Why don't left wing movements use eagle in their symbolism ?

why don't left wing movements use eagle in their symbolism ?

It's used by fashies

why would we?

and muricans

Because we're not proud of being an endangered breed

There is a joke here


Eagles, snakes, wolves etc are all fascist symbols.

I feel bad for snakes, they always get a raw deal in history

And now also frogs..

anyways, I doubt they were facist symbols before facism. Eagles have always been used as a symbol of empires, double-headed eagles in particular.

No serious fascist party ever used a frog.

Only idiots in the US attribute pepe and now even the FB pigeon to fascism. .. Also milk lately…

Anyway, fascists use "powerful" and "Aggressive" animals to compensate.
The left uses patient animals that only fight back if they are attacked.

So smart, and yet too fucking dense not to notice that it was a joke post.

On the other hand, this is late capitalism, and it would be no suprise if they start using frogs and so on…

the humpback whale is my favorite animal

can they be a leftist symbol?

Eagles are associated with imperialism and jingoism.

fascism adopt animal symbolism they try to make it seems like symbiosis with nature

I always thought the Pheonix would be a good symbol

It's an imperial symbol, the Romans used it first so every wannabe empire since then has also

yes my comrade

Why? What does it symbolise in connection with socialism?

In a historical context, for most places in the world, the left existed, and maybe even had power, but since then, it has fallen apart or went away, replaced by neoliberal reformers or crushed by governments. Now it looks like it's coming back to life to some degree, making the Phoenix a pretty valid

Proletariat rising from the ashes of their previous revolution, and/or the return of the golden age of socialist thought during the early 20th century.

Sounds more fit for irrendetism. conservatism and pretty much any flavor of reactionary movement.



tfw Arabic words are not displayed

I like elephants. Do you guys think it could be a good symbol of leftism?

Not in the Clapistan for sure.

Eagles are aesthetic af

What ever happened to my spirit animal, the nasty-ass honey badger?

We should use an 8 pointed star since the left by its nature is extremely chaotic.

Fuck off, liberal.

At least we have the bear! and mankind

Like what?

What? What does that do with liberalism?

Fuck off we're using the colossal squid.

Ants or bees are the only choices.

Oh yeah, forgot I had this.


You just inadvertently explained why eagles became fascist symbols. Muh ancient rome, le legion and roman salute, etc. etc. the fascists wanted to build Empires without liberal pretensions so they appealed to the symbology pre-modern slave-trading Empires

I don't. ::DDD



It's a symbol of renewal, like the reoccuring revolutions through class history.
Out of the ashes from the burned down old a new creature rising.
Also it's of red and golden colors.

Neat, but i don't see any other symbolism behind a scorpion that'd express anything socialist.

My suggestion:
We should just stick to workers and their tools or more abstract things like the red star.

He's joking about France and the FN.. you know the French being frogs and all that?

True Revolutionary/10 gomrade

I'm sure the United Farm Workers got called commies a lot, and their flag looks like a Mexican Nazi flag.



The rhinoceros is the obvious choice.


Why not a phoenix?

Eagles are for fucking hoser pieces of shit