How do we make socialism popular in america ?

how do we make socialism popular in america ?

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You don't. All the american socialist/communist parties (and there's like 50 of them, each with 3 members) are shit.

Try to get the labor movement to pick up steam again, and support your local anarchist bookclub and your town's squatter scene.

I live in the South, so it is safe to say there is no available Anarchist Bookclub or squatter scene.

Like Lenin did.

where will socialism pick up steam ?

will it be the american south ?

or the north ?

Link it to American Revolutionary history, it tugs at the heartstrings.

I put forth Thomas Paine, he was Radical with capital R.

Bernie already got us off to a good start by preaching the benefits of democratic socialism. Baby steps, comrades.

You don't. Take advantage instead of the liberal corporate media relentlessly shitting on Trump, make him out to be Hitler, force people to vote Dem next time around, and finally hold the DNC accountable and let an actual socialist get in.

Yeah, but he was pretty much literally the only one. This discussion inevitably turns to the awkward truth that the other Founding Fathers were all a bunch of elitist cunts who tried their hardest to limit the actual power of the people.

Two simple steps.

Collectivization without nationalization. Each enterprise is managed by its workers, you are leased as much land as you can cultivate.

Soc. conservative. I know, it sucks, but nothing is perfect.

How do you expect this to be done?

With bullets. Lots of bullets.

That's the first obstacle you need to exterminate.

hahahahahahahahahahaha what

Bernie was a social democrat. He still wants the economy to operate within a capitalist framework. Just with a massive welfare state like Sweden.

If that served any purpose but giving the idle rich and their sycophants perceived gravitas, wouldn't it have by now?
The Democratic Party is a private corporation that needs to be destroyed like the diseased, injured animal it is. It isn't precious, it isn't irreplaceable, and it isn't indispensable except to its private employees, whose symbolic labor is every bit as poisonous as the organization as a whole.

William Hogeland had an interesting book on that topic, Founding Fathers, Founding Finance. I haven't read it but I followed his twitter for a minute. Regardless of his own political leanings, which as a historian are necessarily liberal, the scholarship is good.

By bullets you mean phishing emails and bad passwords y/n?

You talk about it with your fellow workers.

If you're in North Carolina I'll read with you user-kun

Fuck off

Don't be like this piece of shit.

Indeed, be a moderate reformist so that we may gradually work our way towards socialism. The obvious example here is Sweden, of course, which reformed its way into abolishing capitalism over the course of a century of SocDem rule and is now a socialist state.

Every revolution ended with brutal neoliberalism. Reform actually has a better historical record, unless you're willing to pick up a weapon right now and prove me wrong shut the fuck up and do something that actually matters.

Talk to sensible Liberals and help them understand that they can do more then what they are doing now.


A natural consequence of liberalism is a morally upright judging class, usually taken over by the bourgeoisie. Morally upright, universalist judging classes don't generally exist under socialism, and in any case don't have any special vested muh privileges under socialism, so why would "sensible Liberals" have anything to do with something that doesn't make them better than the unwashed? (free hint: other than infiltration and neutralization, there is no reason)

I'm honestly surprised of how Anarcho-Communism never picked up there considering how paranoid and obsessed with freedom some Americans seem to be

But 90% of companies and resources in Sweden are PRIVATELY owned. Only 5% are worker co-operatives.

It also privatized the shit out of many state-owned companies.

I thought capitalism was supposed to be smashed comrade? But Sweden is still heavily capitalist.

means the ability to coerce others
means the ability to use private property for profit
means Ferengi
It's a dead meme.

Sweden as a socialist anything is also, or should be, a dead meme. They're neolib with ordoliberal overtones.

They all buy into the "anarchy means no rules XD" maymay

I mean I thought companies operating orivately for private profit were supposed to be abolished under socialism?

nice, but we need more


There is no socialist state. There never will be one that doesn't collapse on itself or go back to capitalism like China, Vietnam, Russia and now Cuba.

Really the only viable ideology on the left is social democracy.

Indeed. I totally see the rush to establish more worker co-ops in Sweden. Actual companies and not memes like vegetarian bakeries.

No wait, I don't.

thats because you enjoy getting cucked by your boss and the state

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by abandoning a lot of the old communist symbols and vocabulary. That means no hammer and sickle or talking about ' the proletariat '

People just associate that with the cold war, dictatorships, and pretentious collage students. Also by killing the myth that socialism means bigger government.

I'm not Swedish.

You need to ask the Swedes why they are not rushing out to establish more worker co-ops instead of being """""""exploited""""""" by IKEA.

mostly SJW bullshit but it has influence

1/10 knowledge = praxis fail

This. Which means killing the Koch family's muh socialism myths in which the US has been simmering for 70 years, which means not becoming attached to terms that can be co-opted by porky in the space of months anyway. Which complicates philosophizing and ideologizing.

Swedes are cucks. Why not use Norway as an example?

Are you implying you already work in a proper cooperative?

It's already happening. A slight majority of young people now identify as anti-capitalist. Give it another recession and we'll be even bigger.

Reformism inevitably leads to nationalism and right-wing populism. Learn from history faggot

☭ Destroy the ruling ideology ☭

Better with the original audio.

Or add some of John Carpenter's music from They Live.

Too late, already working on other things

Get rid of the terms socialism and communism and focus on the ideas. The idea is something that will appeal to workers but the social conditioning and fear that the terms bring up need to be changed.

please anhil, don't make me laugh

Or the autright will be bigger. Or some other fancy right-populist trend that'll come in the 2020s.

Just wait.

They endorsed Hillary Clinton you fucking dummy.

Then that leads to accelerationism.

Either way we win

Disavow tankie ideologies.

Push for co-ops to get same perks normal businesses get and say it's for a free market and business equality.

Obsess more about which side socialists should support in Syria/Ukraine/etc as though our collective caring/cheering has any tangible effect on anyone there.

More seriously, get back to basics; spread the good word that reformism just leads to the mess we have now, the only way out and to stay out (rather than slip back into this mess after the next Obama/Clinton/Trump) is to meaningfully chance the US economic system so it works for the people, not just tweaking numbers so the rich folks on top stay happy. From there, go into why socialism is a pretty good outcome for everyone involved (except porky but fuck porky).

Trump is doing a pretty good job.