Minorities profit from capitalism

Minorities profit from capitalism.

Humanity has always been racist, xenophobic, homophobic, and in general has discriminated and even hurt minorities for no other reason other than being different.

Humans have always had this desperate need for control, stability and avoiding ignorance, and to achieve that primal need they created tiny close minded simplified world views such as there are only 2 genders, there is only straight marriage etc.
In that way the world is simplified, humans feel more in control and dont feel they are ignorant thus feel better, it doesnt matter that what they believe in is a simplified lie that will never hold up to reality. Human mind isnt made to understand the world completely but at the same time human nature hates ignorance and will always lead to some close minded simplified world view that will always result to discrimination because sooner or later that world view will be challenged by the fact that it is wrong because there are people outside of it.

In communism you are fucked, if the close minded community decides you are bad, immoral, detrimental to the advancement of communist society you are doomed, you cant do shit, you are at the mercy of homophobes who think gays are a bourgeois decadence.

In capitalism though you arent fucked, actually if you are smart you can work hard and abuse the system to get a lot of money and power, and that way those close minded humans will not be a problem to you and you can even kill them if you have enough money.

Capitalism is for minorities, Communism is against minorties. Most communist leaders hanged or killed gays for example, and in their society you would be dead meat unlike the capitalistic society.

And why would a person who work hard feel pity towards someone who is dumb, close minded and wants him dead? There is no reason to not abuse the idiots below you because they are there because they are idiots!

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if gender is the cultural implication of sex, as every leftist has told me when i asked what the difference between sex and gender is, then there can only be 2 genders

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Identity Politics straight from Holla Forums, minorities getting rich is living proof that class is the true vector of oppression. Thanks retard.

Truth is truth, because you dont like it doesnt make it bait.

Thanks for proving to minorities which side you are on

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I liked Porkyposter more when be posted satire instead of walls of text.

Truth isnt simple to be posted in a few lines. That is what Holla Forums does

I'm more interested in the fact why liberals ignore the fact that "minorities" are by far the most racist and reactionary and whites are the least of all. As for capitalism, it's on its way out soon enough.

I'm more interested in the fact why liberals ignore the fact that "minorities" are by far the most racist and reactionary and whites are the least of all. As for capitalism, it's on its way out soon enough.

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This is the result of liberal values, not of capitalism per se. Tolerance of homosexuality or mixed marriage, for instances, are recent phenomenons in the modern West. These very societies sure had no problem with forcing gays to undergo chemical castration or condemning white-and-black couples to years in prison half-a-century ago.

Wrong, all the benefits you memtion come from th logic of markets, capitalism, which is private property, harms minorities, asmthe proprietormcan use it to coerce violence on them

Humans were always bigots m8, history has shown how gays were treated under Fidel and Stalin, and they were gays, dont even think about genderqueers and transgender individuals.

Sorry but capitalism is the only choice for minorities because you are never going to get rid of bigots

thats an interesting theory actually.

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Witch burnings aka mob justice is what communism leads to, if you think you won't be called a witch for some ignorant reason feel free to join them

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Hey remind me why there are so many homeless LGBT youth again? Or why so many black men are either in prison or in ghettoes?

Capitalism might be able to liberate abstract "identities" but they sure as hell can't liberate the people trapped within them.

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Generally humanity has been far more xenophobic than they have been racist. Somebody who doesn't speak the same language as you is weird and scary, but someone who doesn't speak the same language as you and also looks completely different than you is weird and fascinating. If they do learn to speak the same language as you suddenly they're the life of the party.

They're being protectetd from lesser, more violent predators so that the better, more moral, more righteous parasites can exploit them "humanely."

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Not sure why you think I implied that. I clearly said that the improved conditions for minorities in the West were not the result of "capitalism" (sexual and racial minorities got the short hand of the stick for most of capitalism's existence) but of the recent development of liberal values.

Reminder that Hillary Clinton opposed same-sex marriage up until the mid-2000s. She suddenly "changed her mind" when public opinion shifted precisely because of the American development in liberal values.

You can't really make such broad assumptions considering the completely different framework through which Other-ness was understood in other eras. Homosexuals were not discriminated against in ancient Greece, for example.

Working-class minorities have a lot of reasons to have a beef with capitalism, much more so than with even the worst racists or gay-bashers.

We might no be able to get rid of "bigots" but we sure as well want to abolish what allow them to wield power and enact discrimination in the first place.

You mean, clients that demand the Party stop stringing them along and pay up?

Capitalism and liberal values are historically related but are not intrinsically connected to each other. It is perfectly possible to have anti-capitalist liberal values (e.g. anarchists at the forefront of women's rights and family planning in the early 20th century) or pro-capitalist illiberal values (e.g. the hysterically conservative Christian Right that emerged in '80s US).

However laudable the aims, liberals did not build that.
If cultural condescension is all liberalism has to offer, why shouldn't it be put to the wall? Liberal values don't get to opine on their own disposition.

By "liberal values" I mean "values that put emphasis on individual liberties and social equality" not "values endorsed at some point by the Democrats".

I said liberal, not Democrats, just as I intended. Are you trying to parlay liberal values into liberal supremacy somehow? I don't understand the utility of arguing for particular favorable outcomes as exemplary of an ideology that is clearly broken for most people collectively.

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