Yeah you did, that's why you even went to the ballot box.


What happened to the frog someone posted here

I want that frog

Gee, how come Republicans are so good at quickly passing legislature once they're in office yet Democrats have to make friends with both sides before they can get anything done?


they should start a cop coop.
no, not really, that would be awful

I'm reading this like a chicken coop.

Thanks comrade

It's an act on the democrat's part.

Will it happen again?


It's fun watching the Republican party burn.


No they should start a co-op


the dems have to justify missing out on their promises

look at it this way, if the dems would actually do something about the social justice they champion they'd lose their voter base built around women, blacks and latinos

they WANT blacks to stay in the ghetto

police unions fucking suck

I've known this would happen for a long time. The cops and military are the proletariat, but they're the physical arm by which Porky keeps the proles from destroying him. Without them he is nothing. They just need to wake up and it's over for him in a week.

The writing has been on the wall for this shit for the last several years, ever since the Detroit bankruptcy and the upcoming bankruptcy of several other major burger cities

Seeing cops become claacon sounds like a miracle TBH.

Police unions are fucking trash. They literally keep abusive cops on the street.