What if marx was actually right and the inherent contradictions of capitalism will bring capitalism down...

What if marx was actually right and the inherent contradictions of capitalism will bring capitalism down, and that literally everything is going according to plan, it just is taking a lot longer than optimists of his time believed?

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No, he was left.

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now imagine we accelerate those contradictions

He is right. Wait a few months, the downfall of capitalism is gonna come.

optimists fuck off pessimism only reeee
capitalism will last several more years

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its a post-post-post ironic meme about making one question wether it was put there intentionally or unintentionally and if they actually went out of their way to go to ifunny and post it to get that shit


Start at 1:01:06

Professor Wolff explains the coming capitalist crash very clearly.

Capitalism has failed numerous times leading to enormous unrest, but since the development of international capital and state capitalism there are too many tools to allow it to completely fail. Example, climate damage in a 'really existing' capitalist framework would have bankrupted every oil company on earth due to mass damages. The USD probably would have fallen out of favor among monetary traders and the US itself would have lost it's credit rating numerous times, but the state-private alliance allows for cooking the books on a massive scale and defending them from real market limitations.

It will never fail at this rate, because it's not longer just capitalism and too many nations are invested in it to stop.

LIBOR is another example, a fraudulent market worth over 500 Trillion, and NOTHING happened as a result. State capitalism is invincible when you're on top of an empire.

hey newfie

He was correct, we just need to go faster.

He didn't mean that. He meant that no matter what happens, the negation of the proletariat is communism. But Capitalism could last 1 million years if its high priest push it in the right direction.

Wolff is an idiot tho.


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Several hundred more years

"IF"? No, that's definitely what's happening.

This is literally what communists believe
Read/lurk moar

this really hit me in the feels

No, it's definitely going to end by 2100. Global warming and automation will make sure of that, if the plain economic and political crisis doesn't get there first.