Japan's MRAs are anti-capitalist



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Literal brocialists

2ch's leftypol?

Great name tbh

Anti-consumerism is not anti-capitalism.


This is fucking incredible

Holy shit, that is literally leftypol, kek!

What's so surprising? Capitalism treats men as disposable and encourages women to treat men like shit, mocking them for everything.

Well hopefully it wont get co-opted like 4chans anti-consumerist movements.

I mean I am somewhat positive towards this but since it puts more emphasis on men's rights than class struggle isn't this technically idpol? Still any class consciousness spreading is a good thing these days.


how is japan real

I'd say it's good

Especially if it attracts the otakus of japan



men's rights are part of socialism

Furusawa No!


Where did I say feminism isn't part of it?

It can be, I just want the virgin shaming aspect of feminism, and the standards they have for men to be aggressive, dominant and muscular to disappear.

Feminism is concerned with men's rights while MRA are not concerned with women's rights. They are both idpol, both good ideas, but one of these labels implies sectarianism.

Makes sense. Women drive consumer capitalism and predatory loans on housing despite not being responsible for either.



When are you going to learn, it's Brocialism or fem liberalism.

Also those things are a part of gender roles faggot. Feminism does want them gone.

No, they're not. No feminist movement has ever wanted to remove alimony for example.

No, they're not. Mens Rights are about real things that really exist, ending circumcision as a practice, ending laws that muh privilege women only in healthcare, family, etc. Feminism is about rights women already have and want more due to invisible patriarchy spooks.


lol, sure. So many feminist men act the same way. It's unbearable.

Tell them to stop using "virgin" as an insult for men then.

literally WHY? there are thousands of mistress and pornstars ready to shag, I could literally book a session in less than 5 minutes

I wasn't aware alimony as a practice is viable in a communist economy. I also wasn't aware gender politics was not identity politics. Huh. Hmm.
Either way what you're focusing on is reformist nonsense anyways. These are things getting rid of capitalism would mostly solve so your obsession with them only stalls legitimate revolutionary activity.

As a feminist this bothers me and it shouldn't happen. I see in no reason why this obvious gender inequality should be ignored.

Tell men to stop taking offense to it. I'm a virgin, yet I still use it as an insult. If there wasn't an entire culture around sexual obsession and the inability to get laid, nobody would use it as an insult, but it's been proven time and time again to be a big deal to these people that they themselves are virgins. So, don't make it easy when you get into arguments with people for them to hurt your feelings and they won't?

Prostitution doesn't appeal to me.

Well don't.
Yes, because they get attacked for it, so it builds up.

I don't even care about being a virgin that much, it's the way people treat virgins that irks me.

get a hooker so you lose all your fear and anxiety women, it will be easier to aproach them after that because of the self confidence boost

that is true, however if being a virg makes you anxious because you want the poon, just get a hooker or a mistress, seriously, after a couple of sessions you will be more confident when aproaching women

But the latter is part of feminism too?


What do you mean, we're not living in a communist society, if we were I would be glad bigoted debt-slavery practicing like alimony were gone.

idpol is identity politics, for example, "you can't have this conference it doesn't have enough women!" However the Black Panthers deciding that the only way they could protect their lives and communities is to pick up rifles and defend others is realpolitik, even if it is concerned with a specific group.

Your entire movement is 'reformist nonsense', created by bourgeouis women who wanted only *wealthy* women to have the vote and yet you have no problem profiting off of your absurd entitlements.

Nice defeatism though, why do anything when FULLCOMMUNISM will fix everything. This is just a terrible comment. Throw away all your special feminist rights under capitalism and stop spending other people's money if you're so dedicated to le revolution.

Then why are you so hissy over the idea of Mens' Rights? The only reason your movement opposes Mens Rights is that it makes Feminism look wrong. Equality will never be enough for you.

I want to join them.


Damn, you really showed him with that sick greentext. You forgot to use a Pepe pic.

Hmm, can you prove you're female before we allow you to mansplain over this conversation? Why would I ever post a hate symbol, I thought it was facebook frog the feminist hero.

When the idpol is too strong

Well I'm going to precisely for the reasons I stated.
I've never been attacked for it and I live in a conservative rural area and have been attacked for religious and sexual opinions, mostly while growing up as a kid, but even as a kid, not once for my virginity. Now I'm not going to say that anecdotal evidence is anywhere near good enough, but combine it with recognition that people can be mean on social media, and the general (I hope) acceptance that /r9k/ types don't have any self awareness, and generally have other reasons to be called the names they are called, and I think I have a bit of a case here for blaming the robots for being spooked.

Exactly. You wish to make reforms to a capitalist society, using energy that could have been used to create a revolutionary society.

"Men's Rights" "Activism" sounds like pretty blatant identity politics to me.

You're making things up, and not one to call me a reformist when I regularly argue for daily violent insurrection inside the united states.

Not defeatism you reformist scum, it's called a focus on class issues over your identity "muh men" stuff.
You've got to choose one.

I'm so hissy over the idea of MRAs because they're extremely sectarian and usually the alt-right's/ayncrap's answer to feminism. They don't make feminists look wrong, they're an identity focused group that excludes aiding other identities within the same category, in this case other genders.

then you're lucky

i grew up in a working class urban area with normies having sex all the time

The issues are still real though, even if idiots use it as a sort of idpol puppet theatre to bicker with feminists. Consider actually giving it a chance instead of having a kneejerk sort of tumblr response to seeing people disagree with you.

But did you get attacked for being a virgin? Your parents or friends asking when you're getting it on doesn't count as an attack by the way.

I got mocked by people plenty for being shy

And I don't count those questions by people as attacks, but they are fucking annoying

Why do people care so much about what others do sexually

That would just make me feel even worse.

Not the same as being attacked for being a virgin. Introverts get made fun of all the time regardless of gender.

Feminism is literally the best example of failed reformism.


why do i find this so hilarious

how do we drive western MRAs to the left

Okay you seem to misunderstand. Other people having sex isn't "attacking" you.

As are feminist issues. I quite fully believe if you want to make these changes it makes more sense to join the already largely accepted gender equality label and just, focus on men a bit if it pleases you so much. Creating an extremely sectarian "men's rights" movement that exists mostly on the internet and is popular mainly with the alt-right and ayncraps isn't going to help you, or anybody else. It's a level of petty best reserved for leftcoms.
I'll not give something that can only exist from
A) a misunderstanding (we're being excluded), or
B) petty spitefulness (division for no real reason)
a chance. It seems more like useless division within the left, if it ever somehow becomes a majority left-wing position instead of the majority right-wing position with one japanese communist group and a couple spergs on Holla Forums thrown in somehow.

Being shy doesn't make you a virgin.
Really it seems like you care the most.

why? with a hooker you can fulfill all your fetishes, while in a normal relationship you can't, with a regular girl you have to follow bourgeois rules imposed by society otherwise she will leave you

the idea that you have to get a girl and lose your virg in a pure relationship is a spook, you dont have to follow the boeurgeois norms of sexuality

Can't we all just agree that there's good forms of feminism and good forms of men's right activism(at least in Japan from the looks of it) and bad forms of feminism and men's rights activism ?

That sounds a lot like the light novel we were talking about a few days ago.

Stop calling them scum, respect their basic wishes. Show them how capitalism is at fault for some of their problems.

Most fems like to point out the right-wing influence in MRAs, but all that does it convince the rightists that they own it.

I would like that, it's hard to reach out to feminists when they're calling me scum but I fully want that

They do own it. It's feminism for one gender.

Thanks to third-wave feminism many """"MRAs"""" can't see feminism also agrees with them on many points.

They don't. Dude, it's obvious you have never bothered to look into this for yourself. I've seen the reddit/tumblr leftist posts warning people like yourself away from ever reading into the MRM for themselves. It's not true, read or fuck off.

The only people I talk to on a regular basis are from /r9k/, and you, and they, can dismiss it being right wing as much as you like but then you turn around and start complaining about trannies or something and it becomes clear it's just extremely sectarian identity politics that gets in the way of class issues.


Feminism is like being the target of Pizzagate for everyone who isn't a white woman.

Sure is Holla Forums ITT.

Nah, women have it far easier to be shy

Yeah, and it's exactly feminism what's trying to show men can be feminine and women can be manly and how there isn't anything inherently wrong with either.

This, you see, this attitude, this victim complex, this self entitlement, this is why you are a virgin.

This is it, the apocalypse will happen this year.

Get. Out.

Shit like this should be fucking bannable. Actually being fucking falsely accused of rape is a far fucking cry from fake victim shit and you damn well know it. Don't even post this ironically, because someone disillusioned with Holla Forums might come over here and think it's real.

These three posts are very surreal and I don't see the link between their contents. Are you retards replying to the right posts?

Shit sorry guys I forgot I was a Marxist Leninist for a second

Gulag Gulag, kulak kulak, REVISIONISM



Feminist law means women aren't responsible for anything they do.

Ok but what does this have to do with feminism? Are you the guy who was in charge in making the Black Book of Communism or something?

Fuck off reactionary

Nope, this is real feminism. This is what redditors like say all the time about Men. We deserve to die, be raped, live under female enabled debt-slavery, etc.

No I've grown bitter to /r9k/ types. False rape accusations bother you, as they bother me, but, actual rape does not bother you as it does me. You don't have to dig too deep to find the revenge fantasies being expressed in reaction actually.

See? Victim complex.

Because men doing the same thing would be treated with the harshest possible penalties and condemned nation-wide.

kill whitey

You didn't answer my question.

Feels that way when it's everywhere in society

Well it contributes

And yeah I probably care the most

I'd just feel embarrassed and pathetic for resorting to that

I don't care if that makes me spooked or if I die a virgin, that's just my honest feelings

textbook reactionary

I hope for everyone's sake that the guy I replied to in replied to the wrong person, but having experience with Reddit/Tumblr feminism through GG I wouldn't doubt that it's real, especially considering the recent Reddit migration. Feminists said roughly the same thing about Eron Gjoni regarding his callout of Zoe Quinn's reprehensible behavior toward him. Wanting basic human rights like not being accused of a crime you didn't commit is "entitlement mentality" according to these worthless shitstains. Since the /r/socialism drama I've seen a noticeable uptick in generally Reddit-tier posts which include this sort of thing, as well as anti-free speech rhetoric and people who confuse liberalism with leftism. Something needs to be done to crack down on this. These people need to either get used to the idea that people they find "cringy" are still deserving of basic rights, or they need to leave.

I'm not a fucking reactionary

Jesus, I am a leftist and I want to live in a socialist society, but people like you put me off

i hope one sex won't exist


Any true socialist should oppose the imperialist feminist ideology America forced on Japan after WW2. Life was better and happier before then.


Wow like this thread couldn't get any more reactionary.

I meant to say "i hope one day sex won't exist"

Fam I don't give a shit if other people having sex makes you feel attacked. That's fucking stupid. But I'm sure it's a sign of some sort of mental illness and a more compassionate feminist may understand. I do not care to understand the reasoning behind other people having sex making you feel attacked.

Being shy does not contribute. Having a medically unfortunate level of anxiety does contribute, but being shy on its own does not.

You really should not care whether you have fucked someone or not.

I know, that's why I laughed. That's fucking pathetic.



At its broadest feminism means taking a gendered point of view to a thing, thats why the term can mean anything from an academic studying women in medieval society, to alt-right MRAs, to misandrist lesbian utopists.

Feminism is questioning gender roles and norms, such as that men should be strong and oversexed and cannot be raped because they wanted it anyway, and women are weak, cannot be trusted to take care of themselves and cannot be independent. And that mothers are inherently more valuable than fathers etc.
Now, if people who say they are feminists actually do things that way, that is a whole 'nother question.

I don't know whether to laugh or pity you

What exactly is reactionary about showing people that corporate media lies to them?

GG was consumerist reactionary garbage and we've had over 1000 threads talking about that too.

Ignoring the problems facing major developers in terms of journalist corruption in favour of focusing obsessively on irrelevant indie dev losers because they disagree with you about social issues.

I'm having a hard time telling whether this thread is full of ironic shitposters or what.

GG started out non-partisan. It only became reactionary when it achieved most of its initial objectives and everyone who was in it to actually improve the video game community left.

I get the sense that Holla Forums is false flagging in here, but with Reddit around it's hard to tell.

Well I am on medication for anxiety/depression

don't care, fuck off

whatever, heard it all at this point


i don't have a problem with that

i like androgyny. at the same i don't really want to be feminine, i hate gender roles, but i still get the feeling i would be isolated even under communism

somehow that makes me reactionary though? yeah ok, thanks guys, can't wait till i get shot after the revolution

I also am, or should be, but do not have the motivation to actually take it every day. So?

except you'd know this is wrong if you'd ever interacted with them beyond consuming second hand memes on twitter. most are just generic liberals and MRA positions run the gamut from traditionalist conservatives (who are generally disliked as apologists for exploitation) to outright gender abolitionists (who are viewed, at worst, as a little kooky).

There is more recently a tangible skew to the right, usually lolbert right. The association with the "alt-right" is largely wishful thinking/conscious smearing from mainstream social libs. However, that comparatively recent shift is almost 100% due to the fact that what passes for the left in western countries is completely entangled with establishment feminism, the high-profile advocates of which are extremely territorial about anything political that touches on gender. The left wasn't interested because feminist grievance is a lucrative industry now, so the right saw the opportunity and moved in.

Again, you'd know this is wrong if you actually bothered to even look at the periphery of what amounts to the "movement". If you actually go and ask them, they'll tell you that it's about avoiding scope creep, not exclusion. Most who have been there a while and aren't red hot with anger because of abuse suffered or having been through the ludicrous family court system hold pretty progressive views on women.

Honestly, of the self-identified MRAs I've taken the time to talk to, most are better feminists than 90% of self-identified feminists.

What does this have to do with anything?

you mentioned anxiety and how it contributes to not having sex


Feminism is classism

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting.

Is that what news and information is now to the post-fact liberal feminist world? Try reading it faggot, took you like 5 nanoseconds to respond.

It has nothing to do with the thread, friend.

Good to see a nice thread about some japs who actually read theory derailed by reactionaries who need to whine about third-wave feminism, like we needed more of that.

you keep saying that word like you know what it means

Pick one. Third-wave feminism is among the most reactionary movements in history.

It's very reactionary when you can't separate third-wave feminism from overall feminism or blame feminism for Your Usual Capitalist Antics.

I do interact with them beyond consuming memes on a platform I never use. I have conversations with /r9k/ MRA types daily. Both on the board and off the board. My perception is chan people by the way, not redditors if that's what you're talking about I don't know what the reddit MRAs are like.
If you have gender abolitionists than you quite obviously are a feminist movement already. So then you are fine in regards to your content if based on some undeserved feeling of exclusion. Reimagine yourselves in the public's eye as a male-focused branch of feminism and drop the sectarianism, and never forget class struggle, and you're fine by me. Probably also want to purge /r9k/.

My point exactly.

Yes but still so? Even if you have a contributing factor to not being able to have sex, this does not make you some sort of victim.

I don't want to be a victim, I just want the people that bash virgins to fuck off into non existence

friends, all feminism is bad, from the very get go. these patriarchal institutions weren't a byproduct of ignore, they were realized after thousands of years of civilization

for example, look at this greek comedy
this was in 400 BC. people weren't idiots

This article is subtly suggesting communism is bad. Also it's from 2015, I wonder if the movement is still alive.


Do these people actually beat you up?
Or are they just mean to you on social media?
Is this an actual threat to you or your way of life?
Or can we emancipate ourselves now?

on 2chan jerking off just like us most likely

You unironically went all リア充爆発しなさいよ, good job.

ria somethhing shinasaiyo

リア充爆発しなさいよ = riajuu should explode
riajuu = people with fulfilling lives

2ch is the textboard (main pillar of Japanese web)
Futaba is the imageboard (niche otaku)
"2chan" doesn't exist

I don't use social media, but I see it on there towards others and I don't like it. If you're neutral in a situation of injustice, you side with evil.
Not really, but I would prefer to have a better life
I'd probably get executed for being some anti-sex "reactionary" under a socialist society, as much as I want one sadly

Well congratulations, this is hardly different from feminism. In fact, it is feminism.

are they 2d only guys? do you think that they have their own catgirl mascot that they waifu?

I like these guys.

Mainstream MRAs and sympathetic academics wouldn't even know what /r9k/ is. I imagine robots would be considered the same way "redpillers" are - with understanding and sympathy but ultimately as wrongheaded and unhelpful.

I'm not an MRA in the sense that I'm part of the "movement" - most of the legal issues they are concerned with (reproductive rights, sexist domestic violence and sexual assault laws/enforcement, family court etc.) are unlikely to ever effect me - so I'm not in a position to push a particular direction even if I wanted to.

But if you look at their history, overtures and attempts to cooperate with feminist groups and structures were attempted for decades. I would even say that describing the modern movement as a former feminist splinter group wouldn't be unfair, as it largely owes it's inception to a former (male) executive in the National Organisation for Women in the USA being ostracised for suggesting that there were also places where males were suffering and that the feminist movement should try to address them. Reading about what happened to Erin Pizzey (who founded the first refuge for battered women) might also be enlightening.

The hostility between the two groups is mutual now for sure, but from where I'm sitting, it certainly wasn't sectarianism from the men's advocates that caused the rift and expecting them to be the one's that heal it now, to the point that they should be subsumed back into the movement they were forced out of seems unreasonable.

Beyond that, have you ever actually tried to work with self-identified feminists? Because I have during my days as an LGBT activist and I can tell you that the surest way to see a movement coopted and any work toward positive social change neutered and turned into another way of lining the pockets of wealthy lobbyists and corporate shareholders is to start catering to the demands of ideological feminists.

there is nothing pathetic about a hooker, on the contrary, denying yourself the pleasure of enjoying sex because you belive you have to follow bourgeoise social norms is in my opinion more pathetic

I wouldn't enjoy it. It just seems awful, cold, emotionless and exploitative.

Either I have sex with someone who likes me or I won't.

It makes the most sense to dump the inherently charged and divisive label of "feminism", call yourself an egalitarian, and just focus on men a bit if it pleases you so much.

I hope you realize "egalitarianism" is also inherently charged thanks to people who need to be nitpicky about the term "feminism" but don't really care about either ideology.

Not as charged as feminism, mind you, but still.

that is simply not true, I also found it hard to belive, but some women actually like the idea of being hookers, one of them told me it was her fetish, so its a win win, Of course you don't have to go with an unknown hooker in a random corner, she is actually exploited, and if you don't want to be part of it thats ok, but search on clipsforsale, kinkbom or fetlife, there are girls who enjoy the idea of it

I am not saying being with a hooker is the only type of sexual relationship you should strive for, but it can help you overcome your anxiety

while you might find it weird, you could develop a relationship with a mistress or a hooker, the relationship of course is not the same as with a gf, more like friends with benefits, but again, i don't see why you should deny that experience

Maybe he just isn't into it. Crazy idea.

By this logic I should stop being a leftist since it's associated to a bunch of jackasses and looked down upon by the "ignorant masses".

thats fine, i am not forcing him to do it, but he should ask himself if a typical relationship is all he wants to experience

Perhaps you should return to reddit or do some actual research on GG instead of gobbling up the lies of the corporate media. You're on 8ch, ask away.

That's hardly a derail. Modern feminism and MRAs are joined at the hip.

I doubt you'll get a bite out of this. Most of these feminist anti-GG Redditors don't come into these threads looking for an honest discussion. They come to try to push their bullshit and shift board consensus in their favor. I'm not sure why they still do this considering it's been over two years and they've had no success at all.

le reddit boogeyman xddddddddddddddddd

I already know every time some manchild comes to talk about gamergate they get told to fuck off with their consumerist reactionary bullshit.
Couldn't care less about other boards full of rejects from fucking 4chan, by the way.

Hey retards you aren't on Holla Forums if you didn't notice.

I dunno this thread seems like it's working. Remember all it takes for a community to slide is the impression that certain views are acceptable and tolerated. That includes unfettered ironic shitposting just as newfags not being told to lurk moar.

Oh, I guess 90% of Holla Forums is a feminist redditor then? You know Gamergate gets made fun of for pushing reactionary ideas and being part of the spectacle, right? There's a thread about it up right now.

Too busy handing out pamphlets to play video games eh?

And every time someone calls them a reactionary, someone else explains the truth. You don't speak for the entire board.

Also, you don't get to say "lel reddit boogeyman" when there was a very recent large Reddit migration.

Read the "you aren't on Holla Forums if you didn't notice" part again.

At least try to make your claims sound somewhat believable.

That's a new one.

Read the "you aren't on reddit" part again. Do your homework or fuck off already.

Wow you really showed me how gamergate isn't full of reactionary manchildren who only want to play vidya.


Well I know one group of people who won't be receiving any pamphlets from you: the GG people that could easily become your allies but you dismiss and alienate with umbrella judgments.


Holla Forums as a whole only exists because of gamergate so it's not wrong. and AFAIK Holla Forums early on was mostly /lit/ refugees and GGers unhappy with Holla Forums's influence over everything.

t. someone who came here in the last month from Reddit and knows nothing of the first exodus from 4chan to Holla Forums

leftypol was /lit/ refugees like said, the Gamergate part is just an asspull by association.

Yeah, doxing on 8ch never happened, especially not during Gamergate.

On the chance this isn't bait but a sincerely misinformed redditor, there actually was a task force among GG dedicated to finding the trolls sending death threats (and was often successful). In addition a study was performed on harassment that found the Twitter harassers composed a completely insignificant portion of the people using the hashtag.

Every single dox that ever happened on Holla Forums was not done as a result of GamerGate. Do you have even a single specific example of what you describe happening, with any sort of proof other than the supposed victim's word?

I wish people learned some etiquette and stopped bumping threads when they aren't even talking about shit related to the main topic or even leftypol as a whole.

i came here to call them cucks but i see they beat me to it

Useless, the original purpose was there for way too little before it was hijacked by the filth that defines 90% of 8ch.

This is axiomatic evidence that the immortal science of DiaMat is superior to Meme Magic: we don't even have to chant our memes to be real; the memes do all the work for us to make themselves real

I didn't know those people existed outside of /r9k/ or reddit. I'm going to have to ask what you mean by decades here, as far as I'm aware this grew out of 4chan.

Then you're splintering again.

Well that's obvious considering women are more attracted to capital than anything else.

Not at all. There's a lot of history to what you might call "the men's movement". For purely the modern stream, it might be worth your while to check out Warren Farrell and Erin Pizzey in particular, or the mytho-poetic men's movement (which is pretty kooky, but interesting).

There's some stuff that's come before that, like Marxist Ernest Bax who wrote extensively about feminism in the early 20th century - probably half of what he wrote was traditionalist rubbish that is rightly dismissed today, but much is still relevant. He's not super well known though and has no great impact today.

You probably still won't agree with everything (as I don't), but it's helpful to actually be informed about what the topic instead of assuming men's advocates are all sexless channers who hate women.


Incels are truly the revolutionary class for the later half of 21st century.

so will they nationalize and redistribute all jap girls?

yeah it's the epitome of idpol

Holy shit, I want a Revolutionary Alliance of Men That Women Find Unattractive flag to pick right now.


Hasn't this already been proposed as the cause of much of the strife in the Muslim world where polygamy is traditional?

I like how the top girl is too good for anyone.

original gamergate did nothing wrong

Wizard Uprising when

When sexbots with functional wombs get finalized in development and feminists try to get them abolished.


Holy shit. Aren't you ashamed of the profound ignorance you've just demonstrated?

The only wrong thing it did was let itself be hijacked by Holla Forums, but that's expected of Holla Forums.

Clearly he isn't talking about liberal-ridden feminism.

Ah, yes, the mythical true feminists. The legends speak of their existence, but no sightings have been confirmed in living memory.

Also, the rest of his posts in the thread prove he really doesn't give a shit about men's rights except as a cheap cover to defend liberal feminism.

It's not my fault people are doing it wrong in some places.

Absolutely not. Why would I be?

I am a man. I just care about class struggle more than you guys taking other people doing things in their own bedroom as some sort of assault.

Stop bumping the thread you fucking retard

Because you have spent an entire thread arguing against something which you don't have the slightest clue about. It's abundantly clear that you haven't even read the first paragraph of the Wikipedia article on the topic you're claiming to know all about. You're as bad as the Holla Forumsyps who come here to post about "Cultural Marxism".

Fine pussy.

I don't want that in my google history. FBI might think I'm some bitter incel.

I want reddit, tumblr and twitter to leave.

Then shut up and stop pretending your opinion is worth anything.

>7% women make their boyfriend go buy the toilet paper

You realise some feminists would quote the same statistics and and claim it was part of woman's oppression and labour. Quiet down with your manidpol and talk about democracy

I want /r9k/ to leave.

Nah. Aside from basic feminist issues it seems you mostly care about your feelings being hurt by other people having autonomy.

I too want retards who need to bump with irrelevant posts to leave.

To be fair, democracy is shit because people are morons who aren't fit to govern themselves.


Auth leftist?

I don't think you quite understand. You have lost all credibility. You might as well have a big [I am an intellectually dishonest shitposter] banner at the top of your posts. Trying to dig your way out with insults is futile.

Nah. Your whole internet group thing really doesn't need to exist.

I'm socially libertarian and believe people should be free to organize themselves on a small scale, but I think humans simply aren't smart enough to tackle the largest scale problems we face. Any action we do take is usually too little, too late, and often entirely counterproductive. My ideal society would involve a sufficiently intelligent benevolent dictator tackling the large-scale problems and preventing violence while people have absolute freedom to implement anarcho-communism on the local scale.