Michael Flynn has stepped down

The First Domino has fallen.
Accelerationism WORKS.




Is anyone else in Trump's admin pro-Russia? Also, why is this accelerationist?

The entire Trump regime is the pinnacle of the internal contradictions of Capitalism coming to their most absurd conclusion.
This is proof that it works because it's falling apart as we speak, just as planned.
Trump is burning Capitalism every single day in every single way, better and better

As the days go by ever since Election Day, the more and more I feel it's kind of stupid that people on Holla Forums hate Trump on the same level and reasons as Liberals; the truth is that, from the Right Wing's POV, he's actually /ourguy/ in the worst way possible

Just wait until he tries to balance the trade deficit, or worse, balance the budget.

provide sources for that bullshit opinion of yours


Yes, I am asking for some source that Trump is left wing in any way shape or form, and I said it's an opinion because I know you can't show it's a fact.

Trump is a fascist doing fascist shit, merging corporation and state, trying to circumvent checks and balances, and selling us out to another, worse Capitalist aka PORKY power, Putin's Russia.

If anything, leftypol is poisoned by it's entrenchment in anti-imperialism to the degree that it is totally blind to these facts

0/10 is that pasta?

my guess is this guy is a reddit CIA shill who works here today.
the "you're all just anti-imperialists and therefore wrong" meme is also used in anti-assad propaganda.

we already have a thread about this btw.

that's not what that user said

learn about accelerationism

I'm the one who brought up accelerationism, retard. And that's precisely what he was saying.

his words.
Go fuck yourself, Holla Forumsintelpro

Is this the fabled subversion? Is it a joke? Is it trolling?

We may well never know

that user said he's '/ourguy/ in the worst way possible'
emphasis on the 'in the worst way possible'

Go fuck yourself, liberal

Its reality. Antiimperialism is cancer and should go die in some shit creek.

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This accelerationism meme (that only Holla Forumsfaggots force) is horrible considering all the leftist policies Trump has.

which are?


He isn't, and that was my whole point: I don't even consider myself as an Accelerationist, but Trump is so unabashedly pro-capitalism, yet pro-protectionism that he's gonna fuck up this country so goddamn hard in the long term.

Here's an example in basic Caveman-Economics: besides giving the establishment an ugly face with his whole demeanor, if he keeps up with his protectionist stances throughout his term, then

If we play our cards right and attempt to convert people, then Trump's presidency could be considered unofficially /ourterm/

If this is your shit definition, then both parties are actually fascists
But I shouldn''t expect the redditor to know better

I really doubt this will happen, but the fact that Trump (and Sanders while that was still possible) even openly proposed this and attracted support gives me the dream of a dream of hope:

If there's even the slimmest chance we could take so little as a single step along this path thanks to Trump, he's worth more than any burgerstani politician in the last four decades.

Welcome to the age of robotics.

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lol imagine how demoralized Trump supporters will be when he fully capitulates to the neocons and we really do go to war with Russia

Consumerism may be what sells us the rope to hang the capitalists