"Kosovo is Serbia"

What's their problem? I've even seen similar-looking stickers slapped on lampposts in Brussels, of all places.

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The same problem ukrainians have with the crimea being ceded.

A lot of ultranationalist retards


They are Serbs

There is a simple solution (pic related, was Tito's ambitions post-war.))

Why are parts of Italy, Australia and Greece included in Greater Yougoslavia?

Carinthia & Friuli has Slovenes, and Macedonia has Bulgars/ Macedonians. It is immensely optimistic, but hay ho.

Sounds like irredentism i.e. a terrible idea.

this is bullshit tho, trump won't save serbs
they just like him because they hate the clintons (bill clinton bombed their country with NATO in 1999)

Because it is. This whole "Kosovo" campaign is another attempt by Globalists to divide up historic Serbian land

gee i wonder who's behind that post

Because it's our rightful clay.

what is Kosovo? never heard off it.
sounds like something CIA would invent

Kosovo is Kosovo


actually kosovo is albania





I like how they used the hammer and sickle

Were they, dare I say, NazBol?

Goddamit fuck activison for ruining this game with their shitty loot crates

what are loot crates? haven't played any CoD games since Black Ops

Balkan war music was pretty dope tho.


US with EU help split Yugoslavia into countries that were easier to manage, but the people somehow aren't thankful for their liberation.
they made up some kind of genocide massacre in srebrenica to start a war and install puppet governments in conquered nations.
european soldiers are still engaged in civil war there, but the media doesn't talk about it.

nice quads but above-ground bunkers are useless against phosphene gas which the US is using in their wars.

if you ever wonder why all of eastern europe hates the clintons so fucking much, this is one reason, the other being muslim brotherhood terrorists.


That, or they were to scared to show a swastika. That's usually how it goes in the west, even in WWII games.


Slants need to fuck off

sorry, i meant white phosphorus. usa still uses it.


only good post
Make Serbia Yugoslavia Again

Yeah, I'm sure the 8,000+ dead Bosniaks just planted themselves there.

Just wait serbtards, we're coming for Vojvodina next :^)


Mladic did nothing wrong, and able-bodied men are potential enemies and therefore legit targets anyway.

Serbfag here. It's just an autistic nationalist catchphrase, and Serbia's claim shouldn't be supported by the left(I saw some tankies once who were against it as "western imperialism").
It might have started out as western imperialism(inb4 someone tries to defend Milošević), but the population is mostly Albanian and been so probably at least since the Serbian migrations during the Ottoman times, and was even likely the Albanian urheimat considering they are probably the descendants of the Dardanians.
The phrase itself is mostly used by ultranationalists, but even socdems and other moderates are usually trying to defend Serbia on this issue("it's cultural and historical, muh ancient serb monasteries we wuz kingz n shiet").
The only acceptable resolution is probably what the leader of the Socialist Party(Milošević's party, now they're pretty much socdem, I don't support them but their stance on this is good), Ivicia Dačić, suggested - take the Serbian and Goranian(Slavic Muslim minority, Albanians tried to integrate them during the war, they have since then supported Serbia) parts and leave the rest to Kosovo/Albania/whatever.

also have a picture of both Ukranian nazis and Russian nationalists arguing that Kosovo is Serbia


in I meant to quote

Not acceptable gomrade, we will not stop until we rebuild the socialist homeland of Yugoslavia.

Even then, I don't think Kosovo should be a part of Yugoslavia(unless they want to, or if there are no other suitable workers' states).

Alternatively we could go where quad over here takes us.

Why not go for Pan-Bunkerism and build a bunker over the entire world in order to defend us from ayyliens?

Sorry posadists

if you have better sources than rudolf scharping, please post them. because right now it looks like you and rudolf are liars and i hope your families and friends hit you when they see you.

tl;dr it's all fake news

"I shot these running ararats in the back because they looked old enough to fight in the ARF."

"I machine-gunned all the pollacks from that village because they looked old enough to fight in the Résistance."

"I eviscerated the chinks in that hut with my bayonet because they looked old enough to fight in the Viet Cong."

t. your proud historical precedents.

You whine about "propaganda" and "fake news" then proceed to use GlobalResearch as a legitimate source. Surely you don't expect me to take your ramblings seriously?

It's funny how genocide deniers always contradict each other — some say "it didn't happen" and some others almost directly say "they deserved it anyway". You're no different from Holla Forumstards who pretend the Holocaust is a meme by choosing not to look at the vast amount of available evidence for political reasons all the while cheerfully calling to "gas the kikes xD".

Косово је Србија

kebab is cuter than serb




Serbian people and Serbian first state was declared exactly in Kosovo in the 6th century. Kosovo is extremely important for Serbs because it contains a lot of their cultural and historical sites. This is why Serbs consider Kosovo their cultural capital.
Serbs also fought to the last man in Kosovo field against invading Ottomans, lost ~90% of their male population there but routed ten times larger Ottoman army and killed the sultan. Kosovo is Serbian Sparta in that sense.
Also in first world war, Serbs again lost 1/3 of their population against much larger Austrian forces, but again managed to defend themselves.

tl;dr Serbs invested more blood in their territory than any other nation invested in theirs, and they are willing to defend their 1000+ year old monasteries and graveyards in that place all over again.

Albanians are literally ISIS tier state. They claim they have pre-historic ties to the region, but Romans never mentioned them, neither did Greeks, neither did Byzantium, nor anyone else. They are probably brought there by the Ottomans, as one of the numerous mercenary savage tribes.
Albanian economy runs on heroin and tattooed whores, and is vastly inferior to Serbian, Albanian education also doesnt exist and Albanian people never had any Tesla tier people. They still have tribal laws in 2017, which results in blood killings all over the country. They are also muslims. They became a majority in Kosovo thanks to genocide and NATO aggression.

tl;dr They live like absolute fucking subhuman savages and exist solely because they lucked out and current political climate.
As soon as USA stops supporting islamic terrorism worldwide, Serbs will wipe them off of face of Earth.


i see some Holla Forumsyp figured out that balkan threads are the best slide/shitposting threads

stop posting here you retards

This is completely divorced from reality.

Albanians have been living in the Balkans before the Slavic barbarians left the trees and forests of the Baltic and Volga regions in the 7th century.

And Albanians themselves engaged in a bloody resistance against the Islamic Ottoman invaders, even if they ultimately failed.

And today they're barely Muslim at all, and Islam is on the decline there despite the minor resurgence post-Communism.

How does that justify anything? Nationalism has no place in leftism unless it's used for populism.
Not really, much of the population isn't even Muslim. There has even been an attempt at putting back the communist party in charge but the west intervened. "Look up Operation Alba".
Do some research. Most think that they are the descendants of the Illyrians but linguists often prefer connecting them to Dardanians who were actually spread over almost all of Kosovo. The name 'Albania' is a Latin one and has been mentioned several times.

The rest of the post is just Serbian chauvinism, please stop making us all look bad. Kosovo is the main reason we're fucked politically and economically, and the entire situation could have been avoided if Milošević wasn't as autistic before and during the war.

They just declared Milosevic innocent of all accusations, faggot, look it up. Whole reason Albania exists is Americans pissing off Russians, the whole thing has literally nothing to do with history or Serbs or even Albanians. If Serbs sided with Washington, Albania wouldnt exist along with Bosnia or half of Croatia. The whole thing is just America carving up the place without taking any considerations of what exactly are they supporting, just like they carved up middle east without thinking, just like whole Korea situation to this day, just like infinite Vietnam massacres for no reason.

It's literally just Americans supporting the most vile scum on the planet just to spite the Russians. Just like they supported Al Quaeda during Soviet Afghan war. Just like they supported crime warlords in Chechnia. Etc etc.
Russians are very similar, they dont support people out of goodness of their heart but at least they took into account factors such as history, religion, culture, and stability in the long term.

Actually it's because Italy and Austria-Hungary didn't want Serbia to get coastal provinces after the Balkan War.
I'm sorry but Russians did just as awful things. There is no such thing as taking into account "factors such as history, religion, culture, and stability in the long term." Crimea is a perfect example of Russian hypocrisy, especially with the Kosovo situation still in play. There is no thing such as "justice" in capitalism.


Liberalism everywhere. Let me guess, you believe the Holodomor happened and that Assad is "gassing his people".

wew lad, how much edgier can you get?

Yes, I do. That would be because I'm not a drooling retard whose main source for historical facts are conspiracy theories forums, propaganda outlets and obscure blogs.

"Anti-imperialists" are the cancer of the left, if that makes sense to even call them leftists.

look at this edgy boy

i love how this place is as autistic as Holla Forums when Kosovo is brought up

Kosovo is not a simple issue and anyone parroting either that Kosovo did nothing wrong or that Kosovo is Serbia is politically illiterate.

First off, the people who are running Kosovo's government are Albanian war crimminals prompted up by NATO, no better than african warlords. The Serbians on the territories are treated like Palestinians in Israel and in some parts of the state they are openly abused, and when Serbians go against Albanians in the courts of law they are always mistreated and it is always biased in the favor of Albanians, with even cases such as Serbians getting beat up in court bathrooms by police officers for suing an Albanian for assault.
There are widespread protests by Serbians and Albanians alike against the corrupt government which are violently suppressed and nothing is heard about them because it is a police state no different than North Korea, but supported due to it's strategic and ideological position. You cannot make a phonecall to Serbia from Kosovo, and internet is blocked, because otherwise it would be hard to contain the horrible things they inflict upon the Serbian minority that has historically lived there. A year or two ago it was even revealed that some statesmen from Kosovo were involved in organ trafficking, and a huge butcher's hospital was uncovered on the territory of Kosovo, processing organs that no doubt came from victims of organized crime.
Make no mistake, the people of Kosovo, no matter their ethnicity, are under occupation. The largest NATO base stationed in europe is on Kosovo and the military presence is absolute, there are many that hate the government among the Albanians but they can't do anything, because it is in the interest of foreign powers to extort the land for it's zinc and copper as well as to keep a huge military presence in the middle of the balkans.

Milosevic had no good intentions towards the Albanian people living in Kosovo, but to say that NATO intervened in Yugoslavia out of some sort of humanitarianism or to preserve independence is idiocy, they were there to divide Yugoslavia into more easily managed economic and political sectors, and the ex-yugoslavian countries are puppets to this very day, irrelevant of the intentions of the people who wanted independence in the first place, or the intentions of Milosevic.

However it is well known that most of the founders of the independent countries that today populate the balkans were war criminals no less bloody than Milosevic himself, some of them even worse, and the current political scene in the ex-yugoslav countries is built on these people's legacy, and many of these robbers, criminals and murderers are politicians to this day and hold hegemony.

For the people of Kosovo to truly be free they would need to expunge NATO from their country, as well as the war criminals that they promped up for their main political parties, and then decide their own future, weather it be as a sovereign state or a member of Serbia, or other. As it is, Kosovo is a police state where the people imprisoned there are only privilledged above the Serbian population of Kosovo.

Only a complete idiot could believe that NATO liberated Kosovo from the Serb boogeyman.

독도는 세르비어 이다


This is the only sane comment in this fucking thread.

I have half of my graduating class hating me because there is a huge group of Serbian nationalists - who happen to be friends with jsut about everyone - and I told them that the population has been mostly Albanian for ages and kosovo was annexed and given to serbia to appease russia. Some albania girl agreed with the nationalists and that seemed to get everyone to agree w/ serbnationalism