What does Holla Forums think about the rothchild dynasty

what does Holla Forums think about the rothchild dynasty.
and how can we eliminate them or neutralize their devastating influence on the world politics and economy?

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It's a conspiracy you retard

not really, they're doing some shady shit

they're involved in some right-wing conspiracy theories but there's a lot of dirt on them

kropotkin wrote about the rothschilds over a 100 years ago in the same manner that Holla Forumsacks do now

You destroy their influence like you destroy the influence of every Porky in existence: remove capital accumulation by abolishing private property.

It's not a conspiracy omfg

The difference is we see that the Rothschild just acting in their own interests within the capitalists system and are not part of some evil Kabal

Replace Rothschild with USA and the image is more accurate.

of course, those evil Rothschilds must be stopped at all costs

mfw Marxists are too autisitc to differentiate capitalists like the Rothschilds and Soros and from Elon Musk and Henry Ford

Are 🍀🍀🍀brothers🍀🍀🍀 the only ones who can save us from them?

We detain them during the revolution, along with the rest of the collective bourgeoisie elite, and then publicly execute them for their crimes against humanity before constructing the communist utopia from the ashes of the dismantled establishment.

Only time will tell

And what difference is that? The difference between "good" and "bad" capitalists?

pure autism

"Good" capitalists are just hypnotized by the greed capitalism produces without any serious repercussions. "Bad" capitalists deliberately exploit and oppress the proletariat, among other horrid crimes, to get their way.

These two breeds of capitalists can easily be sorted out. We recondition the "good" capitalists to show them the error of their misguided ways, and we publicly execute the "bad" capitalists following the revolution.

There is no point in obsessing over a specific bourgeois family. The problem is capitalism as a system, not this or that individual capitalist.

Personalizing capitalism is for idiots who can't understand the problems we face today are inherent to capitalism itself and not the result of evil conspirators corrupting a formerly functional society.

Memes aside the guy is right. Let's say you completely destroy your government and reform it from the ground up with perfect socialists. What would stop the impossibly rich entities like the Rothschilds who do not operate in any single country from poisoning a communist society? This, by the way, has already been done before.

It's not a conspiracy, you idiot. The only problem is that Holla Forums limits their hatred to just Jewish capitalists instead of seeing the disgusting system in its entirety.

I dont get the obsession with the Rothschild, why them?
Why not the warburgs, or duponts?

Well, america has a lot of aristocratic business families who own lots of land and money and i think it important to remember them when its time to dust off the guillotines

That's because all the early anarchists were anti-Semites.


Retards need conspiracy theories to understand the world

I know

seriously, look at this shit












Most people back then were anti-semites

You eliminate the influence of main drivers of parasitic corporatism and it will collapse on itself.
Then the revolution really is inevitable.
I bet the world on it.

I am afraid it goes beyond that in the case of the roach-child they are involved in a criminal syndicate that is a major destabilizing factor and breaks the system in a very parasitical way.

it'a way more than a business or a financial organization, one family controls the major central banks of almost all countries on earth.
it's a world domination take over working to eradicate half of the world population while recruiting half of the rest to enslave the rest and keep them in a perpetual slavery and warfare.

it's a major control scheme.

Funny how timidly people here approach any kind of anything that is spoken about by those you would call the right.

"What does anyone think about the rothchilds, don't hit me please I love stalin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Full of fear, even among your own - and with apparent good reason:

… Please don't tell me you're Holla Forums. Wouldn't the bourgeoisie rather continue exploiting the proletariat as they already are without some Bond villain scheme for world domination?

Damn nice quads. There were plenty of left-wing Jews back then and those who defended the rights of Jews even if they didn't really like them. Obviously being an anti-semite doesn't disqualify everything you ever did but it seems that anti-semitism was more intense among anarchists until about the 30's or so.

why the fuck are lefties deliberately protecting worlds wealthiest families?


Exploitation is not the end but the mean of capitalism you tard.
Rich people don't actively seek to destroy the proletariat, neither do they want their well being. They just don't give a shit. Profit and accumulation come first, and everything alse is collateral damage. You will never get your enemy if you don't understand its nature and motivation.

You make me think of those guys considering plagues like God's wrath.

no i am not Holla Forums , but this is an issue that Holla Forums and Holla Forums agree upon.

that sounds good fam, they need to be detained and their wealth confiscated.

eliminate capitalism then all of these people will have no power

ok, I don't like capitalism anyway.

The Rothschilds used to be the most prominent out of all of them before some fuckery with the family inheritance saw most of the money spread to like a hundred different people.

But right-wingers won't let a good conspiracy theory die. They're still hanging on to the fucking Illuminati when that started as a fucking monarchist conspiracy theory about liberal intellectuals trying to overthrow the king and establish a republic.

This is your brain on ideology. Read Marx or kill yourself.

They still have tons of influence, I have not heard of the inheritance thing, bu even if it's true I still think it's too much power for 1 family.

not to mention they are the ones responsible for the hive of wretchedness and colonialism called israel.

Any power based on property rights or control of capital is "too much power", there's no reason to single out the Rothschilds.

there is every reason, they are parasitical and will fuck up everything if we let them.

Fuck off retard, your babbling about "parasitism" shows that you are just another idiot who doesnt has the first clue about anything.

Your threadpic tells clearly what you are: a delusional conspiritard.

In what way are the Rothschilds not parasitical

There is a difference between "capitalist do shady shit out of self interest" and conspiracy shit. Have the Rothschilds dine some shady things? Probably. Is it part of some master plan to rule the world? Probably not.

All capitalists are "parasitical"(Its a stupid word as it implies that they are the cause of the ills of capitalism and not just part of an shitty system), trying to make some arbitrary classification is just stupid conspiracy bullshit that probably develops into antisemitic drivel.

By declaring them parasitical you claim that removing them would make the system healthy again. But it never was healthy to begin with nor would taking them out change anything.

Now go back to Holla Forums, there is no common front between the left and the right,

It doesn't matter who the capitalist is, they're losing their property. If they pose a risk of counter revolution then pic related.

A system can have cancer and parasites at the same time.

they are worth 400 trillion $ so that's peanuts.
The Rothschilds funded the October Revolution through B'nai B'rith in New York, Lenin and Trotsky being the most notable members.
how does Holla Forums feel about the big bad porky funding their CO revolution?

Porkys are Porkys. Rothschild haters that act like they're any different from the other Porkys are pseudonazi nutjobs who only care because its the last surviving Jewish banking clan.

If you think Elon "Stop whining that my machines break your backs and get back to work" Musk is a 'good capitalist' under this definition you're living under a rock.

Great guys!

But didn't you know! Ford gave workers the 8-hour workday so he could introduce the much more labor-intensive assembly line.

The system doesn't have cancer or parasites. The system is the cancer and the parasites.

Confiscated and equally redistributed to the proletariat, at that. Though as for executing the porkies, should we guillotine them and put their heads on a pike, or hang them and let their decaying corpses waft in the air, like the Euro-imperialists of old used to do with pirates?

I'm surprised you didn't use the Michael Jorden meme to get that message across. I am disappoint.

Anyway, you clearly must not have gotten the message when I put "good" and "bad" in quotations like that. It was deliberate. Read between the lines before jumping to conclusions next time.

I never once implied that. I was speaking generally in accordance to which capitalists are at fault for oppressing and exploiting the proletariat, and which ones are merely consumed by the smog of greed perpetrated by the capitalist machine without that much consequence coming from it.

Last I heard it was supposed to be 2 trillion.

You guys can't even agree on what absurd amount of wealth they even apparantly own.

I would go with the hanging as it acts as deterrent.
from entertainment angle I would say the Persian elephant where they burn slowly in a metal elephant.

is it true that they own almost all off the worlds central banks?

yes , they do.

What's with retards like this who want to exterminate capitalists against a wall but when their interests coincidentally align with pol they act like fucking idiots and start protecting some of the world's worst capitalists.

You're not a leftist at this point, you're an SJW retard.

2 Trillion is usually the normal analysis, 500+ trillion is the "they own all of the money in every bank" argument used by conspiracy theorists. It has no solid proof, because these things are inherently private.

Almost all of them. Give a few more liberations and they will have all the banks.

dumbest post itt

kill yourself kid

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People are only obsessed with the Rothschilds because questioning capitalism is verboten, so the concept of societal power has to be abstract and magical.

Capitalism is capitalism, no matter who is benefiting the most from it.