So pretty much this is just Holla Forums for confused people?

so pretty much this is just Holla Forums for confused people?

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what did he mean by this?

Yes, politics through meme images is the more intellectual approach

Actually Holla Forums is Holla Forums for confused people


Fiat ≠ gold
Go away goldbug

That's not how math works.

lol okay


i am laffin

I think he meant 'I am a faggot, please fuck my face'

Cool meme, did you get it from Facebook?

I got it from 9gag

How's that Saudi dick tasting Holla Forums, you just got double dipped in the ass with Israel and Sauds backing your orange hitler.



you're clearly oblivious to reality. Hitlery got millions from Saudi Arabia

and israel loves trump cause he's cleaning up obama's mess in the middle east.

Okay, and that's bad right? So why is it good that Trump is now doing the same thing.

Why do we have to babywalk Holla Forums through basic concepts?

i didnt vote for/ support trump

No such thing is happening. Trump refuses to defund ISIS, he claims today that all of his raids were Obama's ideas.

He's also agitating for war with Russia, Iran, and Syria now while bombing the same 7 countries obama is bombing.

Why did you vote for hillary Holla Forums?


Leftists are worse than liberals

It's worse than fandom wars because it gives you an illusion of doing something important.

Basic concepts like Cartesian duality as the basis of your Protestant moral ethic?
kys liberal

sry 4got sthg

isn't it great to learn new words and still not know what they mean



Why aren't you killing yourself, liberal?

Can confirm this. I was converted from the retarded right to the supreme left.

Pretty much.

I think of Holla Forums more as the left wing of the alt-right movement

Unfortunately for you its Holla Forums for "redpilled" people.