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this guy hasn't even been president for a month. what a fucking disaster. this is hilarious.

This was all part of Trump's plan.

This is big.
Trumptards will inevitably say it shows leadership and initiative, liberals will argue Trump is clueless.

This is suspicious as fuck, tho.

those shill threads are stupid as fuck but at least i'm getting some news out of them, unlike the usual disinfo shit.



A fucking advisor, who isn`t running anything resigns
(all he does all day is provide advice),
Well, its time to shut down the gov, its over.

He's in charge of key military operations moron

I don't think people quite realize why this is so big. Of course the NSA resigned, which is big, but furthermore the fact that (or rather the circumstances under which) he resigned shows that the Trump administration in general has some major dirty secrets it does not want to get out.

The NSA is one of the most powerful people in America, dumbo. Kissinger was the NSA once and I am sure you know the influence he had on history.

You have no idea how the gov operates do you?
Its why he resigned, he embarassed everyone by pretending he is, he wasn`t in charge of anything…

No you


Yesterday the Trump administration went on record that they trust Flynn, only after the Washington Post released an article that said Yates warned the Trump administration about Flynn's ties to Russia months ago was he forced to resign. They got caught in a lie with deep implications and would like this to blow over as quickly as possible as to avoid an investigation.

I ignored all the Trump is a Kremlin plant shit but after reading into a bit I think it might be legit and Trump is fighting against a deep state counter-coup.

This is a pretty good write up from one of the main journos digging at this angle.


Idk that blog sounds like something a leftist version of Alex Jones would say.

Bishop to E3


shes a legit journo and a rightwinger; she is working to verify the dossier leak through Heat St and Guardian but this is her broader theory that hasn't been fully substantiated yet.

Do we want the coup or not?


post the one where alex jones is a commie!


This is fantastic news comrades


I've been wondering what would be better.

Trumps obviously a clown and having him on the throne will do wonders for the left but repubs getting turned into a mandateless husk that got duped by the Russians and a reality tv star would also do wonders.

This picture will be in history books one day

It's basically a fake scandal.


Sadly this will fuel the conspiracy that Russians altered the elections.

lol you guys really believe anything huh

Trump didn't want to dump Flynn. Pence did, because he was lied to.
Which tells us Pence did NOT know about calls, but Trump did.

I WONDER WHY ALL THESE NEOCONS HATE TRUMP?????? Oh it's because they want to have ww3

We certainly shouldn't take a literal spy on Twitter seriously. This entire series of events could be one huge counterintelligence operation to improve the image of the intelligence agencies among the libs.

oh wow, the new administration seems to be pretty serious about following the law and making sure politicians don't overstep their boundaries.
i wish the same could be said about the previous ones.


Fool! Killer Queen has already touched that cabinet position!

There's no need to improve the image of intelligence agencies among liberals– they're already at a level of total compliance and trust. Literally every liberal (all the way up to those newsmen who think of themselves the vanguard of the truth) considers them the ultimate authority, treats request of any substantiation of claims from them as ridiculous if not taboo, and assumes their motives are always perfectly patriotic and pure.

Now I do belive that there is actually some kind of deep-state counter-op against Trump– and I think if there is any body in politics actually able to play 4d chess it's them due to their very nature as propagandists and spies, but I don't believe that means they are trying to protect us from a Manchurian candidate like that simp does.


It's good that Trump's prestige is being damaged, but it's bad that the American deep state is the one actuating that damage.