell" and unadvertised feature that YT clearly wanted to keep low-key.

I don't watch his videos, but when I heard about it I had a couple laughs.
I don't hate Jews or anything like that, it was clearly just some dark heh humor that got taken way too seriously.

clients just don't want negative advertisement
they want to play it safe

It's taken this way because PewDiePie told these sites calling him a racist how much he hates them back when they were frontpaging some hackjob on him for something he didn't do. Ever sense then they have been tarnishing his name is revenge. Yes, it's about ethics in journalism.

He's been really hostile to google lately and they're trying to bully him and remove his influence from the site.

You people actually believe that, don't you. You people are just as far gone as the feminists and the SJWs.

so why not ban him?
where else would he go? twich doesn't pay that good
he needs them more than they need him

It's a good troll, I can respect that.

Because there is no need to ban him? They figure if they just remove his videos from certain lists he will eventually lose influence. This is Google, the SEO, data science company.

Transcend this feeling by realizing nothing we speak about here matters at all and we're a very small community of nobodies screaming into the void.

He's not "just a YouTube celeb." He's arguably more famous than many real life celebrities. He has 53 million subscribers on YouTube. Wrap your head around that number for a minute. 53 million. Him spreading alt-right ideology to 53 million people isn't a subject worth discussing?

Or he might be trying to milk the lolcows like Google and you.

He's not spreading alt-right ideology to anyone, he's a liberal.

Pandering to aut-rightists for money and/or views is still spreading cancerous alt-right ideology. And you may be convinced that he's not an aut-rightist, and maybe he really isn't, but the aut-right certainly thinks he is: altright.com/2017/02/14/pewdiepie-is-under-attack-by-the-lying-media/

Regardless, it doesn't matter if he's a aut-right or a liberal. The aut-right can now claim he's one of their own and impressionable morons will accept that as fact. To clarify: that's 53 million people who are now potentially more receptive to the aut-right because of their defense of PewDiePie.

Stop downplaying the situation because you want to uphold Supreme Chan Culture by automatically dismissing anything to do with YouTube or Reddit.

We should radicalize him by sending him some theory

Stop. He's not a right wing fascist. Hes a ordinary person and an ordinary liberal which is so transparently obvious that the joke is that it's ridiculous to claim he's not. The alt-right doesn't think he's sincerely alt-right either. They are intentionally trying to make this fake story real, ie, meme it into reality.

IMO the joke isn't very offensive anyway but fuck anyone who makes millions playing videogames

this was all true till today when google and disney went out of their way to cancel any business they had with him and branded him as alt-right

Who gives a shit about this fag though

The only thing that's funny to me is he lost his Disney partnership, and besides ad revenue (which he will continue to get), that was his main source of income.

That part is hilarious to me. But overall this just feels like a wet fart in an auditorium. Like sure, but who gives a shit really

Felix doesn't really play videogames anymore.

the nigga said on his tumblr it was a joke, and he wasnt antisemitic


r/soc refugees were a mistake

PewDiePie is basically a completely normal person who is unnerved by his celebrity. Not only do you think it's okay for psuedo-journalists to use their pulpits to run a fake campaign to associate him with the radical right, you also think it's hilarious that innocent people can be victimized in this obscure way. Kys

Poor poor millionaire for absolutely no god damn reason pewdiepie

rip in piss

It's obviously a joke in context because he was sending a bunch of bullshit requests to some insipid 3.0 site and was expecting them all to be rejected but it turns out these banner guys couldn't read English

Oh no. Fuck him for not working a minimum wage job and be 20k in debt. Kys

Are you brainwashed

He obviously wasn't pandering to alt right. He made a joke. But try telling that to mainstream idiots who believe everything they read, including OP.
But I don't think you care. You're just shitposting here for some reason. People posting such garbage should be banned. I usually browse Holla Forums daily, but haven't in a couple of days because this garbage has taken over. Mods please step your game up or something.
You're garbage & should leave as well. Just because traffic increases doesn't mean quality has to go to the shitter.

You don't understand the game and never will if this is your attitude. Pewdiepie on his own is bigger than gamergate

Kys. I don't think people become unpersons when they reach 7 figures in their bank account, especially entertainers that make them in a clean way.

If cracking down on the swede causes him to go full jontron it's all over.


my face when this is actually just to get attention to stupid redyoutube and the "le scare pewdiepie" show they are trying to sell.
Stupid show no one watches gets canceled for "political reasons", brought back by public demand and google cashcow pewdiepie gets exonerated and cleared of all wrong doing.
cash all around

It's not even shock humor, though. Even if he didn't mean it, there's no joke in there.

Didn't he once complained about how YouTube stopped supporting as they used to and how he thinks it's because he's white

People have been posting dumb Youtuber drama, clickbait, and super low-effort threads for months now. I'm starting to get suspicious

teyre fucking edgy lmfao.


If you seriously can't see any humor in that, you need to fucking leave this place; it's not for you. Go shit up some other board.

Reading something elementary like a wikipedia article on fascism should be a pre-requirement for being allowed to post on this board.

Yeah, we have r/soccatgirl & Holla Forumswe became 3rd most pop board both targeting us for a little while now, so that's where it's coming from.

And tbh, every once in a while these threads are genuinely posted if related or interesting. but not so shittily & obvious the OP isn't from here I posted one about a week ago so we could laugh at Sargon for trying to get antifa listed by the government as a "terrorist org". But of course it turned to shit soon after we had our laughs, because of outside posters. So I won't be posting any more of those anytime soon.

These obvious Holla Forums or reddit posts have been flooding here lately though & need to be addressed. Like people seriously trying to say that Pewdiepie for 1) matters & 2) is actually alt right. Actual Holla Forums users know better, so it's obvious this OP is just shitposting nonsense.

It might be even worse, OP might not be a shitposter, but an actual paranoid reddit retard who sees fascism everywhere.

Generation Z is the most racist generation in history

In 20-30 years there will be another holocaust except there wont be because even the jews will be antisemitic and they will just kill themselfs to save the white race for the bantz

We hate right-wing demagogues, if they were evangelical christians instead of pagan/atheist neckbeards we'd hate them all the same. Political incorrectness is a buzzword.
What the fuck does that mean?
We love when Capitalist apologists get fucked by Capitalism, yep. it gives us hope that they'll learn even though they usually don't.

this makes sense.

We would, but we wouldn't be moaning about it as if someone were taking our rights away. Capitalism serves itself, you're not entitled to what it creates unless you fight for it (with violence and class struggle), there is no "fairness".

I would say that's the right answer.

A meme.



I take everything seriously. I am on the spectrum.

No, seriously.

are much more reasonable people than your average alt-right celeb today.

alt-right isn't fascism. They're just non-religious people with conservative social views.

It doesn't matter if it is a joke, the end result is that it normalizes racist rhetoric.
That doesn't mean it should be fought but acting like it's inconsequential is naive.

that would be fun. The bigger the alt-right gets the faster and harder it'll collapse.

who is webm related?

Holy shit you're fucking retarded.

He's already made millions of dollars by acting like a hyperactive spaz on camera, somehow I don't think this will affect him negatively in any real way.
If I were him, I'd just live off of the interest and find something I actually wanted to do with my life.


I live off a large interest fund but I have no need to acquire more shekels.

He sounds like a faggot.

He's not alt-right or racist. That's how he's being victimized by a malicious media– they are carrying out these attacks on him.


Except… PewDiePie isn't a right wing demogauge!

He was obviously just saying it to get the aut right crowd. Saying "it was just a joke" might be true to the extent that he doesn't personally believe it, doesn't excuse trying to pander to fascists by going "lol but I don't believe in my racist content really, it was just an attempt to make money off of racist rhetoric"

It's fucking hilarious that he got cut though. The dude has always been a disingenuous money grubbing piece of shit.

No. This is another example of these clickbait rags lying about what he says. He does complain about YT screwing with its system and obscuring the way it operates from its users and *mockingly* says its because he's white. That is, he was mocking people who claim they are being racially targeted according to their whiteness using an advanced rhetorical technique called talking in a sarcastic tone of voice.

He's obviously not.

he had over 40 million subs before trump even announced dude.

Lmao @ the PewDiePie defenders ITT. Nerds.

This better be satire. If not, Jesus Christ, go back to reddit.

Take this guy with you.

le joke


What's really interesting about this, is that if his sign had said "death to all white males" he wouldn't have lost any backing whatsoever.

Makes you think…

I agree, it's a bit of a leap to label them as Holla Forums tier

Kinda right actually.

Neither do Holla Forumstards, ha ha ha.

I love Jews!

Some context on this: youtube.com/watch?v=JLNSiFrS3n4

a "Normal person" under capitalism is the bourgeois subject in total conformity to the system

fuck off


interesting that disney, a racist as fuck company who never apologized for its past, cancelled a contract over this.
idgaf about some shitty youtuber though.

I'm surprised it took this long. He was like this 100% the entire time and it took Porky this long to notice.

I don't care what happens to him financially, but it'll be fun to see how he profits from this controversy.
He does have a good knack for coming out on top when people want him shut down.

This no-platforming crap only confirms their persecution complex.

Since JonTron is alt-right now we should attempt to meme the Game Grumps into the Gommie Grumps.

Danny and Ross would be the place to start.

It does but that raises the question "So what?" Literally anything would validate their persecution complex. Companies severing with him is persecution. Companies staying with him but taking him aside and asking him to tone down the "death to all Jews" stuff is persecution. Doing nothing and Pewdiepie making fewer aut-right videos because he got bored is persecution. The only question is if anyone else gives a fuck..

You sound like a faggot.

This, I think, is the real problem with movements like the alt-right. There's such a low threshold for them declaring victory it makes defeating them incredibly difficult if not almost impossible. All they have to do is claim that they "triggered" the liberals/SJWs/leftists/whatever and they can proclaim victory to their adoring followers.

Good. Hopefully they cancel the rest of YouTube Red, too.


yeah lets look at youtubes founders
This surname is derived from a geographical locality. 'of Hurley,' a parish in Berkshire, near Maidenhead. This surname is very strongly represented in the New York Directory, but as Dennis, Michael, Cornelius, Patrick, and other popular Irish personal names are generally found as the prefix, it is hardly necessary to state that a large number of the instances are of Hibernian origin.
nice try pol