Ackshually anarchism is not about causing chaos and destroying the entire society so we won't have to do Friday...


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Now write the same thing but replace "anarchism" with "the left", and pic related with liberals celebrating a mulato tranny becoming a CEO of some drone bombs manufacturer.
In other words, not everybody who calls themselves an "anarchist" is of the same species.


Porky mad as fuck his property got treaded on

Anarchism is basically just the "fuck you I won't do what you tell me" ideology.

i'm sorry if our way of protesting against mass murder is visually inconvenient to you.
i hope you're not suggesting that the monetary cost of such small-scale vandalism is even worth mentioning.

also they were probably gonna use that bin for something.


It's only banter

More like the "I have no work ethic, terrible social skills, and parents that didn't love me enough" ideology.


Let me play doubles' advocate here:
Prostesting anarchists are being threatened with 10 years in jail. Does the severity of this punishment not signal that the government find them actually troublesome?


No, that's just the standard law. Nothing excessive. If these guys would bother to attain a lean body mass greater than your average 5'2" female and stop running around dressed like ghetto thugs robbing a convenience store, all the while screaming like emotional women, maybe people would take them a little more seriously. I doubt anyone of merit even acknowledged them. Ten cops let loose could have routed their entire little "revolution."


lol you mean to gun them down?

No, to be aggressive in their tactics without repercussion, like they were in the '60s. These pampered little emasculated, effeminate revolutionaries of today couldn't withstand even the tiniest bit of opposition without completely folding. You can see it every time someone from the working class gets sick of their shit and goes after them and they go running to the police. Their whole little masked costume and saying comrade is nothing more than dedicated LARPing. At the end of the day none of these people are hardened in their ideals. If they were they wouldn't be so ashamed and scared to show their face while preaching their ideals. They'd at least have a strong grasp on their ideals, rather than chanting slogans printed on professionally provided signs.

Of course it's standard. Porky has got to protect his shit.


Dude, they broke through a police barricade.
Did you even watch it?

Honest question: what's the ratio of LARPers to people organizing the strikes and establishing anarchist trade unions?

Hu, really does conduct electricity inside the thinking organ of your being

I don't see their activities doing any effective change to society at large. Okay, it might be the bias of the media, but after reading about stories from the trade union movements from the early 20th century, these anarchists seem to be a farce.

Wow, you did that, link?

trade unionists are always at black blocs tho. its called direct action

It's always funny how you guys call comrades engaging in direct action "larpers" while your whole political career is a single angry tweet about ethics in video games journalism.

That would imply you, whatever you are, is all about shitposting. Diversity of tactics fgt.

lol Holla Forums is still afraid of us


Antifa are not anarchists.
Antifa are not anarchists.
Antifa are not anarchists.
Antifa are not anarchists.
Antifa are not anarchists.

Antifa are mostly anarchists.

lol, crony anarchists.


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