Even insane Pagan racists who believe Norway is Marxist can see that communism is better than capitalism...

Even insane Pagan racists who believe Norway is Marxist can see that communism is better than capitalism, so what excuse do liberals have?


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I've spoken to many neo-nazi's who had a liking to the soviet union, this is because they like anything that has parades, flags, militarism, dictatorship and ethnic separation.

since I downloaded the fallen album last week this guy has been hunting me down !
youtube recommendates his shit, people are talking about him… kinda weird

I guess the rootless cosmopolitan thing might help a bit as well.

He's coming for you

my God, that guy is honest Nazbol
would fight against american imperialism with him/10

he may be missguided on some things but overall Varg is pretty much comrade tier.

He is completely spooked and pretty anti-semitic.

His anti-christianity tangents are also completely incoherent. like high school student who just read Nietzsche.

Good music though.

accepting that capitalism is the main force behind fun and cosmopolitarianism is the first step to leave the "ebil jews" meme

We gotta steal varg from Holla Forums. he is literally our guy.

Varg's views are incoherent and Bookchin tears ecofash shit to shreds.

Norway BTFO

lol dropped

more like socdems BTFO

Varg "Gulag Them All, Let Cheka Sort Them Out" Vikernes
Varg "The Bouncing Viking Bolshevik" Vikernes
Varg "One-Man Holodomor" Vikernes
Varg "Great Curbstomp Forward" Vikernes
Varg "Committed Speculation? Prepare for Dekulakization" Vikernes
Varg "Let a Hundred Flowers Wilt" Vikernes
Varg "You Mess With the KGB, You Mess With Me" Vikernes
Varg "I Have an Urge to Purge" Vikernes
Varg "Socialism in One Bullet" Vikernes
Varg "You Revise, I Euthanize" Vikernes
Varg "The Revolting Revolutionary" Vikernes
Varg "The Horned Helm of the Proletariat" Vikernes
Varg "Year Zero" Vikernes
Varg "Decapitate the Capitalists" Vikernes
Varg "All Power to the Soviets, All Kulaks to the Gulags" Vikernes
Varg "The Walking Re-education Camp" Vikernes
Varg "Those Who Pray Won't See the End of This Day" Vikernes
Varg "The Führer Fragger" Vikernes
Varg "The Real Red Terror" Vikernes

more like varg is a little bit biased against his former homeland.
He's got some points, but it's exaggerated to the point of becoming parody. Painting social security numbers as some kind of Orwellian nightmare where people refer to each other by number instead of names, or pretending (semi)public tax records is a bad thing.
t. norwegian who doesn't like norway or social democracy.

I miss Norway. I spent a year there, and I really miss how quiet, peaceful and orderly everything was.

now he is officially /ourguy/

You would drop it nazifag, maybe pick up and read a bookchin next time won't you?

This, just look at the average nazbol. They are exactly the same.

Based Varg


Get him to read Kaczynski if he hasn't.

There are books awaiting for your glaze, son.

I've been playing around with the idea to upload vargs music on youtube under a different artist name and spread it as the some kinda new cult doom-crust-black metal band with lots of anarcho vegan imagery like linedrawings of skulls and dead trees.
I kinda like the idea to troll varg , his fans and the stupid PC-crusties who dont listen burzum at the same time. Trolling varg and his wannabe vikings for obvious reasons. Trolling pc-metal scene because reading marx doesnt make me marxist just as having a job doesnt make me agree with capitalist bullshit either.
Also troll is ancient scandinavian mythological creature, …
So many layers…


That would rad as fuck, shoot american during the day and he can make wicked black metal around the fire at night.

That's just embarrassing

You'd think the two guys would go hand in hand.

Varg is a clown whose defense against being labeled a Nazi was that he didn't like Socialist economics. It's totally believable that he'd prefer communism to capitalism - he doesn't know shit about fuck and is just into authoritarianism. He's admiring it because he has a shitty belief system and is attracted to shitty systems.

Also, Varg seriously sucks ass. There've been so many better right-wing musicians and black metallers.

Reactionaries like him are the reason why Red Terror should be enacted

also this

I know full well about forced relocations and collective punishments, but separation is another matter entirely.

Euronymous was really more /ourguy/

Communism is fine as long as you don't hold differing political opinions or exist on a physical plane with finite resources which require skills to refine them into usable goods



He probably doesn't understand that his ideology is STILL capitalism

I don't understand the anti-christian rhetoric of many neo-pagans.

Monotheism is the natural conclusion of polytheism anyway

i wouldn't really call primitivist tribalism, capitalist

whats there to not understand?

he actually wan't old norse style democracy. like for example iceland historically had with 'althings' etc

They're especially fond of the strict laws against homosexuality, pornography, and other things they consider to be social poison.

Their beliefs aren't any more logical than the beliefs of Christians, and the "muh ancestors" bit doesn't make any sense even if you take that spook seriously, because neo-pagans are almost uniformly the offspring of Christians and, if not Christians, the irreligious. Maybe it's the biggest showcase how how stupid "muh ancestors" is when people can ignore the vast, vast bulk of their ancestry to focus on a handful of people that lived thousands of years ago that they don't even really know that they're related to.

When you're a hardcore antisemite having Judaism 2.0 as your religion is pretty embarrassing unless you invest a lot of cognitive dissonance into your beliefs.

The Christians resolved that years ago by saying that the Jews are a fallen people by rejecting the divinity of Christ.

It's still a religion undeniably rooted in Judaism.

Which resolved it's ties to Judaism, for the antisemitic, by saying that Jews are evil because they rejected Christ. Not just rejected Christ, they claim that the Jews killed Jesus by framing him for crimes he didn't commit and demanding that he be crucified.

That doesn't at all completely cut its ties.
For starters you have to cut out the Old Testament entirely like 'Positive Christianity' did.
You have to completely redefine the role of Jesus being the messiah (as well as him being a Jew) foretold to the Jewish people and even then a lot of concepts like Sin, Faith and the nature of God are still rooted in Judaism from which it evolved.

The fact that he's able to say communism, even using it wrongly, without screeching like a vampire in daylight and running off mumbling about da joos at least shows he has a bit of an open mind.

He didn't say that it was superior

This guy is basically an anarcho-primitivist, He basically believes civilizations are doomed to fail and we should go back to living in tribes again.

I once saw a representation of the passion of christ in a rural town of mexico. Roman soldiers were labeled as "the jews"
You're underestimating the human capability of ignoring facts.