So will STEM people be less smug and delusional under communism?

So will STEM people be less smug and delusional under communism?

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Aren't we on the path where soon most engineers will come from China and India? STEM kids will be less smug soon.

At least STEM will be used to channel humanity's direction into a promising future, instead of getting wagecucked for nothing else but profit


And if they're not… well there's always the gulag


I'm going into STEM. I don't know about you guys but only undergrads seem to act that way. Generally speaking, anyway.

Liberal arts degrees were never intended to prepare you for a job. I am both a Psychology and a Sociology major (I studied Marxist theory and critiques of neoliberalism in that program). I didn't get a job from it but I enjoyed my classes to some extent. My main regret is that I focused mainly on getting the piece of paper and avoiding adulthood for 5 years (I had some post-graduate education as well) rather than focused mainly on learning.

The marvels, or spectacles and distractions of science and (modern) culture are just like bread and circuses.

OK an-prim, let's see how much of a spectacle a tank bearing down on your spear chucking community is.

Well technically I worked a job that required a University degree. But I didn't work a job that specifically required psychology or sociology.

If tuition were free, I would probably go for my Master's and maybe even PhD in Sociology and try to become a teacher's assistant and professor. The problem with grad school is that you need references from your professors and I was never one to schmooze with my professors at all. So I'm fucked if I were to go back. I would be shocked if any of my profs remembered me. You need references from profs.

I don't think communism can cure autism.

How does cuck marxism deal with progress being elites being turned into demigod cyborgs such as elon musk are working towards? As stem progresses the elites are just going to get more powerful and muh privileged…

Only tankie has the answers. Stop being cuck

If the STEM nerds who rag on about how liberal arts degrees are useless have autism, then they are in for a rude awakening when they enter the real world…

Autism is a fucking death sentence. I had a near 4.0 GPA in my last year and companies didn't even want to hire me for an unpaid internship. I interviewed so poorly. I was lucky to even get a job because I knew someone who knew someone.

Are you trying to make me feel bad about making fun of autism?

2/10, made me reply




Obviously, spears are the wrong weapon against tanks. Steel rods in the treads can fuck some shit up.
Sit down, Kurzweil. We have your technology and, Ayn Rand's protestations notwithstanding, your technology does not require your continued participation to remain useful in serving real, non-manufactured human needs.
t. non-degreed stemfag

That's how all but the best chads and stacies do it too. Always circumvent competition. Never deal with HR if you can avoid it. They exist to back you off, string you along, and screw you over in the company's interest.
Autists used to be easy to employ because all workplaces didn't need to be family-friendly by which we mean easily-scandalized-Victorian-woman friendly. They still could be employed as such, if workplaces were anything more than group narcissism.

Holla Forums-tier
try harder

thats /sci/s deep insecurity about their worth as human beings, because they tie it to wealth and employment under capitalism. Or to some spook of certain fields of study being worth more because they're 'harder', which ultimately is just about them being more expensive to employ.
not even a liberal arts student.

>>>Holla Forums

No, socialist science is all about floating into space and becoming transhuman super beings without limit.

capitalist physicists usually quit to do calc for finance.

Sure, lots of wealth and employment opportunities in academia. What bourgeois moralist WOULDN'T see pure math research as the epitome of success?

It's no spook. If fewer people are capable of something, and it requires a greater degree of skill, specialization and commitment, then it's more special and more highly prized in a sense. You see the same thing in art, music, athletics, and most fields of study and human endeavor in general.

A lot of it is just that science has higher barriers to entry and relies on more delayed gratification

if they're studying it/went into studying it because they feel a need need to validate their status or worth, instead of because they love it and to study it pleases them and nothing else, I say they're spooked.
These are the kids in grade school who fucking broke down crying if they got a B, fam.

A lot of people go into various occupations without the passion or drive, that's a problem of capitalism more than anything else.
I certainly believe the way that people are shunted into science and engineering because muh job ultimately cheapens things for everyone, both the people who'd rather be doing other things with their time, and the people who sincerely want to be there. But so much of the STEM hate focuses on the latter group, and tries then to paint it with the characteristics of the former.

I'd say this is far from unique to STEM. Desire to improve and be significant to others in some way is part of the human condition, and would only become an even more important motivator for people going into "hard" fields/careers in a socialist society.
Whatever. All I can really say to that is it hasn't been my experience.

The STEM lords are leading us into the era of technological slavery and dystopia. They are scum and deserve to be executed. Every single last one of them; even those who are working on cures for cancer. They are all pawns into a bigger game and they don't realize that technology is an evolutionary system that is alive and using them for its own purposes. But hey as long as I'm getting payed it doesn't matter! It reminds me of all those nuclear scientists who are working on creating weapons of mass destruction not realizing that they are building weapons that will end up destroying their own lives and those of their loved ones as well. But the lure of money in this capitalist system makes them immune to the reality of what they are actually doing: manufacturing the noose that will one day strangle them.

For every good thing that comes out of new technology there are twenty bad things.

Unfortunately technology is the biggest spook of all. And humanity will continue to develop more technology more and more of it until we either all die because our interconnections makes us more vulnerable to suffer from a crisis, due to climate change or we simply become literal slaves to AI and/or to an authoritarian technocratic regime therefore become something less than human.



watch "black mirror" on netflix if you haven't already. You will love it. I have been binge watching that show for the last couple days.

I hope so.

Watching "Black Mirror" in the last couple of days has made me nihilistic as fuck. I don't think there is any hope for the working class to develop class consciousness at all.We are heading towards fascism. A techological super-surveillance state dystopia.


I get the spirit of this memery but today's scientists I think are mostly just sick of still hearing stuff like evolution is just a theory and climate change isn't a settled science so they have started to devolve to dismissive cheeky quips, even though it's a waste of energy to even engage this kind of nonsense at all, compared to I dunno, discovering new elements?

the ideal that anprims strive toward

Trotsky was an STEM fag so no.




If you want to go and die of preventable diseases in a mud hut in the wilderness, nobody is stopping you. Sadly it seems you'd rather shitpost here.

Sorry, I was talking about how STEM would be like under communism

best horror show out there

he is not shitposting, he is a hacker luddite who doesn't know the phrase "hacker luddite".

also +1 for black mirror suggestion

also don't forget to watch the S02 Christmas Special. and in some Screenwipe episodes you can see where he got some ideas from.

I'm an engineer and I accept all degrees as useful.
I know how to make detailed plans for the construction of things. You know how to deeply analyse the human psyche, or you're an expert in dialetics, or something.
We're all humans producing something, man.

Jameson argues that these sorts of arrogance will become even more pronounced after a revolution.


It splits the worker into "demographics" then pit them against each other by favouring one group above the other.

Today it's STEM, but they seem to change it every generation. During the 80ies for example it was the Doctors, who were treated like Historians.Ärzteschwemme
This may be a German phenomenon, but the modus operandi is clear.

My plea is, we have to stick together. You may be the favourite today, but you won't be in porkies graces forever.
Solidarity on the other hand is eternal. We manage this and we are one step closer to communism.

We may not realise it yet, but the fall of the European school of thought will be remembered as one of the greatest tragedy befallen to mankind in the future.

I suppose you'd have a tendency to say that, wouldn't you.

It's the only correct way to spell it.
Once Spanish becomes the main language in he US, we won't have these debates anymore.

It's even simpler than that IMO.
Look at a chart of the median principal investigator age over the past 50 years or so, and you'll see a startling trend upwards, especially in the post-cold war era. The same people pushing the "get into STEM" propaganda are the ones funding research in the first place. What we see is the research tax dollar being stretched ever further due to artificial overcompetition, as wages in industry are pushed down due to a mass influx of hopeful, trained workers. Both of which benefit Porky.

This "value" to the establishment is born mostly of the market itself picking favorites, but yes, the modern "upper middle classes" have been a pressure valve all themselves for quite a while. Expanding social programs, or any other "transitional demand" meant to exceed the scope of social democracy, hits these professional/small business owner sections first and hardest with tax burden and they turn to class collaborationism. It's a built-in failsafe, like the welfare state itself.

That said, the anti-STEM idpol is itself pretty worrying. Especially as science is something so integral to the socialist project.

"Science communicators" are supposed to be overly simplistic and often wrong on matters of nuance. It's their whole market niche.
There's a lot for a practicing scientist to critique in Popper, Kuhn, and others, but you won't hear it, and nor should your expect to hear it, from these popsci icons who are "famous for being famous."
Also, the claim "quantum mechanics proves platonic idealism" is spurious as all fuck and belongs in the popsci trash as well.

Hol up jus lemme get some buckets to put all that bad faith in


you might not act like this, but there are plenty of STEMfags online who do

Downloading it now. Hope it isn't boring neo-liberal propaganda like 98% of what's on TV.

STEMfag here.


No now suck on my chemistry degree kiddo

Probably just bants and blowing off steam tbh

Usually distribution requirements will be heavily slanted towards the liberal arts, so you might have a chem student having to take 12cr of "individuals and societies" 8cr of "the humanities" and 4cr in arts, at the same institution as some libarts guy that just has to take one or two filler courses like "the chemistry of cooking" or "the physics of music" and "be proficient in" precalc. He complains to his non-STEM friends and gets an offended "that's to broaden you as a person" boilerplate, while they in turn complain about how their minuscule science req "doesn't have anything to do with my degree" and, in select cases, how precalc is "just too hard."

A guy could just as easily see exactly that attitude as entitled, or "smug and delusional," is what I'm saying. So of course they're gonna meme about it a little. I've never really seen it as the rhetorical hill anyone wants to die on, though. My lab comrades are pretty chill.

I am speaking from my personal experience studying engineering in a "marxist" public university

All this elitism surrunding STEM, Med and Law are just creating worse professionals people that doesn't know shit and thinking they are better than their own fellows.

Ah yes the opressed poor westerners everyone.

So revolutionary.

Well, this is actually true.

A quote from Paul Feyerabend:
The withdrawal of philosophy into a “professional” shell of its own has had disastrous consequences. The younger generation of physicists, the Feynmans, the Schwingers, etc., may be very bright; they may be more intelligent than their predecessors, than Bohr, Einstein, Schrodinger, Boltzmann, Mach and so on. But they are uncivilized savages, they lack in philosophical depth — and this is the fault of the very same idea of professionalism which you are now defending.

Part of the reason of why there hasn't been a scientific revolution is mostly because of this. The most brilliant scientists are being encouraged to "shut up and do the math" when talking about modern (and counterintuitive) physics.

Still, Physicist are leagues beyond other faggots working on CompSci, Engineer, Medicine, et al; those are really reactionary faggots.

College dropout physicist working as a wageslave on CompSci related field here.

non-stem degrees are useless, since all non-stem fields are dominated by ruling ideology post-modernism.

if you're gonna go to university, get a stem degree. you don't need a university to study non-stem subjects


u wot?

yes it is lel

it's capitalist idealism

do you know what post modernism is

was about to ask you the same

post-modernist relativism is literally the opposite of hegelian dialectics

Spoken like a true buzzword-spouting demagogue.

spoken like a true illiterate liberal

How many times did you tip your fedora on that one, buddy?

Would you consider post-structuralism to be post-modernism?

*big words are buzzwords because they hurt my head*

of course, post-structuralism became a thing in the 60s

Please stop posting this cringeworthy comic.

But are you okay with structural Marxism?

marxism is sctructuralist in nature, as is all hegelian philosophy

But psychology IS science, shouldn't it technically be STEM?

I wonder who could be speaking

I'm sorry you couldn't pass calc 1 lmao

supreme b8

This is garbage, the reason there hasn't been another scientific revolution in fundamental physics is because of a lack of novel experimental results in high energy physics, and also because high energy theory is FUCKING HARD.

Psychology is the science of the mind, and they do experiments, publish papers, etc.

Psycology as a science is the biggest meme ever and is reponsible for all the suffering caused by modern psychiatry

Not an argument

psychiatry is the science of the mind

psychology is philosophy, not science. the fact that they use statistic analysis doesn't make it science, since their methods are not empirical and the results they produce are in most cases not reproducible

Can mods just make a stickied containment thread on this?

I just wish I could see STEM fields become average labor power in my life time.
I dream of a day where STEM fags live in metal shipping containers working for 2 bowls of rice a day because the only jobs there are are STEM and if they don't work for nothing a starving chinese/indian kid will take their place

Basically what he said uwu.

Good! Spanish is a hell of a lot less intricate, affected, and bourgeois than English. The English language makes it almost impossible not to rank and compare things in casual speech, and too easy to obscure shit behind the other two languages embedded within English. The language serves no humanist purpose and should be abolished.

Economics is bigger, longer, and has a far higher body count. Psychology is maybe third, behind proselytism, mainly because it hasn't been around for very long, unless rhetoric counts..

A large percentage of STEM graduates are already unemployed and it's only going to get worse.
t. India and China

The liberal arts are important too. If you don't have an educated populace, you are stupid with a nation of dumb ass white working class Trump supporters. Why do you think Trump loves the poorly educated? Because the poorly educated are easy to manipulate. The Republicans want to keep the coal miners in the hole and the coal miners praise this.

Not the same thing as competent STEM employees. The average Indian programmer delegates their work to StackOverflow like good Brahmins.

That's some weird-ass liberal logic you got cooking there.

literally status-quo propaganda

you can learn history and philosophy pretty easily, since all books worth reading are shared for free by many online libraries

*most books worth reading

If Trump supporters took History, Philosophy, Sociology, Poli Sci, etc. in college, they wouldn't have turned out to be Trump supporters. Why is it that poor white trash voted for rich white trash (Trump) while white people who went to college (my demographic) voted for Bernie Sanders?

ye, they would be hillary supporters. which is basically the same thing

if you trust the system to produce anti-establishment radicalism you are either extremely naive and/or retarded

"basically the same thing". Tell that to people who have the cancah and are going to lose their coverage when the Affordable Care Act is repealed.

Many young white millennials who went to college voted for Bernie Sanders as well. The Bernie crew who voted for Hillary in the general only did so because she was the lesser of two evils.

Except the problem with closing the coal mines is that surrounding communities are usually built up around that one industry.
If that goes, all the jobs go, and there are a few hundred people now unemployed with mortgages on their houses and maybe a family to feed.
The other businesses in the town suffer from not having as much thoroughfare and so can't employ many of the unemployed miners.

If there were actual good federal retraining and resettlement schemes for ex-miners then they would might vote for the people destroying their lives.

What history, and what philosophy? All that Western bullshit that eventually leads to liberal proto-feudalism? Burn it all and start over.

Maybe they should blame the system that gave them cancer in the first place. Why aren't you liberals killing yourselves like we told you to?

Holla Forums literally tells liberals to kill themselves
while giving conservative reactionaries who are killing off the working class at an accelerated rate a free pass…

Because the poor are slaves and they should be glad to work for table scraps. The prole is an animal.

So all those academics who had liberal arts degrees like Marx and Stirner were all liberals, or do you mean to say that universities were somehow not part of the establishment? Nearly every anti-establishment movement or school of thought has its basis in Liberal Arts, not to mention all the radical student movements that have existed through history. STEM has contributed literally nothing in this regard

*universities back then

le sigh

hope you're not implying that body and mind are separate lad
psychiatry is fine is just in an earlier stage of scientific understanding

The capitalists throwing you bones doesn't change anything. Be it hillary or trump, there is going to be exploitation of the worker by the capitalists and imperialistic wars to sustain us economy. Hillary is in fact worse than trump in many ways, since not only she represents some false sense of "leftism" (she is clearly anything but left), but also promotes id-pol garbage that only serves to divide the masses even further and promote pseudo-causes, all to divert people from class struggle.

My point is that trump (and the gop) can easily be seen as the enemy by anyone with a basic education. What hillary (and the democrats) are doing on the other hand, is promoting themselves as "the left" while being nothing more than another side of the false-duality capitalism that has been dominant in the us the last 2 centuries.

see you can't even escape the idpol yourself, this is how indoctrinated your system has made you. bernie sanders is just another capitalist, ye he would have probably tried to create a better safety net but it would still be capitalism, there would still be exploitation and wars for profit and that will not change by voting anyone in office

why do you use an anarchist flag when you're clearly a liberal?

you should really get educated mate, most of the left hegelians got expelled from their universities for their writings. do you think marx went from country to country for fun? as for stirner, he got denied a license to teach in university twice.

also, you are comparing 2017, when all the material you need to study is readily available, to the 19th century. how fucking dense are you?

To quote Solid Snake in Metal Gear Solid, we are (all) animals. Humans are scum. People seem to think that Black Mirror is a statement about technology dehumanizing society. But the truth is that humans were assholes to begin with. Technology just brings it out of us more.

I can't stand all of this anti-intellectualism in our society. The powers that be want to keep people uneducated and stupid. Because a stupid populace is easier to manipulate. Studying Marxist theory and neoliberalism in University helped shape who I am today. My psychology courses also helped as well. It may not have directly landed me a job. But at least I'm not a classcucked alt-right retard.

Bernie Sanders is not going to call for the violent seizing of the means of production. You know what they call people who advocate that? Terrorists. He's not going to reveal his powerlevel. Social democracy started as entryism/reformism. Exploitation would still exist under Bernie Sanders social democracy but it would be far less exploitation than what you see under Donald Trump.

The hardline socialists are not doing jack shit. I tried talking my friend into starting a union at her workplace (coffee shop). She says that she plans only on being there until September, many of her co-workers don't plan on staying there and the more permanent long-time co-workers are too scared to organize. Unions are effectively impotent in 2017. You say "agitate, educate and organize." But that is all complete bullocks because you are not doing jack shit. This is an excuse to not do jack shit.

socdems are the reason socialism lost the cold war you uneducated liberal

Ye except i'm a member of my country's communist party, not some whiny liberal kid that hasn't opened a book in his life and is trying to teach me how bernie sanders is a "socialist"

please proceed to either do flag related, or kill yourself.

Will humanities fags be less butthurt and egotistical under communism? The only people on here I see complaining about [group of majors they dont do] is you lot.

The US and UK started abandoning social democracy in the late 70s/early 80s. Well before the fall of the Berlin Wall. Thatcher in 1979 and then Reagan in 1981. So how can social democracy be directly linked to the fall of the USSR? When America, the UK and other countries in the west following their lead was having a neo-liberal orgy in the 1980s?

Yeah, but that doesn't change the fact that they were fucking educated in a university, does it? And surprise, you have a lot of leftist thinkers today, and they all went to universities. The university establishment may not be a haven for radicals, but universities are still full of them
Sure, you can study without going to the university, but reading a few history books isn't gonna make you a historian and reading Plato isn't gonna make you a philosopher
And you didn't even respond to my last point, to say that you should study STEM instead of Liberal Arts because Liberal Arts isn't anti-establishment enough is fucking retarded. STEM is full of reactionaries, and it contributes absolutely nothing to leftist thought, but as says, he studied Marxist theory and neo-liberalism in a Liberal Arts university. Sure, you can read a book about that for free, but you're never gonna be able to write one yourself.

Yes, because there won't be any more faggots telling them to get a job

In the meantime, could you stop saying that humanities such as philosophy and art should be equated or put on the same level as things like engineering or phychology, just because it is given at a "university"? They are not comparable at all and the former are not meant to be given as an education for job skills, but for the study in itself. Do what most philosophy majors do here and do a double major.

if you want a job, if not, sure thing, but porky demands you have skills so it would be helpfull to have income. And skills like that are also needed by society after the revolution, when we can finally stop making "cashcow simulator 2012" and make usefull products instead.

The end of social democracy (and Keynesian economics in general) started in the 1970s when OPEC decided to downscale production of petroleum, leading to a huge spike in the international price of oil. Autocentric United States, Canada, etc. were heavily dependent on petrol. This is what caused massive inflation. But instead world leaders started listening to Autist School Economist Milton Friedman say that inflation was caused by government over-spending. So governments scapegoated welfare recipients and told the working class that welfare recipients are the ones holding them back. And then they proceeded to slash their budgets and cut taxes for the rich. Which resulted in rich people getting richer and the working class getting poorer. And the fucking dumb ass working class voters kept voting in Reagan and Thatcher.

And then you have western world leaders pointing to the failing USSR and saying "see, socialism doesn't work!" Justifying even more cuts to government spending and even more tax cuts for the rich.

Social democracy did not kill the USSR. The death of the USSR helped kill social democracy though. Because in the minds of the average voter citizen idiot, socialism was discredited by USSR's failure and they think that social democracy = socialism.

seriously kid learn some history, then move to marx, then to lenin, then come talk to me. there's no point discussing anything with someone this uneducated

again, ignoring the fact that universities in the 19th century were the only place where you could get educated in the first place, since you couldn't fucking google pdfs now could you? also the fact that around universities, many of these leftists circles were formed as opposed to today's us universities where you have only liberals.

So your argument is what, that the liberal establishment won't give me the title of "philosopher" or "historian" if i don't study in their university? Who gives a shit? Unless you're actually going into these fields looking for a job, there is no reason for you to seek these titles.

STEM fields are the only materialistic education you can get, and apart from psychiatry are mostly apolitical. A STEM degree is useful because either a) you're going to use it to find a job or b) the field you want to study needs specific laboratory equipment. Everything is full of "reactionaries", I never said that university education in 2017 will ever net you advances on leftist theory. But between post-modern humanist trash and materialistic study of applicable knowledge of the universe, the second will of course net more benefit both to the individual and to society.

Why not? You can write a book right now if you want, who is going to stop you?

Jesus get the fuck over Rosa. That was 98 years ago. You're talking about social democracy in one country (a country that isn't even all that significant, Germany). That occurred nearly a century ago.


This type of shit is resulting in scientists and engineers moving to the right. I don't have a problem with humanities in and of themselves, and I think that things like psychology/psychiatry or economics that mix science with humanities are valid fields, albeit full of shills and perhaps still in a stage roughly equivalent to doctors using leeches. But when a scientist who's getting exploited by porky sees something like this, they think the left is just full of hipster morons and they're mostly right. You need STEM people to do anything, and if the left is lacking in STEM personnel, the left is going to lose, period.

Spot on. Also depressing as fuck.

Agreed. Threads like these are like your strawman "leftist" university womyns studies and sociology protest talking about how excellent engineering is because its got too many men.

You assume that Marx and Stirner's production of intellectual advancement was determined by bourgeois education, that is, would have not happened had they not. That's a credentialist, authoritarian, discreditable position.
An education in psychology and culture offers much to society. A humanities credential offers society nothing but a smug, useless class of fucktard who thinks their ability to recite authoritarian baggage from centuries past makes them indispensable priests whose existence feeds anyone but themselves.
If they can't unlearn that shit, the revolutionary wall will eventually set them right.

More bourgeois idpol? "Being" your occupation is a sign of psychosis and elitism.
Except for, say, reducing SNLT. But liberals prefer maximum SNLT in order that they have people to be better than.

Liberal arts degrees are cancer. All museums and and fine arts schools should burn!
Art should be available to everybody not be incarcerated at those places.

no point in arguing mate, it's just 1 uneducated liberal wanker samefagging

sage and move on

Duh, no. Of course Philosophy isn't gonna train you to any job unless it's as a teacher or professor, but that doesn't mean it isn't an important field of study. The idea that education is only there to train you for a job is the worst form of wagecuckery, even more retarded when it comes out of the mouth of a leftist who's supposedly above that ideology

No, my argument is that you can't fucking engage in or advance the field if you haven't properly studied in that field and listened to its professors. Sure, you can read all the same books and listen in on lectures, but at that point you're basically just taking a university education without getting a degree.
Yeah, if you want a job in STEM you study STEM, but not everyone wants a bloody job in STEM. And besides, those jobs are running out. The market is flooded with Comp.Sci majors and engineers because everyone and their mother said that that was the only way to get a job, and jobs in the sciences are as precarious as the ones in the humanities. At least the latter gives you a chance to escape wage slavery.
Also, some people just want to fucking study philosophy and actually engage in that field, but oh no, you shouldn't study it because it's bourgeois; just learn programming and read Plato, that's all you need
Fam, what do you think will happen if no one studies humanities? No advances in them will happen. We'll all be reading Marx and Lenin and make no advances of our own for the rest of human existence. Whatever you think of post-modern humanist trash - which is just a fucking buzzword, there are plenty of leftist post-modern thinkers and writers - people are still gonna have to study in those universities if we want leftist historians and leftist philosophers.
The fact that it will be shit? The fact that no one will publish it? The fact that I won't have anything meaningful to write because I haven't fucking expanded on what my predecessors wrote?

I'm not a fucking samefag

It's also difficult for me to have the stomach for people telling us to excuse the white working class for voting for neo-liberal policies. But the reality of the situation is that white working class classcuckery is the reason why are in this mess in the first place. They voted for Reagan. They voted for Thatcher. etc. The white working class believes that poor people and now immigrants are solely responsible for their problems. The small parasite who is visible (welfare recipient) becomes the scapegoat while the large invisible parasite they don't even notice (the bourgeoisie) robs more from the working class than they ever have in history.

I'm not even gonna read the rest of your trash post. off yourself liberal trash

The idea of education is to educate, but many people who study humanities and the like do it as their primary study and think, proclaim and demand that it be seen as a valid career choice with many practical real life applications.
There are many people I have met who think that philosophy and art should be considered to have the value to society as engineering and things like psychology. You cannot escape muh jobs in capitalism, and even outside of capitalism, people are still going to say you need to find something valuable to society (IE, a job, paid or not) which an art degree isnt going to help with, except for a talented few.

as an excuse doesn't change the fact that society as of right now, even if we we're socialist, needs people to contribute practical skills, instead of only studying for the sake of studying for oneself.

Like science makes paint and mediums while art gives sciences…..

eh, what exactly?

The professor's job is to explain what you are reading. And offer analysis, criticisms, etc. Notice how many threads we have seen on Holla Forums of OPs complaining that they have trouble understanding Marxist works or don't have the attention span to get through the material because they find it heavy.

In University they don't just give us The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital to read. The professor gives lectures on the subject and they also have modern text books on the subject. The whole point of a professor and text books is to facilitate learning.

My sociology courses did cover race, gender, neo-colonialism, etc. But we also talked about class quite a lot as well. It's like people who talk shit about liberal arts courses have never actually step foot in a liberal arts classroom themselves. Granted, I haven't took a liberal arts course in nearly 8 years. But I imagine that the material they are teaching students now is not much different from what was being taught in 2005-2009 when I studied liberal arts.

You fucking what? When's the last time you've read a piece of theory from an engineer? Or a programmer? Besides, unless you plan on inventing a robot, you're not gonna make any advances in that regard.

How about you stop being a cunt?

Alright, I see your point, but there's more to life than just jobs. People from 2000 years ago realised that, so why can't we? We live in a society so inundated in capitalist ideology that your sole value in it is what job you have and how much you're earning, and it pisses me off when I see supposed leftist engaging in it. Half the point of communism is that you don't have to worry about that shit, you can just do whatever you want with your life instead of working in a job you hate.
And yeah, universities are shit, humanities is full of liberals, but I'm still gonna study in them. I'm not gonna work in a job I despise while reading Plato on the sly when I have the opportunity to actually teach it

Why us everyone so mad about STEM? There is nothing wrong with any of those fields. My classes had several lefties while the rest were more Berniefags than anything and I'm in the deep fucking south. Somehow I think these complaints are born from some serious butthurt and too much time on reddit than anything else. Seriously kys.

Well you see, comrade, it all started with the great humanities vs sciences war. Nobody knows who shot first, but the war has been raging ever since.
Seriously though, both are important

We can, but it needs to come from both sides, and your OP and the image are not doing it. I've never seen any leftists here be smug because "muh salary", only seen smug STEM fielders when they talk about how they have practical skills to fight the revolution.

We won't reach communism in out lifetime, most likely. We must work to get falc, and for that we need robots, machines, trucks, guns and ammo, and not people talking about Plato (who is a giant faggot, by the way, cant stand him).

I actually illegally attend philosophy lectures at the uni once in a while. Last time I went it was about Heidegger. He has some interesting ideas on technology. I think my favourite part though was when a bunch of stereotypical SJW folks a row in front of me got visibly upset when the lecturer said depression is not an illness but caused by the state of reality incompatible with healthy human existence. I just dont see why everybody is so adamant about limiting themselves to one field of study.

I would still suggest you pick up more fields of study, even if its autodidactical, because learning in of itself is fun and fullfilling, as well as proving you with skills you can apply to reach communism.

Oh, and by the way, people like plato, 2000 years ago, were ruling class who lived of the back of slaves. Their ability to faff around all day and troll each other with naked chickens is not an indication of their appreciation of education and the arts, its just that they didn't have or want to work, as sciences/STEM did not exist in any meaningful form yet. It wasn't until the 1700's where sciences went from a past time of monks and aristocrats to legitimate professions with the advent of precise engineering, the industrial revolution and the subsequent need for mass produced designs and solutions to so many problems that it warranted dedicated jobs to solve them. For example, the microscrope wasn't invented by someone who was a scientist by trade, van Leeuwenhoek was a merchant who in his free time practised science and lens making. Apart from a few artists and maybe an architect and/or royal "wiseman", there were never any dedicated "humanities" or "STEM" things.

tl;dr philosophy is cool and all but you are still stuck in a industrial revolution mindset where you practice exclusivity of field, and falsely think that existed in the past, when in fact that never happened. Most people were slaves, labourers or slaveholders, with the latter doing arts and science as a hobby.

Well, you've convinced me. I'll stop being a faggot
I guess because that's pretty much the only way you can achieve anything nowadays. Businesses aren't gonna hire a guy who dabbles in a bit of chemistry and engineering, they're gonna hire a specialist, and humanities are also infected with that mindset, so you get a philosophy professor who specialises in a very specific part of a very specific area in his field and only has cursory knowledge of anything else
I definitely plan to

Cheers. But have fun with philosophy, just stay away from plato's 2 world bullshit.

No good scientists are positivists, you aren't able to properly critique the literature if you accept stated conclusions as facts. Just because that's how epic meme PR personalities like Bill Nye and Neil Degrasse Tyson act doesn't mean anyone who is actually involved in the field acts like that.

And there's many historic examples of problems arising from an anti-science sentiment on the left, such as Stalin with Lysenko and Mao encouraging killing birds.

My feeling has been that most le STEM shit you see online comes fdrom High Schoolers or younger undergrads.
Especially since so many of them seem completely oblivious to their actual prospects on the job market.

man, what is the fucking point of things that arent stem, medicine, army, etc? how is this bullshit not 100% worthless? why are there ANY taxes going to this crap? why the fuck do I have to acknowledge it?

arts and social [insert whatever here] is one giant worthless circlejerk
they do not exist in the private sector
nobody cares, nobody gives a shit, no one wants to buy what you are selling, we can all do without your hobby just fine, please stop trying to force yourself into the useful people picture, your degree is not the same as some doctor or an engineer or a commissioned officer, you are not 'also a scientist' and you are not 'an intellectual' when there is no difference in being right or wrong, smart or retarded in your 'field'

kinda sick and tired of this bullshit 2bh


It's been proven that people with generalized education's in addition to regular specialized education do better in those specialization

This. Daily reminder Rojava needs more fertilizer production

Oh, like David Harvey's, available on youtube?
Like those on libgen, and often uploaded here as pdfs?
Finding non-meme recommended reading lists is as easy as digging up a syllabus for one of these courses. But that's tough, because there aren't that many to begin with. Most departments in American universities are heavily slanted to postmodernism
Pretty much all the formal course setup uniquely brings to the table is this "discussion" aspect, and feedback on your essays. I've had some professors give intelligent feedback and others not, but relying on others in your class to say something substantial isn't much better than relying on Holla Forums anons.

You can self-teach humanities just as well as you can self-teach STEM. Yes, if you just pick up a copy of Rudin as your first exposure to "real" math, without someone to hold your hand through it or give lectures, you might not do so well. But there are enough "easier" books like Rosenlicht, recorded lectures, and people to turn to with questions (say, /sci/). The hardest part is honestly just identifying what you need to know in the first place.

It seems like Marxist theory is/was an autodidactic project for at least 90% of anons here. Sure, a teacher gives you some benefits, but nothing you can't compensate for. Universities are pretty much there, at least now, so that a group of competent people can endorse you as competent to third parties.

Is positivism really just utter credulity to anyone's stated conclusions? If anything that sounds postmodern. I thought it was a framework where every "true" assertion is a priori verifiable, thus bracketing metaphysics. Which honestly isn't that bad of an approximation to make when you're just studying the physical, material world.

nice touch, Holla Forums

I might have a stereotypical stememe view of things but someone please point out where the fuck am I wrong here:
Imagine a guy who is busting his balls sitting in some lab, who had to learn all special cases and general equations of kinematics, dynamics, aero, thermo, all of that shit, electronics, electromagnetism, optics, computer programming, general languages, scripting languages, assembling, machine languages, chemistry, lasers, nuclear physics, quantum physics, condensed matter, particle physics I dont even fucking know what else goes in a physics degree these days.
He did trillion calculations pen and paper style, spent thousand hours in front of screens, used thousands of ampermeters, voltmeters, all kinds of instruments.

Now this guy, with all his insane fucking skills, goes to do his job. He builds missiles. Missiles that keep us all safe. Achieve political goals. Are integral parts of diplomacy. Trillions of things to consider. Solid or liquid rocket fuel? At what angle should those fins be? And at what time? How to avoid radars? How the fuck do radars even work? How do you multiply all these vectors? Which one out of these infinite warhead designs should he go with?
Now same story goes for a surgeon, saving lives somewhere….

Ok. And now you have your….. fashion designers, fine abstract art critiques, philosophers, flute players, literature commentators, etc.
None of their shit matters in comparison, does it? Nobody fucking dies, right? There are no consequences, are there? Nothing is at stake, there's nothing strategically, operationally or even tactically important here, is there?
Man, you cant go around saying these two are the equally important, can you?

Are you sure you're on the right board?

it's the part where you breathe air.

You've just made up a fucking Mary Sue, that's what.

So you're saying we should promote liberal arts in the hopes that it will lead to the destruction of society?

no u / 10

Look it up, almost every physics degree has all these courses as mandatory, plus many more. And from the shittiest university to the best one in the world, they all have identical textbooks and their exams also seem more or less 100% the same.
There is a reason none of these guys end up unemployed and why over half of them get picked up by some industry while still in school.

Are you implying we all live in some sort of magical infinite resources fairy land where everyone is friendly and rational and we resolve our problems trough.. happy thoughts and hugs?
How does your worldview explain existence of ISIS?
Just how delusional are you, I bet your daddy had to design missiles himself or do something similar, live enough of the real world for the both of you, so now you can do your mental gymnastics and get away with it, study fine arts, and think you are entitled to everything else.

If liberal arts could have any sort of real world effect I'd promote them myself, hell they wouldnt even need any promotion and would see some private sector employment.