Paul "Conservatism is the NEW Counter Culture" Watson back at it again! REEE

The fucking cringe..

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We are seizing the means of production?

Jesus fucking christ…



I'd like to imagine him frantically scrolling through twitter looking for people who disagree with just so he can reply "no you're triggered, not me"

Wow Twatson really doesn't understand how meems work

Does he even understand what that phrase means?

I'm delicately offended.

that he's appealing to "counter" shows how much the left has won

Why do conservashits and fascists always appropriate leftist rhetoric and theory?

you mean liberals

no, i don't. liberals got overrun too

Because proles are drawn to leftist rhetoric for obvious reasons. If actual leftists were the only ones who ever used leftist rhetoric we'd probably have socialism by now.

because leftists have won the language game


It's the conservatard paradox-America is simultaneously a christian conservative country ruled by traditional values and a leftist dystopia being ruined by liberals.

Lots of young folks are becoming skeptical of capitalism. Looks like it might go Nazbol.

Sounds like typical conservitard victim complex.

I can't get enough of this man. He is so fucking cringy. Any of you leftists wanna mess around with him?

Post your best PJWs

Holy shit. I just burst out laughing. Someone tweet this to Anthony Fantano (needledrop music reviewer). He is having a beef with Paul Joseph Watson. Would be good to mock Paul.


no comment

Did Obama have nearly as many bankers as Trump does? Or nearly as unqualified cabinet picks? Pretty sure that if Obama had an R infront of his name he would be THE BEST PRESIDENT EVER in Trumps eyes probably and he would be Obama 2.0

It seems the regressive left is at it again, holding the King of England hostage to another set of regulations and statist nonsense. These so called tolerant nobles have demanded a "Magna Carta", in an attempt to subvert the divine providence of the King. Obviously, this is a major stepping point for a cascade of degeneration into Cultural Noblism worldwide, where divine appointment is replaced with a restrictive state, aimed to curb all rights of Godly rule and worship of the King.

Oh, yes:

Is that Milo or Razorfist in the middle?


To be fair this hypocrisy is pretty central to class-unconscious politics of all sorts. It necessarily won't have an internally consistent logic because it is built around enthroning the central contradictions of our mode of production



The one and only MILO

HellO everyone, Paleoconservatice Justice Warrior here, telling yUO that the so cALLed tolerant LEFT, are stimeying freeze peace by protesting on campuses and place of employMENT!

Whatch as I conTINue to point the most retarted of targets to PAINT all of THE LEFT with a BROAD BRUSH. #oink# And tell you that climate change don't real bycherry pickINP facts and articles, and completely ignoring the SCIEntific LITeraTURE, becuase we all know the are controlled by the illuminaughty jews, and the GLOBAlists. Truly, I am the POSTerboy for why the human race CONTINUES towards it's extinction. But who gives a shit ABout that, when I can tell you that CUNTServatism is THE NEW counterCULTURE, dess bite having a president in the whitehouse that LITERALLY gets his news from us and brietbart, and that our econoMIC policies have been implemented for almost fifty years, Chirstianity is THE NEW punk rock. Check your priv- I mean subscribe TODAY.


It's been a meme for a little bit. Someone should edit his face on Carl the Cuck or Aids Skrillex.

Maybe if Badmouse does decent against Sargon he can beat down PJW too. They're both on the same level of retardation, but Sargon is better at sounding sophisticated than PJW, so anyone who can beat Sargon can beat PJW.

this is some Old World Blues shit


/brit/ represent



Don't forget how leftists are simultaneously dangerous, bomb-throwing thugs and special snowflake nine year old numales who need safe spaces.


THIS only PROOOOVES my suspicion that the "TOLERANT" laft, CONT simply coum opp with a DECENT, AUGUMENT!





The little boy of the waterfilter salesman is trying to make it with t-shirts. How adorable.

He's literally right. I don't know why Holla Forums is so full on in denial over it, it's not like it actually matter in the grand scheme of things, it's just replacing one idpol with another.

Demeanour doesn't make it truth.

Woah, over a year ago I remember German media sperging out over the rise of right-wingers and one of them said something like "back in the days one became a punk to provocate, now one becomes a nazi" or something along those lines. At the time I didn't get what the fuck he was talking about since punks still exist, but I guess he was talking about this shit.

This is so fucking cringy, I'm not even mad

He still has much to learn

which /brit/, on 4chan's /int/?

Holla Forums has an inferiority complex over the influence Holla Forums has, so as usual they deny the pendulum and just repeat "cringe, cringe".

It's the same reason why they hate basically any communist youtubers, because they all look like (or are) fucking degenerates who can't even get their own life in order. Pimple-face LSR, the zangief-cosplayer Unruhe, muke, and soon enough Badmouse if he becomes any more hairy or fails to BTFO sargon. Deep down they resent the fact that noone thinks they are cool, thus have 0 influence. Cognitive dissonance.

I'm jelly 24/7

It's just fun to make fun of PJW. The memes are all natural.

My brain hurts

mein gott

infowars hates NAZEEES but they seem to use the term in reference to totalitarian type of behavior.

Its always funny to me that the left takes guys like this seriously, the right doesn't.
The right thinks guys like pjw, alex jones, richard spencer, milo, are controlled opposition and most of them are jews.

fug wrong pic

can't we just ignore this guy?

give him credit, it must be hard to tweet and huff your own farts at the same time

i would wear it ironically to be quite frank


This guy should get meme'd to death.

It would be the best way to ridicule him and his stupid videos.


Honestly can we just make known where info wars listeners and writers live and somehow someway force them into famine

he's right you know

Western Europe has always been a liberal shit hole, France has always been the urinal, England has always been the period of time when men and women threw their shut from buckets out the street. This is all metaphorically speaking, but the ideology they have, it's all shit and it always has been.

How they pretend their brighter than Americans is always amusing.

paul isnt american

100% Paul only listens to AC/DC, Oasis, Metallica, Blur, and Pink Floyd

This is the same mindset of people who defended the growth of hactivism in 2006-2008


Absolutely SEETHING

Yes, 4ch.

We should encourage him, if only he wouldn't be making some change off of the idiots who would actually buy them.

Yes but guys like Watson are eternally ass-pained about feminism and identity politics.

Le Pen is not popular because she's politically incorrect, she promises an alternative to neoliberalism and her politically incorrect behaviour makes her appear sincere in what she has said about neoliberalism.

Nobody actually gives a shit about feminism, few people are butthurt about it, and they're already conservative voters. Even back when I was a liberal, I would never vote conservative just because of a bunch of new age hippies were voting in line with me, in the same way conservative voters weren't going to vote liberal just because they're sharing the same platform with Christian fundamentalists and xenophobes.

and Hopsin, apparently

Punks still exist, but they shouldn't.

Biafra is right, punk should just die already.


You guys do know that he's a liberal right? Please tell me you haven't fallen for the ruse. He's married to a transgender woman. Alex Jones hired him as fodder for the White Nationalist virtue signaling under the guise of a moderate right winger.

This is like being angry at Stephen Colbert because Stephen Colbert did an amazing job at being Bill O'Reilly.

a retard is a retard is a retard

you're retarded

You're in luck bro

You know, years ago I remember conservatives saying the same thing during the bush years. It was just as retarded then.