Why aren't you (critically) supporting Sauron's struggle against Númenórean imperialism...

Why aren't you (critically) supporting Sauron's struggle against Númenórean imperialism? Isn't it telling that the actually oppressed peoples of Harad and Rhûn have rallied to his banner and support his cause, but all you muh privileged Elves and Gondorians sit here condemning him for all the 'crimes' he supposedly committed? Look beyond your ideology.


is the lord of the rings actually worth reading or is it just nerd shit

Because Sauron is worst capitalist.

If you like medieval literature then it's your jam

yes, it's heavily based off early medieval mythology and reads a lot like it

It's overrated

Tankies and "anti-imperialists" BTFO

It's "Human vs. Orks" tier of retarded.

So yeah. It explains why butthurt YPG-faggots would chose this as an analogy. Ethno-"socialism" btfo again by its own doing.

Sauron was just a humble craftsman trying to get the Elvish bourgeoisie to share ownership over the means of world preservation they had just created together instead of hoarding them all for themselves.

Dude it's really good, read it.

Was he /ourguy/?

I have followed the Middle Earth civil war since the beginning (ca. 3300 SA), and for a long time (roughly 3000 years) I believed the biased propaganda of the mass media, who sold the story that the Last Alliance was fighting for a free and democratic Middle Earth, were the rights of all ethnic groups would be protected. I also believed the demonization of President Sauron, claiming that he used rings of mass destrucion (RMDs). Maybe the Alliance started with good intentions. But as the conflict dragged on, more and more secular elves vannished and were replaced by increasingly fanatic foreign Rohirrim fighters. The turning point for me came when I watched a video of Gondorian and Rohirrim fighters pleading to fight for the following goal: "Haradrim to Umbar, Orcs in the Anduin!" Of course, I was very disturbed and triggered by this. At the same time, Gondorian atrocities like pic related (warning - NSFW) became increasingly common :,(. So I started to loose by unfair biases against Mordor. As I started to research, I discovered that many anti- Mordor claims were just filthy lies, probably by those sneaky Dwarwes who want to increase their illegal settlement in Moria and erect an Apartheid state, opressing the native orcs. For example, the claim that Mordors military is mostly mad up of the orc minority is copletely untrue: the large majority of Mordorian troops was made up of men. Also, the foreign help from Rhun is way less significant than the foreign help that Gondor receives from shady states like the Shire, the rich dwarwes of Erebor (who treat wounded radical fighter), and Lothlorien. We all know that Galadriel is just right know having a plebiszite to basically become a dictator. I don't think that that in the light of such foreign aid, the Rhunic help is immoral. Also, in contrast of rumours, Mordor is still an independent state and no puppet of Rhun! And who ever critizises the human right record of Rhun should better take a look at the SHIRE; getting stoned is a pretty real risk there among those barbaric hobbits. My last point in regard to wrong propaganda: Since the start of the Nazgul intervention, there was a lot of critizism against fell beast attacks. I know from a safe source that those attacks were never conducted against civilian targets or, Melkor forbid, Houses of healing (isn't ot funny how "the last one" was destroyed like 10 times?) So you might ask me, Letothe2, what your expert view on who this conflict will end? And I can really say, I'm very optimistic. The nazgul intervention succesfully managed to retake Ithilien, and I think we are all pretty amazed by the swift liberation of East Osigiliath. So I think the liberation of Gondor from the Gondorians is immanent. It remains to be seen who the situation between Sauron and Serok Saruman will wind out ( I really respect the uruk- hai for spreading feminism and creating a Utopian, racism free society with the Dunlendings. Nonetheless, and don't think the Canton of Isengard has the resources to spread lasting peace in Middle earth. Also, we all know that Galadriel hates Sarumans guts, so she might use the Ents as proxies against him. Oh, and do I think Sauron is the right person to deal with the infamous terror group " The fellowship", who have stolen the One Ring of mass destruction and have declared AL- Agorn the Caliph of the reunited kingdom? Absolutely.

Yeah, I suppose we have to. Honestly Sauron's just advocating a third-rate version of Deformed State Morgothianism, but we aren't living in an age where our own pure ideals are really applicable anymore. We have to do with what we can and critically support whatever remnants of the original struggle are left until the real revolution actually happens and doesn't get sidetracked by elvish nonsense.

Oh, and fuck those Balrogites. Who the hell does that guy think he is, sitting inside his giant mountain bunker and autistically screeching at the world instead of actually doing serious revolution? I despise that little splitter fuck and everything he stands for, and people who LARP his ideology should just get the hell out right now.

Oh, and Saruman's half-assed watered-down "socially acceptable" version of Morgothianism can just leave. You can't just acknowledge the structural injusticies caused by tree imperialism and then try to reform your way out of them within your own territory. That's completely ridiculous! Full revolutionary action or no revolution at all! This is what you get when you trust bourgeois establishment types with the achievement of radicalism. They cock it up and do it in a shaky pointless way.

the Hobbit is way better.

fucking gold man

Read both. Disagree completely.

Sauron has literally never won a physical confrontation in his entire existence. Every time we know of when he has personally engaged his enemies, he was defeated. His power revolve around dominating the wills of others, and he actually isn't a particularly amazing warrior. This is also why the Ring grants the power to dominate other beings' wills rather than super strength or whatever.

Sauron is just following in the footsteps of Melkor, the original revolutionary. The music and the echo of the music of Iluvatar and his porky Ainur was all about the subjugation of unutilized potentiality, and Melkor altered the sounds with his own music (what Maiar shills now call the 'discord' of Melkor) to counteract this. Having been alone for all eternity except recently, Iluvatar was severely socially retarded and began to screech autistically. The rest of the Ainur joined in, and the war of sound was really just Melkor calmly explaining his position that the Ainur should distribute the means of creation to the to-be-made mortals while they responded with a wall of shrill screaming.

This story goes on, such as when Comrade Melkor teamed up with a giant spider to destroy the two trees Telperion and Laurelin (cleverly disguised weapons of Valar imperialism). ameliorate then took a stirnerite bent, and his misrepresented desire for domination was actually his struggle to create a union of Egoists that would have collective ownership of the light of the Silmarils. He took in evrything and everyone that the a alar cast out, and for this they called him Morgoth and his comrades Orcs.

Autocorrect ameliorate = Melkor

The reason LOTR is so awesome and Tolkien was so fuckin based is precisely because a thread like this can even be made about it. The feeble fiction writers of today can't match his godly world forming abilities.

what's this based on?

Syrian Civil War.



he was a religious monarchist snob

It's great literature you fuck.

Dude, no.

Reminder that the Elves were reactionary nazis who originally made the rings to stop progress (or "preserve the world") and ensure the perpetual domination of their race over the earth.


You're not making him look any better, user.

Sauron had no prob with upholding monarchies while destroying them from within with religion. (Numenor) That doesn't sound very commie.

It's GOAT.

Yeah nah

Middle Earth's problem was, that there was no Technocratic Union around to stop this magic fueled bullshit

It becomes quite detailed, when he describes the landscapes, but otherwise it's pretty great.

If you want to actually grasp it you should start with the Silmarillion, many people advise to start with the Hobbit but its more of a historical document written by young Tolkien for his kids during a specific historical situation. Its still good though.

The Silmarillion might seem like a drag but its a necessary basis for Lord of the Rings and will make it much better.

The philosophical basis is elvish linguistics, which might seem arcane but is the basis for all his latter works. So if you plan on becoming a scholar of Tolkien you should tackle that sooner rather than later. Its very rewarding once you understood it.

A sad tale indeed.

Did he based Beleriand on Doggerland?

Because Tom Bombadil was right.

Think of Ephel Duath as being the "Fascism becomes anti-imperialism here" line in middle-earth.

so good I saved it as a txt file on my desktop