Social Rejects

I've been browsing Holla Forums for some time now.
I've seen all manner of subjects being discussed here, some generate more shitposting, some less, but generally speaking i consider this one of the boards where regulars are most inclined to actually discuss shit instead of dropping it dismissively for whatever reason.

But there is ONE THING on this fucking board that every single time, regardless of the nature of the thread it's mentioned in, always causes the same reaction of genuine anger, snobby dismissal, almost uniform rejection: social rejects, NEETs, otakus, video game addicts and the like, people that are extremely socially malajusted for various reasons and don't fit in.
Every time this group of people in our society is mentioned here, you can always bet on multiple people immediately shitting on them and insulting them without any second thoughts.

This fascinates me because within various imageboards, this behaviour only really happens here.
Holla Forums is the only board on a site such as this i can think of where this rejection is so common, and so quick to happen, every time.

I need to break this down and understand why it happens, what's the real cause.
Is it because social rejects over the years have become the main driving force of Holla Forums, and fall prey to Holla Forums spooks especially easily, so Holla Forums has learned to distrust and hate them on sight?
Is it because most of Holla Forums sees themselves as socially adjusted, and thus see social rejects as the polar opposite of the kind of person that should browse the board?
I need to know, i need to understand what's really happening here, because it's such a strange behaviour compared to any other board that it MUST have some sort of deeper meaning to it.

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This one is correct. I came here more optimistic about our ability to reach out to people. I, and I think the rest of the board, has learned the hard way that these people are beyond reach at best, and really just the lowest, most repugnant parasites at worst.

No, personally, all of the socially inept people I've met are, by and large, horrible people. College really fucked me up with that - if you can't keep your shit under control, then you deserve to whine about being lonely.

Aren't most people here social rejects as well?

I've never seen anyone get mad about neets here, especially since there seem to be a lot here anyway

Love these threads.

That's fine, i can understand that, but on these sites they're the vast majority.
It's safe to say that normies are more numerous on other sites such as reddit (i understand reddit leftist boards have retarded rules that push people here, but it's reasonable to say most normies don't even know about this site in the first place).

So wouldn't it make more sense to spend more time and effort reeling in these individuals and converting them, instead of letting them get absorbed by Holla Forums, thus allowing Holla Forums to consume on them infinitely expanding like an unstoppable tumor?

It's one of the biggest sources of "fuel" for Holla Forums, it seems so weird to me that Holla Forums happily rejects them on sight, pushing them right into Holla Forums to give them even more numbers.

You would think so, but no, i've seen a shit ton of people here openly rejecting them and shitting on them.
Either people on Holla Forums consider themselves more socially adjusted, or they straight up choose not to be self aware on this specific topic.

Holla Forums: The outcasts who want to reshape society in a way so that the downtrodden and oppressed can finally learn happiness

Holla Forums: The socially successful who wish to reinforce current social statuses (unrelated to class) and enact "survival of the fittest" so all the people they don't like suffer or are killed

I've never been discriminated against because of the dimensionality of my waifu.>>1371514

I understand this is bait but this part is what cracks me up the most:

5 minutes on Holla Forums "villains that did nothing wrong" threads will make the real situation pretty clear.


NEETs are people that Capitalism has no purpose for, and will have an obligation to work under socialism. This is literally the best cure that anyone can possibly offer them. Whereas Holla Forums wants to deal with them by calling them degenerates and sticking them all in ovens, we offer them a choice (most likely) of many different jobs that will suit their abilities, which they can derive a sense of personal accomplish, meaning, and a set of abilities from.

I agree, it's depressing.

I find that outcasts tend to suffer the most whenever society is 'reshaped'.

We should all be NEETs. Capitalism can't survive without wage labor.

Taking animu and vidya away from NEETs, where Holla Forums enables them and even gives them more dank memes to shitpost their buddies with and form a fake personality and pretend social groups with pretend nazis, is not something that will attract them in any way.

It's the equivalent of two people offering something to a kid, one offers them a bitter medicine, the other offers the kid candy.
The medicine might actually help the kid, but all the kid understands is that it's bitter.
The candy doesn't do jack shit for the kid health, but all the kid understands is that it's sweet.
So he goes for the candy.

The problem isn't with NEETS, as they're victims of capitalism, but their attitude towards their misery.
It ranges from apathy and self loathing to genuine celebration of their status raised to the status of a "culture".

You can be a neet, but punks as well as defeatists are part of the lowest of scum.

Read Marx.

Neets (permanent unemployed), prostitutes and criminals are Lumpen proletariat.

They have absolutely no stakes or allegiance with the well being of the working class. In fact people like the Mafia or even Neets who get autism bucks from the state, even benefit from the Capitalist status quo.

I would sacrifice 100 Neets for 10 workers on our side.

What? They can go about conducting whatever leisure they like in their free time as long as they fulfill their obligation to work.

The "workers" you're trying to attract don't spend their free time on cantonese pictogram imageboards.

Alarm clock beeping
Wagecucks weeping
Time for floor sweeping
And burger fIipping
While NEETs are still sleeping

Put on your slave collar
Each hour you earn a dollar
Your dignity level grows ever smaller
Better run fast when customers holler
While the NEET is being a baller

with your lack of reading comprehension you wouldn't even be able to get a job if you genuinly tried

Status quo is hardly the best for people who don't benefit from it

They're lost and it's a waste of time. It's a tactical decision rather than one borne out of inherent hatred. Because what it would take to get a robot, someone with crippling autism who clearly despises women, to go left would drive off most women supporters and normalfag men we could get. I'd much rather recruit from a signifigantly larger group of people.

Good. Let Holla Forums take in the fat neckbeards and show their faces as representative of nationalism. It makes skinny twinks like muke look good, and makes decent looking leftists look lime 11/10 Demigods.

The delusion it takes to reconcile fascism or lolbert conservatism with empowering the downtrodden is ideology on the tier of 6 gorgillion PragerU videos.

Sure. But historically the alternative offered to most of those is death.

Interesting. Himmler said something very similar to this. Was the NSDAP the true beta uprising all along?

Well alright, i guess that makes sense and sheds some light on this behaviour.
It's sad, but it seems necessary and reasonable.

This is why Holla Forums dominates Holla Forums

Indeed it was.
If you want to learn about Hitler's childhood, this book is really good. Hitler wanted everyone to have a gf and not be subject to female cherrypicking.
I'm not saying that Hitler would've posted on imageboards, but if the technology existed at the time…

haha virginfag loser rofl kys

wow ur so smart n intellectual

Both are virgin social outcasts that do nothing. But one is a "problem" and the other isn't. gee wiz!

A couple of generations ago reading a lot of books got you laid.

Or, well, more specifically, claiming to have read a lot of books.
Purchasing tons of them and putting them on your shelves and showing them to the chicks you were trying to bang definitely helped.


you're a bunch of muh privileged cunts who don't need to work in order to stay alive.

Why are you bourgeois Marxists so sneering towards the poor?

I'm socally adjusted but not successful
Socialism is about society and NEETS do not like to live in society, they know that in socialism they will need to get a job, go outside and behave properly
But socially adjusted people like me and hopefully most of Holla Forums will no longer be alienated from their labor and so live life at its fullest.


I'm completely fine with neets, Vidya addicts, weebs etc.

But the ones who sperg out endless about getting cucked and Chad and Jamal and Stacy should be ridiculed till they fuck off back to r9k imo

Because we are from reddit, we don't really want to associate with the NEET filth born from the chans.


No that's just lefty/pol/ in a nutshell and no amount of JoJo posting is going to convince anyone otherwise after that massive influx.

Go back to r/the_donald.

Forgot to post this

Only if you come with me to reddit and stay.

I was only pretending to be retarded.

… huh?!

I am a total NEET 'autist' but also a communist.

The left-wing, unlike any right-wing ideology, seems to actually be empathic towards the downtrodden, mentally ill, etc.

Why is leftypol so different in this matter? I'm just a social outcast. Not Literally Hitler.

I'm a social reject technically as I used to be chadish and then fucked it all up I wouldn't say I hate neet videogame addicts because I never reallu meet them. Also the only one I know also gets mad pussy so he doesn't really fit the profile

only the poor of cognition, they deserve to be taunted

I don't understand it either. Even though done unconsciously, the theoretical critique of the capitalist system I've seen among weebs is extremely similar to the one often seen on Holla Forums, except it is not done in a professional manner. I've seen it all, arguing against the exploitation(synonyms to the surplus value included), property rights and even market exchange and production for profit once or twice. Notably I also noticed that Holla Forums never caused such move to the right on weeb boards, likely due to the bigger awareness of the shittiness of the economic system which can't get substituted by "kikes invented feminism which is why you can't get laid" as easily as on more normalfag boards like Holla Forums or Holla Forums.
I guess the retarded hostility I see popping up here and there is generated by elitist faggots who submit to the spook of workerism and I gladly shit on them

other way around

/a/ is reactionary as fuck due to absorbing reactionary traditionalist Japanese morals from their anime.

Has it gotten that bad? I hang out with people who are less normalfag than /a/ so I'm not sure how bad it has gotten.

Most weebs or /v that aren't from North America or Europe, align with socdem or socialism, haven't seen commies

I'm ok with our /a/ because the maids delete tons of posts and bumplock threads that aren't about anime/are derailing threads about anime.
It's bad for free speech, but it's awesome for actually discussing anime and manga on the anime and manga board.
Really wouldn't mind if someone gulag'd Mark and started doing the same for Holla Forums.
An apolitical board about a specific hobby is better than a board filled with off topic garbage.
If one wants to discuss politics we have two dedicated boards for that, after all.

That's because some people on Holla Forums are still bound by ideology, more specifically the interpretation of the world when compared to people who do not give a shit about XIX century philosophers. A supporter of NEETdom who does not care about politics would say
and so on. Such explanation is based on gut feeling and does not fully align with more defined and properly conceptualized worldview. I don't think if the elitist fucks on this board would look down on him if he said


NEETs don't seem to get trash talked outside of threads like these, where are few witless spergs bang on about the revolutionary potential of lumpenproles despite the fact Stalin was a dirt poor racketeer who robbed banks and assassinated people for the Bolsheviks.


Threads like these are why I don't think the left is for me sometimes.

Sad really. I've been left wing most of my life but I've always disliked most leftists and this thread is confirming my suspicions.

Leftists are unbearably normie, sneering, cruel, arrogant, facetious, sex-obsessed, rich, extroverted, drug-obsessed, music-obsessed, materialistic, spiteful, cliquey, intrusive, petty-bourgeois, smug and condescending.

Just as bad as rightists it seems.

We're just regular workers. You're just an outcast trying to find somewhere to fit in

And you wonder why Holla Forums is so popular

ha, pretty much all hardcore leftists I see are middle class students and bourgeois posers

especially the unbearable twitter/tumblr/reddit clique that's currently shitting up this board

Why do you think this? Because we're making fun of you?

They'll probably change their tune when they realise that the only time they're going to get any traction is when they all start losing their jobs.
You see it a lot in Britain, the autistic rantings of people ITT are a mainstay of right wing propaganda and eventually when the layoffs happen and hard times hit all their chickens will come to roost with classcucks shouting "I pay muh taxes" and depriving them of welfare and using the same shit they've been spouting here against them. Irredeemably stupid booksmart nerds with little grasp of politicking tbh, it's a recurring theme here and on the rest of the actual left (Grieves is probably the ultimate example of this).

I have legit never met a worker who identifies as "Worker", it sounds like some how do you do bullshit.

We have the same gripes with this board. That's why I've stopped coming to Holla Forums the past few months. I'm probably giving Holla Forums too much credit if I start thinking it's some really covert raid where they try to dumb down discussion.
The same could be said for communities in general though. I haven't been to /a/ or Holla Forums for years now because those communities suck as well.
NEETing is very leftist though, I should pick up Right to be Lazy some time now.

Read something other than marx, lumpens are the most revolutionary class. The luckier of the proles are going to be considerably more pampered and less likely to have motivation for a classless society because the lumpens and dirt poor exist to inflate their self esteem.

no, yes, yes, yes, no, no that's you, no, no, yes, yes, in the marxist sense yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, and yes.

Woah dude I mean WOAH

Do not give up and continue shitting on them for being normalfags from /r/socialism, together we shall purge this board from the workerist scum.

The elitist mentality clouds empathy for others.


Fuck the cucked and proud faggots pretending they are down with the fellow peasants. NEETs and other lumpens are pretty much always fully integrated with working class communities. They're joined at the hip because if you weren't a LARPing liberal redditor you would know that they're the friends and family of workers, because that's how society is structured. Luckily for lumpens you classcucked faggots haven't put them into workhouses/camps yet.

Don't be a faggot, workerfags.

Christ you people are fucking stupid.

No wonder you're losing to the 'alt-right,' you bunch of conceited cunts.

the perfect synthesis

We're not losing to them in the real world. We're losing to capitalists.


neet here. Current neet culture is irredeemable consumerist aids. I demand a return to crust punks.

In any event there's nothing wrong with being a neet but there's nothing good either.

In that case, you'll need all the help you can get.

Yes, you are losing you glue sniffing cock sucker.

he sounds just like no gf nazi

I see more people shitting on people shitting on NEETs than people shitting on NEETs

Not an argument defeatist
NEETS deserve to be a part of the revolution as much as anyone else

Sure but they need to drop the corporate cocksucking.

Entire culture is irredeemable consumerist aids thanks to capitalism you retard.



These are all the posts out of 83 replies shitting on NEETs, excluding the few obvious Holla Forums retards. The rest is people defending NEETs and trying to bait the mostly tiny faction of workerists (I guess this is what we're calling them now).

Can we kill this Holla Forums hates NEETs thing now? It seems to be cropping up repeatedly but even as a NEET I've hardly ever noticed it outside of a few people baiting and being your average workproud wanker.

Socialism it's a workers movement. There's no place for parasite leeches on such movement.

If you're not doing at least one of these then why do you deserve to be a part of anything

And I don't even mean having to pay to be in school or whatever. Books are free, either online or in libraries

So if you're an actual NEET just sitting and consuming pop culture and doing nothing to learn or teach yourself anything new then what good are you

Sorry, only the entire popular culture rather than the entire culture as if it makes a difference anymore

No *officially recognized state education
No *wageslavery
No *wageslavery training

Yeah who needs help for the revolution, fuckface?

Read a fucking book you stupid leftcom.

Consider emancipating the planet from your stupidity.

It does. There's no reason for them to continue being corporate cocksuckers once they get that class consciousness.

Amazing that you idiots advocate socialist revolution while completely disregarding some of your most obvious allies.

As if 90% of this board isn't filled with NEETs anyway. Fuck's sake.

So it's okay if they pirate animus?

There are currently 7 posts in this thread that agree with what you wrote, you stupid fucking Holla Forumsack. I see how important it is you push this narrative though.

You're the fucking bourgie one here, cunt

If you're unaffected or unconcerned by unemployment, you're a rich fag that will need to be liquidated

Naturally, we all must apply for detestable jobs, sell our labour power to the capitalists without an exception and patiently wait for the second coming of Jesus Revolution™

Yes but no more console war shitposting.

7 compared to how many posts shitting on NEETs?

I know you're not this stupid, you cherry-picking little faggot. And yet you whine about me pushing a 'narrative' when all the evidence is out in the open.

Fuck off.

Who the fuck buys anime?

It's incredibly hard to feel sympathy for people who, as a subgroup, whine and whine about how oppressed/bullied/harassed they were growing up and how badly they're treated by society at large and then left to their own devices as recently grown adults bask in their ability to hate on any other subgroup possible and just lick the boots of the exact same bullies they claim to hate. I've honestly lost track of how many Holla Forums types I've seen praise Trump to high heaven as if he wouldn't actively be giving their kind swirlies or stuffing them into lockers back in his own school days. It's the most infuriating mix of sniveling, pathetic groveling and unearned superiority complexes based only on loose association, and beyond being unconscionable as a mentality it's just contemptible in how lowly and pathetic their whole worldview is.


I'm not the one too stupid to be hired, educate, or train myself.

NEETS, incels, weebs, gamers, and other social reject dorks need to either be bullied out of existence or be isolated from the rest of society. perhaps stick them along with the SJW and "fem"inists and let them kill each other off

reclusive behavior is the first step towards trashcan theory and ideology.

Seven, you lazy illiterate. There are seven (7) posts explicitly shitting on the entirety of NEETs. I know none of your board has ever picked up a book in your life but at least go to the effort to read some of the posts before replying, it may help Holla Forums not being around 90% reposted replies if more of you pick it up as a habit.

It's time to stop falseflagging my friend.

You're too stupid to form an argument though, so I have very little idea what you trained yourself for beyond picking up an apprenticeship in wiping down tables or flipping burgers.

No you little faggot, that's not what you said.

You said there were seven posts agreeing with 'what I wrote,' which was shitting on the stuck-up idiots shitting on NEETs.

Stop lying.

fuck off twitter liberal

You took it to mean I meant the latter half of your post. Why would I lie and then end up with a coincidentally completely sensical alternative explanation for my lie? Get a brain m80

I had a job for four years as soon as I left home it was kinda shite mate
I ain't going back to that

A lot of people on here are socially incapable, as any of the various horoscope of personal blog threads will show you. So if you insult anyone on here by calling him a [insult geared towards social reject], it will likely hit home.

People are so often insulted for being social rejects here because for many of us are, making it an effective insult. That's all.


exhibit a, everyone


Seems that thin line of lumpenporlentariots is getting thicker.


If you vote anything other than 'Potential revolutionaries,' you're an imbecile.

Are you a christian? Selling your labour power and your free time in order to survive is not something to be proud of.


Stop replying, you thin-skinned little infant.

>Stop replying
>you thin-skinned little infant.
>One delicious (You) for me


inb4 marx

If you don't have to sell your labor, you're not a worker. If you live off neetbux and your parents, even if you have to eat ramen, you aren't a worker.


It's not about selling your labor it's about earning your bread.
If you eat and don't work that means that you are leeching someone else and while selling your labor might not be something to be proud of, being a leacher it's something despicable.

If you're unaffected or unconcerned by unemployment, you're a rich fag that will need to be liquidated


You smug cunts are exactly why people hate the left.

Good thing you have zero self-insight, even by comparison to the average Holla Forumstard.

Kill yourself. It can only benefit your movement.

neets are not revolutionary. they are products of imperialism

You seem thin skinned friendo :^)

Do not reply to this post, or there will be hell to pay!

Well, this might be true. Capitalist wage system is great at nuttering worker's spirit.

You're a moralizing faggot is what you are cunt

Greaves pls go

berhabs the unemployed are unemployed because they're literally useless
grunt work is for robots, workers need not apply

Reading this made me angry.

Not only are you implying things like 'music-obsessed' and 'sex-obsessed' are bad things like a spooked classcuck, but what's worse is you seem to be one of those fucking retards that judge an ideology not on the ideas and theory alone but by the type of people who follow it.

Read a book, make up your own mind and failing that kill yourself


So they should sell their labour power in capitalist society because that's a more ethical choice?

it's not us, it's you

is this what 8ch is always like when people are at work?

Hey, I admit it. Your utter idiocy and lack of self-awareness annoys me.

tell me how any objection to this isn't a moral spook

it's worked for me in the past

Some of you seem to think that all NEETs are just a result of capitalism alienation and the natural process of the "surplus labor" embed on capitalism, well that might be the case in some few instances but from what I've seem I'm willing to bet that most NEETs are actually the result of some mental problem, usually autism+aspergs that renders them completely unable to function on society and by society I mean any society be it socialism, capitalism, nazism, whatever, they simply won't fit in anywhere because they are truly despicable people and come the revolution they'll probably be sent to the gulags because they will be unable to work due to their condition.

Damn kekkats. That's an ancient meme right there fam

That's it, you replied to me when I told you not to and now I am mad as hell. I don't know how long you've been visiting these forums, kid, but I'm quite the name around here and I demand respect. This community is built on respect and I don't think you will last around here long if you carry on the way you've been going. Consider yourself warned.

and he summoned quads for me

As if you snivelling little weaklings would do any better.

Still hiding behind le irony?

You have more in common with 'Holla Forums' than you think.

Because being useless is highly subjective and by another definition you could be useless and disposable

pleas justify that

Still hiding behind talking like an ironic redditor coupled with a passive aggressive rhetorical question?

You have more in common with 'reddit' than you think.

I'm not joking, you have absolutely no self-awareness whatsoever.

not an argument, fuck off scum

my post wasn't an argument, yours was just evidence

Self awareness of what?

They abandoned the work force in order to enter a life of the spectacle.
They're probably the next class if automation takes hold and we get a successful ubi.

holy shit literally just fuck off porky

this thread is why the left is fucking dead; full of upper class rich kids larping and bashing the poor

ultraliberal teenage runts

Regardless of the NEETs' actual status
Nice, I've finally seen the day when some faggot on Holla Forums admits he wants to gas gulag the undesirables


gulaging capitalists, reactionaries, imperialists is fine

gulaging workers and the unemployed because you don't like them isn't

the people advocating gulaging neets will be the first ones shot

give me a reason why useless NEETS deserve to live more than a dog. at least dogs are cute and mpeople enjoy being around them. you could even train them help you work on things and they would only be happier.

neets, on the otherhand… what purpose do they serve to anyone? they take resourses and provide absolutely nothing other than lulz for slightly less reclusive shitposters. you ask them to do something ans they just groan about it and continue doing nothing, maybe they'll shout memes at you "ironically" because they think it's funny. This theocentric moralfag idea of unconditional human worth has absolutely no basis. you're meat like everyone else, just useless meat.

all Holla Forums asks for is that you shitpost on various social media platforms and you will be accepted.

come home NEETs, come home

NEETs will become the bulk of the population once automation comes and the worker becomes invalidated by machines.

Of how much of a hypocritical, fart sniffing, cock sucking faggot that you are, hiding behind your ebin irony to pretend you were never serious in the first place.

Please just fucking kill yourself. Please.

Hm actually OP I don't buy this premise because there are many leftists with shitty social skills, myself included.

>War to the death against the rich and their hangers-on, the bourgeois intellectuals… ‘He who does not work, neither shall he eat’ – this is the practical commandment of socialism… [Our] common aim [is] to clean the land of Russia of all vermin, of fleas – the rogues, of bugs – the rich, and so on and so forth.

If don't work, you go to the gulag.
Deal with it.

You could instantly become a NEET overnight

holy shit you can you call yourself a communist and not realise this? it's nothing to do with morality you edgelord nihilist.

you are worthless to capitalists. if you are a capitalist, which i suspect you might be, you're a class enemy


We do not in the society where each receives his share according to his contribution, but rather in that of exploitation by the capitalists, so what those who currently refuse to work have to gain by working in the current society?

Well they are. They're stupid and pathetic and get in the way of real issues. They're for posers who only care about their social standing, and those who love to suck off their hipster, metropolitan petty bourgeois buddies in drug ridden circles.
Yes, why wouldn't I? There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It says a lot about an ideology when you look at the type of person that follows it.

I do read plenty. I synthesise my reading with my observations to come to ideological conclusions. There are many leftists and leftist ideologies that are utterly fucking awful, and deserve to be annihilated.

No, it's definitely you. The left is full of awful, awful people and until it changes, it will get nowhere, and deservedly so.

Wow rude. I have been nothing but courteous and forthcoming in my replies and I see no need for you to be so openly hostile. I don't think you would talk to someone like that in person so I don't feel like there is any need to do so in this social setting. Regardless, I think it's abundantly clear there is nothing else to gain from this conversation so I will be the bigger person and wish you good day.

you just described the ideology of Holla Forums NEETs, not NEETs in general.

That is so stupid it hurts. You think poor people don't enjoy sex or started most of the musical movements in America?

Yes I get it, fuck off idiot.

But you see if they're having fun that in not having they aren't really revolutionary

i could, but i have other skills that are actually valuable to society. therefore, it would be stupid for society to do away with me
1. i'm not a communist
2. this has no conflict with communism, if so please feel free to cite your source
really? it doesn't? because the idea of literally wasting resources because reasons sure as hell isn't logical
according to what? justify that.
if you are a capitalist, which i suspect you might be, you're a class enemy
what the fuck are you gonna do, type at me?

What's the point you're trying to make? You want everyone in field taking over factories with guns?

The traditional right wing will shit on us for being in their view lazy, irresponsible and spending too much time on child like hobbies. The middle-class leftists will shit on us for being in their view uneducated, stupid, socially inept, losers with regressive views and disgusting sexual tastes. I'm not sure which is worse.

Normalfags, please go.

That is the most accurate description of Holla Forums I've ever seen.



If you read dense communist theory and sacrifice normalfag media and talking points for actual worthwhile shit you are a fucking social reject, even more so than a video game addict or otaku with the same social skills and healthy lifestyle.

Educate yourself bro. You're sitting at home all day you may as well

pls respond

Jesus christ friend, fuck off with this moralist bullshit.
If you honestly think that people who don't want to *work* should be gulaged/walled, then you should be walled.

There's a difference between work and labour. I can't say for 100%, but I think most NEETs don't mind labour (i.e. cleaning, cooking, repairing shit, etc.), they just don't want to go to a shitty dingy workshop for 8 - 10 hours a day, have a manager yell in their face for most of it, and then go home to a shitty, cold as fuck house with hardly any food.

If you want to romanticize shit shoveling, then I suggest you come to the farms and shovel some shit. (shit shoveling being the stand in for work in general.)



My point is that the objection to others having interest in sex or drugs or anything really appears to be more sour grapes on the part of isolated neets than principled objection to senseless hedonism

What causes neetdom, but the shittiness of modern day culture, jobs and lack of opportunity? Not to imply work, in of itself is a good thing, only that most people don't desire to live such a life thanks to the inherit lonliness and social ostrasizing. But overtime, the social necessity of work will go away with automation. The BIG problem we should emphasize is what capitalism will do with this technology. Pic very much related. Hell, even if robo-waifus are invented under capitalism, they would have planned obsolescence and cost a fortune.

No, we have to show that these issues, though they have a multitude of origins are not NATURAL, they are the result of human decisions. whatsmore, the issue isn't getting smaller, more and more people are becoming alienated and isolated through this process! There is a possibility for them to make a political difference, to find a way to deal with the larger issues behind their loneliness, and fight for themselves!

Right now, I'm writing a series of essays that I'm hoping will hammer these points in, an examination of loneliness in the depths of modernity and what positive forces this loneliness is capable of producing to act upon its owners and society at large. I have about 2000 words atm, planning for about 15,000.

I respect you

holy shit are you non-ironically retarded or do i need to sit here and explain meme words to you. lurkmoar faggot.

Really it seems like people ITT are failing to distinguish between people that are NEET because of economic or other such circumstances and hikkikomori who could potentially find work or whatever but elect not to.

Not that I can blame them


Work not be appealing and work not being available are related issues. Capitalism relies upon a large unemployed base to drive down labor costs, as well as a multitude of boring, dangerous and generally unsatisfying jobs to operate.

You fucks are complaining about anti-social NEETS, but Yuppies are the real parasites.

I fucking hate this worthless city so much. I can't wait for civil war to break out and see every one of the yuppie fucks against the wall

i forgot the massive revolutionary potential of Let's Plays.

Exactly. It's just petty competitive mentality.

I hope we can.

I expect it from the right but it's depressing how many leftists have it

At this point I'm leaning towards saying the left is worse, sadly.

His "work" produced fuck of all social value.

I don't care if they do. It does nothing for socialism. Especially when those things become tools to beat people over the head for not partaking in.

I hate the culture of the left.

There're gulags enough for all comrade.

This is important because a lot of faggots here literally think they're going to be ivory tower theorists who tell people to read bookchin or getting fat from their academic feminism career while the NEETs die in the streets with a cheap rifle in hand.

Yall should read Mark Fisher. NEETs are extreme examples of alienation under capitalism.

bourgeoisie are unemployed too, lad



I'm actually a NEET and my gf is somewhat rich, so, there's no actual need for me to work ever.

If you advocate automation and competition that much, you'll be removed one day too. You are not special.
Then leave
It does, since you represent capitalism
Ah, you see your flaw is believing humanity and the world runs on perfect logic. The world is not a circuit-board. Shit happens. Again, you're not special. If you try to take resources from others, you will and should have yours removed.
All that matters is them maximising their profits.

They won't be allowed to, the ivory towers will force them into commie bootcamp and videogames will be banned from discussion while in service to create bloodthirsty frustrated NEET-warriors.


I have zero fucking interest in theory personally. Boring as fuck. Would much rather fight in a conflict like the Spanish Civil War than write obscure journals or make youtube vids.

Stop glorifying work.

That's another thing that bugs me about the left. The cult of labour.

This thread shows people don't try to see things from another perspective and ultimately just end up strawmanning them.Most NEETs are mentally ill,most NEETs can't work in the current workforce and need help and this help usually costs thousands,people see them as useless and lazy and that they should die so tell me why wouldn't they develop an hatrid of 'normies'.It's not hard to see from the amount of suicide threads on places like /r9k/ that this isn't a truly self imposed lifestyle by otherwise healthy people.

As for why NEETs tend to drift towards the alt-right it's a two fold thing that is partly an ideology that makes them rpud of race and other things and for people who often times have a room filled with empty beer cans and piss bottles it's not like they have much to be proud of.The second part is that it's just a meme,people like to be edgy online for attention and /pol. has an active community of shitposting.You also have the spread of Holla Forums into the wider internet infecting these other boards and sites that influence the rest of the group via shouting down opposing opinions and group think that makes people tend towards what the rest of the group believes.

NEETs are mostly socialialy isolated for being inately 'wrong' to wider society,most are poor and live off of government handouts.They are alienated from society and are resentful towards it with insular toxic communities,such as /r9k/, creating this codependency of hatred as these are the only people who understand what they go through.I'm sure if you met a NEET irl you'd see that really all they need is conciliating,understanding and a little love.

t.a NEET who want's to die :)


I feel you comrade. Well said.

Study after study links psychological well being with work, not getting paid, but work itself. This is completely sensible based on an examination of tribal societies. Humans derive their sense of purpose from what they produce and contribute to the tribe, as well as the excellency of their craftsmanship.

Not saying people don't need downtime, but a fucking job is central to psychological health.

thanks man.Most of this whole thread is just people throwing shit at each other.A little empathy goes a long way


t. another NEET who wants to die

Correction, most NEETs are not allowed to work.

You can't even interview for a job hauling boxes around without being subjected to psychiatric tests anymore under modern theories of management.

Why? Doesn't appeal to me at all.

The idea of work just makes me groan. Never had a job and don't really want one. I feel no desire to be an excellent craftsman.


that as well.But I mean as part of a functioning work force.When you have literally no drive to walk to the loo for a piss but lean over and pick up that empty 2lr bottle and piss in that instead it can be hard to motivate yourself to get a job and do that job.Let alone the social aspect of working around people all day

This thread has only reinforced my hatred of NEETs.

There has to be a difference between Anti-social rejects and NEETS.

so much for the tolerant left :^)

i know, why would i expect them to let me mooch?
that's neither a source, nor a counterargument
that has absolutely nothing to do with what i said. tell me how wasting resources isn't a moral decision
and that requires workers you dense, arm flapping weapon

You're just being a retard at this point.

When I've actually had jobs it's usually not been as much of a problem as you'd think. Once you're actually at work and can't leave its easier to just go along with it until the day is over. Only real motivation issue is corps that freak out when you're 61 seconds late.

Of course the motivation issues do completely ruin any attempt to self-employ as an alternative.


Nice meme

leave, then.

so what are you arguing then

because this is a lefty board

resources can be allocated however want. nothing to do with logic.

for now

I don't want to try it because it sounds fucking awful and I know I wouldn't cope

I can help out my family, that's about it

so what are you arguing then
scroll up
if it has nothing to do with logic, it is a moral decision. they want to do it because they think it is right to do so.

That's what everyone says before they try shoving a dick up their ass sweetie. Then the next thing you know they're a cock-addicted butt slut.

What? This happens even in 90% NEET boards.

sounds like someone's talking from experience

self sage for off topic.Dude you haven't lived until one day while horny af you shove a carrot up your ass and it hits that sweet spot stimulating your prostate


They won't have to stay with you for economic reasons either.

Good, sick of feminists claiming that women have no agency in dating and men are sick rapist overlords who control the relationship with money, even while they willingingly skip out on you for more of it.

wew you've got some pent up issues, lad.

Females are too stupid to understand the revolutionary aspects of being a neet and will drop a comrade like myself for some rich chad with a job in an office because she thinks she's better than ramen noodles funded by neetbux

Everyone was just really, really, really fucking depressed about the current circumstances.

You're probably just memeing here,but the reason that women act the way they do in the dating scene is because of the culture we exist in.They are influenced by the media which makes them more likely to act this way.Now obviously this is not all women

doubt it

even "feminist" women seem to hate shy, weak, feminine and anxious men and just pursue Chad

This is why. You being miserable to be around is nobody's fault but your own. The mass majority of people are exploited as well, but most of us don't end up like you.

that's because you have special normie abilities

hmmm, no thanks

I assume by this you mean third wave feminists ,most of that shit is just a very select few,same with "SJW want to kill all white people".I'm sure if you actually went and talked to women you might realise that some of them are pretty nice people


fucking rofl

What's the point of a slave collar if you can take it off and put it on? Please put more effort on your poetry.

I think a lot of the hate OP comes from the sole fact that every NEET by nature of their existence is more of a revolutionary than the larpers here

i'm not a massive turd. i'm pretty quiet and polite. i just have no social skills, am facially unattractive, unappealing to women, don't like socialising for very long, have little money and don't like spending anything, have no real hobbies that would lead to me meeting women, hate myself and have too many problems to even care about any more

seriously this thread has put me off the left more than anything else i've ever seen. might just give up on politics for good if this is what i have to expect.

you don't fucking understand and you never, ever will. i fucking hate you and all people like you go. fuck off fuck off fuck off

bye bye

Why are you doing this to yourself?

hmm… I dunno. Like, not having to kill yourself when the sources you leech from dry out. Being able to eat, dress yourself, sleep under a roof. Stuff like that.

well it still puts me off. same with the false rape accusals that go around. it's too scary.

And until then?

hey dude,I know how you feel.Probably some combination of anxiety/depression/autism has led you to become sad isolated and alone.You've them become bitter and resentful because of this.Women make up 1/2 of people on the planet and if you think every single one is a vapid self absorbed bitch then you should realise that this is a self imposed belief and a result of unhealthy mental attitudes and a very bad mental situation.

I know that you might think that you are a worthless piece of shit who has no redeeming qualities,but you probably have a lot more to give than you I know that sounds like a pointless platitude and I don't know what it's like to sit alone at 3am staring at a screen in dark room and you introspectively think and realise you should be dead but I do understand.If you don't have the innate 'chad' qualities try to make some of your own,a woman isn't going to fall into your lap you need to work on yourself.

come to Holla Forums and even if you're not white as long as you pretend to be no one will care.

>>>Holla Forums

What's with clinging to those dated structures? user, for the feeling of comradeship you might join your local leftist organization rather than seeking that special person.

It's not pol tier what he is feeling,these cases do happen.He's probably just paranoid and swept up by sensationalist news and a strawman of young women who are all man hating SJWs.Is he wrong? yes,of course but cut the dude some slack



Sometimes you just want to cuddle though. You can't cuddle with your comrade.

I would cuddle you….

But you're both boys

so?dude everybody likes cuddles,I'm sure even you nazis like cuddles

But that's forbidden…

Will there be qt comrades to cuddle with at my local leftist organization?

Good post.

Don't take anti-NEET posting too seriously though. This is simply a very coarse and rude board. I mean, most jokes involve killing people and putting them into forced labour camps to be worked to death. Of course we're going to give vulnerable people shit!

Except of course for the intersectionally marginalized and so on ;)

I know someone it happened to IRL. Nothing to do with Holla Forums

My first job was terrible. Much worse than sitting around reading mongolian shadowpuppetry newsletters all day. Second has been much better, but I still tremendously enjoy days of doing nothing, more so than going to the job.

I think it's more you haven't found a job that fulfils you more than you don't like working.Perhaps if you were able to get a job more inline with what you enjoy rather than seemingly mindless labour for a wage

I don't think that, I just sort of ignore them really. I don't understand them and they don't like me so it's probably better for all parties involved.

Sucks that I'll never have sex but so be it.

Marx was a NEET.

Maybe. I should apply with the feds next, so I can get paid for reading this crap.


If you like cooking then working 12 hour days in a kitchen won't even feel like work to you. Or, if you're like most people and don't really care, it's a never-ending hell.

you don't understand them because you don't perceive them as what they really are.You see them as antagonistic people out to belittle you if you were to try to associate with them because that's is what they did back in school.While immature dickheads exist most people over the age of 17 probably wouldn't care who you are

A similar ideology can actually be a pretty good step towards establishing a relationship.

Its because this place is the mainstream brainwashed

Very few people achieve that, and you need to actually be creative.

Yeah, true. They were pretty awful to me. But even since then, I've not had any real positive experiences. Women still seem uninterested in me. I am very closed, private, paranoid and shy so I guess I'm just not cut out for it.

I can accept that, but I cannot and will not accept the belittling of social outcasts as I've seen in this thread.

I like NEETs. Better than most non-NEETs. Im not one now, but still.
Normies go die :)

Yes it fucking will.
Just because you like something doesn't mean you want to do it every waking hour of your life.
Literally noone feels like that about anything naturally. They either tolerate having to do it regardless of whether they want to or not much easier than people at jobs they hate because they *do* actually enjoy it, so its easier to bear, or they're spooked to all hell.

Why not?

I get you man,they did the same to me and I ended up with a horrible avoidant personality disorder alone and full of hate.The people in this thread who are hating on NEETs are probably self hating NEETs or just assholes hiding behind anonymity.There are good people out there and there are people who went through the same shit you,and I, did who you can become good friends with.The people are what you make of them and hatred of everything just leaves you sad and alone

What percentage of the workforce has that?

Marx was employed and educated for the most of his life. Read a book

Almost none. This is all cult of work nonsense. Working is a bargain, not a necessity. Its what people do to buy food, a roof, drugs, and status symbols to better interact with other people.

I guess the people who play mmos hardcore for 14 hours a day aren't having any fun at all

They are not doing it out of material necessity, for money.

Those people are actually having fun?

Jesus christ the amount of classcucks in this board.

lel neets always on the defensive


Presumably because it is basically bullying.

Bullying is basic imageboard culture though. Why should NEETs be exempt?


That was a bit of an extreme example admittedly.
I suppose it depends on the kind of person/views you are/hold. I know people in this exact situation who enjoy the lifestyle and being a part of the 'kitchen family' as it were.
Having been part of that for a few months it's a real kind of cameraderie that gets you throught the shit times and makes the good times a lot of fun.
That's not to say it isn't shit at times, but then that's the same with any job.

Not NEET but these "Fucking autist losers deserve it they're just terrible" cunts are gonna get put up against the wall during the terror, I swear.

A little bit of bullying is healthy tho.
A lot of shit we see today it's because people didn't get bullied enough when they were growing up and didn't learn with "life". Trump for instance it's an example of someone who didn't got bullied when they should and now his ego it's beyond repair.

Normalfags pulling social hierarchy bullshit is quite far from tru imageboard culture.

I'm sure there was a lot of camaraderie in POW camps too. I've worked in a kitchen, shit pay, shit hours, split shifts as the norm, shit shit shit. Get out while you can.

Wrong, bullying just makes social difficulties worse.
Trump is much more likely to have been the one doing the bullying in school.

Conservatard? On my Holla Forums?

read mark fisher

he died yesterday you know


He killed himself.

fuck,I mean last month.I dont know why I though yesterday

Because it's horrible.

Why do humans feel the need to be pricks to each other?

-After muh glorious uprising, we will get rid of all the degenerates and social outcasts.
-Parasites who don't want to work should not be allowed to live in our society.

-After muh glorious proletariat revolution, we will get rid of all the degenerates and social outcasts.
-Parasites who don't want to work should not be allowed to live in our society.

Yeah, this shit is classic DARVO that normalfags love. They have to pretend that NEETs and other groups society dislikes are horrible people to try to justify their mistreatment of these people. In fact, most NEETs never did anything to the people who treat them like shit and that's precisely why NEETs become bitter. They're the victims of unprovoked aggression.

I'm happy to see that the NEETs in this thread who are put off by the left aren't joining the right, though. The right definitely isn't for NEETs, but the left isn't either until these pretentious Tumblr/Twitter/Reddit shitters are kicked out.

what does "t." stand for?

its like a sign off.idk what the t itself stands for though

It's a shortened Finnish valediction.

terveisin which means "regards" in fingol, it has been imported from finnish chans through Kc/int/

Lafarguist revisionism does not belong on Holla Forums

You either WORK or you go HUNGRY.

Post-automated luxury communism belongs to star trek, not immediate reality.

It belongs to fiction, you never will get fully automated luxury communism.

what kind of shit comrades do you have

I still didn't get an explanation why would a NEET work in the capitalist society.

We don't need everyone to work to provide bread for everyone. If tomorrow the only people that don't work are those who have medical or psychological reasons, it will already be an improvement over the current system.

I agree with a socdem for once

It's concerning how people on here still display the same hatred towards the poor and the oppressed that the right does

What the hell, comrades

Gulag yourself, retard. In 50 years no human will have a job.
Calm the fuck down.

Bullying literally teaches you nothing unless you're the one to make up for it. It's like hitting your child. Only thing he's gonna learn is that he shouldn't do the thing when you're around. He's still gonna do it.

But that's wrong. Bullying does teach you something. It teaches you that violence is the easiest way to solve your problems.

Because Neetism is only self damaging and harmful to society from all perspectives. Of course it is tragic when a 60 ear old person becomes permanently unemployed and lives only on benefits. But for a young person it is absolutely destructive. Not only does it encourage anti-social behaviour but it robs that person from actually contributing their labor.

Labor by itself according to Marx is not exploitative, we define ourselves from the things we create and build for society. It is Capitalist exploitation that robs a person of their labor and the things the create. However to begin with a person that does not create is b definition dependant on the labor of others. Hence the definition of Lumpen-proletariat, proles who are not working class. To say, like some stupid post-left anarchists say that if we drop out of work all together we can live merrily like on the slopes of the golden mountain, is pure lunacy.

I have nothing against Neets personally, but please reconsider your life options, if only for your sake.

Unfortunately, that's how I found out about him.
A couple sites I follow started spamming his stuff after he died. That's good because he became more popular but fuck, why not feature his stuff earlier? Anyways, the article I posted is one of the most relatable things I've ever read, it's almost eerie.


Hard things like chess and go are easily done using the AI and other automation.

Easy things like ironing the clothes or caring for the disabled and bedridden cannot be easily automated.

To automate the easy tasks, you would need some self-emerging intelligence on a suitable substrate for it. Whether it would be some super genetic algorithm working on a really huge and hugely interconnected FPGA, or anything else that can reach the complexity of the neural network in a human brain.

Essentially for these things, one would have to invent an artificial human being, at least to the degree of complexity a human brain and neural system would be sufficient. No need to have complex chemical energy and building mechanisms though.

In 50 years, no human will have a job in tasks that are easily automated, like manufacturing or anything that can be reduced to a well defined set of instructions with little input variables.

I have no problem with that, but I beleive even people with disabilities can contribute a great deal to society. For example a cripple can be put to do mental work instead of physical labor.

If there is a way to cure people with diseases then efforts should be put on amending them. People however who have mental issues or are just too old, should not of course work and should be given accomodation. Since teh society that protects its weakest, is a spiritually healthy society, that has a productivity and potential contribution far greater than a social-Darwinist one.

Literally written by marx 150 years ago and the very people who believe in marx want to force everyone to have a job. Sad!

very relatable stuff man,thanks for the link

To be fair, providing bread for everyone in post-WWI and post-civil war Russia was not a cakewalk.

NEET's seem psychologically unable to work and we don't have much of a cure.

I don't know what you mean? Holla Forums shits on NEETS and social rejects just as much, if not more than Holla Forums when they glorious uprising about "muh fun" and such. In reality both boards have their share of NEETS and Otaku's and etc etc and normal faggots who sperg out about it and any amount of time spent lurking either board will reveal this to be true.


Marx said some jobs will be automated and will be phased out. He never said 50% of the population can kick back and chill, machines got this. These jobs inevitably contribute to the crises in capitalism due to the falling rate of profits, but not the phasing out of work.

In his own lifetimes he saw jobs like those of artificers who dealt with cotton get phased out due to the cotton mill.

But that's the point. Everything in history has its context. Everytime I see people quoting [insert commie here] like it's the bible it makes me want to puke.

Truthfully those are not social people to begin with, quite the opposite actually, which is why they are more prevalent on chans. By no means are NEETs rejecting the entire social interaction, in fact they can be quite social, but they require specific environment.
But why would they want to contribute their labour to the currently existing system if, as you've pointed yourself, they are robbed by capitalists? They are aware of exploitation and if they are given a chance to avoid it, so why they should not do that?

counselling and a little love

He wrote in the damn XIX century.

The ones too mentally ill or too deeply alienated by society to even manage working would be given counselling and eventually given a job they can handle, ideally working with people who'll be supportive.
If someones just completely incapable of working because of mental illness their family will be given extra accomidation to support them. If they're somehow too bitter and antisocial to work, in combination with mental illness or instead of it, just give them basic, if maybe poor living conditions. They're not that common. If lots of people start becoming like that, the problem is society.


We reject those things as escapism, even if 100% of us are social rejects, otakus and video game addicts. Using these things as opium to numb the pain caused by the system will not result in aleviattion.

This is a board of people who want to fix the problems they cause their suffering, not accept them and avoid the roles in it.

I usually use "Sad!" to complement a true statement and make it humorous, in stead of sarcastic remarks.

State provided human companionship as a curative measure while we build full communism!

Even Schizophrenics can be cured through medication. And I have heard many cases of their successful withdrawal of their symptoms.

I don't think there is a mentally incurable person. Hell, today even mental handicaps can get a job.

It is legitimate dilemma, I will not deny that. But ultimately I think people can get more satisfaction from doing something rather than sating alone in the house. We are ultimately social creatures though, and the pros, even if you are being exploited, ultimately outweigh the cons.

[citation needed]

I think social reject is a really amorphous term, transient in that it is a temporary condition or label, and that all of it's conditions center on one thing: you CHOOSE to have an ineffective lifestyle.

That's it.

NEET's, "social rejects", etc., aren't bad people, or rejects in the least; they simply exist until they believe, or define that they need encounters with others, or desire something more than their comfort zone. Outside of that, that's more or less it.

Ye it has nothing to do with the fact that Holla Forums migrated here from 4chan while leftypol grew from nothing in this not google indexed website.

dude do you really think we want to live in a room filled with trash and piss bottles?pretty much all NEETs are a bad day away from finally pulling the trigger.

I don't think you know what that word means.

dude, I agree with you.

I think most imageboard NEETs are psychologically capable of working.

What is in potency and what is in reality are two different things. There's a reason whya lot of mental patients are confined in prison like facilities. For some people the medicine is literally worse than the cure, and a bunch of them are borderline experimental.

Social democracy with post-fascist characteristics is the only option for us comrades.

literally lmaoing @ u and that idiot fam

Migrated here from /lit/.

yeah,but they need a fuck ton of help to work on their mental state,which they cant afford

Sure, but most people here haven't.

This. A lot of the data we have on atypical anti-psychotics, anti-seizure medications, benzo's, all of it, is that most people do suffer side effects.

Unfortunate thing about them? All of them produce behaviors that are outwardly judged as a more severe relapse of the condition to be treated, which compounds the problem.

The original core of Holla Forums was from /lit/. It was added to by successive waves of reformed Holla Forumsyps and redditors.

Good thing that faggot lenin is dead

oh no wait, people still think serfdom is good under socialism.

Maybe im just an outlier. I came here right after the start and only browsed this board for the slimegirl thread on /d/.

I was an ayyyytheist and gaymurgayed semi-follower. Never bought into le alt right, not that it was a consolidated thing as far as i remember when I was watching channels like that. Ive always been very left wing.

Years ago I'd have agreed with you, but there's one problem: at the moment you're talking to somebody who is closer to you in many regards than the people at work will ever be. Same applies to incredibly many people who post on chans, who'd rather trust the anonymous collective more than their parents or family and I'm not kidding here, I've seen many people sharing their problems on imageboards and other anons helping the person in question. I'd also bet that such thing also occurs among girls writing gay fanfiction on tumblr, psudo-intellectual redditors from /r/atheism and more. The phenomenon of internet relationships becoming stronger than those in reality is going to affect more and more people(us two probably included), in their case I don't see how irl socialization with co-workers, regulated by the social taboos and initial lack of trust, will be able to compete with the sincerity among anonymous people on tibetan wall art forum.

literally came here from google

Look, in any other place and time, NEET's would be forced by the community to work. Some would find this beneficial, and indeed, having an authentic community, few people would be so miserable in the first place.

Still, a significant number of NEET's would still be miserable even if they worked. For them, forcing work does nothing. Might even make them more miserable. They need a different kind of support, not people calling them names. We can afford not to have them work while they are helped, and even if they are terminally NEET, there are not so many that it would be a problem to pay for them.

just tell enough dirty and racist jokes

There is no reason why it has to be one or the other. Imageboards and forums have given me great joy as well. But I would not give up real relationships for that alone.

There is no denying that with Capitalism comes alienation, social anxiety and isolation. But I beleive when reaches the point he has to decide between one or the other he has gone full-denial mode. A society cannot survive on that.

If one looks at Japan and the scourge the have of neetdom and inceldom, one would think that their society is doomed without abandoning the oppressive collective capitalism they have, and used social spending to encourage jobs that go beyond the boring salaryman jobs that lead to complete spiritual death.

This is probably because society shames people for not working. The work ethic meme is strong, people internalise it.

Yep, people are finding their purpose and taking pride in their craftsmanship as they stack shelves in some supermarket.

Oh, they added it. It used to be removed at least up to a month ago.

you willingly put yourself into slavery

Japan is so completely fucked, and the worst part is Abe's biggest supporters are the NEETS.

Why are people picking on NEETs when Whores are so much worse.

Whore Culture:


Fuck whores and the normies that love them

calm down, incel

You just hate them because even the greasiest whore wouldn't touch you lmao


butthurt roastie detected

dude I'm a NEET and you just sound like a spooked af no gf nazi.

stop insulting us incels


That assumes people who descend into f5ing for a few hours had a large choice between real relationships and the internet to begin with. I don't think many shut-ins would tell you their previous real world relationships were meaningful to them. So they get 0 bonuses from irl social interaction and only negatives from the economic side.
That almost sounded as if the capitalist society was worth protecting rather than burned down in the revolutionary fire. I doubt NEETs shall become a Leninist vanguard, but at least they might contribute by practicing nano-accelerationism

shutup normie

These are the people who are spooked over NEETs, fat worthless women who are concerned that the new generation of men won't be laboring for their profit.


I have no strong emotions toward either and I recommend you not giving a shit about whores too because a negative relationship is still still a relationship

Not an insult, just good advice. If you are hung up on being incel, a good first step to escaping the situation is to normalize. No more "Whores" talk, that'll not get you laid.

Capitalists are literally super concerned about the rise of NEETs, we are more revolutionary than armchair commies by far.

I'm not the guy that posted that "whores" list, I just want to be left alone


Oh hey, wassup Elliot?
Can you warn us when you finally decide to shoot up your school/college/whatever, some of us are alright and don't deserve to die, thanks.

just leave them to thrash about and scream.i was like that once,all they'll do is scream normie at you no matter what you say even if you try to help

holy shit never speak to anyone about relationships ever


Butthurt woman-hating incels should be banned. Seriously, just because we don't want this board to be r/socialism doesn't mean we have to let it be /r9k/

MGTOW revolutionary potential confirmed.

I actually have a girlfriend, this thread is about NEETs not projecting your insecure obsessions with getting laid.

WTF is wrong with playing in a garage band?

Then you're more like a volcel.

Because women fashion themselves like aristocrats and believe Men should abandon all fun, all hobbies and all dreams in order to be exploited and destroyed.

Actually Porky knows it's a good thing you're there. More unemployed people means less money paid to the employed. The articles about NEETdom are just there to scare the wage slaves, "keep working or you'll become like this!".
Your enemies are not scared.

The fact that feminist SJWs crawl out of the woodwork when we post in a thread ABOUT US should tell you how obsessed they are with forcing us to live in their shit lifestyle.

Oh fuck, NEET idpol? Really? Please just jump in front of a train.

Bull, NEET's are not part of the labour market to begin with, so they don't compete and drive down wages.

Why not? They are as marginalized as any of them. We should trumpet it, it's a great reductio ad absurdum.

Fuck off hillary

I'm sorry, no.

Ok now I'm pretty sure you're from Holla Forums

City checks out

The saying is not "young, dumb, and empty of cum"

American women are such white elephants (whatever "race" they choose to accessorize themselves) that nobody should get into a serious relationship with them if they value their sanity and expect any pleasure out of life. Also, no ass.

It's libevangelism. They can't help it.

By consuming, do they drive prices up or down?

eh,I'd fuck anita tbh

American yenta
Stay away from me-ee

fuck off hillary

you didn't take a good look at her.

Absolutely xer, I'll get on it right away m'lady.

You're certainly thin-skinned enough to be from Holla Forums

I mean, if NEETs kill idpol that way, it will have been a great achievement for them.


Consuming things drives the prices up. In a vacuum.
You sound like a known tripshit, kys

They'll never stop, this is how they alienate every group of people ever. They came to our thread to throw a massive shit fit and to force everyone to agree. If their stupid insults don't stick, they just run back to /r/socialism to decry us as reactionary racists.

Anita's armenian though

The fact that NEETs are unemployed doesn't mean they all wouldn't get employed if they had the chance. There are NEETs all over the world and different countries have different economical situations. Take note of this too.



tbh chad is just as much scum as stacy.
No, though, being neurotic over safe spaces and what identity-group something was supposed to be about is pure idpol.
I dont entirely blame autists for doing it in the same way I dont blame actually unstable trannies for doing it but it is complete and total bullshit.


only difference is one group of people is completely accepted by society en large, whereas the other is demonized by everyone.

So, Chad muh privilege?

Fair enough. NEETs aren't entitled to abstain from labor forever. We'll find something for them to do once all the political correctness and soft skills have been defenestrated from the workplace.
No trips here, ladyfriend. Also, refute that white women generally have lame, insubstantial asses.

This is the same logic people use for """reverse racism""".
Congratulations, you're the same lump of shit SJWs are.

idpol from any angle is cancerous

Exactly my point.

get out of the us

just because it's from the same logic doesn't mean its material basis is denied. NEETS, and the socially awkward have zero avenues in life.

Excellent point, cheers.

So that excuses acting similarly to liberals?


what excuses?

I have the same problems and I'm not such a petty little bitch about it.

Lost it.

that's not the route to achieving inner happiness dear incels

Please, comrades, don't become this:Šiklić

Fuck off.

I know I shouldn't be mad at them, as unemployment is horrible.

I don't mind the unemployment, but the uneducated bit pisses me off at times.

Bourglibs don't gaf about material bases as long as they can hire task rabbits at ever cheaper rates and their assets grow ever more valuable. Actual outcomes jam up their intricate self-justifying fantasies. That's just one reason to reject liberalism as a system and re-derive what's necessary in a more applicable mathematics.
Isn't that a function of how "life," "reality," or whatever you want to call the prevailing order is set up? In other words, isn't that society's choice? What's an "avenue," anyway? I think some Simple Green will cut through intractable ideological grime, and is extra effective on writing one's own hagiography while in high school as if seeking to leave one's mark on society were not assault.

I think it's ok to be mad at people who are leeching off their parents, since they are workers. Meanwhile they have a lot of free time to be pieces of shit on the Internet, or worse, be consumerists.

I don't even hate women I just love butt blasting roasties.

I hope you realize you're only further ruining this board, friend. It brings a vicious cycle of trolling each other and pretending to be retards.

Who invented that meme anyways? I mostly see people pirating without much regret.

They're probably talking about toys and body pillows.

no shit? Slavers supported slavery and spread racial propaganda to keep the classes divided, and keep cheaper labor. So you're saying it's dumb for blacks to be pissed off at the racism they faced? My hatred is allowed to be directed towards more than one thing, both its puppets and the system at large.
Being denied the ability to reintegrate into society, being treated like the literal bottom caste of society, and subsequently alienated from the rest of society to parts of the internet where they share with the rest of their kin. Ironic how everyone loves to suck marx's dick here without ever understanding him fully.

Many NEET geeks get money from their parents to purchase figures, buy video games from Steam, subscribe to crap like Crunchyroll, etc.

Overall nerd culture is closely tied to consumerism.

Because one is actively improving themselves while the other just mindlessly consumes the dogshit triple a companies publish for """entertainment""" you retard.

So those who pirate stuff are okay?

A more fair comparison would be black people making white people jokes or hating on all white people, just like /r9k/ scum shitting on women or """successful""" people or SJWs shitting on straight men.


Don't ask me, IDGAF either way. being concerned that nerds like shiny trinkets while capitalism literally destroy the world is like being angry at band aids not being able to cure cancer.
One thing's for sure, if someone complains about piracy he's a dumbass.

meant to

Not really, because you completely ignore the basis of how their world views were shaped in the first place.

You're right, it was very stupid of me to compare those affected by the long history of racism and slavery to retards like SJWs/robots.

Sure. I'm more of a "pirate first, donate later" kind of person.

I'm saying it wasn't personal, just business, and that's even worse. It's not all about the aggrieved and other liberal status dramas. Idgaf how they feel. Reals, bih. They can fight their little honor battles on their own time and stop wasting revolutionary time on their attention-seeking representin'.

I'm a NEET and I hate roasties and Chads. But I want a BernieJob and/or BernieBux. At least with a BernieJob or maybe even BernieBux, I could afford to see a whore once a month or something. You can't force women to be into you no matter what. But prostitutes don't care who you are, so as long as you pay them.

They key is to do what is in your self-interests and disregard social relationships. Most people seem to treat politics as an avenue for making friends. This is why most of the social outcasts go to Holla Forums. I don't give a fuck about anyone else but me.

Go back to r9k

And what are you doing to help make that possible? Whining about others being socially successful on an imageboard?

dude,that just sounds so sad and lonely.You should oppose that rather than take it in stride.Women aren't some hive mind group,if you just act like a decent person and work on yourself a bit you'll be fine.unless you are like goblin tier fuck ugly then idk,but most people are average looks

don't be rude to guests

Sex is overrated, friends are fine.

well they're shitting up this thread,especially the whole idpol shit about muh roasties and muh chad

go back to reddit

I have autism. There is no working with that. Our brains are neurologically different from normies.

People with actual autism are so annoying. I hope a cure is developed soon.

You act as though I was making the argument by quantifying their suffering, and not the way society made them into an outcast group. I know you're just arguing in bad faith since you love to conflate all groups to the same thing.

then don't get mad when they don't care about your feels either; denying their struggle off the basis that it's just subjective lol is the most contrived and smug fucking thing I've heard.

This post made me fully realize that sponsoring Wolff was a mistake.

No one gives a fuck about your muh Chad muh roasties autism. Consider permanently ridding the earth of your stupidity

Virginity should not be seen as negative trait, rather it should be ignored.
This bourgeois cultural hegemony along cultural norms that have been influencing western culture since 60`s are full of fun.

Sex is not commodity, nor thing that you should have with strangers or people who you barely know.
Sex is thing that should be ideally reserved between lovers, to strenghten their relationship, an intimacy shared by only them. Also, all research indicates that sex does help in emotional bonding with person you´re having it with.

All of you sick fucks who still support this cesspool culture of "sexual liberation" set forward in this capitalist society to make it commodity and norm make me sick.

Our modern culture in this regard is destructive both for mind and spirit of my fellow men out there.

This culture that is fed to masses by capitalist class via mass media and mainstream culture is destroying our views on sex and society.

There should be no reason to tolerate this degenerated culture and not to strike against it via counter culture.

You mean this board, or rather every thread they touch with their whining and unironic リア充爆発しろ.
Mind you, I also hate the occasional SJW who comes to this place. They're more often than not ironic shitposting, unlike the /r9k/-tier posting.


Calm down Nino.

Sure there is. There used to be spaces in society for autfags to produce and consume in relative peace without the totally-not-church-ladies-we-promise aristocracy of women telling you what to do. The influx of respectable bourgs into computing was one of the worst things that could happen to spectrumfags and the industry.

Yawn. Another Protestant liberal.

So, so Holla Forums can be an incel safe space?

This is exactly why I don't think you people should be welcome here.

I never complained about people who get laid especially since I managed to do that once

How brainwashed by society must you be to think sex and/or having a girlfriend makes you successful or lead a fulfilling life.

There is only ONE reform that can change these conditions.
State mandated arranged marriages.


I have an actual diagnosis for autism since childhood. I'm not sure what the exact diagnosis was. I think it was PDD or PDD-NOS. I was told by a psychiatrist that I was high-functioning but that I would have difficulty with integrating into society due to my communication deficits.

Why would we want NEETS on our side?

You shouldn't worry much then.

most people here are NEETS

Why bother with marriage, then?

Almost everyone will be a NEET once FAC becomes a thing.

Because he developed some sort of fantasy in which sex is only acceptable in a long term relationship and he's very horny.

Autism doesn't need to be cured except by bourg authoritarians who need to create demand for their careerism. Society simply needs to create the space in which they can produce and participate according to their, ahem, ability, rather than play-pretend with live ammo 24/7/365.

Oh is THAT what the faprose means! Thanks fam.

This is pretty much entirely right though.

tbh marraige is unnecessary. Nothing wrong with it, but theres no specific need for it over just having a relationship between two people who love each other.

This is right, again, though.


NEETs are a growing segment of the population. About 15% of men 30-34 in my area are not employed. How many of these thirty-something men are students or in training you think? Probably not a lot. It's a fucking epidemic.

High-functioning autists struggle plenty in the workplace due to our communication deficits. It's impossible to pass a job interview. And networking is a crucial skill for getting a job these days.

Neurotypicalsplaining is the reason why autistic NEETs are largely shifting towards the alt-right and disregarding socialism.

I still maintain that the best solution is to disregard social relationships and to do what is in your self-interests. Vote for Bernie Sanders. Become a criminal and steal from normalfags (especially rich whales). Race, nationalism, private property and solidarity are all spooks.

I'll leave the spook meme to someone else.


You're a fucking retard mate.

fuck off Holla Forums

are these posts thinly-veiled satire or what

I think you're right, OP, and the degree of disdain NEETS, loners, hard-core weebs, and so on and so on encounter on Holla Forums is something which irritates me. These are people we should be supporting: it is a stronger act to defend the weak against the strong than to be strong and defend yourself. The left should fight for the downtrodden and disadvantaged. The capitalist system by its very nature guarantees a level of structural unemployment and is poorly equipped to stop many millions becoming alienated and underachieving. The unemployed play a large part in many working class communities and also within our own imageboard culture. If you don't recognise this or you're mad that Holla Forums isn't full of normafags, then fuck off back to plebbit. Even the "genuine" "lumpenproles" who have no wish of ever having a job are still some basic amount of our compassion since I don't think anyone deserves to starve.

t. former NEET, volcel wizard, and supporter of fully automated luxury communism

You guys gotta calm down

We call them normies around these part, tumblr

I live by life by asking myself "what is in it for me?" All lefties do is laugh at us NEETs and treat us like second class citizens. Like any other normie. And Holla Forums are classcucks. So the best thing for the NEET to do is vote for social democrats like Bernie Sanders, acquire resources, get whores. And if there is no social democracy, become a criminal and acquire resources that way. Once I run out of money, I'm going to get into carding. If I end up in jail, at least they have to provide me with shelter, food and health care in there. Which is better than what homeless people get.

If you think you're gonna be fine in a US jail your autism is the last of your problems.

please do not risk getting sent to the capitalist gulags, friends.

Anyone who isn't braindead would hate otaku and otaku culture, though.

t. self-aware long-time consumer of anime and manga

No-one likes a self hating jew.

what about self hating rastafarians?

Also what irritates me myself is how I get called a ``normalfag'' quite often just because I can see and point out the (many) faults otaku have.
Even old /a/ used to make fun of weeaboos (wapanese before moot added that wordfilter) because they too were a lot more self-aware than the shit you see these days.

>>>Holla Forums

you're not really

there is just some revisionist history being pushed lately about who "founded" the board - now that gamergate isn't cool anymore and is largely associated with le alt right. some people are trying very hard to convince everyone that all those left-leaning gators that were here from the start along with the /lit/erati never actually existed

Canadafag here, I'm pretty sure Canadian prison is far more humane than US prisons. US prisons have the worst human rights abuses of any OECD country because of the high incidence of police brutality and anal rape there.

all NEETs are waste of space and will end up in the gulags soon enough.

it is also a problem on other parts of Holla Forums. i believe it's Holla Forums and government shills and cancer from reddit.


It's kinda fucked that GG has now been retconned into always being Holla Forumstarded.
It wasn't always that way.
Nor was Holla Forums.
Most people i know that play a lot of video games are definitely shifting towards the right these days due to a strong kneejerk reaction to SJWs, and their meddling in games, especially when it comes to "westernization" of japanese games.

It's a sad state of affair, it wasn't always like this, Holla Forums used to be pretty apolitical back in the day and most people playing video games would put aside their political differences to just sit down and play games.

Now look at shit like Awesome Games Done Quick.
Look at it becoming an ultra locked down safe space because people want to walk in with MAGA hats and insult the runners during their runs in chat.
Look at "detached" events such as North American Speedrunner Assembly that were originally started to provide a more "open" alternative to AGDQ but it quickly became a place for everyone to slap on a MAGA hat and for Holla Forums to shitpost Holla Forums memes all over the chat.

Nobody cares about the games being run anymore.
Nobody cares about mechanics, small little tricks that make you learn and love a certain game more.
I recently went back and watched an AGDQ run from 2013, of MGS3.
No shitposting, no tension in the air, just a small room, a guy running MGS3 showing off cool trips, playing the game fast, having some commentary about what he was doing, that was it.

What the fuck happened to this hobby, things have gotten so complicated and everyone is divided.
Sorry, i'm starting to ramble.

I agree with you. There are people who need to removed from society. It's the massive faggots like you. Or you can just save us from the trouble and hang yourself.

I always knew /leftpol/ was filled with a bunch of queers. What would comrade Stalin say about your homosexuality?

Oh don't even get me started on that shit, Tyrone.
I've seen more nazi traps and gay nazis than i can count.

I'm going to speak for myself to shed some light but hopefully there will be at least a handful of fellow Holla Forumsetarians that either fully agree or understand the situation in this light. (There will be no tl;dr so buckle up)

I personally have no problems with NEETs; all of my personal animosity and wholehearted hatred and disdain goes to /r9k/ robots, but even then these feelings are for a very particular kind of robot that tragically makes up just enough of the /r9k/ communities on the different chans to be the group that gives the communities' "majority-impression" to outside individuals. I hold these feelings because I myself was a robot on halfchan's /r9k/, and I suppose you could even say that I had even took "the Red Pill".

The reason why all of this happened most likely goes back to when I was around 4-5, when my mother began to become a clean-freak, as well as letting me do casual outdoor activities less and less because she worried about unlikely dangers. Over the years I would also get fat, so you can imagine the alienation from being a fat kid who's only real social interaction besides his older brother for most of his childhood was with other kids during school days. (I'm a burger so that was only Monday-Friday)

Advance to Middle-High school. More of the same but by 8th-9th grade I've finally made friends with people who were just mere acquaintances beforehand. Yet despite this I was still a sadboi. During this time I've already been aware of 4chan but I never actually frequented it until this time. Being a sadboi, it didn't take long for me to discover /r9k/, and after that, I got hooked.

I imagine the appeal of /r9k/ was most likely the same appeal for most people that frequent the board: feels, general comradery from being socially retarded, etc. I frequented /r9k/ for almost 2 years, but even fairly early on I saw the worst in the community, which included genuine hatred of women, extreme levels of placing blame on others and "others", refusal or even denial to improve, internal and external loathing, etc. I'm sorry for any of you guys reading this who are robots, but it's the truth

So as time passes, I slowly rejected the Red Pill for the sake of what little shred of optimism and idealism I had for things like improvement and romance (inb4 romance is bourgeois) because I've come to realize that in truth the Red Pill hurts you more than anything because it encourages you to stay in a mental purgatory of self-hatred. To this day I still have brief episodes of depression where these thoughts creep into me, and my heart sincerely goes out to those who have genuinely been wronged by a woman or whoever, but I honestly can't bring myself to truly respect those who hold the Red Pill as a principle to guide their ideology or ethics. I'm aware that it isn't right but, to me, rejecting the Red Pill also led me to have an at-a-glance coldhearted attitude towards all robots, and all I can do is say I'm sorry.

As an aside: for most of my life I was one of those "apolitical" liberals, but I have to give credit to fate or just plain luck that my slow rejection of the Red Pill also happened to occur around the time GamerGate had begun around September 2013(2014?), and I witnessed the whole thing spiral downwards after GG's backlash, causing it to be co-opted by genuinely woman hater individuals who also happened to be ultra-conservatives. I have to say that this really was when the board culture between /r9k/ and Holla Forums began to merge which, as autistic as it spunds, is the reason why I grew to have a deep hatred for internet fascists and neo-nazis, especially the "no-gf" nazis

Nice nazidubs. Are robots just /r9k/ users, or does it stand for something else also?

It started out as just describing /r9k/ users but it's a term that can be used to describe emotionally numb (due to abuse or mental limitations) autistic people that are unable to relate to others, are completely incompatibile with women/any form of intimacy, are socially awkwards in general.

Imagine a robot, now imagine a robot trapped in human form that is still forced to live in human society, and that's the idea more or less.
Some of them can recuperate, but there's a notable % that is just flat out broken and Holla Forums picks em up and adds them to the redpilled sperg army promising them salvation on the day of the rope (obviously lying, they would be among the first to go).

Normies get the bullet too.

I'm totally aware of this, and I even think a degree of self-awareness is an intrinsic part of being a weeaboo. Anyone who obsesses about anime/manga/games and isn't prepared to call themselves a loser, or faggot, or autist on an imageboard should just leave tbh. What I dislike is that people feel the need to tell me shit like this I'm already totally aware of as if I wasn't, or feel that a person being a weeb or NEET should somehow preclude them from having a political opinion. I don't "call out" anyone for being a "normie" - even as someone at the totally opposite end of the spectrum from that I recognise it's a false dichotomy and a fairly meaningless one at that, but what I've noticed is that certain individuals towards the normalfag end of the spectrum can be utterly unwillingly to even engage in an exchange of ideas with losers, regardless of whether it would be a fruitful political discourse. I don't think this is a huge problem on Holla Forums compared to the majority of the web but compared to other im imageboards, it's worse here (although not quite as bad a Holla Forums in the height of the 'degeneracy, era ~2013)

Otakus should've listened to this man.
This man was their friend but they didn't get it.

I think you're totally right about this. I miss when 4chan would stay at least vaguely on-topic and when it didn't at least it wasn't Holla Forums-tier shitposting. I miss when I could just go to a board to talk about a hobby and not have to have it politicised in some way, when the hobby boards were apolitical. Now, like when the SJWs first turned up, the hobbies are being politicised again but just from the other direction. I want to go to Holla Forums, or /a/, or /o/, or at least fucking /jp/ (seriously, please leave /jp/ alone) and not even remember that politics exists. The imageboard crowd of my generation has grown up, so of course many of us are much more politically engaged now (especially after the madness that was 2016) but I wish everyone else learned to contain the politics to the containment boards.

You're right about GamerGate as well - I'm not one idiots who initially claimed that GG was solely about ethics since it was clearly also a culture war, but the central issues of that culture war were censorship and idpol, and only the minority of Holla Forumstards were dumb enough to think it was actually a left versus right thing instead. Unfortunately, it was these people who kept on Twitter speaking about this kind of shit the longest so now all the underage newfags unironically believe the left is all SJWs because they're too young to remember the disastrous Bush presidency, censorship from conservatives, and a mainstream left that talked about actual issues rather than idpol, so I reckon all the newfags see 4chan as a right wing place because they believed the MSM so it's only going to get worse.

/r9k/ has always been shit. I thought reinstalling the robot would help but that was also when it mixed with Holla Forums so it just got even worse.

Also, AGDQ 2013 was the best FEW and also when /srg/ memes were dumbest, shitpostiest, but also their funniest. Everything has gone downhill from there.

100% agree, based Anno

that's exactly why i am unironically anti-communist - i know it's not a spook when i read "obligation to work"

There's never been two commies who agree on any given topic.

You mean you sided with your rapist friend over their victim?

Some wild generalizations in this thread, I don't have any beef with a NEET but it's stupid that some of you would be turned off by "the left" over bullying in threads like these.
Even among the small far left, people who also shitpost on chans are a fringe of a fringe and thinking they represent any demographic is the most retarded thing in this thread, and same with NEETs, some youth unemployed want to work but it's fucked out here and there are seriously shit all opportunities depending where you live.

Disenfranchised NEETs I'd think if you got involved with some actual groups and met other leftists they would likely be more welcoming, plenty of leftists are unemployed now and always have been.
If you would never be willing to organize however, you are hardly on the left as is.

"Freedom isn't being on top of a tree
It isn't just having an opinion
Freedom isn't a free space
Freedom is partecipation"

This. I even vividly remember the last /r9k/ thread that made me leave the board and never look back. It was a thread with guys coming up with a plan to ensure that a hypothetical gf that's going away on a trip stays with them, where they all agreed with a proposed plan of somehow getting tapeworm larvae and finding a way to get it into the gf's system a day or two before she leaves, making her feel sick while she's gone, and it was somehow supposed to make her convinced that she would physically feel ill if she ever travelled long distances from the robot. Whole thing made me sick, and the overlap between /r9k/ and Holla Forums is most likely why I have such a deep, knee-jerk reaction to seeing those types of people outside of the chans.

[Obligatory edgy video from an ex-robot]