Life was a mistake

Life was a mistake.

Extinction is preferable to revolution.

Prove me wrong,

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Defeatists fuck off

Life is a losing game.

Kill yourself then

You're 100% right and should kys immediately.

Extinction entails the dissolution of the very point of reference from which you could compare the two. Existence(a) [living under the status quo] < existence(b) [living under revolution], but how do you compare existence(b) to non-existence without regression to a reference point?

This isn't the same as the antinatalist ethical notion (nonreproduction>reproduction) that has its point of reference of an ethical agency.

I can't, it will only cause more suffering, and I'm not sure if something preferable awaits me after dead.

>Existence(a) [living under the status quo] < existence(b) [living under revolution], but how do you compare existence(b) to non-existence without regression to a reference point?

I don't understand what you mean with this. Can you explain it without using a formula?

Doesn't exist.

the first sentence explains it without a formula, already

Yes, non-existence means no more comparisons because they also don't exist anymore.

I don't understand what you are implying with this.

Yeah, but why should it matter? You can't feel anything after death so for you it will be like nothing happened. And hell the same thing will happen with your family and friends yeah they will feel sadness, but eventually they'll die and not feel one thing. So it really doesn't matter if you kill yourself or not because there is nothing.

But not for them, and in the decisions that I make, I think about them.

I doubt this very much, I'm afraid I will stay here on earth as a ghost.

So why advocate for extinction if there's a chance that we will be alive forever and suffer forever in life?

So that at least the cycle will stop with us.

Proof commies are mentally ill retards who want to take everyone down with them.

>>Let me tell you how you should act, but the you doesn't exist
shit thread, tbh

I don't wish to take anyone down.

Language is intrinsically flawed, and I haven't found the boundless genius to transcend this. It'll have to do, until the real thing comes along.

So, I lurk on leftypol for the same reasons I bought Mein Kampf. When you surround yourself with people who all believe what you believe - you set yourself up for dellusion, stupidity, and group-think. So when I realized everyone in school preached humanism/liberalism/constant orgasms whatever you people call it - I said, "Maybe this is wrong… lemme see what they're hiding from me. Then I can make up my own damn mind." So, I read Hitler. The man they love to hate. Fast forward some years, and now I'm a God-fearing family man dedicated to ensuring the survival of my children, and preserving a future for them. Now, being around a year of Holla Forums being the only reliable news outlet I have, I got that old itch again. After getting a fresh batch of cream from the Doctor, I got a different old itch again - the nagging thought that I might be in an echo chamber, even in the cacophony of Holla Forums. So, I did what I do periodically. I started to read the things the group doesn't want you to read. I looked at some 'young turks' videos, and c'mon - on the face of it, it's degenerate marxist trash. If the left is now in a place where it openly venerates Marx, let me remind you communism is death. Think of all the communist countries you can, and tell me if you'd like to raise your kids there. N. Korea, China, Vietnam, Cuba… and those are just the one's we're taught are communist. Clearly modern Germany, Sweden, Israel, most of Europe and Africa, etc - behave in a communist fashion. (Hint: They have the same leaders for decades.) Anyhow, to wrap up - look at your Holla Forums catalog and tell me what you'd think if you were in my shoes. Thread after thread is the most basic shitlib nonsense. Ask yourself, "Did I learn my world view from life, or from my teacher." Simple litmus test. Try to be honest with yourself. I wish I could include parents as a valid source of education, but for two or three generations, American parents have been trash. The OP is getting lambasted for posting a few hallmark nihilistic bumper sticker slogans (ex, "Life was a mistake.") but really, what else does he have? What else do you older/wiser leftists think you leave for the next generation? With no morale absolute, with no God, with no Tradition, a man sinks to his basest nature. Everything is an exercise in sexual gratification in no time. I'll still lurk here because I have leftist family, cousins and so on, and I care about them, and I think this is the best place to gain some insight into the demented child-like mind of the eternal 'gibs-me-dat' socialist screw-up, but at the same time… look at yourselves. Look around. Do what I did, say, "Am I happy?" "Am I in charge of my life?" "Do I act of my own volition, or perform as expected by peers?" "Do I have children? Will my life lead to having children?" "Do I understand the conservative mindset/talking points, such that I can reject them on logical, factual grounds - or are my arguments mainly emotional?" Anyhow, good luck kids. You have one life on this Earth and it races by at -light- speed. When years pass like months, it's hard to avoid a little introspection once in awhile.

What did he mean by this?

u wot m8?

Yeah, sure, but this is no excuse to start an ill-informed and edge-induced thread.

>it's not real capitalism

It's called voluntary extinction.


You're depressed. Probably from a lack of power and control over your own life. Those of us with a healthy mental outlook want kids. Maybe you should seek help.

Not suspicious at all.

OP is right tbh fam

Fugg my flag :-DDDD

A lot of people made self sacrifices for the betterment of society, I agree. Tesla got very little sleep, had a near non-existent social life, yet created all those amazing inventions. He didn't however believe that all of humanity should be wiped out like voluntary extinction boy over here.

If you believe humanity is a net negative on the universe, and should be wiped out then you're mentally ill. That's a pretty safe assertion to make.

Life conception is unethical because you're creating a living being without their consent. Also as long as there is life there will be oppression.

I used to be a hardcore neo-nazi just so you know.

The only standard for absolute morality is respecting people's consent/free will, anything other than that is personal taste. Nobody asks to be born therefore to everyone is born without their consent.

If you believe in God and Heaven then why do you want to perpetuate life and the material world? Don't you want to fully transcend the material plane?

Procreation is the basest nature. Life exists just to breed more life.

Mentall illness has truly become today's form of handwaving other's problems and concerns away.

Not him, but wew lad.

Define what makes someone mentally healthy.

Life isn't a mistake, it's an attempt.
There was somewhere an attempt at life.
It came out kinda shitty so we must attempt again.
Making an attempt towards something is half the effort, the other half is ending up with something worth your effort, validating the attempt itself.
If your life has no value, then your attempt at living has no value, and you must try again.
Improve your attempt and you'll in turn improve your life.

I don't use idiotic dichotomies of mental illness or mental health in the first place. Concepts like these just serve to tag deviations from the norm as if the norm was "healthy" and atribute problems to mere illnesses curable with pills or feel good therapy.

At least try to understand the thing you are supposedly debating. The Universe doesn't (can't, rather) care about us, and we shouldn't care about it either. People reach the conclusion that voluntary extinction is morally justified by looking at how life itself is a completely amoral process, forcing on the living misery.

The only "natural" or "healthy" (lol) part of your position is that it aligns with what our genes dictate on the living. You are genetically predisposed to believe that continuing the genetic cycle endlessly is "good." What makes us human (partially, at least) is that we can reflect on these non-conscious processes and make conscious judgement on our own.

You are on a revolutionary board, people here would literally die for a slim chance of creating a better society, so I don't know what you're about. You might not agree with this, but at least look at it purely on the level of intentions.

le nice meme'ing

As a fellow anti-natalist this is a bad argument since most people enjoy life, in fact they enjoy making life miserable for others. The best argument against life is

Not true tbh, the sperm was the fastest for a reason

Besides, the pronlem is not thqt is is not consentual, but that you are unawere of it, if they had told you about life before, maybe you wouldn't have been the fastest

Well, biologically speaking, it was totally subject to chance. Nice poetry, tho.

Molecules don't "attempt" shit. They are not conscious. Nice poetry, tho.

You don't say?

Why, tho?

What gives "value" to individual human lives is recognition of other humans. This could take myriad different forms: I value your ability to make the best fucking hamburgers, you value my ability to teach your kids, your kid values the time you spend with her, etc. Reproduction has no inherent social value, it's about creating more or less nodes in our social structure. The last man on Earth could proclaim "finally, we are free." (Just to insert my pottery.)

It is indeed no excuse. It's explanation of what seemed like a contradiction to the person I replied to.

Life is cannibalistic, and the loss for the life that is eaten is always greater than the gain gained by the cannibal, like a snake that eats it's own tail, always chewing of more than that it eats, yet never devouring itself completely.

The NAP is just ideological taste.

Godless nihilists need not worry about what will happen to them. Just let the big boys run things while you contemplate suicide on a daily basis.

fucking idiot

Not reproducing isn't equal to suicide, tho.

Why were you the fastst then?


You're a moron. A sperm is not a developing person, only when the sperm cell fuses with the egg cell an individual being is created.

So it's non-consensual.

The NAP is not a consent-based morality, it's property rights. Nevertheless it's true that it's ultimately an ideological taste but if you don't care about people's consent then what's your standard for judging what's right or wrong?

every. fucking. time.

If it is not consensual why were you the fastest?

Are you actually discussing how sperm cells consent or am I missing something.

I'm Gnostic God believer that wants to save/liberate life from this world. Nihilists are those who want to perpetuate life for no reason.

Because that wasn't me, it was an mindless male reproductive cell.

Unless you give up reproducing for a specific reason like advancing society greater than you could while raising a family, you might as well be dead.

People like TYT who are socially liberal are not marxist and likely will never be. If you're aware you might be biased and perhaps even incorrect on certain matters, then why are you stating such things with little doubt rather than engaging the people who are at least acquainted with the works of Marx? Like, you know, much of this board.
I lived under it since I'm from eastern Europe and I did not like it from the political perspective of one party state, which is why I always opposed one part-state and identified more with democratic left. Economically "real socialism" of marxist-leninst eastern Europe had also a lot of downsides, but even now we have people who say that we were better under it because capitalism, with all those shit privatizations, economic colonization by the West and so on impacted us as negatively, except that in different fields. There are many nuances that are not just explained with upir cliche "communism is death!!!!".
Nepotist circlejerk of same people is not communism nor something exclusive to marxist-leninist political system. Once again you're trying to showing how sure of your beliefs are.
It is pretty ironic that somebody preaching about trying to understand talking points of the other side buys into the gibs-me-dat meme even though the first few paragraphs of the wikipedia article about socialism proves him wrong
I could write a long response to that, but I'll just tell you to read some existentialists like Nietzsche, because shockingly, there are ways to live meaningfully without using a meaning crafted by the ages of tradition like having children. It's obviously not a problem if you decide that it is the point of your life, but by no means it is something universal and only a naive person would believe otherwise.

Aren't those one and the same in NAP ideology?

It's within me, not as a standard, it's not technical, not a protocol, I'm not a robot after all.

Using consent as an absolute standards only recognizes formalities, not the actual, and ultimately collapses unto self. If I managed to find a method of manipulation so devious that I could make people do anything with it, would it then be all well and good if I made people walk into a fire using it?

And why is that?


You are just a more developed reproductive cell, the same entity, you know understand the true nature in life, however you still consented to reavh the ovule, not all sperms show the same behaviour, not all care about reaching it, as evidenced by the "killing sperm" behaviour

No but "libertarians" might claim they are.


Neither am I, I just don't want to hurt others i.e. violate their personal will.

No because they didn't consent to being manipulated.


Oh, boi, we goin deep this time, with Theseus's paradox!

Jesus saves. Live your life in pursuit of making the world a better place for your children.

Correction: libertarians might claim it is, I don't know, but from the little I read about it it's not a consent-based morality.

Jesus said nothing about an obligation to reproduce. So I guess he can still save me if I don't make kids and advocate for the same behavior.

We've done it. We have taken the emo gene and implanted it in the lefties.

This Nihilist-Defeatist faggotry is a mistake.

If you're sincerely apologetic for your sins, then yes you'll be saved.

These are your brethren.

It doesn't exist as a word, a standard, a point of reference, it is within me.

You don't "just don't want to hurt others" you hold a formality that is uphold in itself.

They did, for they weren't forced to do so. When consent is taken as an absolute standard, it is not possible to differentiate between true consent and manipulated non-consent.

Not reproducing isn't a sin, it's the exact opposite, because you stop spreading misery. If you make an babbies, you could still be saved, that is if you pray hard enough and are sincere.

I'll pray for your sinful soul from the anti-natalist heavon.

prais jersums

Is there another you made with your old cells? No? Then you are the same individual

Spreading your mental illness is a sin m80

There's literally no two identical cells in your current body and your body that was seven years ago.

Nope, I am a fusion of two (male and female) reproductive cells. A sperm alone can't develop into a full being.


Jesus himself didn't reproduce.

Deep Derp. How about an actual argument? How do you know what's right or wrong?

Of course it is, because people didn't consent to being manipulated or lied to in first place, they didn't consent to the true hidden conditions of the manipulator. This is why fraud is a crime.



Nigger it's just a sperm cell. Like you're actually discussing whether or not sperm cells have consent or not.

Yeah, the stakes are high here! If a sperm can't consent then conception is rape!

Jesus was God though. We're mortals. We should make babies. You're sick. Seek Help.

Not according to Jesus, tho.

I don't even know if you're being ironic or not what with the whole discussing consent within SPERM CELLS.
Here's what really happens

The fact that Marx's own logic makes it impossible to attain? (all of history is the history of class struggle, communism is the end of class struggle, therefor, communism is the end of history)


Sperm is made retarded by soy and estrogen laced products. They're trying to castrate us with chemicals.

Why? Don't you want material life to cease so everyone can go to Heaven? Don't you believe in the Last Day?

all of these no-babies faggots are either down-syndrome autists or jews shilling for lower white birthrates

Who are they?


How you know what is red and what is blue, can you define them to me, using words?

Then how can authentic consent exist? Desire is never insular. If I convince someone to do something against his interests, is that consensual? Is it only consensual when I mean no harm against that person?

Nice pre-made meaning you have there.

Extinction deprives future generations of experiencing hedonistic pleasures before returning to the void.

Jews are gay and they are after my dick!

"God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth." - Genesis 1:28, Tanakh

The only jews here are you kikes.

This is irrelevant distracting nonsense.

It's only consensual when the conditions to which someone is consenting to are truthful.

Why do these people even exist. They should just be shot, like the entire point of life is to make more life so why would you not want to have children. That and having children, while I'm sure it's not always nice must feel great.
kill yourself

What a boring fuck you must be.

Nobody here said anything bad about children. In fact I am anti-natalist because I don't want to violate any children's consent.

Did I ever tell you the definition of insanity?

No, this is the basis of the argument, some sperms do not care to reach the ovule

Is there another you made with the cells you had 7 years ago?

You can learn what I mean with within me by defining the colour blue. If you can't do that, you have your awnser.

That doesn't solve the problem of desire itself being controlled by others. In consent morality, all a ruler has to do is make his control go so deep that people desire it, for it to be morally correct. This ultimate irony, of consent morality facilitating total control, the very thing it claims to oppose, is exemplified in the Stefan Molyneux cult.

Is it any wonder the left keeps losing?

How does it feel to waste the incredible potential you possess thanks to developing consciousness and being able to think about something else other than putting peepee in pusspuss?

B-but the peepee in the pusspuss is the meaning of life. The Old Testament says so:

"God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and put peepee into pusspuss, and fill the pusspuss with consenting sperm, and subdue the egg; and do not give your sperm to the jews because I put them there to fuck with you, haha, basically that's all, ciao!" - Genesis 1:28, Tanakh

The lesser and more savage, violent and unintelligent breeds will be culled first - to ensure the completion of the plan.

Otherwise you just end up with a never-ending africa/india spreading squalour, degeneration and pollution to every part of the earth.

The blue eyed blonde haired ubermensch will see off the rest of the world - and will follow thereafter.
Go ahead, don't worry, we'll be right behind you.

It's funny how the trends are the exact opposite: it's the relatively wealthy West where people have more resources to educate themselves and to live better tend to not want to make them babbies, while dirt poor countries think of babbies as economic assets.

It's like "muh white aryans" want to impoverish us again just so we can serve a "higher good."

I don't mean all the time. But I'd prefer to have a family and care for them rather than doing anything else. Might just be me, but I'd also like to work as a cop so I actually put something into society.
So no, not just put peepee into pusspuss, but all I was saying is children is the main directive of life.
Make sense or am I being illiterate again?

A sperm doesn't have a free will of it's own to consent. Just fuck off moron.


Why should I care what cult people choose to join or who they submit themselves to? It's their choice as long as they don't violate another person's consent, I don't give a fuck.
Consent-based morality is about respecting other people's consent, if someone managed to convince someone else to worship them as a living god then there is nothing it can be done about that, except to suggest them to do otherwise. You are free to approve or disprove of someone's choice.

Reproduction is the main directive of the genes. I don't have to agree with my genes. According to my genes I don't need good eyesight, according to my will I get glasses. According to my genes I can resort to cannibalism if it comes to self-sustaining my body in extreme conditions, according to my morality I'd rather die.

It's not that you are illiterate. It's just that your desire mirrors that of those who are most impoverished and deprived of the means of doing better stuff with their lives.

Tranny detected

lol wut

eh? wanting children and wanting a job means that? I see.

Who is "my"?

It's okay as long as you don't consider it an universal standard, but merely your personal purpose of life. I'd say it's kind of simple compared to the personal purpose of some nerd shitposting on twitter who went to Syria and joined Kurds in order to fight ISIS, but that's just me.


Children are economic assets to the poor and their ideology reflects this by glorifying having children. It might seem decadent to you that some of us don't want children, and I get why. I like children myself, and might even adopt after the revolution.

Are you saying that "you" are reducible to your original genetic makeup? What's epigenetics then, and how do you explain your current thought process? Was it written in your genes that you currently think that I'm a spooky Jew trying to steal your sperm and was it written in mine that I laugh at you IRL?

That wasn't me schlomo

I ask this with all sincerity, but if all that awaits a child is capitalist exploitation and oppression, why have children? Why not spare them the misery of the world?

Nice strawman.

That doesn't really answer my question.

along the same line:

Could you expand on that? I don't understand.

You didn't even move the goalpost, smh. Instincts are just genetically preprogrammed behavior. With the same example as used before: if we are stranded at sea and utterly hungry my instincts tell me to get nutrition no matter what, including killing you and eating your flesh. Yet most of us won't. Is this another example of le eternal jew turning us against our natural instincts, did the ebil cultural marxists make us not eat eachother?

I wouldn't call my self so poor that children are an economic asset but doesn't that only happen in the actual proper poor countries?(third world countries)
I only want children because it seems enjoyable and want to see my children grow up.

referring to this insanity:
if he truly believes le jews mem, he is inconsistent

Ideology trickles down through generations, changing slowly. You maybe better off than your parents and friends, yet you may still spontaneously think the way your grandparents did or your ghetto friends think even tho you have a limousine and a driver.

It's hard work, mostly. The first 3 years are hellish with all the crying and nagging, then the teenage years are even worse. It might be still worth it, but reproducing for your own amusement seems selfish to me when you can't guarantee very basic things (like that s/he won't suffer, that you don't divorce or die, that the economy will serve her right, etc.).

I dont have a limousine and a driver but I will agree with the decrease in money and crap throughout each generation though, if you take a look at the differences between Gen X and Y and the ones before those there's a big difference.
I wouldn't do this, if I was unable to provide food or a suitable life for my self I wouldn't have children. I don't plan to have children until I'm married and am able to provide for my wife. I understand that people in Africa need to reproduce or their people die out but they're basically bringing in a child only for it to starve fucking insantly, why? because they are an economic asset there right?
I think I once again explained my point badly again, it's just having a family seems so wonderful and happy, I want to experience that happiness, I want to bring happiness to other people too and to protect those around me. Having a family gives me purpose, which is currently something I'm lacking.

I'm not sure you understand children as economic assets. Hint:


Gay af.

How about working for the revolution, instead?

Wrong word, I meant the same thing as child labour, just making 17341677 babies and then having them all work to get like 20p or something.
I'm 100% not originally from pol and accidentally came here, on top of that I got pretty bad issues which I'm trying to fix but they stop me from socializing like an average human plus constant pain.
How rude. :'(

I'm a free man. I will bring free children into this world with a chance at making their lives whatever they want them to be. I can understand why you wouldn't want to bring children into the world if you have a slave mindset though.

Contact a local org via email or facebook, explain to them your situation, tell them what you can do, ask them what do they need, work your ass off for the revolution, die unhappy and babbieless if unsuccessful, reconsider having babbies after revolution.

Because the sperm has no consensus and is not a person. It's just basic biology.

Life is objectively much more suffering than pleasure.

conscience* fucking autocorrect

it came out even better

I think you misunderstood me or maybe you didn't. I was being sarcastic. I do come from pol but I come here occasionally to actually discuss if I'm capable because It's enjoyable.

What does "being from pol" even mean?

Yes, children are labor, and a sort of labor that is better allocated to those who care for it. Seriously are you people done larping the 19th century yet?

Put the Calvinists to the wall and that problem will no longer exist.

I know a fundie who became an atheist after reading Schoppenhauer out of arrogance. He thought nothing could shake his beliefs.

Did they choose to come here?

Judaism is worldly ethno-"religion", it's all about materialism, naturalism and tribalism why don't you move to Israel and become a jew?

The one with a slave mindset is you who wish to preserve this existence nobody freely chooses.

How do you explain sperm thatm doesnt want to reach the ovule then?

I chose it though. I'm enjoying myself. Why aren't you?

lel, sure

You are not the sperm, you dingus. You are the eggcell.


No you didn't.

Because I have high standards, I'm superior to you, I want a better world which is why I want to change this one.

You don't know me. I chose it, and nothing you say can change that schlomo.

truly an example of the master race

You're lying kike-wannabe. "God blessed them; and God said to them, "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it; and rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over every living thing that moves on the earth." - Genesis 1:28, Tanakh

Why wait until we all die to end humanity. Start with yourself.

ITT: pol proves again its intellectual bankruptcy

Is this the most dense shit hill of a post that you've ever seen, or is this just your average ideologically damaged Holla Forumslack?

As soon as I was born my death was inevitable, so why the hurry? When I can have fun killing off cowards like you?

Being politically incorrect and following National socalism. I'm not a communist and I see no reason to support communism when I don't believe in it.

Could you define "communism" for us?

Not really, I have a tiny understanding of it. And everytime I've asked for explanation I've been told to read 27 different books, which I can't buy. But from my tiny understanding, it's just where the 1% are pretty dissolved, the big companies(porkies as you call them) fuck off and everything made is for everyone and shared out and shit?

Very correct, and you've never read any books from communists? How do you so accurately know what we believe?

There you will find those 27 books

Now get to work|djvu|-doc

It's truly something.

I just googled it
"a theory or system of social organization in which all property is owned by the community and each person contributes and receives according to their ability and needs."
This sounds pretty good but what are the chances it actually works? Because looking at communist countries I'm aware of, North Korea and Stalinist Russia it seems pretty bad, what with the lack of food. Wasn't communism the cause for the food to plummet? Or was it just the shit that happened before Stalin and Russia being pressured by World war 2?

I'll read them but only to understand you better. Though I'm confused with the politics of the world given I've been interested in politics for three months and don't understand much.

He clearly doesn't need to read anything.

I'm still stunned he knows what communism is so thoroughly. Did you at least watch some communist anime? Or maybe you played Command and Conquer, or saw Red Dawn when you were younger?

I'll givenyou a tl;dr, you are getting cucked by your boss, so this has to be abolished


son I'm disappoint