Socialism in One country

Feudalism didn't collapse all at once. What makes you think capitalism will? I'm not advocating having socialism in one country forever but as a temporary Measure for maybe a hundred before revolutions start all over the world.

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Socialism in one country is okay perhaps, Socialism In One Country is tankie shit

Whats the difference?

hey guys

check this out

Socialism in one market


we live in a globalised world now tho.

In some aspects, not in others. Which aspect do you believe is salient to the overall disposition?

So what? A socialist country could still trade.

Capital Country is an endorsement of the USSRs shitty policy and imperialist MLism. I mean just look at the image you posted.


I told you about states, bro.

I told you about statelessness bro.

what has Mraxism-Leninism done in the past 25 years?

I warned you about making a state and not calling it one bro


pick one

The problem is that you need really big country. All those trade agreements between states are enforcing private property rights.
Russia can do it, US can do it. Non european country can do it.

European countries can't do it.

Yeah, capitalism will surely collapse. Any day now.


What has anarchism done in the last 150?

lot's of trashcans have been destroyed.

The only people that don't like socialism in one country are Nazi scum and internationalist wreckers of a certain ethnic clique.

Socialism in one country is just that.

Socialism In One Country is NazBol.

white people?


You Think

Capitalism just became more efficient. Unless communism is peak capitalism, I have very bad news for you.

Getting stabbed in the back by tankies.
At least anarchists went down with a bang, and not with a whimper like the entire Eastern bloc.

aha what

so white people

Socialism in one country has never been tried in a country capable of actual socialism. Stalinist USSR was far from socialist.

The road market?

And then the entire rest of the capitalist world allies against your socialist state, points thousands of nuclear warheads at your cities, engages in espionage, sabotage, and terrorism against you, and conducts brutal military interventions and police actions against any population which attempts to revolt or ally itself with you.

Gee, what a great idea.


It was one of the few socialist states to ever exist.

No, it wasn't. At least not following Marx's conception of (scientific) socialism:

skin is pale and have indo-aryan features, they're white

"white" is a stupid social construct with no meaning

the group they belonged to is notoriously cliquey and loves to blabber and chat about all sorts of nonsense to further their interests

so they were white women then

Every time they established their societies, be it in Catalonia, Ukraine or Korea they went down fighting.
Tankie states simply fell apart.

Doesn't it mean that they would be unable to stay against tha world imperialism if they were easily erased by le tankies?

Not an argument

No difference. That's like Socialist state and non-state of Anarchists.

The difference is that "good guys" will be doing it (not Marxists), which will change everything.

Socialism in one country doesn't work.

ur wrogn

t. karl marx

But there is a problem with payment. Take a look at SWIFT.

Also, sanctions….also…freedom and democracy has a tendency to get spread in that areas. Now, take a look who controls most of the financial systems in the world.

If we take a look at colapse of CCCP we could see correlation of trading with oil with internal problems.
3 reich also had problems with imports and export and in the end they were using barter for exchange.

acctuly it does. if you look at the results from CCCP it works. It did work for some time in 3 reich. There are problems but it does produce results.

Also, 3 reich…other examples.

Capitalism in one country doesn't work

That's the only time it works. Take your free borders SJW fantasy-land elsewhere.

That's where you're wrong kiddo

Any socialist movement has to start in one place, everyone understands this. However "socialism in one country" can never be seen as the end goal, at best it is what one has to stock with