Thoughts comr8s?

thoughts comr8s?

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The right wing has such a blatant tactic of "check out this HOT BLONDE who is also conservative" but you can never call them out on it because they can plead ignorance.

The blonde, or the right wing?

But Alex Jones is a based communist

It's such a fucking obvious tactic to make the women in the lefts movement look like shit, I'm sick of it.

That woman is hot as fuck though.

Hahaha you gang of parasitic passive aggressive faggots. Seems like even in America you only act the big hard man against women or when you're behind police. Fucking rats.

When will it end?

lel these folks are fuckin desperate for that teenage-alt-right market. all those antifa libs were funny too


You triggered lass? Every time your ideas have been tried they've failed. You look like pathetic retards to anybody with a mind lmao

Got no choice. They're always facing batons against us yet you do nothing. It's sad. Swing your spaghetti arms at me see what happens saddo.



here's your (you) :^)

Wow, don't cry lass.

Thanks lamb

By the way lads how many of you live around niggers?

like in the same neighborhood as one? I know a few

Yeah, same neighbourhood. I've lived with them all my life. They're scum and should be genocided. Even your lad Che Guevara knew that tbh

awwww did they bully you? that's a shame, but that's no reason to let it influence your politics.

I grew up and live in the South.

There are some bad black people. White trash are consistently worse in every way.

Are antifa anything more than useful idiots? Are they useful at all?


Useful for indoctrinating more people towards fascism.

Do you ever think someone gets beaten up and thinks "Gee I sure was wrong, better change my ways."

It'd be like the gay kid getting beaten up at school and then coming the next day trying to be normal. Pretty unrealistic.


The point is to send a message that they're not welcome in society. The people who are already fascists are already too far gone, they should be attacked, ridiculed and ostracized.

I remain unconvinced.

And I almost thought it wouldn't pay off for them, too.

This tbh

I'm obviously against Infowars trying to put Commies in a bad light but I can hardly sympathize with people from Red Guards Austin, a bunch of dogmatic Stalinists and Gonzaloites

“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean — neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”

Not welcome by who? Certainly these sort of actions only embolden them and create more hidden support like 'closeted fascists'.

I fail to see how. If there are going to be people who harbor fascist sentiments, they're going to be swayed that way regardless.

Fascists garner mainstream support simply by making their particular brand of discourse socially acceptable, and then manipulate the public through panic, "outrage" politics and deceit. What the "muh free speech" idiots don't understand is that if you're having a public debate with Nazis, you've already lost.

Why? Or rather how is that achieved?

And the Streisand Effect can hand them just such a propaganda victory.

Exactly, and the fact they aren't wearing trashy clothes anymore doesn't help at all. People empathize with nicely dressed to a greater extent also.

If you're having a debate with Nazis, you've sent the message, knowingly or not, that their ideology is socially acceptable.

For fascists, the point isn't winning debates. The point is altering the general cultural zeitgeist, shoving their ideology in wherever they can to be a part of the normal discourse. They then capitalize on it with outrage and panic politics and deceit, and enforce their positions through violence.

Streisand Effect only works when the public thinks something is being kept from them. Simply refusing to have fascists as a part of the normal discourse isn't going to trigger a Streisand Effect, the fascists already do a good enough job of making their positions known. The message is that it isn't socially acceptable and the alt-right are undesirables.

People these days don't really need it to be explained to them why fascists are bad.

Buy a T-Shirt, smash fascism, defeat capitalism.

Only 15.99

I would watch this anime.

You're right. Guys we need to go out there and kill as many Fascists as possible! Kill the baby maker women! Go do it! It's how we'll win! Do it!

That "guy" has very tiny, feminine hands.

trotskyism forever

It will be seen that, as used, the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless-George Orwell

Just as true in 1944 as today

While I don't think there's anything wrong with killing fascists, I think that's a step too far at the moment. Society isn't ready for it yet. It's better to promote treating them as social pariahs.

Fascism is radical nationalism.

You're a fucking pussy. If you're not killing Fascists then you're not one of us. Go out and do it or stay the fuck off Holla Forums, LARPer.

wag1 fbi


t. militant high schooler


Those poor cookie selling normies girls :(
Kill the blonde, do it for them.

Bunch of fucking armchair LARPing faggots, one step removed from a mask wearing pussy who screams and chants to hide the fact that he'll never have the balls to actually do something. Well, I guess you give up then.

Not sure what you're trying to do. Usually shitposts either try to troll or amuse people, but you don't do either. You just sound like a 14 year old who gets exited making an ass of himself on the internet. If that's where you're at, have fun I guess.


Alexander Jahans truly is the perfect representation for Holla Forums. Passive aggressive pussies who talk a big game but never actually do anything to further the cause. Pathetic. Probably the perfect physical representation too.

You just want to kill evil nazis like one of your Hollywood movies.
You are the one who is LARPing.
I'm not gonna against it though.
It helps us more than anyone else.

Okay. If you want to go out guns blazing, be my guest, fam, just pretend to be a lolbert or something so they get the bad rap for it.

Forget about Holla Forums. Look at this literal fascist talking shit. Prove yourself comrade, maybe we'll start seeing things your way.

1v1 him irl m8

Then go out and do it, pussy. Quit pretending to be a revolutionary like all the other armchair faggots and the mask wearing pussies and do something. Did our comrades in the USSR walk around in black hoodies and masks screaming at people, with malnourished bodies as frail as can be, hoping to spark enough fear in the small women who catch their gaze to hide their immense insecurity in their own physical abilities? No! They actually went out, proud of their ideals! Do it!

Are you content to eternally be pic related or are you going to man the fuck up and do your ancestors proud, you fucking faggot?!

That's a Nazi, fam.


t. very definitely not Holla Forums

More excuses for not going out and doing something. Armchair faggot…


So revolutionary!

Replace 'ancestors' with 'party' or 'glorious leader' and that seems about right.

How many fascists have you killed friend?

Good. Do them proud. Do your party proud. Put down your mask and stop hiding. Stop screaming like a rabid, emasculated pussy. Act. NOW!

The question is how many will you kill today?

You're really not fooling anyone, Holla Forums.

He trolled a Nazi I think:

Doing a good job.

If calling me Holla Forums makes you feel better about your lack of action and dedication to your ideals, then okay.

If you weren't a militant faggot who wants to do something thrilling, you could help blocking the evictions, helping the striking workers, perhaps establishing unions(there are anarchists unions after all) and so on. But you prefer to beat up trashcans because it's much more exciting than blocking the eviction of some grandma who has problems with paying the communal rent due to her age.

Fucking bookless wonders

I am fucking amazed no one has ever gone on an infowars reporter and btfo them completely.

You can have another person filming and post it on youtube for thorough anal devastation.

Mention Kurt Nimmo, Jones's former editor who has called Jones a snake oil salesman, who profits from scams like "Super male Vitality™"

Mention how Jones used to be anti-Israel but became pro-Zionist as soon as Trump's virulent pro-Zionism surfaced. Mention Trumps Zionist connections, including Kushner and David Friedman.

Mention how he believes in extraterrestrial psychic vampires, and that no legitimate political analyst reports on supernatural phenomena for views.

Human-fish hybrids

Frogs turning gay


Frogs are turning gay though

I support Antifa but they really don't do themselves any favours, do they? The rhetoric is dated which produces second hand embarrassment and just like in the video they don't bother with dialogue at all. which makes sense depending on the context but when YOU are given the platform to convince, not taking it does more harm than good.

I understand not giving fascists a platform by beating the shit out of them and for that I agree with but this whole shtick of screaming "No platform for Fascists!" to a person with a mic making Antifa the center of attention doesn't achieve anything. They had a chance to try explain themselves and represent anti-fascist ideology but just screamed and opted out of a chance of making themselves less vilified. idk.

something something heads and pavement

IMO all of the people in this video make themselves extremely unattractive with their behavior.

You have to try really hard to be as incompetent as they are.

my sides

go back to Holla Forums

Oh man i just watched that video that is some serious bullshit.

Kill yourself slowly, liberal.
Literally "meme magic" lmao
It's the same guys complaining about SJWs "making everything relative" too

Slit the throat of every rightwing nazi faggot.

Literally all my life
Almost all of them are pretty nice some weebs too

they're obviously there with an agenda but it would be pretty easy to shut them down if you know what you're talking about. like her first question was "would you vote for hillary in 2020?", she's clearly a moron who has no idea what kind of person she's talking to.

i would just make sure that someone else was recording the conversation as well so they couldn't selectively edit shit.

This is what's considered news now?
The guy who gave her the middle finger seemed chill.
Also does the blonde have herpes in her fucking eye? Nasty.

I don't know if this is bait but before LGBT rights were a thing that's usually how it went.

this is definetely bait.

Nah, she's a bourgeois puppet.

How does this affect the video at all?

why don't you get some hot girls to do this then?


Felt kind of bad for the cookie girls, to be honest.

I hate it when reporters use people to make their own points.

Rightist media can't be legitimate on opinion alone, they need all of you to act like retards on camera so that they can create polemic. Stop indulging them, talk normally and clearly and don't do anything dramatic or attention-seeking.

Let it go man. It was decades ago when your black friend cucked you.

This is pretty stupid.. This is why people can't take these retards serious.. NO platform for fascists reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *autistic screeching*